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  • 2012
  • 12 Seasons
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Mountain Men is a reality television series that airs on the History channel. It made its debut on the channel in 2012, centered around the life of Eustace Conway. Eustace Conway, who is a man who is described as having a love for the great outdoors and a cabin-building expert, has carved out a life for himself in the Appalachians of North Carolina. The show tracks his life as well as those of other similar men and women, who live in some of the most remote and rugged parts of the country.

The show provides a fascinating insight into the lives of people who live off the land in today's modern world. In contrast to the hustle and bustle of city living, these mountain people carve out a simpler, yet sometimes lonely and difficult lifestyle. They have to rely on their own ingenuity and self-sufficiency to survive, living out their days in a completely different way from most of us.

The show is presented in a way that is both informative and entertaining, providing viewers with a knowledge of the kinds of skills that are required to live off the land. The show has been praised for its authenticity, with Eustace Conway being a genuine example of the kind of person the show is profiling. The show does not rely on scripted drama or contrived conflicts, making it a true example of reality television.

The show often features Eustace Conway and his team taking on some extreme challenges, such as crossing rivers, building log cabins or hunting, all of which require a high degree of skill and patience. The show also profiles other mountain men like Marty Meierotto, a trapper in Alaska's harsh and freezing wilderness, who lives with his family, including his wife Dominique, who is just as skilled in the art of trapping as he is.

Tom Oar is another man who is often featured on the show, who is a living legend of sorts when it comes to living off the land. Based in Montana, Oar is a man who has been living in the wilderness since the 1970s. Alongside his dog, Ellie, he spends his days building traps, and hunting for furs, which he then sells. He is a master tracker, able to read the behavior of local wildlife to understand where and when to set traps.

Another unique aspect of the show is that it showcases the different ways these mountain people live. For instance, Morgan Beasley is a survivalist and mountain man from Alaska, who lives alone and completely off the grid. He uses renewable energy sources such as solar panels to power his home and grow his food. He even built a restroom out of snow and ice on his property.

In conclusion, Mountain Men is a unique and entertaining show that provides an insight into the lives of a group of people who live off the land. The show is presented in an authentic and engaging way, showcasing different lifestyles and challenges these people face in remote parts of the country. The show provides a fascination as to how these people not only survive but thrive in environments that many people would find prohibitive.

The show gives viewers an opportunity to learn new skills, and see the world from the perspective of those who don't live in urban areas, but who rather embrace off-the-grid living. Mountain Men is a must-watch for those who love nature, survival, and those who appreciate the basic and essential elements of life.

Mountain Men is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (188 episodes). The series first aired on May 31, 2012.

