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Dual Survival is an American show on Discovery Channel about two survivalist experts with different skillsets and viewpoints being put into situations where they must both survive usually at least one night in some form of wilderness and eventually find their way to be civilization.

Cody Lundin, a naturalist who never wears shoes and always prefers to find and use primitive means such as making tools and weapons from sticks and stones to resolve problems while surviving in the wilderness, co-stars with Dave Canterbury, a former Military Police Sergeant trained in survival techniques who also runs a survivalist school in Ohio with knowledge of things like how to cauterize a wound using gunpowder and fire, and the two often find themselves in conflict over which action to take next to best ensure their survival. In one situation, Cody wanted to use a primitive burning technique to build a boat to navigate the marsh the two were stranded in, but Dave argued that chopping down the tree and performing the technique could very well use up all the calories they had in their bodies and that they should focus on finding food and shelter instead.

The two have been put in many different situations and the different outlooks and approaches they suggest have been pit against one another in such scenarios as being shipwrecked in Nova Scotia, having their car break down in the middle of the desert, being stranded in the middle of a Louisiana swap, surviving sub-zero temperatures and climbing down frozen waterfalls, and even how best to survive in the African jungle armed with little more than the clothes on your back and a machete.

The advice given from both survivalists is highly useful and the gear Dave explains you should always have if you're planning a long trip through some wilderness, which often includes a good machete that can be used for a lot of different purposes, could potentially lead to a viewer being better equipped to survive in similar situations. The debate between the two also provides viewers with a chance to see two experts compare and contrast different survival methods.

Dual Survival is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (91 episodes). The series first aired on June 11, 2010.

Where do I stream Dual Survival online? Dual Survival is available for streaming on Discovery Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dual Survival on demand at Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV, Discovery, Pluto TV online.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
9 Seasons, 91 Episodes
June 11, 2010
Cast: Cody Lundin, Paul Christie, Dave Canterbury, Joe Teti
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Dual Survival Full Episode Guide

  • EJ and Jeff become stranded and lost in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, where they face bull elephants and territorial 3,000-pound hippopotamuses.

  • EJ and Jeff find themselves surrounded by African lions while lost in the middle of South Africa's Wild Coast

  • In the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, located between Russia and Turkey, EJ and Jeff must survive a nightmarish situation when they're surrounded by 800-pound bears and trapped in a pitch-black cavern.

  • EJ and Jeff search for water out in the desert lands of eastern Utah.

  • EJ and Jeff brave the blazing high desert heat of eastern Utah. Their quest for water and rescue forces them to descend a sheer canyon wall, climb the face of a steep mesa and endure a hellish journey through one of the deadliest deserts in the country.

  • Lost in a mile-high Araucaria forest of South America, Army Combat Veteran EJ Snyder and Wilderness Survivalist Jeff Zausch must brave venomous pit vipers, fight a wild boar and survive the treacherous terrain in their search for rescue.

  • Stranded in the scorching hot savannas of Southern Brazil, Naked and Afraid fan favorites EJ Snyder and Jeff Zausch must find a way to survive this bone-dry environment without water or food and navigate back to civilization.

  • Dual Survival has featured incredible survival tricks that have shown viewers how to acquire food, shelter, fire and water in the wilderness.This Ultimate Survival Bible features some of the most innovative approaches to survival ever shown on the series.

  • Military Veterans Grady Powell and Bo McGlone are dropped into separate locations of a Colombian jungle. With only a map and machete, they must survive in the jungle while trying to link up and find rescue.

  • Air Force veteran Bo McGlone teams up with former Green Beret Grady Powell as they navigate Wyoming's frigid Big Horn Mountains in the midst of a brutal winter.

  • Stranded in the high altitudes of the Peruvian Andes, Grady and Josh battle crippling altitude sickness and the hallucinations that come with it. They must find fresh water fast in order to navigate this rough landscape in pursuit of civilization.

  • Grady and Josh are shipwrecked on an island in the South China Sea.

  • Grady and Josh take a beating on Bulgaria's Rila Mountains, enduring a whiteout blizzard, freezing temps and a run-in with a deadly predator.

  • Grady and Josh make their way through the Nicaraguan jungle battling snakes, mosquitoes and dehydration. They attempt to start a fire using a soil testing kit, go on a nighttime hunt for caiman and build a raft to cross croc-infested waters.

  • Trapped in the jagged canyons of Croatia's Velebit Mountain, new partners Grady and Josh team up to navigate the frigid, fast-moving rapids, and descend treacherous waterfalls in order to find salvation in this remote landscape.

Dual Survival Video Clips & Extras

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