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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was the third TV series in the Star Trek franchise and was different from the first two in that it set on a space station rather than a star ship. The show featured more complicated, longer story lines than those seen on most other shows. It also had a well recognized cast featuring names like stage great Avery Brooks, the young Alexander Siddig, and veteran Star Trek actor Michael Dorn.

The basic premise of the show was a space station called Deep Space Nine, which initially orbited the war-torn planet Bajor. However, with the discovery of a stable wormhole, the station was moved. It was then the major stopping place for travelers using the wormhole between Deep Space Nine in the Alpha Quadrant and the Gamma Quadrant where the wormhole led to on the other side. This was the story line which ran throughout the entire series and was the key element in driving the plot of the Dominion War, which was featured in the later seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

As a largely episodic television series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine had a rather large cast of both regular characters as well as very important and often featured secondary characters. The cast main cast remained mostly the same but gained Michael Dorn as Worf in the fourth season, while Terry Farrell, who played Jadzia Dax, left at the end of the season six opening. This opened the way for Nicole de Boer to be added to the cast as Ezri Dax in the show's seventh and final season. Most commonly seen of the secondary characters was Morn, who appeared in the bar for 91 episodes of the show yet never said a word.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was produced by Paramount Television and was not seen on any regular network. It was aired strictly in syndication on TV stations across the country and internationally.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (179 episodes). The series first aired on January 3, 1993.

Where do I stream Star Trek: Deep Space Nine online? Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is available for streaming on Syndicated, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on demand at Paramount+, Amazon Prime, Philo, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV online.

7 Seasons, 179 Episodes
January 3, 1993
Science Fiction
Cast: Avery Brooks, René Auberjonois, Nicole de Boer, Michael Dorn, Terry Farrell
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Full Episode Guide

  • In part two of the series finale the Caradassian Rebellion reaches Dominion headquarters leaving Weyoun and the Female Changeling to realize that the end of their reign of terror may be near. The Federation Alliance wins their final battle against the Dominion and Breen with some heartbreaking consequences.

  • In the first part of the final episode of the series we find the Alpha Quadrant Alliance working together to prepare a final invasion of Cardassia. With their limited resources they work together to find a possible way to defeat the Dominion and the Breen. Benjamin is visited once more by his mother Sarah in a vision with news that his role as Emissary may soon end.

  • Stardate 52889.3: The Federation has started to catch up with the new Dominion-Breen weaponry. Arriving from the Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards is the U.S.S. Sao Paulo, a Defiant-class warship with the most up-to-date specs on Breen weaponry. With the arrival of the Sao Paulo, the Federation is once again back in the game. On Cardassia Prime, Colonel Kira, Garak, and Legate Damar attempt to bring more of the Cardassian military into their force, only to be caught in a trap. The three transport to the surface in an out-of-the-way place, but they see that they are in trouble. Their Jem'Hadar vessel is destroyed high above them, they are left stranded deep in enemy territory.

  • Stardate 52645.7: With Odo knocking at death's door, scant time remains to find a cure. In an effort to lure Section 31 out of hiding to obtain the vaccine, Doctor Bashir and Chief O'Brien have gone behind Captain Sisko's back. Now, telling him about their plan, Doctor Bashir informs Sisko that Section 31 is the only hope that Odo has left.

  • While Colonel Kira lectures the Cardassians on their tactics, Odo returns from a successful mission agains the Dominion. Taking a break, he rests his now weakened body. Unknown to him, he was infected long ago by Section 31 and now it's only a matter of time before he succumbs to the illness. Back at Deep Space Nine, Doctor Bashir works exhaustively to make sure that Odo is saved.

  • The Battle of Chin'toka has decimated the Federation. Of all starships assigned to the campaign, only one survived the Breen onslaught. The Klingon Bird of Prey that did survive has allowed the Federation-Klingon-Romulan Alliance to come up with a partial way of defending themselves. Fortunately for them, the Cardassians have risen up against their former allies, buying Starfleet and the Romulans time to develop defenses agains the Breen's weapons. In an effort to help the Cardassians, Sisko sends his best officer to aid them in throwing off their Dominion oppressors: Colonel Kira Nerys.

