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The Incredible Hulk was a series of 44 to 48 minute episodes broadcast over five seasons on the CBS network. Following the completion of the fifth season the series was cancelled by CBS and later picked up by NBC who produced three made for TV movies between 1988 and 1990. The character of The Incredible Hulk in the TV series was based on the character found in the Marvel Comics series of comic books; the series starred Lou Ferringo as the Hulk and Bill Bixby as his alter ego David Banner.

A complex story that followed the comic book story of the Hulk closely sees David Banner, a research doctor haunted by the death in an accident of his wife; despite his best efforts Banner was unable to rescue Laura after a car accident and prompts his research into people able to achieve superhuman feats during times of stress. Banner theorises sun spots causing high levels of Gamma radiation are to blame for superhuman feats and exposes himself unknowingly to a large dose of Gamma rays. Following his exposure to radiation Banner finds he turns into a green monster with superhuman strength and a low level of intelligence when he becomes angry or stressed. Wrongly blamed for the deaths of two people Banner sets out on a journey across America as he searches for a cure and to avoid the authorities chasing the Hulk for the murders.

During his travels David Banner uses aliases and picks up odd jobs that sometimes allow him to conduct research into his condition; he also attempts to help people he meets in his form as Banner and the Hulk. During the three made for TV movies produced for NBC the story of the Hulk was resolved in an attempt to end the series for good. Lead actor Bill Bixby was also responsible for directing a series of the episodes in the original run of shows and the final two made for TV movies.

The Incredible Hulk is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (87 episodes). The series first aired on November 4, 1977.

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5 Seasons, 87 Episodes
November 4, 1977
Drama, Action & Adventure, Fantasy
Cast: Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno, Jack Colvin, John Finn, Gary Graham
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The Incredible Hulk Full Episode Guide

  • David finds himself in a small town that has been infected by bacteria. Soon, he becomes infected and must find an antidote.

  • A convict captures David and forces him to work as a slave.

  • David's relationship with a young woman is threatened by a lumber baron who tries to force him out of town.

  • David poses as a minster to protect a wounded boy who has been smuggled into the United States from Mexico.

  • David risks his own freedom to stop a disturbed man from assassinating a crooked politician who was once a Vietnam war hero.

  • A trio of convicts from a woman's prison escape and take David as a hostage. The situation gets worse when one of the women goes into labor.

  • David befriends a rookie baseball player, then finds out his agent is crooked.

  • To borrow more money so his daughter can stage a fashion show, the owner of the factory in which David works says that David Banner is his new partner, without telling David. When the loan sharks don't receive their payment on time, they go after the unsuspecting David and meet the Hulk.

  • David camps out with a band of itinerants and gets mixed up in their domestic squabbles. Hank, the leader, is a thief and dislikes when David helps Rachel protect her baby, Danny.

  • David Banner thinks he is rescuing a child harassed by some toughs and is robbed of his wallet as a result. The child turns out to be a dwarf wrestler who takes the penniless Banner in with the promise of using his influence to help him get a job. Instead, his fantasies compel him to tell his friends that Banner ripped off the mob. And the mob wants revenge.

  • A reporter steals Jack McGee's latest tip on the Hulk and ends up with an exclusive interview with David Banner.

  • David realizes that Frye's plan all along was to use him to reawaken the creature inside of him. When Frye's monstrous persona goes on a killing spree, it's up to David -- and the Hulk -- to trap him and stop the carnage.

  • David looks into the urban legend of a scientist named Dell Frye, who 30 years prior suffered from the "Hulk" affliction before eventually finding an antidote. David seeks out Frye's lab in an effort to find a cure for himself.

  • David Banner is unknowingly living with a fortune in gold hidden in his apartment which a gang is after. To get to the gold, the gang ''treats'' Banner to a Chinese bride and a lethal fish dinner. The gang gets a large dose of the Hulk in return.

  • A mentally disturbed woman is attempting to re-open her family's wax museum which burned in a fire she may have caused. David assumes Beckwith as his last name.

  • Lou Ferrigno, who stars as the Hulk, also guest stars as Carl Molino, a struggling worker in a beach-side restaurant who dreams of saving enough money to open a cafe of his own. His ambition is given impetus by a conniving young woman who talks him into going after the prize money in a competition to determine the best male physique, with her as his manager. Molino doesn't realize he will be running against a well-organized group of unscrupulous characters who want their own entry to win. But Molino has David Banner and the Hulk on his side.

  • David and his alter ego become embroiled in a murder case investigated by a private gumshoe. The whole thing is related to a corpse found in the investigator's office and a blackmail plot. The episode is shot in a 40ish style.

  • David Banner unknowingly gets a car to drive across the country which has been used to hide a mob's loot. The mob, and a pair of unscrupulous mechanics, separately trail him to get the money for themselves by any means necessary. It takes the Hulk to dispose of the pursuers, one by one.

  • With a million dollar reward offered by a magazine for the Hulk's head, a mercenary adventurer lures David Banner to an isolated laboratory especially designed to attract him and to trap the Hulk. McGee, aware of the rival publisher's cold-blooded plans, plays his own hand to save the life of his legendary adversary.

  • David Banner's experiments on himself backfire when they send him into a primitive state rather than give him the escape he seeks from the Creature. As the darkside of his mind is triggered by his primitive impulses, Banner menaces the young daughter of the family with whom he is boarding. It takes a full metamorphosis to the Hulk to bring Banner back to reality.

  • A private detective investigating a blackmail attempt suspects Banner. Directed by series star Jack Colvin.

  • The Hulk is an unwitting subject for scientific study in the conclusion of this two-part episode in which David Banner has been suspended in the body of the creature. Laurie Prange, Monte Markham, Carol Baxter, Whit Bissell and Arthur Rosenberg guest-star. After having been taken to a secret research facility for study by government scientists who believe he is an extraterrestrial being, the Hulk's tremendous power enables him to penetrate the sophisticated cell in which he is held. But, it takes more than brute strength to escape from the underground labyrinth in which he has been imprisoned.

  • David is affected by a meteorite that has fallen nearby which leaves his transformation stopped midway. Afterward he is assisted by Katie, a blind woman, who learns his secret. A military crew that has followed the meteorite mistakenly assumes the hulk is an alien and captures him.

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