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Comedian Kevin James became a household name following his nine seasons starring as Doug Heffernan, a Queens package delivery driver with a sarcastic wife and wacky family on "The King of Queens." The sitcom was a hit for CBS during its entire run, and appeared mostly on Monday nights to rave reviews.

The entire show focused on the lives of Doug and Carrie Heffernan, a couple who met, fell in love, married and lived in the New York City borough of Queens. Doug was an overweight, brown-clad worker for a parcel delivery service while Carrie, played by Leah Remini, was a legal secretary with aspirations to move up in her company. Many of the show's plot points revolved around Doug's intense love of eating good food and Carrie's dissatisfaction with her current position.

Among the other main players on the show were Arthur Spooner, who was played by Jerry Stiller. Arthur, Carrie's father, moved in with the Heffernans after accidentally setting fire to his own home. The older gentleman, whose sense of humor was a mainstay of many of the show's running jokes, resided in the Heffernans' basement and had a penchant for telling questionable stories about his past exploits.

Doug's best friend was Deacon Palmer, who was played by Victor Williams. Deacon worked alongside Doug as a parcel delivery man, and was regularly seen with his friend out on deliveries, at the delivery center base and even hanging out with Doug at his own home. Deacon had two young boys and was married to Kelly, who was played by Merrin Dungey. Kelly was Carrie's best friend and confidante throughout the entire series. Another of Doug's friends, Spence Olchin, was played by comedian Patton Oswalt. Spence, a self-described "nerd," was often the butt of jokes for Doug, Deacon and even Arthur during the show's run.

Other popular recurring characters were Doug's smart mouthed cousin, Danny Heffernan, portrayed by Gary Valentine; Holly, played by Nicole Sullivan, a dog walker with a strange sense of humor; and Sara Spooner, played by Lisa Rieffel, Carrie's half-sister. Lou Ferrigno played himself multiple times as he and his wife were the Heffernans' neighbors, and Ray Barone, played by Ray Romano on his own sitcom, "Everybody Loves Raymond," made many appearances as Doug's friend.

The King of Queens is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (207 episodes). The series first aired on September 21, 1998.

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9 Seasons, 207 Episodes
September 21, 1998
Cast: Kevin James, Leah Remini, Jerry Stiller, Victor Williams
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The King of Queens Full Episode Guide

  • After Doug informs Carrie of his plans to leave her, she decides she wants to go to China and adopt the child they were going to get without him. Doug also wants the baby, so they race to get to the airport so they can get the baby.

  • Doug and Carrie decide to go visit their priest for some marriage counseling, and while there they run into some old friends who just had a baby. This causes them to consider a child.

  • Doug runs into an old friend at his high school reunion and they decide to play a prank on the principle to get revenge for an event of the past.

  • Doug, in an effort to be more healthy decides to become a vegetarian, which angers Carrie when he decides to push his new beliefs on her.

  • When Deacon and Kelly buy a vacation house on a lake Carrie convinces Doug that they were able to afford it because the two were so cheap and never pay for anything when they are together. Doug and Carrie go to the new home with Deacon and Kelly and decide to get back at them by making Deacon and Kelly pay for everything. Spence is also trying to find a new job and Arthur decides to give him advice on getting one.

  • Deacon's son draws a picture of Arthur with crooked teeth, which leads Arthur to try to convince his family that he should get braces. Doug uses this idea to try to improve Carrie, by having Deacon's son draw a picture of her flat-chested.

  • Doug is reading Major a bedtime story and changes the end to make it scarier. The story ends up traumatizing Major, causing Kelly and Deacon to have problems getting him to be babysat by Doug.Arthur also realizes that he can make money by charging people to fill a seat in their car, allowing them ride in the carpool lane.

  • Arthur accidently starts a fire while cooking bacon and Carrie and Doug decide it is time to move Arthur into a retirement home. While Doug is cleaning up the scorched basement in preparations for his new media room, he finds some playbills that reveal that Arthur was once a well-respected actor. When Doug confronts Arthur about his days in the theater, Arthur confirms that he was an actor, but that he gave it up to raise Carrie. Doug starts feeling guilty for abandoning Arthur and tries to convince Carrie to let him stay. Meanwhile, Danny and Spence agreed that after two years in their apartment, Spence would get the larger bedroom back from Danny, though Danny now refuses to move into the smaller room, so Spence moves into the room with Danny and a classic standoff begins.

