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The Munsters is a comedy show revolving around an unlikely family of ghouls. Herman is the head of the household and is married to Lily. Herman is a Frankenstein monster complete with green face, square head and neck bolts. Herman works at the local mortuary and drives a hearse. Lily is the daughter of Grandpa who is a vampire. Given Lily's chalk white complexion and long flowing streaked hair, it is natural to assume she is also a vampire like her father. Herman and Lily have a son named Eddie who is a werewolf.

The odd family combination is enhanced with the addition of cousin Marilyn who for some unknown reason is a perfectly normal human girl. The Munsters, not seeing Marilyn's natural beauty often give her advice on how to look or act in order to catch a boyfriend. Although the Munster clan might not think of Marilyn as beautiful the neighborhood boys definitely see her good looks. The stories revolve around the everyday activities the Munsters go through. These activities can range from getting ready to go to bed, with Grandpa sleeping in a coffin, Lily resting with her namesake flower across her chest and Eddie nestled inside a cabinet with his favorite toy, a stuffed werewolf doll.

Many stories include meals served in the Munster household. These dishes are often made with strange animal parts and come in pots or bowls overflowing with mist. The furnishings inside the Munster house are in keeping with their eerie Gothic nature. Chairs, sofas and tables are often large ornately carved wood items. Grandpa also has a laboratory in the basement where he often mixes up strange concoctions which usually get him or Herman in trouble with Lily. The majority of comic sequences revolve around the predicaments Herman and Grandpa get into.

As with most family sitcoms, there are often neighbors dropping by the Munster household who end up as frightened guests. The Munsters also have a fire breathing dragon named Spot living under their staircase. Spot is usually not seen except for the strange glow of his eyes and the flash of fire every time the staircase is opened to feed him.

The Munsters is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (70 episodes). The series first aired on September 24, 1964.

The Munsters is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Munsters on demand atAmazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes, Peacock online.

Thursdays at 7:30 pm on CBS
2 Seasons, 70 Episodes
September 24, 1964
Cast: Fred Gwynne
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The Munsters Full Episode Guide

  • The Munsters get a visit from Eddie's teacher and principal after he writes a report describing his family life. The concern seems to be whether Eddie is being deprived at home.

  • Herman is involved in an accident after a car is destroyed by running into him. The driver offers him $10,000 believing he has been seriously injured, but its Herman who is concerned over wrecking her car.

  • To cure Herman's case of hiccups, Grandpa puts him in a deep sleep. But he wakes up in a college fraternity when two pledges enter the Munster's mansion on a dare and bring him back to the dorm as a prank.

  • An argument ensues after Herman ruins the go-cart Grandpa has built for Eddie's birthday. Claiming half the house belongs to him, Grandpa draws a line dividing the mansion in two.

  • Marilyn's new car from "Fair Deal Dan'' turns out to be a real lemon, but things go from bad to worse when Herman is arrested for driving a stolen vehicle.

  • When Eddie asks for a brother, Grandpa creates a robot for him to play with. But Eddie soon resents his 'perfect' brother.

  • Dr. Victor Frankenstein IV has created a look-alike monster of Herman and asks if he would take him in and domesticate him. Lily, unaware that Johann has escaped from the lab, takes him off for a romantic getaway.

  • Marilyn's clay bust of Herman, created for art class brings intrigue to her professor after she reveals that the creation is a living human being. Believing him to be the 'missing link', the professors measure his statistics. Herman mistakes these measurements for a new suit he thinks he has won in the "Father of the Year" contest Eddie has entered him in.

  • A co-worker is impressed by Herman's poetry that was published in a morticians magazine and asks him to write some to win over a girl. But Lily becomes suspicious after coming across the writings.

  • Eddie is delighted to learn he has won the ''I Like Zombo Because..." contest sponsored by his idol Zombo, a ghoulish tv character. Herman is jealous over Eddie's fascination with Zombo and tries to emulate him. But meeting him in person shows Eddie who his real hero is.

  • Its Marilyn's birthday and with the tradition comes the presents. Eddies gift is a ring he found in the attic, which Grandpa recalls as the Fregosi Emerald. With the ring comes a curse to the wearer. Herman wants to prove there is no such thing as a curse but bad things start to occur, including the ring being stuck on his finger. The only one who can remove the curse is a descendant of the Fregosi family.

  • While perusing a Detective magazine in bed, Herman reads a wanted ad for Grandpa by a woman in Sioux City, Iowa, claiming to be his wife. Grandpa pleads his innocence, until he discovers that she is rich.

