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In the legal entertainment series Hot Bench, a TV studio is turned into a mock court room where litigants present their cases. This twist this time is that the cases are heard by three judges at the same time. The arguments between the judges provide extra drama. Hot Bench is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (781 episodes). The series first aired on September 15, 2014.

Where do I stream Hot Bench online? Hot Bench is available for streaming on Syndicated, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hot Bench on demand at FuboTV online.

Weekdays at 5:00 PM et/pt on Syndicated
6 Seasons, 781 Episodes
September 15, 2014
Drama Reality
Cast: Tanya Acker, Patricia DiMango, Larry Bakman
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Hot Bench Full Episode Guide

  • A woman claims she feared for her life after picking up her "allegedly" repaired car and merging onto the interstate; a mechanic defends his work.

  • A recovering addict moves from a rehab facility into a woman's home and agrees to be drug-free, he proceeds to relapse and allegedly destroy property.

  • A stand-up comic must defend his act after partygoers allegedly walk out during his racy routine.

  • A woman testifies online.

  • A man is accused of coming home from vacation early to try and catch his bus tenant violating pet policy. She accuses him of invasion of privacy.

  • A tenant is allegedly threatened with bodily harm but finds himself the subject of arrest after an angry tenant tapes their chaotic altercation.

  • When incriminating photos of a chaotic bedroom are revealed, a drag queen has no defense but accuses her landlord of illegally entering her room; dueling violent videos lead to a citizen's arrest after a previously homeless man allegedly tries to sneak his wife into his new shared room.

  • A senior couple who trusted a woman to sell all their possessions claims they saw a dime.

  • A woman takes out a wedding loan to fund her engagement to a man she barely knew.

  • A man repossesses a car three times in an effort to collect payment but is accused of fraud for allegedly overvaluing a salvage vehicle; a couple agree to babysit for $2 an hour only to allegedly be robbed of all earnings when a child's family skips town without paying.

  • A videographer is caught sleeping on the job during a women's speaker showcase and is taught a humorous lesson by a jurist; a father demands $2500 for pain and suffering when his child is bitten by mosquitos because his family was allegedly forced to eat outside.

  • A caregiver is accused of maliciously making false statements about the treatment of children only after she is turned down for unemployment benefits; a recovering addict admits his judgment was impaired when he neglected to pay back a friend after allegedly being threatened during a car accident.

  • A woman with a metal plate in her head mistakenly tells a new boyfriend about her big payout. Then, a contractor refuses to install electrical wiring into an allegedly misplaced, water-filled trench for an above-ground spa.

  • A proud car owner sues a man for disfiguring his car and refusing to pay for parking tickets racked up while it was leased; and an elderly woman advances money to a handyman in exchange for the work she claims he never did.

  • After a ten-year relationship, a woman claims she found multiple texts, some with nude photos, from her boyfriend to other women; a man awakens to the loud slam of his car allegedly being struck by a 'sleeping' driver.

  • A widow accuses a pastor she has known for over 40 years of taking 15k of her money to buy a frack-hauling truck.

  • Production partners of the show "Love 'Em or Leave Em?" fight over video footage that was allegedly unusable because of an arrest in the editor's family; a man claims he swerved to avoid dogs in the street when he slammed into a parked car and totals it.

  • While having a stroke, a woman drives herself to the ER, only to be visited by a dear friend who borrows her car and wrecks it on the way there; in dire need of money for his clothing business, a man makes a deal with a friend that lands him in trouble with PayPal and unable to collect.

  • In an effort to live "little," a woman rents a tiny home only to go to war over a storage unit containing everything that wouldn't fit in her new place; after wiping out on the freeway, a cyclist suffers from a fractured knee and an angry motorist whose car he allegedly plowed into.

  • Three judges argue the merits of a case among themselves and render a verdict.

  • A group of people is accused of passively watching as a woman is allegedly beaten by a drunk lover; fear of reprisal causes her to drop charges.

  • A pit bull takes his frustration out on a door after being kept in a crate without food or water.

  • After a 16-year tenancy, a landlord seeks back rent and damages from a woman whose wife falls ill and delays her from moving out.

