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  • TV-G
  • 1965
  • 6 Seasons
  • 7.3  (7,702)

Green Acres is a classic American television sitcom that aired on CBS from 1965 to 1971. The show stars Eddie Albert as Oliver Wendell Douglas and Eva Gabor as his wife Lisa Douglas. The couple leaves the glamour and bright lights of New York City to move to the small town of Hooterville to fulfill Oliver's dream of owning a farm.

On their arrival, they meet the quirky residents of Hooterville, including Eb Dawson played by Tom Lester, who serves as Oliver's farmhand. Oliver's neighbor, Mr. Haney, played by Pat Buttram, is a smooth-talking salesman who tries to bilk Oliver out of his money at every opportunity. The Hooterville go-to carpenter, Mr. Ziffel, played by Frank Cady, is Lisa's closest friend in town. He has a pig named Arnold, who is as smart as a human and behaves like a pet. Hank Patterson plays Fred Ziffel, Mr. Ziffel's brother, and the town's only mailman. Alvy Moore plays Hank Kimball, the scatterbrained agricultural agent who is always around to provide his "expert" advice to the Douglas's farm.

Barbara Pepper plays Doris Ziffel, wife of Fred, who is always suspicious of Lisa's intentions. In the second season, Bea Benaderet replaces Barbara Pepper as Doris Ziffel. Benaderet plays the role of Kate Bradley, the owner of the local general store who becomes the surrogate mother to the Douglas couple.

The show's storyline primarily revolves around Oliver trying to make a success of the farm while Lisa struggles to adapt to life in the countryside. As the episodes progress, Lisa's character slowly transforms into a more self-reliant woman. The couple's humorous interactions with the townspeople and their unconventional approach to farm life provide the viewers with endless laughs.

The show's comedic scenes, witty dialogue, suspenseful moments, and musical interludes endear it to viewers of all ages. The show's theme song, "Green Acres Is the Place to Be," became popular, and the catchy tune is still recognizable today. Its overall appeal is multigenerational and, even today, it maintains a considerable following among fans of classic TV shows.

Green Acres was one of the highest-rated shows during its six-year run, and it continues to be a staple of American television. The show's characters have become iconic, and it has been referenced in various popular culture references, including films, TV shows, and even music. It's been remade in several adaptations, and its success has inspired a generation of sitcoms.

In conclusion, Green Acres is a classic sitcom that tells the story of a New York City couple's misadventures in a rural town. It is a celebration of friendship, loyalty, and the human spirit, told through the lens of humor and wit. The show's characters, stories, and music have become a part of our pop culture, and it remains a timeless classic that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Green Acres is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (170 episodes). The series first aired on September 15, 1965.

Green Acres
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The Ex-Secretary
26. The Ex-Secretary
April 27, 1971
Oliver searches for an ex-secretary that found a place to fix his watch when it was broken.
Hawaiian Honeymoon
25. Hawaiian Honeymoon
March 16, 1971
Oliver and Lisa have to share a honeymoon suite with another couple after Lisa cons him into taking a fifth honeymoon to Hawaii.
Lisa the Psychologist
24. Lisa the Psychologist
March 9, 1971
Lisa becomes a successful psychologist while she and Oliver take courses at a Pixley college. But it eventually becomes too much for Oliver to handle, and Lisa gives up her practice to just be Oliver's wife.
The Hole in the Porch
23. The Hole in the Porch
March 2, 1971
Oliver and Lisa look after an injured, and annoying, Hank Kimball.
The Carpenter's Ball
22. The Carpenter's Ball
February 23, 1971
When Oliver refuses to take Lisa to Hooterville's annual Carpenter's Ball, everyone's happiness is threatened.
A Girl for Drobny
21. A Girl for Drobny
February 16, 1971
Lisa tries to help her pet duck, Drobny that her uncle sent her, find love.
King Oliver I
20. King Oliver I
February 9, 1971
After the governor announces that Hooterville is bankrupt, and that they plan on raising taxes by 52%, the citizens of Hooterville blow up the bridge and establish their own kingdom with Oliver as their king.
The Spot Remover
19. The Spot Remover
February 2, 1971
Lisa discovers that her uncle's cabbage soup can be transformed into a miracle cleaning solution.
Star Witness
18. Star Witness
January 26, 1971
Arnold is the only witness to a bank robbery in Pixley, and eventually leads the police to capture the crooks.
The Wedding Deal
17. The Wedding Deal
January 19, 1971
Eb gets Oliver and Lisa mixed up in his big wedding deal.
Son of Drobny
16. Son of Drobny
January 12, 1971
The son of a war hero, Drobny, that Lisa has to entertain, turns out to be a wild man.
The Free Paint Job
15. The Free Paint Job
January 5, 1971
Oliver and Lisa have their farmhouse painted for free as advertisement for a local painter.
The Engagement Ring
14. The Engagement Ring
December 29, 1970
So that Eb will be able to marry Darlene, Lisa gives him her engagement ring.
Charlie, Homer and Natasha
13. Charlie, Homer and Natasha
December 22, 1970
After Oliver refuses to take her to an anniversary party in the city, Lisa leads Oliver to believe that he is in a world full of little people.
The Liberation Movement
12. The Liberation Movement
December 15, 1970
Lisa decides that she will take over the male chorus line on the farm after she discovers the Women's Liberation Movement.
The High Cost of Loving
11. The High Cost of Loving
December 8, 1970
Eb enrolls in a correspondent acting class instead of an accounting class by mistake.
Oliver's Double
10. Oliver's Double
December 1, 1970
Oliver has to figure out a way to prove his innocence when he is arrested for a crime he didn't do, robbing a bank, because the real criminal looks and sounds exactly like him.
Enterprising Eb
9. Enterprising Eb
November 24, 1970
Eb transforms Oliver and Lisa's farm into a virtual dump because of a new girlfriend.
Apple-Picking Time
8. Apple-Picking Time
November 17, 1970
Oliver has to pick which one of two crises is more important: Lisa learning how to drive, or harvesting his apple crop.
Eb's Double Trouble
7. Eb's Double Trouble
November 10, 1970
Eb gets himself into a heap of trouble when he attempts to go with two dates to the same dance, without the other knowing.
The Great Mayoralty Campaign
6. The Great Mayoralty Campaign
October 27, 1970
When Oliver and Lisa become candidates for mayor from two different parties, it tears the Douglas family apart.
Oliver Goes Broke
5. Oliver Goes Broke
October 20, 1970
People in Hooterville begin to think that Oliver has gone broke when Lisa begins behaving strangely.
A Royal Love Story
4. A Royal Love Story
October 6, 1970
Lisa adds to the truth while telling Lori of her courtship with Oliver.
3. Jealousy
September 29, 1970
Eb begins to believe that he's being replaced by little Lori when Oliver and Lisa start giving all of their love and attention to her.
The Coming-Out Party
2. The Coming-Out Party
September 22, 1970
So that she can meet all of the other children of Hooterville Valley, Lisa plans a coming-out party for Lori.
The City Kids
1. The City Kids
September 15, 1970
Four children come to stay with Oliver and Lisa on the farm as part of the "Kids for the Country" program.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 15, 1965
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (7,702)