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  • 1982
  • 4 Seasons
  • 6.9  (37,564)

Knight Rider Classic is a beloved NBC television series that aired from 1982 to 1986, starring David Hasselhoff, Edward Mulhare, Patricia McPherson, Rebecca Holden, and Peter Parros. The show follows the adventures of a man named Michael Knight (Hasselhoff) and his smart and powerful car, KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), as they fight crime and solve mysteries in the name of justice.

Michael Knight, a former police officer, is recruited by the mysterious philanthropist Wilton Knight (Mulhare) to be the human partner and driver of KITT, a futuristic car with advanced features such as artificial intelligence, turbo boost, and voice-activated controls. With the help of KITT's powerful technology, Michael and his team take on dangerous villains and high-stakes missions, often putting their own lives on the line for the greater good.

Throughout the show's four seasons, Michael and KITT go up against a wide range of enemies, including international arms dealers, corrupt government officials, and even supernatural forces. Michael's allies in his fight against crime include Bonnie Barstow (McPherson), a brilliant engineer who maintains KITT's systems, and April Curtis (Holden), a skilled mechanic and fellow crime fighter who joins the team in later seasons.

Peter Parros plays the role of Reginald Cornelius III, a.k.a. RC3, a streetwise informant who occasionally aids Michael and KITT in their investigations. RC3 is a reformed criminal who uses his knowledge of the criminal underworld to help the team, and his interactions with Michael and KITT provide some of the show's most memorable comic relief moments.

As Michael and KITT navigate the dangerous and often complicated world of crime-fighting, they also develop a deep bond and mutual trust. Michael sees KITT as more than just a car, often referring to him as his "partner" and valuing his input and opinions as if he were a human being. KITT, for his part, demonstrates his own emotional intelligence and loyalty to Michael, often putting himself in harm's way to protect his human companion.

One of the most iconic aspects of Knight Rider Classic is KITT's distinctive voice, provided by actor William Daniels. KITT's dry, sarcastic wit and sophisticated British accent make him a beloved character in his own right, and his interactions with Michael and other characters provide some of the show's best moments.

Overall, Knight Rider Classic is a classic TV show that remains popular with fans today. Its unique blend of action, humor, and futuristic technology continues to captivate audiences, and its portrayal of the enduring friendship between Michael and KITT is a testament to the power of loyalty and teamwork. Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to the franchise, Knight Rider Classic is a must-watch for anyone interested in great television.

Knight Rider Classic is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (90 episodes). The series first aired on September 26, 1982.