  • A single mother claims she moved in with and loaned money to a co-worker only after he allegedly promised to never get back together with his husband.

  • A woman claims she was emotionally and physically abused by her ex-lover; he says she was arrested for domestic violence.

  • A woman calls her sick friend from prison to make sure she is taking care of her; after her release, she sues her for alleged damage to the vehicle. A woman discovers that the car she leased out was being driven by an uninsured teenager who lies about having a license and who ultimately destroys the engine.

  • A woman accused of enclosing a large dog in a filthy, tiny cage admits that he was also bitten by a snake while under her care.

  • An aesthetician in search of a pro eyebrow enhancement class pays $2,500 for a distraught divorcee teaching from a hotel bar countertop.

  • Judge DiMango makes this comparison when she discovers that a used car salesman directed an unskilled worker to attempt major vehicle repairs. A woman, accused of hoarding, sues her longtime friend for allegedly withholding her property; her friend advises her to check the riverbed for any lost items.

  • A neo-natal nurse says she was forced to stay at home due to the alleged non-stopping barking of a neighbor's shock-collared dogs.

  • During a heated debate over the alleged theft of business commissions and property, the Judge tries on an innovative tattoo 'sleeve.' A daycare provider extends a generous hand to a struggling single mother only to be greeted with nonpayment and an attitude of entitlement.

  • After pleading guilty to animal abuse, a man claims he is 9 years sober, but his new dog allegedly swallows a Xanax and must have its stomach pumped.

  • A landlord neglects to ask what kind of pet her tenant owns; she quickly learns that it's a large pig allegedly responsible for over 3k in property damage. A woman pays her friend for a car only to find out her friend is pocketing the money instead of paying off the dealership.

  • An elderly landlord is accused of intentional and malicious harassment of her tenants; she claims tiny dogs turned into giant pit bulls after their move-in.

  • A couple sue a designer for allegedly unfinished work on their home; she claims their lawsuit is retaliatory because she filed labor complaints against them. While negotiating to buy a 26-year old car, a man claims a car salesman secretly removed the good rims and put on the cheap ones.

  • Dog owners bring the ashes of their beloved pets to court; they claim the animals were beaten with a cane and neglected by a pet sitter.

  • A woman discovers her lover drinking and gambling her money away on her 50th birthday cruise; he claims he was the ultimate gentleman. The Judge warns 'Mr. Boo' to mind his manners when he talks back to her about an alleged loan from his ex-friend.

  • A section 8 tenant calls the police after an alleged break-in; her landlord accuses her of making up the story to cover for her own vandalism.

  • When the head of a company is asked if she is involved with an employee, they each respond with different answers and one is left in tears. A toddler is on display in court after her series of photo shoots are a bust; the photographer admits that she slept through one of their scheduled sessions.

  • A woman regrets allowing a female 'friend' of her boyfriend to move in when alleged threats, an assault and police involvement are the result.

  • A jogger's leg is punctured by a Chihuahua after the dog breaks free from an eight-year-old's arms; the Judges apologize for making fun of the victim's hairy legs. After being evicted, a woman moves to Kentucky to be with family; when that doesn't work out, she returns to Atlanta and sues for return of her belongings.

  • Awakened by his car alarm, a man rushes out of his home to discover a neighbor's roofing has damaged his car; a worker claims he inflated damages. After taking thousands of dollars from a man she met on a dating website, a woman tells him she is only looking for a platonic friend.

  • Video evidence shows a motorized wheelchair run over a woman's feet and break one of her toes; the elderly driver says he should have run over her head!

  • A woman claims she and her dog were attacked by a neighbor's unleashed dogs when their landscaper let them out; she is forced to endure rabies shots. A man aspires to travel the world as a DJ but makes the grave mistake of handing over $1,500 to a cousin who never delivers on a Tokyo flight or hotel.

  • Millions of flying ants in mating season allegedly attack a man in his sleep; he denies saying he will 'crush' his landlord.

  • Married couples fight over designer purses and simulated diamonds when an allegedly anger-fueled shopping spree goes wrong.