  • Helped by Legate Damar escape from the Dominion, Ezri and Worf have returned to Deep Space Nine. Unfortunately, they have little to report to Sisko about the new Dominion-Breen alliance. The only thing that is made clear is the message that Captain Sisko receives moments later: The Breen have attacked Earth.

  • Visiting Vic before they enter their Alamo holosuite program, Doctor Bashir and Chief O'Brien are entertained by the hologram to put them in the mood before they make their last stand at the mission. However, before Vic can finish his song, his holosuite setting is changed to a mafia-type casino run by one of the local bosses, who has just purchased Vic's old place of business. Unable to turn the program off, Bashir and O'Brien leave with Vic in order to figure out how to bring back Vic's former haunts.

  • Returning from a conference, Chief O'Brien and Constable Odo are paid a visit by a Changeling. However, the Changeling calls himself a Metamorph. He, like Odo, was one of the one hundred shape-shifters sent out by the Founders at an early age in order to experience other species' ways of life. The Metamorph has been trying to return home ever since. Luckily, Odo is the first shape-shifter that the Changeling encountered.

  • While Quark prays to the Grand Exchequer to allow him prosperous business and to see his dream of being with Ezri come to fruition, he receives a visit from a very different Ezri. Unfortunately for Quark, this isn't Ezri Dax, and she isn't here on a social call. The Grand Nagus, who has been missing for some time, greets Quark from a message tube, and goes on to say that he tried to open negotiations for trade with the Mirror Universe's Alliance. However, the venture is in jeopardy unless Quark is able to smuggle a cloaking device into the Mirror Universe. Should he fail, the Nagus will be meeting the Grand Exchequer in person.

  • Major Kira receives a former teacher of hers, now a Vedek, who had been on sabbatical from the University of Bajor. Always travelling and seeking answers, the Vedek brought the Major something that she may find interesting. When she unwraps the gift, she is transported to Empok Nor, Deep Space Nine's sister station, long thought abandoned by the Cardassians. Now, a group of Bajorans have settled there. Worshipping the enemies of the Prophets, the Pah-Wraiths, they now follow their Gods under a new leader: Dukat.

  • The Defiant heads to AR-558, a former Dominion communications array now under Federation control. The array, however, isn't giving ups its secrets too easily and all attempts to link up with the array have proven fruitless. With subspace mines set up around the asteroid and Jem'Hadar soldiers continuing to lay siege to the rock, coupled with Federation forces that have been holding the array for five months, the Defiant crew find a demoralized force in place. When the Jem'Hadar attack yet again, Sisko elects to stay behind with his team in order to hold the ground.

  • Planning a sweeping attack with five Klingon vessels against a Dominion installation, General Martok readies his troops for battle. Much to his chagrin, he learns that Worf wishes to have the old Klingon Kor, who the Empire no longer has a place for, join the fleet in a command post. Martok refuses, but Worf uses his influence to make Kor an officer, where the Dahar Master will join the calvary aboard Martok's flag ship as third in command.

  • Needing a stabilizer on the Defiant, Captain Sisko orders Chief O'Brien to have part in place on the ship when he returns in three days. Unfortunately, O'Brien won't be able to procure the item for three weeks. Overhearing the conversation with the Captain is Nog, who offers to use a bit of his Ferengi sense of commerce to find the stabilizer for the Chief in three days. Elsewhere, Odo receives a message from his Cardassian contact, long thought dead, to rendezvous with him at their usual location. While there, Odo discovers that his contact is in fact dead. In his place stands Weyoun, who has decided to defect to the Federation.

  • The Federation starship T'Kumbra, staffed with an all Vulcan crew, has docked at Deep Space Nine for repairs. Its Captain is Solok, who has an intense rivalry with the Captain of DS9. Since the holosuites on the T'Kumbra are down, Solok requests the use of the station's holosuites. In doing so, he puts forth the challenge to Sisko and his staff to best his Vulcan athletes in an old Terran form of competition: Baseball.