  • An inheritance creates a rift in the family. Lily and Marilyn believe they should open a beauty parlor, but Herman and Grandpa want to use it to build his invention of sending electricity through the air.

  • When the Munsters go on vacation to Buffalo Valley, Herman gets off at rest stop in Indian Flats, where he gets left behind. When he wanders into a Indian Village, an elder of the tribe thinks that Herman is an ancient spirit leader, back to revitalize his tribe's way of life.

  • While messing around in Grandpa's laboratory, Herman is struck by a jolt of electricity. The result is Herman's face being deformed into a normal looking human being, to the families horror.

  • To teach Eddie a lesson on the evils of gambling, Herman bets his money on a horse guaranteed to lose. But Grandpa feels this is a dumb idea and fixes the race.

  • It's a lesson of passive problem solving when Eddie is teased at school and Herman is picked on by a bully at work.

  • A pirates treasure map found in the dungeon leads to a search for the buried fortune and a battle over its rightful owner.

  • When Spot runs away, Herman is spotted himself by sewer workers and is reported as a creature roaming underground.

  • Herman gets promoted to driver for the parlor, but first must renew his license with a little help from Grandpa.

  • Grandpa invents a potion to turn a frog into a prince for Marilyn, but as usual it didn't work. While alone one night, Marilyn discovers that she has been locked in her room. Shouting for help, a passerby climbs the trellis to lend her a hand. While describing the family and her situation to the rescuer, he gets the impression she is being held prisoner by monsters. Grandpa of course believes his potion has worked after meeting Marilyn's rescuer.

  • Herman has amnesia after a safe lands on his head. After claiming him, the Munsters find out that Herman believes he is a child.

  • Herman convinces Grandpa that Lily's new border is a criminal after spying him carrying a gun, unaware that he is really a police Lieutenant.

  • A visit to the doctor shows that Eddie needs his tonsils removed. Herman and Grandpa try to sneak into the hospital after visiting hours to bring Eddie his toy doll Wolf-wolf.

  • To earn money for their 100th wedding anniversary, both Lily and Herman unknowingly take a job in the same shipyard together, even working side-by-side.

  • Eddie gets track training from Herman, but its Grandpa's pills that is the cause of his new found speed.

  • Herman's new hobby of photography causes danger for the family after he snaps a picture during a bank robbery.

  • Its time for the Mockingbird Heights Frontier Days and Herman is entered in the bronco busting contest. To ensure a win, Grandpa turns himself into a horse. But its Volcano, a horse who lives up to his name that is chosen as Hermans ride.

  • The Munsters set out for a day at the beach, along with Eddie burying Grandpa in the sand and Herman setting off scuba diving. But when Herman disappears and ends up on a Russian boat, they believe to have caught the missing link while the commissar believes he is an American spy.

  • Eddie's friend convinces him that they should run away and live in a cave. After doing so Herman allows him to go believing it is just a bluff. Finding out it is for real, Herman sets off to retrieve him but instead carries home a baby bear.

  • Herman befriends a boy, who's head he helped free from between fence rails. When the child tells his parents about his new found friend, they believe he must be lying.

  • Herman loses the family car in a drag race after making a bet against Mr. Barker, a professional driver and father of Eddie's friend Sandy. It's up to Grandpa to win back the family car and their pride.

  • Eddie enlists Herman to perform in his schools talent show. After trying out a few possibilities, all unsuccessfully, Herman chooses a magic act. To ensure his tricks will work, Lily asks for Grandpa's help.

  • Lily is tired of being bored and decides to become a fashion model. Herman, in a fit of rage tries to make Lily jealous herself with the help of Grandpa and his pill that turns him into a beautiful woman.

  • Herman accidentally takes a long-lasting sleeping pill as he is to pick up Marilyn from the museum. A drowsy Herman mistakes an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus as a phone booth and falls asleep inside, only to be discovered by the scientists while opening their find.

  • A package filled with gold coins gives a bank teller the wrong idea and soon starts to date Marilyn with the intention of eloping, to get his hands on the fortune.

  • The Munsters win a membership to an exclusive country club. While visiting, Lily gets involved with a fashion show and Grandpa shows some parlor tricks to the guys at the bar. Herman gives the golf course a try but seems to have a bit of trouble his first time out. Returning home, Herman is frightened of the news that a monster was seen at the club and left imposing footprints in the grass.

  • A day in the park with Eddie may land Herman in the big leagues. After hitting a ball aproximently 8 blocks and landing on the head of Dodgers manager Leo Durocher, Herman is given a tryout with the club.

