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Dateline is a television show that made its first debut in 1992 with Stone Phillips and Jane Pauley. Through the exploration of controversial subjects and stories, it has emerged over the past twenty years as a top rated news program. The show covers a wide range of subject matter from unresolved crimes to in-depth probes into the lives of celebrities. Whatever the topic explored, viewers tune in to the program each Friday at 10 PM because of its informative and professional nature.

One of the most innovative and popular spin-offs of the show is a segment called To Catch a Predator. Hosted by Chris Hansen, the series is dedicated to catching potential child molestors by way of a sting that is carried through in cooperation with local police authorities. Agents go undercover as teenagers whose ages range from twelve to fifteen who have chats online with random adults, usually culminating in an agreement for the adult to meet him or her at a fictitious house. Upon arriving at the house, Chris Hansen appears and questions the individual about his intentions. Meanwhile, agents are waiting around the corner to arrest the suspect as he is leaving the house. The show has sparked attention and sensitivity to the rights and protection of minors against adult sex predators.

Other segments on the show take a more personable approach to informative news. Dateline Timeline features a song, a famous celebrity, or nostalgic item and viewers can guess what year they are from. Another popular segment is called Dateline Consumer Alert, in which viewers are educated about the potential flaws in a popular product or food item. Lastly, State of the Art is another segment that appeals to movie enthusiasts as it explores how different special effects in popular movies are created.

For twenty years, Dateline has created entertaining and informative shows that have educated the public about subjects that matter in society. Its legitimate approach to broadcast journalism and exploration of popular culture are a few qualities that has already helped it make its mark on television history and will for years to come.

Dateline is a series that is currently running and has 2019 seasons (1024 episodes). The series first aired on February 7, 2013.

Where do I stream Dateline online? Dateline is available for streaming on NBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dateline on demand at Hulu, NBC, NBC News online.

Sunday, Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on NBC
2019 Seasons, 1024 Episodes
February 7, 2013
Documentary & Biography, News
Cast: Lester Holt
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Dateline Full Episode Guide

  • When a hard-charging boss in Arizona is shot to death, police uncover a complex web of bruised egos in his professional life and a trail of broken hearts in his personal life. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

  • A pilot flees after a deadly plane crash, and becomes a fugitive living a double life for decades. He tells his story for the first time to Keith Morrison.

  • The battle between a wife and a mistress for the heart of one man leads to a deadly car chase.

  • One man’s extraordinary journey through the courts in upstate New York and his children who stood by him to the end.

  • When a beloved teacher and former beauty queen goes missing in Georgia, it triggers a decade-long investigation that makes national headlines. Andrea Canning reports.

  • Andrea Canning reports on a young, beloved woman who is found dead near a soccer field in Indiana. Detectives try to piece together a puzzle that leads them to the most unexpected of suspects.

  • A soldier, just back from Afghanistan, is gunned down on the side of the road in Kentucky. Detectives quickly uncover a secret that could solve the case. Andrea Canning reports.

  • A high-school girl, nearly beaten to death in her own home, goes under hypnosis in an attempt to identify her attacker. Andrea Canning reports.

  • Josh Mankiewicz reports on a kidnapping mystery that changes the lives of a Florida couple.

  • Kate Snow interviews Jamie Foxx, who discusses what he's learned from his sister with Down syndrome; Keith Morrison's reports on a non-profit working to upend the nation's cash bail system; and Katy Tur investigates of sexual harassment allegations at the United States Forest Service. Plus, Craig Melvin provides an update on the fight to save kids' lives in Chicago.

  • An unimaginable accident traps a mother and her young daughters inside a totaled car, and the rescue effort becomes too dangerous to continue. Keith Morrison reports.

  • A Chicago pharmaceutical representative stops returning calls, and her large and loving family begin to worry. Keith Morrison reports.

  • In-depth look at the growing homeless epidemic affecting half a million Americans, including an eye-opening tour of L.A.’s Skid Row, the nation’s epicenter of homelessness. Craig Melvin reports.

  • A father and his sons have a dream to build an extreme sport theme park. But reality hits when the dad is found dead on the floor of their Skim-X warehouse. Keith Morrison reports.

  • When two teenage cousins don’t show up for Thanksgiving dinner, their families fear the worst has happened. Kate Snow reports.

  • A murder case considered closed by North Dakota detectives is suddenly reopened when a confidential informant comes forward with a tip about an unlikely suspect. Keith Morrison reports.

  • Interview with Andrea Constand, the first woman to pursue charges against Bill Cosby, and four other Cosby accusers who testified against him.

  • Two young people from opposite sides of the world find themselves falling in love on the eve of one of the biggest natural disasters in recent memory. Keith Morrison reports.

  • Former Indiana State Police trooper David Camm arrives home and finds his wife and children murdered in their garage. Dennis Murphy reports.

  • A mother of four dies unexpectedly on Valentine’s Day. Everyone in town assumes she died of natural causes until a detective suspects someone has gotten away with murder. Dennis Murphy reports.

  • A look at the future of marijuana in the United States, including state-of-the-art science and interviews with patients, their families, leading scientists, doctors, federal legislators and a former professional football player.

  • When a young woman is found dead in a field on the outskirts of Green Bay, Wis., a fitness tracker helps detectives solve the mystery.

  • Rapper Meek Mill sits down with Lester Holt in his first in-depth sit-down interview since being released from prison.

  • The idyllic town of Montecito was threatened by the worst wildfire in California history, then inundated by catastrophic mudslides. Keith Morrison reports.

  • A DNA breakthrough in a cold case leads two determined detectives to surprising suspects.

  • Megyn Kelly sat down for two exclusive one-on-one interviews with President Vladimir Putin, which will be featured in the hour-long primetime special.

  • A young mother disappears after leaving her newborn with her pastor and his wife. Florida detectives search for her, but instead uncover a web of secrets and lies. Keith Morrison reports.

  • Keith Morrison reports on conman John Meehan, who made national headlines last year after his crimes and their final, deadly culmination were featured in the popular podcast, ‘Dirty John.’

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