  • Although it has only been a few days she stepped foot on the station, Ezri Dax has many memories of Deep Space Nine, both good and bad. The problem, however, is that she reminds almost everyone of Jadzia. Due to this, Ezri has decided to leave the station and return to her previous assignment as ship's counselor. Just before she leaves, she is ordered by Captain Sisko to look in on Garak, who has had several claustrophobic panic attacks.

  • Stardate 52152.6: Accompanied by Doctor Bashir, Chief O'Brien, and Quark, Worf sets off on General Martok's Bird of Prey on a glorious mission to attack a Dominion shipyard. Using the element of surprise to destroy the base, Worf hope that this mission will help Jadzia reach Sto-Vo-Kor. On Deep Space Nine, the Romulan armament on one of Bajor's moons has been found out and Major Kira blockades the moon so that no Romulans attempt to land on the surface. On Tyree, Captain Sisko, his father, son, and Ezri Dax, look for the message that the Prophets have been guiding Benjamin towards.

  • Recently promoted to Colonel, Kira continues to oversee Deep Space Nine while Captain Sisko is away on Earth. The Dominion War continues to go badly for the Federation and a Romulan delegation is invited to the station to coordinate efforts. Away for the past three months, Sisko waits in his father's establishment in New Orleans, waiting for a message from the Prophets. He finally receives one and is shown an image of a woman in the sand.

  • Odo begins to give Quark a hard time about Deep Space Nine's rules and regulations, making running his establishment difficult. That is, until Quark sees that Odo's love for Major Kira has created the perfect way to distract Odo and earn profit. Meanwhile, returning from a convoy mission, a very tired Defiant crew answers a distress call from a Starfleet Captain whose ship crashed on an inhospitable planet. With the clock ticking to rescue her, the Defiant is pushed to its limits while the crew keeps the stranded captain company.

  • Excited about a trip to Golana, one of Bajor's neighbor planets, Molly O'Brien goes with her father, mother, and brother to have a picnic. While there, Molly ventures off and falls into a timescape that transports her three hundred years into the past, to a time when there was no civilized life on the planet.

  • Having trouble reaching anyone on Ferenginar, Rom goes to Quark and begs him to help find out what is going on. Trying to figure out what to do, a Ferengi ship appears with Grand Nagus Zek and Quark and Rom's mother on board. Landing, they tell the two brothers that Zek amended the Ferengi Bill of Opportunities to allow Ferengi women to wear clothes. The result of the amendment led to worldwide panic in the Ferengi stock market that overloaded all of the communications lines. As a result, Zek was deposed and Brunt is now the Grand Nagus. That is, unless Zek can retake his crown.

  • Stardate 51825.4: Aboard the Runabout Shenandoah, Nog and Jake head to Ferenginar to deliver a diplomatic message to the Grand Nagus. Leaving from Starbase 257, they are attacked by a Jem'Hadar fleet on their way to the base. While the rest move on, one Jem'Hadar ship continues to attack the Shenandoah. Fortunately for the Nog and Jake, they are backed up by a sister ship of the Defiant, the Valiant, which is staffed by members of Starfleet Academy's Red Squadron.

  • At the request of the archaeologists excavating B'Hala, Captain Sisko, Major Kira, and Jake journey to Bajor to look at an ancient artifact. The artifact in question is one that carries the inscription "Welcome Emissary" on it. When Sisko touches it, he has a vision of the Prophets in which they tell him that a reckoning must take place.

  • Stardate 51721.3: Captain Sisko records a personal log in which he lays out the mistakes he made in his attempt to change the course of the war with the Dominion. Two weeks ago, in order to put the all the powers into position, he decides that the Romulan nonaggression treaty with the Dominion will have to be annulled so that the Romulans will join the Federation and push the Domonion out of the Alpha Quadrant once and for all.

  • Major Kira purchases some Bajoran lilacs to honor her mother's birthday. She didn't know much about her mother other than what her father told about her. Unfortunately, just before her mother's birthday, Gul Dukat calls and tells the Major that her mother was once his. Determined to prove him wrong, Kira looks into the Cardassian Occupation records.

