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Seinfeld is a half hour situation comedy, which admittedly in the show, is about nothing. Jerry Seinfeld, who began his career as a stand up comic, created this show with Larry David. The show lasted 9 seasons, and was a hit throughout its run. The shows main characters were Jerry Seinfeld playing himself, Elaine Benes played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, George Costanza played by Jason Alexander, and Cosmo Kramer played by Michael Richards.

The plot of each episode was centered around the simple activities in life. Situations like standing in line for the movies, going out to dinner, etc. There were minor characters in the show, and the plots included these characters. There was Newman the mailman, the Soup Nazi, and George Costanza's father played by Jerry Stiller.

There were those episodes, who's plot created catch phrases that are now used in American society, such as; "yada, yada, yada". There was a team of more than a dozen writers for the show. The living arrangements with Jerry Seinfeld and Cosmo Kramer was that they lived across the hall from each other. The plot line of every single episode called for Cosmo Kramer to enter Jerry Seinfeld's apartment without knocking. He always came in quickly and slid on the floor for a few inches. Elaine used to be Jerry's girlfriend. Newman the mailman had an edgy relationship with Jerry. Jerry would always address him by his last name in an ominous manner.

Seinfeld has been in syndication since the end of its broadcast run on the NBC network.

Seinfeld is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (181 episodes). The series first aired on July 5, 1989.

Where do I stream Seinfeld online? Seinfeld is available for streaming on NBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Seinfeld on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, TBS, Google Play, iTunes online.

9 Seasons, 181 Episodes
July 5, 1989
Cast: Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus
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Seinfeld Full Episode Guide

  • In part one of the finale, the gang find out that the pilot for Jerry's show has been approved and 13 episodes_4-18 were ordered. NBC lends the foursome a jet to use before they have to move to California for the show, and they decide to go to Paris. While in the air, Kramer tries to get water out of his ear, but ends up stumbling into cockpit, sending the plane into a dive. The plane has to land, and on the ground, the gang sees a robbery, but don't attempt to help, so they are arrested. Several characters travel to their trial, including Jerry's parents, Peterman, Puddy, Newman, and others.

  • Part two of looking back on the past nine seasons of Seinfeld including bloopers.

  • A look back on relationships, break ups, and other clips from the past nine seasons of Seinfeld.

  • At a Mets game, Elaine, George, Jerry, and Kramer decide to leave in the 8th inning since the Mets are losing 8 to 0. However, they have a tough time getting home due to a Puerto Rican Day parade. George is taunted by a man with a laser pointer. Kramer accidentally sets the Puerto Rican flag on fire and is mobbed by a group of people.

  • Jerry and George spend time at a bookstore in order to meet women. There, George takes a book to read into the bathroom, and is forced to buy it. Jerry sees Uncle Leo shoplifting, and tells his family about what he saw. Kramer and Newman start their own rickshaw business. While drunk, Elaine makes out with a co-worker, then makes up a story about dating him to avoid trouble at the office.

  • George begins to end conversations early so he doesn't end up saying something stupid. Jerry overhears his girlfriend talking about "the tractor story", and George and Jerry wonder what the story might entail. Kramer and Mickey volunteer to fake illnesses so medical students can diagnose them. Elaine sees a "Jesus fish" on Puddy's car and wonders if he's religious.

  • Jerry buys a $200 pocket Wizard organizer. Kramer moves to Del Boca Vista, deciding that he's ready to retire. Together, Kramer and Morty plot to get Kramer elected president of the condo. To do so, they give each voter a cheap version of a Wizard, known as a Willard. Back in New York, Elaine tries to figure out the race of her boyfriend, and George tries his best to get out of a foundation meeting.

  • Kramer buys a strongbox to keep his valuable belongings in. But when it comes time to hide the key, Kramer has a hard time deciding where to put it. Elaine finds a new boyfriend who becomes a big mystery to her, until she finds out why he likes to hide in dark corners every so often. George's girlfriend won't let him breakup with her, so George goes to great lengths to do so. Jerry goes with Kramer to a pet cemetery to retrieve Kramer's strongbox key from a parrot that ate it and died.

  • Elaine comes across a cartoon in the New Yorker, but can't figure out why it's funny. She then becomes determined to get her comic published. Kramer's honesty gets Jerry in trouble with Sally, an old friend of Elaine's, and she begins to do stand-up about how mean Jerry is. George's new girlfriend looks like Jerry, but he refuses to believe it.

  • Newman and Kramer switch peepholes so they'll have a different view on the world. George buys a large wallet and keeps all of his receipts in it, but ends up putting one too many receipts in it. Elaine tries to get Jerry to use a Carry-All, or a mens' purse. Puddy starts wearing a large fur coat, which Elaine hates.

  • Puddy is promoted from a mechanic to a car salesman, so Jerry tries to use Puddy to get a good deal on a new car. But when Elaine and Puddy get into a fight, Jerry tries to get them back together so he can get his good deal. At the dealership, George tries to get a twinkie, but the vending machine won't take his dollar. Meanwhile, Kramer test drives a car and pushes it to the limit to see if it can handle a day in the life of Kramer.

