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Babylon 5 is a science fiction television show that ran from January 1994 to November 1998, airing for five seasons. It was created by J. Michael Straczynski, who served as executive producer and wrote nearly all of the show's 110 episodes. During its initial run, the show received two consecutive Hugo Awards for "best dramatic presentation," as well as several other television awards. It has grown to be considered a cult classic and is frequently listed among the best sci-fi shows in fan and critic polls alike.

The show takes place on Babylon 5, an Earth-run space station used as a diplomatic center for the various alien races. The cast of major characters consists of both the space station's Earth staff (including Captain John Sheridan, Chief of Security Michael Garibaldi, and Commander Susan Ivanova) and ambassadors from the most prominent alien planets (Delenn from Minbar, Londo Mollari from the Centauri Republic, G'Kar from Narn, and the mysterious Kosh from the Vorlon Empire).

The show was noteworthy for its consistent story arc that spanned several seasons. Straczynski described the show as "a novel for television," and although the show was often divided into stand-alone episodes and stories, most episodes, especially in seasons 3 and 4, played heavily into the overall "big picture" story. Early in the series, an alien race known only as The Shadows is revealed as the major villain, and the next several seasons follow the protagonists' attempts to use Babylon 5 to bond together all the support they can from as many worlds as possible, as this is the only way they can ultimately defeat The Shadows.

Babylon 5 is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (111 episodes). The series first aired on February 22, 1993.

Where do I stream Babylon 5 online? Babylon 5 is available for streaming on UMS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Babylon 5 on demand at HBO Max, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV online.

5 Seasons, 111 Episodes
February 22, 1993
Science Fiction
Cast: Michael O'Hare, Bruce Boxleitner, Claudia Christian, Jerry Doyle, Mira Furlan
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Babylon 5 Full Episode Guide

  • Twenty years has passed since Z'ha'dum - and as prophesized it is time for Sheridan to die. He does, however, have enough time to tie some lose ends, say his goodbyes to old friends. Ivanova is now general, Vir Kotto is Emperor of Centauri, Garibaldi is on Mars leading the corporation, Franklin is working on Earth - but they all immediately pack their things and head to Minbar after receiving an invitation. They are all still important to eachother, and have great impact on eachother's lives. A time for remembrance and goodbyes - and the final decomission of Babylon 5.

  • Sheridan and Delenn are preparing to leave Babylon 5, and set up head quarters on Minbar. It is time for bitter-sweet farewells. With most already gone, the station isn't what it used to be, and new faces replace those that familiar ones once had. Talon arrives to find G'Kar already gone, but receives a message where G'Kar appoints Talon to be his successor. Vir Kotto is holding down Centauri interests. Franklin appoints his successor as he is to leave for earth. Garibaldi is getting used to his new role as head of Edgar Industries back on Mars. He starts by promoting "his" type of people, and is making a name for himself immediately. Lennier returns to watch over Sheridan and Delenn's journey to Minbar.

  • G'Kar is back on Babylon 5, having left Londo on Centauri who now is emperor. G'Kar is now treated like a star, and it bothers him exceedingly. Garibaldi's friends have decided to talk to him. His lapses and mistakes have finally been so apparant, that his drinking problem is no longer a secret. He needs to straighten out, and is suspended until he succeeds beating it. Elizabeth Lochley turns out to be a surprising support in his process. Lyta is escalating her protests in regards on how the telepaths are treated, and Delenn suddenly falls ill. Things aren't the way it used to be around the station, and all are individually taking a look at their lives and what they want out of their future.0

  • Lyta Alexander found Shadow technology on the Draazi homeworld. Finally it's clear, it's the Draak, the leftover race from when the Shadow's left that are doing all this, and they are controlling the Centauri regent. Centauri is left completely vulnerable, without any defense, and the attack on the planet leaves it in ruins. Londo scurries to try and salvage as much as he can of his beloved country, and this includes dealing with the regent. He finds out that it is his turn to accept the dark, that was foretold. The Draak wants a new home, and they have selected Centaur. Delenn is floating in space, in a wrecked ship having been attacked on her way to Minbar.