  • Stardate 51597.2: Worf and Jadzia have been ordered to the Badlands to receive an encrypted transmission from a Cardassian spy who has requested that Starfleet Intelligence be prepared to receive a very urgent message. On their way to the rendezvous point, they plan their honeymoon.

  • Stardate 51474.2: A science expedition goes awry when a Jem'Hadar ship attacks the Defiant. Before the attack, the Runabout Rubicon had entered an anomaly that rendered it only a foot across. Lieutenant Commander Dax, Doctor Bashir, and Chief O'Brien were the three in the Rubicon when it entered the anomaly. Now, in their minuscule form, they must find a way to communicate with the Defiant.

  • Word comes in to Deep Space Nine that Morn, the resident barfly of Quark's, has passed on. A lavish wake is held in his honor and all of DS9 mourns his passing. Quark feels the worst because he figures that without Morn he will lose business. However, once he is told by Odo that he is the benificiary of Morn's estate, he quickly forgets his troubles.

  • While accompanying Gul Dukat to his first hearing on his war crimes, Captain Sisko and the rest of the USS Honshū are attacked by the Dominion. When Sisko awakens, he is on a planet with his left arm in a cast and Gul Dukat as his only companion. Dukat was able to save Sisko by making it to a shuttle with the Captain in tow. On the surface of a barren planet, their now repaired distress beacon will hopefully send help.

  • Jealous of the Starfleet soldiers onboard Deep Space Nine using their hero stories to trump his stories of profit, Quark suddenly finds himself in a position to become a hero himself. His mother has been kidnapped by the Dominion and Grand Nagus Zek is paying Quark to rescue his mother. Quark puts together a team of seven Ferengi in order to save the day.

  • Doctor Bashir meets with a group of people who, like him, had their DNA altered to make them better. Unfortunately for these people, they suffered serious side-effects of the treatment and developed psychological illnesses that are difficult to reverse. Doctor Bashir attempts to find a solution to the problem.

  • With Odo no longer on the Major's side and the minefield about to be destroyed by Deep Space Nine's deflector array turned anti-graviton field, things look bad for the resistance on the station. The Federation's morale continues to drop. With each successful engagement, an inevitable retreat soon follows. However, Captain Sisko has a plan to turn the tide: Retake Deep Space Nine.

  • Stardate 51145.3: With the assistance of Rom, Major Kira's plan to turn the Cardassians and the Jem'Hadar against each other enters the first stage. Light years away, on Starbase 375, Captain Sisko is told of a communications array being used by the Dominion to track Federation movements. Located in a star cluster, the array is heavily defended, making a plan of attack difficult. There may only be one way to destroy the array and it's a risky course of action.

  • While Major Kira and Odo plan the resistance, Gul Dukat returns from Bajor with Ziyal, who has a very important announcement for the Major and Dukat to hear. Onboard the Klingon vessel IKS Rotarran, Worf and General Martok receive their orders to escort a convoy on a perilous, and glorious, mission that could mean certain death. One of the new enlistees to join the Rotarran is Alexander Rozhenko, Worf's son.

  • On Deep Space Nine, Odo made a request to the Vorta, Weyoun, that his Bajoran security team be reinstated. Taking the request as an order from a god, Weyoun readily agrees provided that Odo join the station's council that includes Weyoun and Gul Dukat. Meanwhile, Captain Sisko and his team have destroyed a Dominion supply station of Ketracel-White, the only way that the Jem'Hadar can survive. Unfortunately, they were caught in the blast and their Jem'Hadar ship is severely damaged. With warp drive out, the former ops crew of Deep Space Nine is as good as stranded.

  • With Deep Space Nine under the control of the Dominion, the situation around the wormhole is out of the Federation's hands. Their only trump card is the mine field, which will continue to create new mines as others are detonated when any ship attempts to enter or exit the wormhole in the Alpha Quadrant. Three months later, the new residents of DS9 are having trouble disabling the mines. Fortunately for them, the three-month-long Dominion War finds them in a better position as Federation forces continue to lose ground to the new force in the Quadrant.

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