Watch TV Shows on UMS

UMS stands for Universal Media Server and is a free media server using DLNA when working with UPnP. When using UMS you can play all kinds of tv shows, movies, and music with very little work. It can be used on almost any game systems or other devices. If you have Java Runtime 7.0 on your device or game system, all you have to do is pick one of the software programs they offer to use and it will play. The makeup of the program is easy for you to use and work with. The information is put into categories with different divisions so it is easy to find whatever information you might need. The three controls that you will need at the center of the page, on top, so it is easy to use. As I said before, UMS can be used on most of the newer games systems and devices.

Here is a list of most of them: The O!Play by Asus, the Bravia made by Sony, the 360 by Xbox, HD Freebox, Musicpal made by Freecom, and the Kuro by Pioneer, Net TV made by Phillips, Popcorn Hour, the Aurea by Phillips, any Android device by Google, the RX-V671 by Yamaha, the HD Freebox, all the blueray players made by ORRO, Xtreamer, the N900 by Nokia, the High Resolution Direct TV DVR, all Samsung televisions, UPC Horizon by Samsung, The Upgrader by LG Smart, the PlayON! HD by AC Ryan, the Media Center by XBMC, WD TV Live by Western Digital, Boxee, CinemaTube by Brite-view, Streamium by Philip, and others.

This is something you can watch your favorite television shows, movies, youtube, whatever you want with your family, have friends over, take your tablet or laptop to work and watch on your lunch break, or while you are waiting at an appointment. You can even listen to your music wherever you are. You can change up what you want to do and how you want to do it by adding various plugins.

There are many plugins available for the software. Plugins allow you to improve what you can do with the software. It is easy to use and a great new way to have entertainment on the go, whenever you want without being stuck to a schedule or restricted to being at home. Now you have freedom with UMS.