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Voo Doo Knight
22. Voo Doo Knight
April 4, 1986
When he interrupts a robbery, Michael is shocked when one of the thieves commits apparent suicide, jumping out of a high-rise window. As Micheal investigates, it turns out a con woman posing as a voodoo princess is using special earclips that submit the wearers to become zombified slaves to her commands. Things become worse when Michael falls under her command.
Knight of the Rising Sun
21. Knight of the Rising Sun
March 14, 1986
Devon enlists Michael and K.I.T.T. to protect his friend's adopted son, who has become the target of a kidnapping plot. The case takes a strange turn when FLAG learns that the boy is rumored to be a descendent of an ancient cult leader.
Fright Knight
20. Fright Knight
March 7, 1986
Michael must fight off a Japanese terrorist cult. Nick O'Brien, a close friend of Devon's and owner of O'Brien Shipyard asks Michael to investigate why Suki Tanika, a powerful industrialist, is trying to run him out of business. His main concern is his fifteen-year-old son, Coy, a Japanese child he adopted. The Foundation learns that Tanika is trying to reinstate the Uyoku Cult--a terrorist group abolished after the war and illegal in Japan. Michael and K.I.T.T. learn that Tanika wants Coy as he is Kasuga Sukuritsu, and must be ordained Emperor Prince of the Uyoku.
Knight Flight to Freedom
19. Knight Flight to Freedom
February 21, 1986
Michael must go through a sea of lava in a Central American country to rescue an American accused of supporting the overthrown president of the nation by the military dictator who has usurped the power.
Hills of Fire
18. Hills of Fire
February 14, 1986
When an arsonist responsible for a string of devastating forest fires employs a special all-terrain vehicle to elude Michael and K.I.T.T., Bonnie creates a high-tech surveillance drone to help even the playing field.
Knight of a Thousand Devils
17. Knight of a Thousand Devils
February 7, 1986
A mobster, who has escaped from the F.B.I., uses a dune-buggy race as a cover to reach the US Mexico border where a new identity awaits him.
Redemption of a Champion
16. Redemption of a Champion
January 31, 1986
When Michael and K.I.T.T. are sent in to investigate the mysterious death of a sports reporter, they discover that the victim was in possession of incriminating information about a controversial boxing match.
Deadly Knightshade
15. Deadly Knightshade
January 24, 1986
Michael finds himself in between a rock and hard place when Bonnie develops a crush on a celebrity magician who may be the mastermind behind the murder of a Foundation trustee. Real-life magician Lance Burton guest stars.
Out of the Woods
14. Out of the Woods
January 17, 1986
When Michael is sent in to investigate a heated incident between members of a family-owned logging outfit and a large lumber corporation, he uncovers a conspiracy revolving around the sale of pirated timber illegally cut from a national forest.
Killer K.I.T.T.
13. Killer K.I.T.T.
January 10, 1986
A disgruntled computer technician and former Foundation employee hatches a vengeful scheme to destroy the agency by hacking into K.I.T.T.'s system and reprogramming the super car to assassinate Michael.
The Scent of Roses
12. The Scent of Roses
January 3, 1986
Following a shooting that nearly claims his life, Michael descends into a deep depression and contemplates retiring. Searching for a way to help him snap out of his funk, Devon arranges for Michael to be reunited with his former flame, Stevie.
Knight Song
11. Knight Song
December 13, 1985
RC3 needs Michael's help when a powerful real estate developer is trying to take over the old neighborhood.
Knight Behind Bars
10. Knight Behind Bars
December 6, 1985
Michael and K.I.T.T. go into prison to track down an inmate who committed a break-in. Using his connection with a prison warden, Jason Nelson uses inmates to commit break-ins. Julie and Samantha work together on assignments for Nelson. They set up their target, gain access to their home or office by pick-pocketing the keys, I.D.'s, etc., and deliver the money or other valuables to their boss. Nelson has complete control over the women through the prison warden, a shrewd and cold person named Brooks. Brooks' intimidating approach keeps young ladies like Julie and Samantha doing their "work." When the ladies gain access to the office of a businessman who had blueprints depicting a specific hotel, Devon's concern about the safety of an upcoming convention grows and Michael and K.I.T.T. track the inmates down.
Knight Racer
9. Knight Racer
November 29, 1985
Bonnie becomes concerned for her friend's safety when the Indy racing team he works for is hit with a string of mysterious accidents. Suspecting foul play, Michael poses as a driver to investigate the incidents.
Many Happy Returns
8. Many Happy Returns
November 15, 1985
Michael is forced to return from his much-deserved birthday vacation when the Foundation learns that a black market arms dealer has stolen a high-tech hovercraft prototype and plans to sell it overseas.
Knight Sting
7. Knight Sting
November 8, 1985
When the perpetrator behind a plot to smuggle biological weapons out of the country is identified as a racing enthusiast, Michael and the Foundation use a tricked-out K.I.T.T. to lure him out into the open.
The Wrong Crowd
6. The Wrong Crowd
November 1, 1985
Michael and K.I.T.T. set out to capture members of a notorious biker gang who hijacked the Foundation's mobile base truck and are using its high-tech computer equipment to launch a dangerous crime spree.
Burial Ground
5. Burial Ground
October 25, 1985
Michael and K.I.T.T. help people from a Native American tribe ward off a group of greedy oil diggers. The disappearance of Dr. Quentin Tanner and his college protégé Barbara Ralston prompts the Foundation to send Michael on a mission to find both scientists. Tanner, an archeologist, and the young woman were digging for an ancient American-Indian treasure and had enough evidence indicating its location. Michael asks Susan Christopher to help him find Dr. Tanner and Barbara. Susan is a social worker and her interest is, as is everyone else's, to have the burial grounds declared a national shrine. Instead ruthless Cyrus Oakes wants to start digging for oil.
Sky Knight
4. Sky Knight
October 18, 1985
Bonnie finds herself in the middle of an international incident when a former U.S. intelligence officer hijacks the plane she's traveling aboard and demands the release of a group of political prisoners.
3. KITTnap
September 27, 1985
Michael's efforts to apprehend an elusive criminal mastermind are thrown for a loop when his friend Karen is kidnapped and used as bait in a ploy to trap and steal K.I.T.T. Janine Turner guest stars as Karen.
Knight of the Juggernaut (2)
2. Knight of the Juggernaut (2)
September 20, 1985
Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. put their lives on the line as they try to catch up with a band of dangerous crooks and blackmailers. Michael and K.I.T.T. are urgently needed when all hell breaks loose in a state penitentiary. After shooting the guards and escaping in the Commissioner's car, Jeffrey Cavanaugh and his cellmate Lukas have freed themselves. Michael, who was on his way to go sailing with Karen, finds himself in the line of duty again.
Knight of the Juggernaut (1)
1. Knight of the Juggernaut (1)
September 20, 1985
When thieves steal a valuable isotope that Michael was assigned to guard, K.I.T.T. is nearly destroyed. Michael and Bonnie employ a gang of vigilantes to rebuild the super car but are faced with another hurdle when Devon is kidnapped.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 26, 1982
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (37,564)