  • The Centauri war continues - and it's growing more and more serious. Centauri citizens on the station are murdered by acts of revenge, and the situation is spiraling out of control. The White Stars are now authorised to take on Centauri vessels and Babylon 5 may be caught in the cross-fire. They need to build more ships - and it's going to be a great expense. Delenn needs to go through dangerous territories to start building. Vir Kotto, now tucked away in a non-descript quarter in order to protect him, wishes that the dead Centauri soldiers is returned to them. Londo and G'Kar are sharing a cell back on Centauri, as Londo insisted.

  • Lise returns to Garibaldi. Hiding his drinking problem to her will prove very difficult. Lennier is finding out more about the attacks - he needs to find solid proof about the Centauri participation. Meanwhile he still participate as if he is one of the trainees on the ship he's stationed at. Londo is starting to wonder why so little interstellar alliance business is being made with them. Lyta is trying to find a way to form a colony for the telepaths. She's approaching business interests in order to try and make a deal. The Psi Corps is holding Earth in too tight a grip though. She needs to find outside interests, and G'Kar comes to mind.

  • We get to follow the inner workings of the Psi Corps. Bester gets to take care of two new young recruits, to show them the ropes. Meanwhile a telepath at the training facility, has become unstable - and are killing other telepaths. Bester needs to hunt down his old student, who was at one point very close to him, and the two new recruits are given a scary crash course in the practice of the Psi Corps. The killer, a mindshredder, takes refuge to Babylon 5 - and Bester must yet again go back to his least favourite place in space. It's of importance that nobody finds out about the inner problems within the Corps.

  • Somebody is attacking freighters without stealing the cargo. As there is noone to blame, the risk is that various worlds will blame eachother. All members of the interstellar alliance. Londo returns to Centauri, bringing his bodyguard G'Kar with him. The regent is keeping himself secluded, and rumours are that he is unbalanced. Mundane tasks are being treated as highly classified intelligence, and the silence is spreading through the royal court. Back on B5 the telepaths finds out the truth about them having been manufactured by the Vorlons. Byron seeks to find somebody to take responsibity for all this.

  • Dr Franklin is hard at work at cataloguing all known diseases of alien races. All races are exceedingly accomodating, but some have their own reasons for it. More telepaths arrive to the station and few see it as a good sign. Zack isn't comfortable with Lyta hanging with Byron and asks her to stop seeing him. Lyta is more and more convinced that Byron is what the telepath community needs. She reveals to him, and the community of telepaths, the secrets she has been carrying about the Vorlon's responsibility for the origins of telepaths.

  • Garibaldi finds out about Lochley and Sheridan having had a romance in the past - and this fuels his suspicions about her. Lochley is introduced to locking horns with Bester - by now a bit of an initiation ceremony for all new commanders for B5, it would seem. He's come to round up the telepaths that are living on the station. Lyta Alexander and Byron are growing closer, and she's doing her best to try and help him and his group out. The cruiser that were to transport Londo to his new responsibilities was sabotaged. He's going to need a body guard - and one is appointed for him...

  • The teachers of the rangers are invited to visit Delenn at Babylon 5. They bring with them two young recruits. A new criminal lord has found his way to B5 - and his ruthless ways leaves nobody uninformed about his presence. He means to make an example of Zack as he appears non-corruptable and may pose a threat to the criminal activities. Garibaldi is pestering Elizabeth about which side she was on during the Earth-B5 crisis.

  • The station is on red alert, and we get to follow the progress of the leaders through the eyes of the maintenance men Bo and Mack. These men get to see more than one would think and aren't the first ones you consider also being in danger when being caught in battle. And they obviously have a lot of opinions on what is done and how. Some of the decisions made by the officers doesn't always make sense to them. But as time passes through this crisis, their respect grows.

  • Londo drinks some bevaari - and suffers a severe heart attack. While unconsious he finds himself wandering in a strange version of Babylon 5 - having to face his past. Since he's known his own death, he welcomes this opportunity somehow, to get out of it. He must decide if he wants to live and confront the mistreatment of the Narns. The stress he's been under, and the guilt he has been feeling over his past - is what causes his heart to have problems. Lennier have decided to leave Delenn, and become a ranger. His feelings for Delenn is the reason - it's difficult for him to be a part of her life, as Sheridan has the role he would like to have.