Mountain Men
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Alaska: Born to Run
18. Alaska: Born to Run
December 28, 2023
Marty escapes a blizzard and flies home from the trapline to reunite with his family. Lauro runs a 100 mile dog race and gets closer to qualifying for the Iditarod.
Alaska: Snowbound
17. Alaska: Snowbound
December 21, 2023
Marty digs his bush plane out from a deep snow drift to preserve his one lifeline in the bush. Bret and Ivy escape an avalanche from their cabin roof before embarking on their journey back to home base.
Alaska: The Fire Within
16. Alaska: The Fire Within
December 14, 2023
Buried under record snowfall, Marty fights to heat his cabin and maintain his trapline. Lauro and Neil brave the icy Yukon River with their sled dogs, while Mike ingeniously crafts a driftwood windmill to power his homestead.
Alaska: Cold Pursuit
15. Alaska: Cold Pursuit
December 7, 2023
Marty has a near death experience when he plummets through ice on a frozen waterway. Meanwhile, Lauro journeys deep into the untouched backcountry by dog team to establish an expedition camp.
Alaska: Grizzly Standoff
13. Alaska: Grizzly Standoff
November 30, 2023
In the Interior, Marty Meierotto puts the stalk on a group of caribou, but the hunt takes a wild turn when a family of grizzly bears comes charging toward his camp. On Kodiak Island, Mike Horstman hikes through bear infested country to a remote outpost cabin to hunt fox. In the Alaska Range, Lauro Eklund ramps up training and conditioning of his sled dogs for upcoming races; Bret Bohn and Ivy O'Guinn are on a mission to shoot a bull moose and harvest a year's worth of meat. And on Prince of Wales Island, Daniel Peters brings home a surf 'n' turf combo by finally taking down a deer on land, and hauling in an abundance of shrimp and fish at sea.
Alaska: Flying High
12. Alaska: Flying High
November 16, 2023
Marty instructs his teenage daughter, Noah, as she pilots the bush plane. Mike hunts a herd of Kodiak bison, and donates the meat to friends in town. Lauro and Neil check their traps and fishing nets on the Yukon River. Cub forages for shellfish and edible plants. Daniel sails through stormy seas while on a deer hunt to feed his family of six.
Alaska: Land of Promise
11. Alaska: Land of Promise
November 9, 2023
Marty returns to his trap line to find it destroyed by wildfire. Mike hunts an elusive herd of Kodiak elk. Lauro and Neil Eklund journey down the Yukon River by log raft on a quest for beaver and fish. Cub prepares for a winter of isolation at his remote coastal cabin. Bret and Ivy traverse a risky shortcut, and uncover a prize set of moose antlers on their Alaska Range trap line.
King of the Mountain
10. King of the Mountain
November 2, 2023
On his 80th birthday Tom builds a teepee, while Nancy plans him a surprise party. Jake runs a mountain lion off the highway during calving season. Paul hauls his trapping shed up a steep and narrow mountain road to new property. Kidd and Harry excavate the side of a hill to build a root cellar. Ray renders fish oil from fresh caught walleye for his traps.
9. Untethered
October 26, 2023
Jake and his dogs tree three cats in one day. Paul prepares his haul of winter fur for market, and explores a new piece of land to call his own. Eustace builds a boat lift using massive logs and a block and tackle pulley. Aron hustles to restore running water at his homestead, while Jen gets the greenhouse ready for growing season. Ray puts his dog through a series of search and rescue training exercises.
Backcountry Battle
8. Backcountry Battle
October 19, 2023
Kidd and Harry traverse through intense whitewater to reach the spawning grounds of steelhead trout. Jake loses his dogs after they follow lion tracks into remote and unfamiliar territory. Paul checks his traps and takes home the biggest prize on the mountain. Eustace mills massive beams to repair a deteriorating dock at a local marina. Aron and Jen mill all their own lumber and rebuild a cabin roof.
Mountain Marathon
7. Mountain Marathon
October 12, 2023
Tom begins the countdown to his 80th birthday; Jake and Anika tow a broken snowmobile down the mountain but run into fresh lion tracks and are back on the hunt; Paul sets out to take on a wolf pack.
Ice Cold
6. Ice Cold
October 5, 2023
Jake spends the night in the mountains after his snowmobile breaks down. Paul traps for mink and pine marten. Eustace helps a friend buy and assemble an antique sawmill. Aron and Jen harvest 12,000 pounds of ice from the lake for off-grid refrigeration. Kidd and Harry buck hunt with black powder rifles.
Lion Alley
5. Lion Alley
September 21, 2023
Tom and Nancy make a special buckskin vest for Hank. Jake's snowmobile breaks down in the heart of Lion Alley. Paul takes on a neighbor's beaver and muskrat problem. Kidd and Harry plow a backcountry airstrip so planes can land safely. Ray wraps up predator patrol with another coyote kill.
Breaking Wild
4. Breaking Wild
September 14, 2023
Eustace and his neighbor train a stubborn stallion. Jake and his team of dogs successfully run off their first mountain lion of the season. Paul tracks and kills a young buck. Aron hunts for moose while Jen fishes for rainbow trout. Kidd and Harry corral missing cattle who have ventured into dangerous territory.
Gunpowder and Lead
3. Gunpowder and Lead
September 7, 2023
Tom packs a traditional muzzleloader on a winter deer hunt with Sean and Hank. Jake and Anika complete a successful elk hunt with a backbreaking pack out. Aron and Jen cut down dead trees that threaten to destroy their cabin. Ray journeys to a remote outpost to hunt and trap coyotes. Kidd and Harry assist their father with a cattle round up in the Nevada high desert.
First Kill
2. First Kill
August 31, 2023
Tom instructs young Hank on some essential Mountain Man skills. Newlyweds Jake and Anika hunt elk in the bone chilling cold. Paul takes on an infestation of nuisance badgers. Ray uses bushcraft technology to haul his elk meat out of the backcountry.
1. Unbreakable
August 24, 2023
In the farthest reaches of the North American wilderness, some of the bravest men and women still carry the torch of the age-old tradition of the "Mountain Man," relying on nothing but their grit and stamina.
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