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  • TV-14
  • 2005
  • 101 Seasons
  • 8.2  (6,695)

Survivorman is a documentary television series hosted by Les Stroud, a survival expert and filmmaker. The show aired on the Discovery Channel from 2004 to 2007, and later on other networks. The concept behind Survivorman is that Les Stroud is left alone in a remote wilderness location for seven days, with minimal supplies and equipment, and must survive and make his way out using his survival skills and knowledge.

Each episode of the show focuses on a different environment, from deserts and tropical islands to forests and mountains. Stroud sets up his own camera equipment to film his experience, and he narrates his thoughts and strategies as he faces various challenges, such as finding shelter, water, and food.

The show's format is unique in that it relies entirely on Stroud's self-directed footage, without a production crew or a support team following him. This approach creates a sense of authenticity and realism that distinguishes Survivorman from other survival shows.

Stroud's survival techniques are based on his years of experience in the Canadian wilderness, where he worked as a guide, a trapper, and a survival instructor. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the natural environment and adapting to it, rather than trying to control it. He also emphasizes the importance of mental resilience and positive thinking, as survival situations can be physically and emotionally challenging.

Throughout each episode, Stroud demonstrates a range of survival skills, including building shelters, finding and purifying water, making fire, navigating through different terrains, and hunting and gathering food. He also provides tips and advice on how to prepare for and survive different types of emergencies, from getting lost in the wilderness to being stranded on a deserted island.

One of the notable aspects of Survivorman is that Stroud faces real risks and dangers, as he is truly alone and exposed to the elements. In one episode, for example, he is bitten by a snake and has to deal with the swelling and pain on his own. In another episode, he suffers from hypothermia and has to create a fire to warm himself up. These situations add to the show's authenticity and demonstrate the importance of being prepared for the unexpected.

In addition to the survival content, Survivorman also includes segments on the local wildlife and ecology of each environment. Stroud provides insights into the behavior and habitats of different animals, and how they can be both a source of food and a potential threat. He also highlights the importance of conservation and respect for nature, as he leaves no trace of his presence in the wilderness.

Overall, Survivorman is a compelling and educational show that offers a unique perspective on survival and the natural world. Les Stroud's expertise and experience, combined with his engaging personality and storytelling skills, make for an entertaining and informative viewing experience. Whether you are a survival enthusiast or simply looking for an adventure, Survivorman is a must-see show that will inspire and educate you.

Survivorman is a series that is currently running and has 101 seasons (63 episodes). The series first aired on April 6, 2005.

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October 18, 2013
Danger is inherent in any survival situation. It's how you handle it that determines success or failure. Les Stroud packs 25 years of survival knowledge into one 45- minute crash course in this fast-paced new compilation.
5. MacGyverisms
October 11, 2013
This show features Les's best tips and tricks, the methods that Les has created over his 25-year career of surviving that he calls McGyverisms. This is the component of survival that makes what Les has to do fun.
4. Food
September 27, 2013
Grubs, frogs, scorpions, snakes and more: Les Stroud has eaten it all. In this entertaining and informative look-back over the last ten years filming Survivorman, Les reveals his top five favorite methods for securing food while surviving in in the wild.
3. Water
September 20, 2013
Les Stroud reveals behind-the-scenes secrets as he counts down his top five methods for finding safe, clean drinking water in remote survival locations around the globe, which include digging for water, collecting rainwater, and even drinking seawater.
2. Shelter
September 13, 2013
Les Stroud packs 25 years of shelter-building knowledge into a crash course on survival shelters. Highlighting his most challenging and rewarding moments, Les describes his top five favourite ways to stay out of the elements during a survival ordeal.
1. Fire
September 6, 2013
Les offers an intimate look at his most difficult and rewarding moments. In the fire episode, we walk through methods like using a flashlight and fluff, steel wool and a battery, vine and a branch, chemicals and rhino dung, and the comical 'prison match".
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  • Premiere Date
    April 6, 2005
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (6,695)