  • A woman with very high standards is livid when she allegedly receives the floor model instead of a customized product; the installer says that's what she ordered! A woman regrets that she has to sue a niece she loved like a daughter when they fight over an alleged gun and a lemon of a car.

  • A man's credibility is on the line when he accuses a political employee of making an outrageous request.

  • A criminal flees the scene of a debilitating assault; after his capture and six-month jail term, he sues his victim for scratches on his car.

  • A fragile ex-lover ends up with staples in his head after being attacked following a messy break-up and an allegedly adulterous trip to Mexico.

  • A woman accuses her sister of being complicit in the death of her adult son; she sues her for a series of loans and accuses the Judges of villainizing her.

  • A man's disrespect for the Judge lands him in hot water, as he accuses an ex-roommate of inviting strangers over and smoking pot. A photographer pleads for financial aid for emergency surgery; little does she know, the client that comes to her rescue is investigating her past.

  • The shocking video that gained national fame is featured as evidence when 'bagel boss' refuses to enter the boxing ring with Screech from 'Saved by the Bell'.

  • A safety officer is mortified when his own grandson steals his car and causes a four-car pile-up; he makes the tough choice to prosecute him.

  • Every single point a woman makes only serves to weaken her defense against her attorney landlord who accuses her of property damage.

  • All hell breaks loose (and is caught on tape) when an Airbnb one-night rental is host to an unapproved, wild high school party.

  • A professor is accused of being a violent racist and the Kardashians of being prostitutes when a college student allegedly and outrageously violates the First Amendment.

  • A woman claims she loaned thousands to her ex, so he could open his own barbershop; she says she feared for her life when she started dating again.

  • When bumper-to-bumper, grief-stricken motorists collide, a battle over liability and insurance ensues. A tenant accuses his landlord of spending his $2,600 security deposit on remodeling instead of minor wear-and-tear repairs.

  • A grieving man claims his car was illegally repoed by a used car salesman; he denies lying about the car's whereabouts and his job history.

  • A self-proclaimed genius of a professor shows off his money online which leads to a relative stranger taking him up on a $1,000 'gift.' When cars collide in the parking lot of a plasma center, an uninsured motorist accuses a donor of being disoriented after her donation.

  • A woman claims her landlord suggested owning a pet for pest control while her daughter tagged the property for the fun of it.

  • Despite beautiful wedding photos submitted, a gay man refuses to forgive a photographer for ones in which they appear to be orange.

  • A woman facing homelessness appeals to fellow Christians who come to her rescue with a large monetary 'gift' they claim was a loan.

  • A lottery winner is accused of skipping out on car payments while trying to re-sell the vehicle; ex-partners hash out intimate details of their rocky relationship while fighting over birthday trips, accusations of infidelity, and pain and suffering.

  • A young couple are accused of starting a bedbug infestation, having a disappearing dog, and leaving too much dust on their window blinds.

  • A woman invests $15,000 in an eco-friendly business but doesn't earn the kind of profits she'd allegedly bargained for. A young woman works all summer to save up for a car; her mother sues the man who sold them a car that died after four days.

  • An inexperienced office manager is accused of stealing $8,000 from her boss who asked a solar-panel investor to make checks payable to her.

  • A service-dog breeding agreement falls apart when a pit-bull owner is denied pick of the litter after his pet provided stud services.

  • A woman is sued for the balance due on a car she claims was stolen and that contained her son's ashes; the seller of the car accuses her of being a scammer. A family road trip from Washington to California ends with alleged mold, mildew and questionable bed stains in a 4+ star vacation rental.

  • A woman's birthday fun at Disney turns to screams when she is greeted at home by pit bulls allegedly mauling her mini schnauzers.

  • The inventor of green topaz is sued by a chemist for his alleged failure to return jewelry; a 'ruby even the queen of England would want' is offered up.

  • A hair stylist claims her ex-friend is only suing because she is still mad about a boy they both crushed on in high school. A real estate agent hires a man to make repairs to a client's swimming pool but ends up allegedly bashing him on Facebook; he sues for defamation.

  • After a runaway groom proposes an open relationship with his fiancee, her angry father steals his most prized possessions.

