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  • 1964
  • 2 Seasons
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The Munsters is a classic American television sitcom that aired from 1964 to 1966 on CBS. Starring Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, and Al Lewis, the show is a lighthearted and comedic take on the horror genre, telling the story of a family of monsters who struggle to fit in with ordinary human society.

The show is centered around the titular Munster family, consisting of patriarch Herman Munster (Gwynne), a Frankenstein's monster-like creature; his wife Lily (De Carlo), a vampire; their son Eddie (Butch Patrick), a werewolf; and Herman's father-in-law Grandpa (Lewis), a Transylvanian vampire who is approximately 370 years old.

Living in a creepy mansion at 1313 Mockingbird Lane in Mockingbird Heights, the Munsters represent a suburban family with a twist. Despite their monstrous appearances, they are a loving and close-knit family who value their relationships with each other above all else. Herman is a kind and gentle giant who works at a funeral home, while Lily is a devoted homemaker who is always concerned about her family. Grandpa, a mad scientist and alchemist, spends his time concocting potions and spells to help the family out of various predicaments. Eddie attends a regular school, but his werewolf tendencies often get him into trouble.

Throughout the show's run, the Munsters face various challenges as they try to navigate their way through human society. They often find themselves misunderstood and ostracized by their neighbors, who are unaware of their true natures. From dealing with nosy neighbors to trying to fit in at a country club, the Munsters' antics are full of humor and heart.

One of the strengths of The Munsters is its cast of memorable characters. Gwynne delivers a standout performance as Herman, imbuing the character with a childlike innocence and charm. De Carlo shines as Lily, bringing an elegance and grace to the show. Lewis, a veteran character actor, brings a wry wit to the role of Grandpa.

In addition to the main cast, the show features a wide array of guest stars including horror icons Boris Karloff and Vincent Price. The episode featuring Karloff, who plays a mad scientist trying to transplant Herman's brain into another body, is often cited as a standout episode of the series.

Visually, The Munsters is a feast for the eyes, featuring elaborate and inventive costumes and set designs. The Munsters' mansion is a macabre masterpiece, complete with trapdoors and secret passages. The show's opening sequence, featuring the iconic theme song by composer Jack Marshall, is a classic piece of television history.

Despite being canceled after only two seasons, The Munsters has remained a beloved and enduring classic of television history. Its legacy can be seen in countless references and homages to the show in popular culture, from The Simpsons' Halloween specials to the hit animated series The Addams Family.

Overall, The Munsters is a charming and witty sitcom that combines classic gothic horror tropes with humor and heart. Its memorable characters, iconic visual aesthetics, and enduring popularity have secured it a place in television history.

The Munsters is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (70 episodes). The series first aired on September 24, 1964.