  • We get to follow the historical events of our heroes success to liberate the Earth. How will the future remember what happened? Somebody is watching how various eras interpret the actions taking place during the B5 command. We will see the return of Sheridan and Delenn to Babylon 5 immediately after the event. We will also see snippets from the news reports in the aftermath of the war with consequent debates. Then we get treated with how Earth handles the historic event, one hundred, five hundred and then one thousand years after.

  • They won the war - President Clark committed suicide. Sheridan is interrogated and decisions needs to be made how to work towards a lasting peace. Bester is worried that his lover, Carolyn, was used as a weapon in the war. Marcus hooked the life-force machine onto himself and Ivanova - his love for her made him sacrifice his life for hers. Garibaldi has dedicated himself to find Lise. Londo and G'Kar are building on their new-found peaceful relationship, their way naturally. Londo finds out that he has been choosen to become the new emperor.

  • After having fallen into the trap set up by Garibaldi, Sheridan is now in a poor state, inprisoned by the Earth government. A simple signature, and they will let him go, they say. Alone and vulnerable, Sheridan must try to endure the worst of situations. An earthforce inquisitor tortures and tricks Sheridan, plays with his mind, to make him sign a confession of treason.

  • The war council is called together in order to to help fight earth forces, who have now resorted to attack civilan ships. The council rallying together means full-on war on Earth. The plans are to free the colonized planets that are being held in siege by Earth, Proxima 3 and Mars. Once again Babylon 5 is at war, and this time with their own. In an unprecedented move, Londo has asked to meet with G'Kar to express gratitude and respect, and also to ask to make a joint statement in helping out in the quest against Earth. G'Kar proves to be difficult to sway, though.

  • Garibaldi's business is blossoming - there seems to be a great demand for a private eye on the station. He is also working with the resistance group, the resistance against Sheridan that is, and he gets his first assignment. Zack is given the unpleasant task to take back the standard issue effects that Michael is still holding on to. The new Newscast station is ready to go, but power is lacking in order to be able to have the transmission reach Earth. They're going to need the planet below, Epsilon 3, to help out.

  • The Shadow war has been won, the Vorlon and Shadows are forever gone from known universe. But the problem with Earth government remains - and attention needs to be given to the problem. Especially since the government wishes to see Babylon 5 down, permanently. Bester at the Psi Corps is one choosen to perform a task among other plans. Londo feels that he should leave Centauri - as his time as Prime Minister has come to an end. A regent has been choosen to do the job of leading the country, until an emperor can be appointed. Garibaldi is suffering from strange flash-backs from the two weeks that he was missing. He makes the radical decision to resign his position - despite the attempt from his friends to make him reconsider.

  • The plan to lure the Shadows to come to where the battle with the Vorlons will take place, at Coriana Six, succeeded. With the Vorlons on one side and the Shadows on the other, they are caught inbetween. Ivanova brings members of the First Ones into the battle, to even out the odds somewhat. Londo was, to his surprise, appointed Prime Minister while the Centauri search for the next emperor. He intends to send Mr Morden on his merry way - and has already freed the Narns from their reign of terror. Londo finds out the truth behind his love Adira's death, having been withheld from him as long as the emperor was alive.

  • The fleet is gathering, and the battle expected is drawing near. Unknown weapons are used by the Vorlons to eradicate whole planets of life and the war council doesn't know what to expect. Ivanova is sent to find the other race, belonging to the First Ones, she once approached in order to procure some more help. Londo is collecting like-minded to try and get rid of the Shadow ships hiding on Centauri. The death of the emperor is the key to the whole plan. The emperor plucked out an eye of G'Kar, because he didn't like the way the Narn looked at him. But G'Kar stays as proud as ever, despite endless torture and humiliation and does what Londo asks of him.

  • 9 days since Garibaldi disappeared on a patrol mission around the station but at least his ship turns up. G'Kar and Marcus team up accidentally and reluctantly, to try and find out where he may be. At great personal risk for G'Kar. He is wanted, dead or alive, and being caught would make it worth somebody's while. Sheridan realizes to his horror, that he is quite dead. And still he is trapped in the underground maze, together with the mysterious Lorien. Delenn, still overcome by her loss and refusing to let go - throws herself into her duty as Ranger One.

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