  • When Doug starts hanging out with Joe, a driver at Priority Plus, his fellow drivers lose all respect for him. When Joe invites Doug to join him at a Neil Diamond concert, he discovers that Joe was only acting like his friend to get him alone so that he and his fellow Priority Plus drivers could play a trick on Doug.

  • Carrie convinces her female co-workers to blow off work and take advantage of the hotel's spa. However, her plans are put in jeopardy when Doug surprises her and wants to spend the weekend watching the original "Planet of the Apes" series. Carrie tries to convince Doug to go home since she's going to be working all weekend, but gets caught in the lie when he discovers she already has an appointment for a massage. Meanwhile, Danny and Spence sneak into the Huey Lewis concert by wearing Doug's "Event Staff" jacket, but their excitement quickly disappears when they are forced to fulfill several absurd requests for the band.

  • When the Heffernans receive an oil painting of themselves as an anniversary gift from Deacon and Kelly, they dislike the picture so much that they decide to stage a robbery rather than hang the painting in their home.Doug and Carrie can't bear to hang the disproportioned painting, which shows Doug with tremendous teeth and Carrie with a hideously oversized arm, but Deacon stops by and hangs the picture for them. Unable to get the image out of their heads, Doug and Carrie convince Danny and Spence to break into their home and steal the painting.

  • Doug convinces Carrie that he can get rid of their bug problem and doesn't need to hire the creepy and expensive exterminator, Pete. But when his bug bomb fails to work, Doug and Carrie are forced to sleep in the car while Pete does his exterminating. Meanwhile, when the hotel that Arthur stayed at gives Carrie a free hotel voucher for their pest inconvenience, Carrie and Doug offer it to Spence and Danny, so that they can bunk at their place while their house is being gassed.

  • Doug and Carrie are roped into helping out at their church during the holidays: he guards the manger, while she tries to bake a cake. Also, Arthur and Spence attempt to write a Christmas song so they can cash in on the holiday, but soon realize it is going nowhere and decide to try writing songs for other holidays.

  • When Doug runs into his old pal Ray Barone, and both wives happen to be out of town, they decide they're long overdue for a guys' night out.After a quick shopping spree for some snazzy new clothes, the boys decide to check out the new nightclub in town. Confident to prove they still have the moves, they make a small wager to see which one can convince a girl to dance with them first. But things get heated when Ray opts to pay a young lady to dance with him and her boyfriend sees the transaction. Meanwhile, after 20 years, Carrie, for the first time, accompanies Arthur to his mother's grave. Upon arriving, Carrie becomes confused and angry when she sees the epitaph on the tombstone that reads, "Devoted Mother of Simone."

  • When Doug starts receiving fan mail from someone who saw his performance at a karaoke club, he lets the attention go to his head, only to have his ego shattered when the emails suddenly stop coming.When the emails applauding Doug's singing suddenly stop, Doug goes back to the karaoke club in an attempt to get his fans back. But when Carrie discovers an email from a rabid fan, she jealously puts a block on all of Doug's incoming emails. After Doug finally unblocks his email, he discovers that the adoring emails have turned insulting and threatening.

  • Much to the confusion of the Heffernan's, Deacon and Kelly are disinterested in purchasing the house next door to Doug and Carrie when it goes on sale.When the couple next door decides to sell their home, the Heffernan's try to persuade Deacon and Kelly to buy it. Doug and Carrie realize something is wrong when the two are completely disinterested in the home. In confidence, Deacon tells Doug that Carrie is the reason they don't want to move next to them while Kelly confides to Carrie that Doug is the reason. Meanwhile, Danny and Spence go to extremes to impress the couple's beautiful niece.

  • Carrie finds out that Doug lied about getting a job while they were dating so that he could have sex with her.

  • Doug and Carrie get into a fight and a program on Carrie's computer records the entire thing. When they see the things they said to each other they decide to talk to a marriage counselor.

  • While at the gym with his friends Doug sees a pole dancing class. He decides he has to convince Carrie to take the class. She reluctantly agrees, but then she loves it. She decides to show Doug on a pole that they installed in their room, but Doug finds out she is horrible.

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