  • Two con men make Herman believe they are movie producers in search of a new star, a scam the two guys have prepared to make Herman the victim of a rigged accident so they may cash the insurance.

  • Herman's promotion means the Munsters must move to Buffalo. But selling the house won't be easy, or will it? A man buys the mansion without even looking at it but with the intention of tearing it down. The Munsters can't stand for that and decide to fight for their home.

  • The manager of a rock band offers the Munsters $1500 to use their house as a hideout for the weekend. A night in a posh hotel doesn't suit their taste, so the Munsters return home to join the party.

  • The thrill of Eddies friend coming for a visit is soon gone after the mischievously little prankster unleashes his tricks on the family. Grandpa's attempt to win him over with magic turns into a nightmare when Googie jokingly replaces himself with a monkey during the spell.

  • An argument finds Herman sleeping by himself and he and Lily going to a marriage counselor.

  • Herman is excited over an ad to become a detective. While training, he follows around suspicious looking people during the night. But Lily believes he is having an affair and hires a detective to follow him around.

  • Herman takes dancing lessons so he can escort Marilyn to a Father-Daughter dance. Unknown to him, the instructors are out to sign him to a long-termed contract and cheat him out of everything he owns.

  • When Lily asks Herman and Grandpa to go to the bank and withdraw some money to pay their taxes, the teller believes they are bank robbers and gives them eighteen thousand dollars. But when they arrive home, they didn't realize that they got that much money and Lily told Herman that he has to take the money back the first thing in the morning. However, when Herman is unable to sleep because he is constantly thinking about the money, he and Grandpa bring the money back to the bank and ultimately get stuck in the bank vault.

  • After the school's Pet Fair, Eddie trades his pet bat 'Igor' for the weekend unaware that it is really Grandpa.

  • When Eddie comes home from school upset over his new nickname 'Shorty,' Grandpa creates a formula that will make him grow 6 inches over night. The next morning finds Eddie instead with a 6 inch beard.

  • Herman mistakes two kids with walkie-talkies as Martians after picking up their signal on a ham radio and believes they are plotting to destroy Earth.

  • While visiting the dean of Marilyn's college, Herman is mistaken for star basketball player Moose Mallory and is recruited to play for the school.

  • A day of camping has Grandpa feeling homesick and turns himself into a wolf to join the howling pack. A radio reports the capture of a rare Transylvanian wolf by the rangers. Lily and Herman must find a way to retrieve Grandpa from a shelter before being shipped off to a zoo.

  • Discovering an empty bank account, Lily assumes that the family is bankrupt and goes looking for work. She is hired in the one job she seems suited for, reading palms in a tea room. Herman, jealous over how Lily is suddenly spending her days, begins following her in hopes of catching her new secret lover.

  • Grandpa feels he has become unwanted and a bother, so he announces that he's leaving and starts packing in an effort to make the rest of the family feel guilty.

  • An exhuasted Herman, arriving home from a late night movie, falls asleep in the back of the family car. When the car is stolen and used in a robbery, Herman awakens only to be mistaken for Big Louie.

  • Grandpa is feeling depressed so he contacts a matrimonial agency to find him a mate.

  • Herman's twin brother Charlie, a known con-artist, comes to stay with the Munster just as Lily has received a large inheritance.

  • Herman Munster becomes a professional wrestler known as The Masked Marvel, but is to gentle to hurt his opponents.

  • Eddie Munster is on the verges of being expelled from school. The only way he will be allowed to stay is if he invents an excellent Science Project fo the Science Fair.

  • Herman gets invited to a reunion with his old army friends. Unforunately Herman isn't able to fit into his old army uniform. So he goes on a diet to lose 100 pounds in 7 days.

  • The gas company attempts to run a 25 feet gas pipe under the Munster's home. At that depth it would run through Grandpa's lab. The workers then become frightened when they see Herman Munster and Grandpa. They then report that to the manager of the gas company Mr. Pike. Mr. Pike then decides to take a visit to the monster residence.

  • After overhearing a conversation of Lily's, Herman and Grandpa are lead to believe that there's going to be a new addition to the Munster clan.

  • Herman Munster has insomia. And the only cure is for him to take a late night walk in the park. This brings about a story of a monster lurking at night in the park.

  • Grandpa invents a love potion to help Marilyn keep her boyfriend Tom Daly.

  • Marilyn's new boyfriend Tom Daly invites her and The Munsters to his family's annual masquerade party.

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