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  • TV-Y
  • 2001
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.1  (438)

Sitting Ducks is an animated television series that first aired in 2001 and ran for two seasons until 2003. The show was produced by Universal Studios and was based on the eponymous children's book by Michael Bedard. It featured a cast of anthropomorphic birds and creatures living in a town called Ducktown.

The main characters of Sitting Ducks are Bill, an adventurous and curious duck, and his best friend Aldo, an alligator with a heart of gold. The two friends love to explore the town and get into wacky adventures together. Other main characters include Ed, a beaver who is the town's resident engineer, and Oly, a vain but well-meaning owl who is always looking for the latest fashion trends.

Throughout the series, the citizens of Ducktown face various challenges and obstacles, many of which are caused by their own wild imaginations or by the actions of the town's villain, Dr. Cecil C. Sneer, who is constantly trying to take over the town.

One of the unique aspects of Sitting Ducks is its gorgeous, vibrant animation that brings the characters and town of Ducktown to life. The show's creators used a mix of traditional hand-drawn animation and computer-generated imagery to create a colorful and immersive world for viewers to explore. The attention to detail in the animation and the character designs is truly impressive, making Sitting Ducks a visual treat for audiences of all ages.

The voice actors of Sitting Ducks also bring a lot of heart and humor to the show. Garry Chalk voices the lovable Aldo with a gruff, gravelly tone that makes him sound tough on the outside but soft on the inside. Scott McNeil voices Bill with a youthful energy and sense of wonder that perfectly captures the character's adventurous spirit. Michael Benyaer's portrayal of the fashion-obsessed Oly adds a lot of comedic flair to the show.

Despite its lighthearted tone, Sitting Ducks also tackles some important themes and messages. The show promotes the values of friendship, teamwork, and bravery, encouraging viewers to stand up for what they believe in and to always help those in need.

Overall, Sitting Ducks is a fun and charming animated series that is sure to delight viewers of all ages. With its stunning animation, memorable characters, and positive messages, it is a show that is not to be missed.

Sitting Ducks
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Free As A Bird/Fowl Weather Feathers
13. Free As A Bird/Fowl Weather Feathers
FREE AS A BIRD - Strange things are going on in Bill's life. FOWL WEATHER FEATHERS - There is a cold snap in Ducktown and every duck must donate extra down feathers to keep the Gators happy in their warm winter vests from the Feather factory.
Fred's Secret/Aldo's Uncle Artie
12. Fred's Secret/Aldo's Uncle Artie
FRED'S SECRET Ed, Oly and Waddle have always found Fred to be, well, a little peculiar. ALDO'S UNCLE ARTIE When Aldo goes out of town for a bowling tournament, Bill agrees to bring soup to his ailing, blind Uncle Artie.
Nothing But The Truth/Duck and Cover
11. Nothing But The Truth/Duck and Cover
ICED DUCK An ancient Caveduck is melted from a block of ice delivered to the Cafe. DUCK FOOTED When Bev's dance partner drops out on the eve of Ducktown's 4th Annual Shake and Shimmy Dance Contest, Bill volunteers to step in.
Close Encounters of  the Green Kind/Gonna Getcha Gator
10. Close Encounters of the Green Kind/Gonna Getcha Gator
"CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE GREEN KIND – This FLASHBACK episode tells the story of what happened the day after Bill met Aldo
Feather Island/ King of the Bongo's
9. Feather Island/ King of the Bongo's
"CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE GREEN KIND – This FLASHBACK episode tells the story of what happened the day after Bill met Aldo
Duck Lover / Outback Quack
8. Duck Lover / Outback Quack
DUCK LOVER The gators of Swampwood finally learn that Aldo is friends with a duck, and they won't let it go lightly. OUTBACK QUACK Bill's childhood nemesis Outback Quack arrives in Ducktown at the height of one of the worst poaching seasons on record.
Iced Duck / Duck Footed
7. Iced Duck / Duck Footed
FEATHER ISLAND Drill Sergeant Duck is on an anti-gator rampage, making it hard for buddies Bill and Aldo to hang out together. KING OF THE BONGOS Bill and Aldo's idol, King of the Bongos, comes to Ducktown for a rare concert appearance.
Gator in the Mask / Lotta Gelata
6. Gator in the Mask / Lotta Gelata
THE GATOR IN THE MASK It's time for the annual Ducktown Picnic! LOTTA GELATA When Fred's favorite cousin, Gelata, arrives in Ducktown, all the local fellas are instantaneously smitten.
Fred's Fever / You're Grounded
5. Fred's Fever / You're Grounded
FRED'S FEVER While studying for his citizenship test, Fred comes down with a fever. YOU'RE GROUNDED Drill Sergeant Duck pulls Raoul over for reckless flying and takes away his license.
O Brother What Are Thou / Urban Legend
4. O Brother What Are Thou / Urban Legend
O BROTHER, WHAT ART THOU? Aldo's the member of a secretive alligator club, The Brothers of the Snapping Snout. URBAN LEGEND When Aldo admits that all alligators fear a legendary gator-eating creature, Ed, Oly and Waddle decide to pull a practical jok
Feet of Fortune / Great Scooter Race
3. Feet of Fortune / Great Scooter Race
FEET OF FORTUNE Bev's latest passion is reading the webs on the bottom of a duck's foot. GREAT SCOOTER RACE When Bev announces that she's planning to enter the annual Ducktown 50 Scooter Race, Ed, Oly and Waddle make fun of her.
Aldo the Duck / Chasing Andy
2. Aldo the Duck / Chasing Andy
ALDO THE DUCK When Aldo is once again overcome by duck-eating urges, he turns to Cecil for help. CHASING ANDY Aldo leaves his toddler cousin, Andy, in the care of Bill.
Holding Pen 13 / Daredevil Ducks
1. Holding Pen 13 / Daredevil Ducks
Holding Pen 13 Ed, Oly, and Waddle fall for a free vacation scam and find themselves imprisoned in Swampwood, about to be deep-fried into duck nuggets. Daredevil Ducks To win a big-screen television, Ed, Oly and Waddle become contestants on a TV sho
  • Premiere Date
    September 13, 2001
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (438)