  • In an episode told backwards, Jerry, George and Elaine return home from their India trip and they don't want to talk about the trip or even talk to each other. George finds out that Jerry slept with his girlfriend and to compensate, George wants to sleep with Elaine. Elaine tells everyone that she once slept with Sue Ellen's fiance, which causes Sue Ellen to call off the wedding.

  • Elaine's neighbor is out of the country and left her alarm set to go off at 3:30 am. Kramer buys a meat slicer, and Elaine breaks it when he lets her borrow it. Jerry's new girlfriend is a doctor who only talks about healing people. George gets a new job and realizes that he knows the boss from somewhere.

  • Kramer finds part of a Merv Griffin Show set in a dumpster. He sets the pieces up in his apartment and creates his own show, featuring him as a host. Jerry's girlfriend collects old toys and refuses to let anyone play with them. George hits a squirrel and his girlfriend has him take the squirrel to the vet. Meanwhile, Elaine has to deal with an annoying co-worker.

  • Kramer gets disgusted with all of the junk mail he receives, so he closes off his mailbox and forwards all of his mail to Jerry's box. Jerry has a show to help a car dealership owned by "Fragile" Frankie, and is given a van for his help. Meanwhile, George thinks his parents are avoiding him, and Elaine tries to get Puddy back.

  • Jerry's parents hire a personal trainer for him. However, the trainer is very old and ends up throwing out his back. Kramer begins stocking up on his own blood, but runs into refrigeration problems. George decides that if he could combine sex and food, he would have the perfect life. Elaine's friend thinks Elaine is too irresponsible to watch her son but tries to prove her friend wrong. But when babysitting is more than Elaine bargained for, she tries to show that she is irresponsible to get out of it.

  • Frank begins to use the phrase "serenity now" every time he feels his blood pressure rising. Elaine is invited to a bar mitzvah for her boss's son and is French kissed by the son. George begins to work as a computer salesman, but isn't good at selling them to other people. Jerry's girlfriend gives Knicks tickets away, which makes Jerry mad, but he doesn't show it. His girlfriend comments that he never gets angry, so Jerry attempts to show his anger.

  • George's co-workers find out that he's faking his handicap and they no longer treat him special. George has a contract, so he can't be fired, but everyone tries their best to get him to quit. Jerry and George mock Jerry's new girlfriend, Claire, whose stomach makes strange noises. They do so with an accented "hello", which is referred to as the voice. Jerry bets Elaine that she'll get back together with Puddy and Kramer gets an intern to help him with Kramerica.

  • Kenny Bania, Jerry's rival, continues to take Jerry's past material, and even starts dating one of Jerry's ex-girlfriends. To change this, Jerry decides to do badly in one of his acts so Kenny will do bad as well. But Jerry's plan completely backfires. Kramer starts shaving using butter and starts roasting himself in a sauna. Newman sees him as a giant turkey and chases him around. Meanwhile, Elaine and Puddy travel to Europe together, and George tries to hide that he's a closet Bania fan.

  • George finds out that his severance pay will last him 3 months, enough to pay for a relaxing summer of no work. Jerry is invited to the Tony Awards, and Kramer sneaks into the event. He sits in Raquel Welch's seat and has to accept an award for her. Elaine comments that a co-worker walks like a stiff, and her co-workers hopes that it will cause a cat fight.

  • Kramer and Newman both plan parties to celebrate the new millennium, Kraminnium and Newmanium, respectively. Kramer and Elaine team up to hurt business at a clothing store. George thinks that the Mets have a job for him, so he tries his best to get fired. But Steinbrenner thinks that George was offered a job with Tyson chicken, so he negotiates a deal to keep George. Meanwhile, Jerry worries about what position his girlfriend put his number on her speed dial.

  • George's girlfriend uses the phrase "yada yada" to skip to the end of stories she tells, which George sees as the best part of her stories. Elaine agrees to be a character witness for a friend who's trying to adopt. Kramer and Mickey go on a double date, but have trouble recalling who's dating who. Jerry's dentist converts to Judaism.

  • George begins to nap under his desk and everyone assumes that he is working because no one can find him. Steinbrenner decides to wait in George's office for him to return, so George has Jerry call in a bomb threat to get Steinbrenner out of his office. Elaine's boyfriend gives her a mattress, which she then gives to Kramer because it was a "commitment gift". Meanwhile, Jerry has his kitchen redone and Kramer takes up swimming.

  • The gang alienates Elaine when they find out that she didn't like The English Patient. She lies to Peterman about seeing it, so he arranges for her to watch it. Kramer teaches a group of Dominicans about communism, which leads them to revolt on Kramer. Jerry goes to Florida to visit his parents where an elderly man challenges Jerry to a weightlifting competition. Meanwhile, a woman mistakes George for her boyfriend.