The Munsters
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A Visit From the Teacher
32. A Visit From the Teacher
May 12, 1966
The Munsters get a visit from Eddie's teacher and principal after he writes a report describing his family life. The concern seems to be whether Eddie is being deprived at home.
Herman's Lawsuit
31. Herman's Lawsuit
April 21, 1966
Herman is involved in an accident after a car is destroyed by running into him. The driver offers him $10,000 believing he has been seriously injured, but its Herman who is concerned over wrecking her car.
Herman's Sorority Caper
30. Herman's Sorority Caper
April 14, 1966
To cure Herman's case of hiccups, Grandpa puts him in a deep sleep. But he wakes up in a college fraternity when two pledges enter the Munster's mansion on a dare and bring him back to the dorm as a prank.
A House Divided
29. A House Divided
April 7, 1966
An argument ensues after Herman ruins the go-cart Grandpa has built for Eddie's birthday. Claiming half the house belongs to him, Grandpa draws a line dividing the mansion in two.
Herman, the Tire-Kicker
28. Herman, the Tire-Kicker
March 31, 1966
Marilyn's new car from "Fair Deal Dan'' turns out to be a real lemon, but things go from bad to worse when Herman is arrested for driving a stolen vehicle.
Eddie's Brother
27. Eddie's Brother
March 24, 1966
When Eddie asks for a brother, Grandpa creates a robot for him to play with. But Eddie soon resents his 'perfect' brother.
A Visit From Johann
26. A Visit From Johann
March 17, 1966
Dr. Victor Frankenstein IV has created a look-alike monster of Herman and asks if he would take him in and domesticate him. Lily, unaware that Johann has escaped from the lab, takes him off for a romantic getaway.
Prehistoric Munster
25. Prehistoric Munster
March 10, 1966
Marilyn's clay bust of Herman, created for art class brings intrigue to her professor after she reveals that the creation is a living human being. Believing him to be the 'missing link', the professors measure his statistics. Herman mistakes these measurements for a new suit he thinks he has won in the "Father of the Year" contest Eddie has entered him in.
The Musician
24. The Musician
March 3, 1966
Eddie takes up playing the trumpet for the school band, but isn't very good. To give him a boost Grandpa conjures up a pill to make him a virtuoso. But when the schools band teacher comes to hear him try out, Grandpa must rush to make another pill. This time Eddie turns into a defiant hipster.
Cyrano de Munster
23. Cyrano de Munster
February 24, 1966
A co-worker is impressed by Herman's poetry that was published in a morticians magazine and asks him to write some to win over a girl. But Lily becomes suspicious after coming across the writings.
22. Zombo
February 17, 1966
Eddie is delighted to learn he has won the ''I Like Zombo Because..." contest sponsored by his idol Zombo, a ghoulish tv character. Herman is jealous over Eddie's fascination with Zombo and tries to emulate him. But meeting him in person shows Eddie who his real hero is.
The Fregosi Emerald
21. The Fregosi Emerald
February 10, 1966
Its Marilyn's birthday and with the tradition comes the presents. Eddies gift is a ring he found in the attic, which Grandpa recalls as the Fregosi Emerald. With the ring comes a curse to the wearer. Herman wants to prove there is no such thing as a curse but bad things start to occur, including the ring being stuck on his finger. The only one who can remove the curse is a descendant of the Fregosi family.
Grandpa's Lost Wife
20. Grandpa's Lost Wife
February 3, 1966
While perusing a Detective magazine in bed, Herman reads a wanted ad for Grandpa by a woman in Sioux City, Iowa, claiming to be his wife. Grandpa pleads his innocence, until he discovers that she is rich.
The Most Beautiful Ghoul in the World
19. The Most Beautiful Ghoul in the World
January 27, 1966
An inheritance creates a rift in the family. Lily and Marilyn believe they should open a beauty parlor, but Herman and Grandpa want to use it to build his invention of sending electricity through the air.
Big Heap Herman
18. Big Heap Herman
January 20, 1966
When the Munsters go on vacation to Buffalo Valley, Herman gets off at rest stop in Indian Flats, where he gets left behind. When he wanders into a Indian Village, an elder of the tribe thinks that Herman is an ancient spirit leader, back to revitalize his tribe's way of life.
Just Another Pretty Face
17. Just Another Pretty Face
January 13, 1966
While messing around in Grandpa's laboratory, Herman is struck by a jolt of electricity. The result is Herman's face being deformed into a normal looking human being, to the families horror.
Herman Picks a Winner
16. Herman Picks a Winner
January 6, 1966
To teach Eddie a lesson on the evils of gambling, Herman bets his money on a horse guaranteed to lose. But Grandpa feels this is a dumb idea and fixes the race.
Herman's Peace Offensive
15. Herman's Peace Offensive
December 30, 1965
It's a lesson of passive problem solving when Eddie is teased at school and Herman is picked on by a bully at work.
The Treasure of Mockingbird Heights
14. The Treasure of Mockingbird Heights
December 23, 1965
A pirates treasure map found in the dungeon leads to a search for the buried fortune and a battle over its rightful owner.
Underground Munster
13. Underground Munster
December 9, 1965
When Spot runs away, Herman is spotted himself by sewer workers and is reported as a creature roaming underground.
Will Success Spoil Herman Munster?
12. Will Success Spoil Herman Munster?
December 2, 1965
Herman Munster, a singing sensation? That seems to be the story after Eddie's friend brings a tape recorder to the mansion and is left a song performed by Herman. When the boys father hears the tape, he mistakes it as a demo which becomes a hit song on the radio. But the family is not at all happy when our new star becomes a conceited celebrity.
Herman's Driving Test
11. Herman's Driving Test
November 25, 1965
Herman gets promoted to driver for the parlor, but first must renew his license with a little help from Grandpa.
A Man for Marilyn
10. A Man for Marilyn
November 18, 1965
Grandpa invents a potion to turn a frog into a prince for Marilyn, but as usual it didn't work. While alone one night, Marilyn discovers that she has been locked in her room. Shouting for help, a passerby climbs the trellis to lend her a hand. While describing the family and her situation to the rescuer, he gets the impression she is being held prisoner by monsters. Grandpa of course believes his potion has worked after meeting Marilyn's rescuer.
John Doe Munster
9. John Doe Munster
November 11, 1965
Herman has amnesia after a safe lands on his head. After claiming him, the Munsters find out that Herman believes he is a child.
Lily's Star Boarder
8. Lily's Star Boarder
November 4, 1965
Herman convinces Grandpa that Lily's new border is a criminal after spying him carrying a gun, unaware that he is really a police Lieutenant.
Operation Herman
7. Operation Herman
October 28, 1965
A visit to the doctor shows that Eddie needs his tonsils removed. Herman and Grandpa try to sneak into the hospital after visiting hours to bring Eddie his toy doll Wolf-wolf.
Happy 100th Anniversary
6. Happy 100th Anniversary
October 21, 1965
To earn money for their 100th wedding anniversary, both Lily and Herman unknowingly take a job in the same shipyard together, even working side-by-side.
Herman, Coach of the Year
5. Herman, Coach of the Year
October 14, 1965
Eddie gets track training from Herman, but its Grandpa's pills that is the cause of his new found speed.
Herman Munster, Shutter Bug
4. Herman Munster, Shutter Bug
October 7, 1965
Herman's new hobby of photography causes danger for the family after he snaps a picture during a bank robbery.
Bronco-Bustin' Munster
3. Bronco-Bustin' Munster
September 30, 1965
Its time for the Mockingbird Heights Frontier Days and Herman is entered in the bronco busting contest. To ensure a win, Grandpa turns himself into a horse. But its Volcano, a horse who lives up to his name that is chosen as Hermans ride.
Herman, the Master Spy
2. Herman, the Master Spy
September 23, 1965
The Munsters set out for a day at the beach, along with Eddie burying Grandpa in the sand and Herman setting off scuba diving. But when Herman disappears and ends up on a Russian boat, they believe to have caught the missing link while the commissar believes he is an American spy.
Herman's Child Psychology
1. Herman's Child Psychology
September 16, 1965
Eddie's friend convinces him that they should run away and live in a cave. After doing so Herman allows him to go believing it is just a bluff. Finding out it is for real, Herman sets off to retrieve him but instead carries home a baby bear.
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    September 24, 1964
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    7.8  (16,780)