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One of the things we all want to remember from our childhood, is a happy feeling of family unity. That feeling can come in many forms. A camping trip with dad, a vacation with the whole family, Christmas at grandma's house. Some of those happy memories can come in the form of a favorite television show, watched together after dinner.

When I was a child one of those shows was "The Andy Griffith Show". I myself being from, and living in North Carolina, at the time the show was originally aired, immediately felt a connection to the people and stories on the show.

The main characters of the show are; Sheriff Andy Taylor, Aunt Bea, Deputy Barney Fife, and Andy's son, Opie. The concept of the show is everyday life in a small town, where everyone knows and cares about each other.

Andy is a country-minded, smart, compassionate sheriff who has to deal with raising a son on his own, a deputy who makes most matters worse, and a town full of people who depend on him for safety. In the stories, there are basic lessons in fairness, honesty, right and wrong, respect for the law, and respect for each other. Barney is the deputy with a lion-heart in a small body. He's a stickler for the details of the law to the detriment of his popularity. He wants to do well so badly that he ends up making mistakes, and looking foolish in the process. Aunt Bea is the aunt who moved in to help take care of Andy and Opie after Opie's mother died. She is understated and sweet. She cooks, cleans, makes pies and jams for the fair, and balances out the cast. Opie, Andy's son, plays the all-American boy with an intelligent and honest spirit. He and Andy have a very close and open relationship, and they are each other's best friend.

The stories in the series are funny, ironic, educational, sweet, loving, and reflect a time when people were a community that depended on each other to survive. The family dynamic is intact and just watching the show will bring your own family closer together. It's just possible that it could help with any problems there may be in you life, and make those happy feelings of family unity a great memory for your own children to look back on.

The Andy Griffith Show is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (249 episodes). The series first aired on December 1, 1965.

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8 Seasons, 249 Episodes
December 1, 1965
Cast: Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, Don Knotts, Frances Bavier
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The Andy Griffith Show Full Episode Guide

  • Sam Jones invites an old friend from Italy to work on the farm.

  • Goober sends an application to a computer dating service.

  • Opie keeps Mike Jones company until a girl distracts him.

  • Sam Jones and Emmett vie for office.

  • After his mother remarries, Howard remodels the house.

  • Emmett wants to buy an expensive gift for his wife.

  • An arrest in Helen's past comes to light.

  • Aunt Bee takes flying lessons.

  • Goober tries to impress an old friend.

  • Barney needs to find a suitable location for a summit meeting.

  • The church is faced with making a difficult financial decision.

  • Opie breaks an expensive bottle of perfume at the drug store.

  • Emmett trains as an insurance salesman.

  • Aunt Bee stars in a TV cooking show.

  • Goober buys Wally's Filling Station.

  • Howard quits his job for life on a Caribbean isle.

  • Chaos is the order of the day when Andy falls ill.

  • Aunt Bee's cousin Bradford pays a visit.

  • Howard proposes to Millie.

  • Andy invests in a laundromat.

  • A visiting lecturer is charmed by Aunt Bee.

  • Opie joins a rock band.

  • Opie gets in trouble after misusing a tape recorder.

  • Bee stubbornly insists an accused thief is innocent.

  • Howard's date MIllie has a malicious old boyfriend.

  • Opie invites his rich friend Billy Hollander home for lunch.

  • Andy returns from a business trip to Raleigh with a sunburn.

  • Aunt Bee takes a trip to Mexico with Clara and Myrtle.

  • Howard's bowling skills astonish his friends.

  • Goober holds a contest that causes him problems.

  • Opie has difficulty with a writing assignment.

  • Howard tutors a young student.

  • Howard uses his neighbors and friends as the butt of his jokes.

  • Opie must choose between football and piano lessons.

  • Opie takes care of the milkman's horse.

  • Helen writes a book.

  • Mayberry erects a statue of Andy's ancestor Seth Taylor.

  • Howard buys the barber shop.

  • Aunt Bee opens a Chinese restaurant.

  • Andy's old girlfriend Alice Harper returns to Mayberry.

  • Barney returns to Mayberry and discovers an old flame, now a Hollywood star, is in town as well.

  • Andy learns Barney may lose his job.

  • Andy eats three spaghetti dinners in one evening.

  • A treasure map piques interest.

  • The people of Mayberry avoid the new doctor in town.

  • Andy and Goober attend an adult education history class.

  • Otis Campbell helps Andy collar some criminals.

  • Opie accidentally destroys Aunt Bee's perfect rose just before a contest.

  • Fishing season opens in Mayberry and Howard catches a legendary big fish.

  • Opie and his friend Arnold find an abandoned baby and hide it in their clubhouse.

  • Helen chooses a musical for the senior play and finds the principal opposing her choice.

  • Aunt Bee runs for office and enters a public debate with Howard Sprague.

  • Goober suffers a minor injury and has the Taylor family waiting on him.

  • The Darling family comes to town looking for a bride.

  • Aunt Bee wears a wig when Reverend Leighton visits and feels she is deceiving him about her true self.

  • Andy is in charge of umpiring Opie's baseball game.

  • The Mayberry Quartet needs a new member and the only man eligible is sitting in jail.

  • Howard is considered for membership in the Mayberry Lodge but is black-balled by Goober.

  • Opie meets Helen's niece Cynthia.

The Andy Griffith Show News

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After 38 years together, the actor known for playing lovable Gomer Pyle marries his partner in a quiet Seattle ceremony.

TV Legend Andy Griffith Dead at 86

The TV community lost a legend today as Andy Griffith passed away at the age of 86. According to Deadline, Griffith's former co-star Ron Howard revealed that Griffith's health had been in decline "for some time," so the actor's death was not sudden or unexpected.