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Survivorman is a show created by Les Stroud, a Canadian filmmaker and expert at outdoor survival. The show is based on Stroud surviving alone in some wilderness situation for seven days. Mr. Stroud is not accompanied by a production crew during his seven day event. After he is transported to the site of the survival situation he does all of the camera work and taping for that episode.

Locations have ranged from the high arctic latitudes to rain forest to African deserts to tropical islands. Episodes have portrayed survival situations in all season. These have ranged from arctic spring and fall to summer in the desert. The varying challenges of these differing environments and radically different season are part of the draw of the show.

Minimal amounts of survival equipment are used in each episode and these are typically items that an individual might find themselves in possession of in a similar situation. This incidental gear might be a book of matches or a stranded vehicle. The survival experience for each episode is based on a scenario that would actually occur. This could be simply getting lost in the woods, vehicle breakdown.

During the filming he carries all of his camera equipment and often sets up fixed cameras in order to capture his movements through his environment. Knowing the amount of none survival gear he is carrying can make the experience of watching more intense.

Each episode requires him to take care of the basics of survival. He must find or create shelter from the elements. He must locate drinkable water, find enough food to make it through the seven days and create fire for warmth or defense against predators. All of this is done while carrying a large weight of camera equipment. The final part of each scenario is that Mr. Stroud is actively trying to get out of the situation on his own before his safety crew comes after him at the end of the seven days.

Survivorman is a series that is currently running and has 101 seasons (60 episodes). The series first aired on October 13, 2004.

Survivorman is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Survivorman on demand atAmazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, Science Channel, Pluto TV online.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt
101 Seasons, 60 Episodes
October 13, 2004
Documentary & Biography Reality Travel
Cast: Les Stroud
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Survivorman Full Episode Guide

  • Danger is inherent in any survival situation. It's how you handle it that determines success or failure. Les Stroud packs 25 years of survival knowledge into one 45- minute crash course in this fast-paced new compilation.

  • This show features Les's best tips and tricks, the methods that Les has created over his 25-year career of surviving that he calls McGyverisms. This is the component of survival that makes what Les has to do fun.

  • Grubs, frogs, scorpions, snakes and more: Les Stroud has eaten it all. In this entertaining and informative look-back over the last ten years filming Survivorman, Les reveals his top five favorite methods for securing food while surviving in in the wild.

  • Les Stroud reveals behind-the-scenes secrets as he counts down his top five methods for finding safe, clean drinking water in remote survival locations around the globe, which include digging for water, collecting rainwater, and even drinking seawater.

  • Les Stroud packs 25 years of shelter-building knowledge into a crash course on survival shelters. Highlighting his most challenging and rewarding moments, Les describes his top five favourite ways to stay out of the elements during a survival ordeal.

  • Les offers an intimate look at his most difficult and rewarding moments. In the fire episode, we walk through methods like using a flashlight and fluff, steel wool and a battery, vine and a branch, chemicals and rhino dung, and the comical 'prison match".

  • Les returns to Mongolia after surviving a near-fatal car crash the year before with┬áhis son Logan, a recent cancer-survivor.

  • Les Stroud and his son Logan embark on a dangerous expedition deep into the Ecuadorian jungle. But when their guide doesn't return, Les and Logan must put their survival skills to the ultimate test.