  • A heated aunt/nephew dispute is upstaged by a disabled fan's shout-out to her favorite Judge. Judge DiMango jokes around with a man who apparently charmed $600 worth of shoes from a woman accused of wanting more from their friendship.

  • An elderly landlord is accused of intentional and malicious harassment of her tenants; she claims tiny dogs turned into giant pit bulls after their move-in.

  • A man claims he immediately fell in love with a hotel worker and loaned her 2K; she says it was a gift when she was single, and a loan when she dated. Also: Judge Acker censors photos of roaches for bug-phobic Judge DiMango when a woman submits evidence of deplorable living conditions.

  • A man is rushed to the hospital after allegedly eating uncooked meat; the restaurant owner says he can't prove it was from his dining establishment.

  • Checkers the dog makes a court appearance after allegedly being attacked in a park; the accused pet owner claims Checkers didn't follow the rules.

  • A woman's attempt to become a corrections officer is thwarted by a sister who registers a vehicle in her name and then totals it; a man in dire need of cash to care for his ailing mother borrows money from his boss.

  • Horse owners break down in tears over the death of their beloved horse by a driver who is accused of being on the phone while driving.

  • A concerned mother questions the paternity of her disabled son's child after he only dated his fiancee for three weeks; she sues him for an alleged loan. A young driver makes a 2:00am, wide U-turn to satisfy his thirst; he claims he was t-boned by a motorist who ran a red light.

  • Prize racing pigeons, which can be worth millions, are terrorized by a neighbor's dog who gets stuck in their pen after an alleged attack.

  • After a smoke alarm is set off, an apartment is drenched for 90 minutes because a new maintenance man can't find the off switch. A woman is fed up with her roommate's alleged partying and takes the matter into her own hands; he claims she smoked and didn't clean up after her dog.

  • A man suffering from depression and anxiety is unable to care for his service dog and claims the teen mother of his child kept his son from him. An ungrateful, single mother of nine claims her aunt only gave her money because she got an insurance payout to cover her mastectomy.

  • The Better Business Bureau goes after a painting company when a woman claims their work was shoddy. Also: Friends who met in a bowling alley fight over an alleged loan; racial profiling, sexual innuendo and five knee surgeries come into play.

  • A Lyft driver with a passenger onboard sues for the max after allegedly being hit by an uninsured motorist. Also: A man submits ample evidence that his contractor did shoddy work on his now "uneven" shower but is accused off submitting inflated repair estimates.

  • An elderly man befriends a young grocery store clerk who accuses him of romantic advances after he loans her money from his lotto win.

  • After serving time for an assault, a woman claims her mother's boyfriend stole from her, and her mother called her degrading names.

  • A teenager says her Bat Mitzvah was ruined when guests, including her great aunt, had to leave to find edible food. Also: When a carpenter falls on hard times and ends up living in his car, his boss loans him over $3000; instead of paying him back, he buys a mobile home.

  • A man takes a plea when faced with an alleged five years in prison after his ex-lover's car goes up in flames in the middle of the night.

  • When a property owner moves back in, his tenants accuse him of having no right to rent to them; everything but the kitchen sink comes into play when ex-friends fight over money and allegedly defraud the system.

  • An ex-Navy SEAL offers up excuses when he refuses to return a female veteran's rental deposit.

  • The integrity of a contract is paramount when a pit bull and alleged retaliation come into play. Also: When an Uber Fleet driver loses his job, he blames an alleged lemon-of-a-car for his termination and goes after the man who leased it to him.

  • An irate property owner accuses Berkeley co-eds of being aggressive and damaging property; video footage reveals a different story.

  • A formerly homeless man claims he was shocked to see two strangers in a compromising position in his new apartment; his roommate says he's lying.

  • A young woman steps up to save a dog's life but expects payback from her friend-in-need who breaks down in tears when discussing her dog's fate; and a food truck is impounded after amassing over a thousand in parking tickets.

  • A woman sues for $4000 in pain and suffering over the stressful sale of an $800 car; and friends with a common interest in custom cars end up fighting over $800 struts.

  • A single mom accuses her roommate of shoving her child and admits to starting a fight to defend her screaming toddler.