  • Elaine decides to have an alter-ego when a co-worker mistakenly calls her Susie. Susie gets blamed for everything at work and Elaine becomes more popular because she is the only one that ever can find Susie. However, Elaine has to fake Susie's death when Peterman wants to see Elaine and Susie in his office. Kramer places a bet in Jerry's name and the bookie comes after Jerry, and Kramer causes George's girlfriend to leave him.

  • George interviews candidates for the foundation money. He doesn't find anyone he likes until he finds a boy who is similar to him and agrees to give the boy the scholarship. Later, George has a run-in with a gang, The Van Buren Boys, and by accident flashes their gang sign. The gang think he is one of them until George goes to far to prove that he is. Peterman, after deciding his biography would be boring, buys the rights to some of Kramer's life stories for 750 dollars. Jerry meets the "perfect" girlfriend.

  • George is teased at a meeting by Reily and can't think of a good comeback until it's too late. Determined to deliver his great comeback, George tracks down Reily, who no longer works for the Yankees, in Ohio and personally gives him the comeback. Meanwhile, Jerry buys a tennis racket from a man he thought was a professional tennis player, Kramer wonders what his life would be like if he was in a coma, and a reviewer named Vincent becomes interested in Elaine.

  • Jerry's parents think that Jerry has run into financial trouble, so they sell the Cadillac that Jerry gave them to Klompus for 6000 dollars. Jerry then goes to Florida to get the car back, but ends up paying Klompus 14,000 dollars for it. Meanwhile, Elaine helps Morty get a job at the Peterman company and George, thinking he'll have a big inheritance, starts spending a lot of money.

  • Jerry bounces a check at a market and the owner puts it up for everyone to see. Jerry soon finds that the owner runs an underground cock fight, so Jerry and Kramer train Kramer's rooster, named Little Jerry, to beat the big rooster. Meanwhile, Elaine dates a man who prefers to shave his head, and Elaine tries to convince him to grow his hair back. George dates a convict who is serving time at a local prison.

  • George goes up against a survivor of the Andrea Doria shipwreck to get a cheap apartment. Though the panel originally leans toward giving the apartment to the survivor, George wins them over by telling them about his pathetic life and his fiancee dying. Elaine dates a man who has trouble breaking up with women. Jerry and Newman team up to get rid of each other forever -- Jerry helps Newman deliver mail on Sunday so he can get a mail job in Hawaii.

  • Elaine lets George buy an expensive hat with her company expense account. She tries to replace the hat with a Russian fur hat, but has no luck. Later, Elaine heads to Burma to have Peterman authorize her expenses. Jerry and Kramer switch apartments when a new chicken restaurant opens across from Kramer's apartment. George develops a plan to leave things in his dates' apartments so he can have a reason to call them the next day.

  • Jerry receives his royalty checks for his appearance on a Japanese TV show and gets writer's cramp after signing them all. Kramer helps some Japanese tourists by finding them sleeping quarters in a chest of drawers. Kramer tries to show the tourists that Jerry's show would be a hit in Japan, but the tourists dislike Jerry after he has to hack them out of the chest of drawers. Meanwhile, Elaine's boyfriend loves a song that Elaine hates, so she tries to find a song that they'll both like, and George hires carpet cleaners for Yankee Stadium who Kramer think are in a religious cult.

  • Elaine has to fire a man, but can't do it and ends up promoting him instead. The man that she promoted wears army fatigues and constantly talks about wars and battles. While working on the J. Peterman catalog, the man causes everyone to quit, leaving him and Elaine as the only employees. Jerry's new girlfriend has a friend who is being mentored by Kenny Bania, and later, Jerry becomes Kenny's mentor. Meanwhile, George learns about risk management by listening to tapes, and Kramer has Frank help him cook a Jewish meal.

  • George thinks the woman at the photo lab is coming on to him when he finds pictures of a woman in his photos. Kramer sees that Jerry has a stereo that he doesn't like, so he helps Jerry get a refund on the stereo. To do so, he mails Jerry the stereo in pieces, and since Kramer insured the package, Jerry ought to be able to get money for the damaged stereo. However, Kramer's scheme doesn't go as well as he had planned. Meanwhile, Elaine tries to look at her medical records and has Kramer pose as a doctor to do so.

  • Elaine makes new friends who are the exact opposite of Jerry, George and Kramer. Jerry dates a woman who is very beautiful but has "man hands". George finds a way to get into the "Forbidden City", a place where models hang out. Kramer uses the bathroom at an office building and starts to work there.

  • George begins to think that the foundation suspects that George was the one that killed Susan. To find out for sure, George hides a tape recorder in a brief case and leaves it in a foundation meeting. Elaine gets pressured from her friends to have a baby, but soon after she meets a man that wants no children and even has a vasectomy to prove it. Meanwhile, Kramer goes to Newman for advice when he finds himself attracted to Jerry's girlfriend.

  • George starts to move on with his life after Susan's death. Susan's parents start a foundation in Susan's memory and want George to run it. Jerry runs into Delores and she tries to get back with him until she finds out that he broke off an engagement. Elaine takes over as head of the Peterman company while Peterman is in Burma. Meanwhile, Kramer becomes a karate instructor.

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