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Green Acres is a comedy about a married couple who move from the bright lights of New York to the farming town of Hooterville. The husband, Oliver Douglas, decides to give up his successful and hectic law practice to lead a more relaxed life on the farm. He has always dreamed of having a farm where he can work the land with his own two hands. Oliver's down to earth, practical personality is offset by the personality of his somewhat ditzy wife, Lisa. Lisa's heart is in the life she had in New York and she longs to return to her beautiful townhouse.

The character of Lisa is whimsical and charming, which makes her well liked by the residents of Hooterville. Oliver, on the other hand has no patience for their slow ways and often becomes frustrated when dealing with the residents of this town. The residents themselves add a lot of spice to the humorous mix by bringing a wide assortment of different personalities to the show. Mr. Ziffel for instance, has a pig named Arnold, who he treats as a son. The construction team of Alf and Ralph Monroe are an unlikely brother and sister pair who never seem to complete any projects they work on. A county representative for the agricultural department is found in the character of Hank Kimbell who seems to lose his track of thought when discussing agricultural matters with Oliver.

The show also has an unscrupulous character in the form of Mr. Haney. Mr. Haney will try to sell anything to anyone for an outrageous price. He sold Oliver the farm house, which is constantly breaking down and has not incoming telephone line. In order to answer the phone, Oliver and Lisa need to climb to the top of a nearby telephone pole to which their phone is attached. Other comical characters in the town of Hooterville include a couple of slow moving train engineers and a dry goods store owner. Oliver and Lisa also acquire a not so handy man named Eb, when they purchase the farm.

Green Acres is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (170 episodes). The series first aired on September 15, 1965.

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6 Seasons, 170 Episodes
September 15, 1965
Cast: Eddie Albert, Eva Gabor, Pat Buttram, Tom Lester, Frank Cady
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Green Acres Full Episode Guide

  • Oliver searches for an ex-secretary that found a place to fix his watch when it was broken.

  • Lisa becomes a successful psychologist while she and Oliver take courses at a Pixley college. But it eventually becomes too much for Oliver to handle, and Lisa gives up her practice to just be Oliver's wife.

  • Oliver and Lisa look after an injured, and annoying, Hank Kimball.

  • When Oliver refuses to take Lisa to Hooterville's annual Carpenter's Ball, everyone's happiness is threatened.

  • Lisa tries to help her pet duck, Drobny that her uncle sent her, find love.

  • After the governor announces that Hooterville is bankrupt, and that they plan on raising taxes by 52%, the citizens of Hooterville blow up the bridge and establish their own kingdom with Oliver as their king.

  • Lisa discovers that her uncle's cabbage soup can be transformed into a miracle cleaning solution.

  • Arnold is the only witness to a bank robbery in Pixley, and eventually leads the police to capture the crooks.

  • Eb gets Oliver and Lisa mixed up in his big wedding deal.

  • The son of a war hero, Drobny, that Lisa has to entertain, turns out to be a wild man.

  • Oliver and Lisa have their farmhouse painted for free as advertisement for a local painter.

  • So that Eb will be able to marry Darlene, Lisa gives him her engagement ring.

  • After Oliver refuses to take her to an anniversary party in the city, Lisa leads Oliver to believe that he is in a world full of little people.

  • Lisa decides that she will take over the male chorus line on the farm after she discovers the Women's Liberation Movement.

  • Eb enrolls in a correspondent acting class instead of an accounting class by mistake.

  • Oliver has to figure out a way to prove his innocence when he is arrested for a crime he didn't do, robbing a bank, because the real criminal looks and sounds exactly like him.

  • Eb transforms Oliver and Lisa's farm into a virtual dump because of a new girlfriend.

  • Oliver has to pick which one of two crises is more important: Lisa learning how to drive, or harvesting his apple crop.

  • Eb gets himself into a heap of trouble when he attempts to go with two dates to the same dance, without the other knowing.

  • When Oliver and Lisa become candidates for mayor from two different parties, it tears the Douglas family apart.

  • People in Hooterville begin to think that Oliver has gone broke when Lisa begins behaving strangely.

  • Lisa adds to the truth while telling Lori of her courtship with Oliver.

  • Eb begins to believe that he's being replaced by little Lori when Oliver and Lisa start giving all of their love and attention to her.

  • So that she can meet all of the other children of Hooterville Valley, Lisa plans a coming-out party for Lori.

  • Four children come to stay with Oliver and Lisa on the farm as part of the "Kids for the Country" program.

  • Oliver can't decide what to do when it's his birthday and Arnold's on the same day.

  • Eb represents himself as a wealthy landowner when advertising for a wife.

  • Lisa's Uncle Fedor gets her and Olive involved in spies and such when he makes an unexpected visit.

  • Things around Oliver and Lisa's farm get a little crazy when a child inventor stops by and says that he's been to the moon.

  • When all of the residents of Hooterville Valley show up for what is supposed to be an intimate picnic between just Oliver and Lisa, Oliver's romantic lunch is ruined.

  • Oliver accidentally gives the residents of Hooterville motive to gain more than $500,000 illegally from the IRS.

  • When Oliver becomes the president of the school board, the citizens of Hooterville begin a campaign, with Oliver as the target, to get Arnold Ziffel, an expelled student, reinstated back into school.

  • After Oliver takes harsh measures to get rid of a cow that has been trampling his crops, Lisa mistakenly labels him "The Cow Killer."

  • After making a passionate speech at the County Bar Association about hiring ex-cons, Oliver winds up with an ex-con for a hired hand himself.

  • When Oliver's old law firm in New York runs into trouble, he quickly says goodbye to Lisa and hurries off to help.

  • Oliver and Lisa accidentally get trapped while exploring a hidden basement that they discovered in their home, so they decide on sending smoke signals up the drain of the kitchen sink for help.

  • In trying to find a little bit of rest and relaxation, an old friend comes by to visit Oliver and Lisa.

  • Oliver and Lisa recognize an ancient mail order catalog that they find in the wall of their farmhouse as a wish-book.

  • Lisa signs Sam Drucker up as her aid when she launches a vigorous campaign for beauty and opens a beauty salon.

  • A crop is produced that farmers only dream about when Oliver launches a crazy mixed up planting session.

  • Lisa is thrilled as she plans the wedding of Hank Kimball and Ralph Monroe.

  • Lisa becomes jealous when a high school girl falls for Oliver while he is making a speech on job opportunities at the Hooterville high school.

  • The curiosity of the citizens of the entire Hooterville Valley is intrigued when a special delivery letter arrives addressed to a member of the Douglas family.

  • While in a town meeting, Oliver makes the suggestion that they build a youth center as a way to keep the young people in Hooterville.

  • Lisa predicts that a mysterious stranger will enter Oliver's life very soon when she decides to become a fortune teller.

  • Oliver and Lisa attempt to get Hooterville's roads paved.

  • Everyone tries to get their hands on a piece of Arnold's inheritance when he and Oliver get back from Chicago.

  • Oliver discovers that it is more difficult than he thought to look after a pig while on a trip with Arnold to Chicago to receive his $20,000,000 inheritance because he is a direct descendant from a weather predicting pig.

  • Everyone, including Lisa, tries to get Oliver to take Arnold to Chicago to receive his $20,000,000 inheritance because he is supposedly related to a pig who could predict the weather just like he can.

  • When Mr. Haney and Uncle Joe Carson both attempt to get Lisa's mother to marry them, Oliver gives up all hope of ever getting her to leave.

  • When Lisa's mother comes by to visit in Hooterville and stay with Oliver and Lisa, she decides that she will stay for three weeks.

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