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This reality series follows the adventures of men who have decided to live a somewhat self-sufficient lifestyle on the edges of civilization. The series checks in on mountain men in Appalachia, Alaska, and elsewhere. The series debuted in 2012 on the History cable network.

Mountain Men is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (145 episodes). The series first aired on May 31, 2012.

Where do I stream Mountain Men online? Mountain Men is available for streaming on History, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mountain Men on demand at Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sling, Google Play, Hoopla, iTunes, History, Pluto TV online.

Thursdays 10:00 PM ET on History
9 Seasons, 145 Episodes
May 31, 2012
Reality Travel
Cast: Tom Oar, Eustace Conway, D.B. Sweeney, Marty Meierotto
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Mountain Men Full Episode Guide

  • Mike flies into the Kodiak backcountry in search of rich bear hunting grounds; Jason rushes to complete a barn before his new herd of goats arrive; Kidd and Harry hunt down the bear that attacked their cattle; Josh creates a water supply for his growing herd of bison; and Jake turns his bear kill into food stores and profit.

  • As the spring melt sweeps the mountains, Jake sets his sights on bagging a black bear for the larder; Eustace and Raleigh race against time and weather to plant crops; Mike sets out to harvest a bounty from the Gulf of Alaska; Kidd and Harry drop and haul lumber for their ranch; and Jason puts his homestead expansion on hold when a tornado comes crashing through.

  • Season Finale; On the hunt for gold, Josh hits the jackpot; Tom puts his handmade dugout canoe to the test; Jake makes his last stand against a massive predator; Eustace sees his dream of keeping his new land go up in flames.

  • Josh goes panning for gold in a quest to unearth the West's greatest treasure; Eustace fights to save his land, but must say goodbye to an old friend; Jason returns to the forge, putting his injured hand to the test; Jake battles steep terrain, and his dogs clash for alpha status within the pack; Kidd and Harry risk getting crushed on a hazardous lumber salvage mission.

  • Kidd and Harry are sent into a dangerous free fall by a freak ATV accident; Jake goes on ranch patrol to protect newborn calves; Nancy gives Tom the surprise of a lifetime; Josh attempts to wrangle a feral horse; and Jason salvages farming equipment to keep his bladesmithing operation afloat.

  • Jake's latest mountain lion chase leads him straight to an angry bear; Tom and Jack take on a high-dollar commission to build an ancient atlatl; Jason builds a steel trap to keep the area's wild hogs in check; and Kidd transforms a large wooden boat into a remote summer cabin.

  • Jake's second mountain lion chase in the Ruby Valley leaves him cliffed out; Eustace and Raleigh turn scrap steel into pure profit.

  • Mike returns to the bear-infested crags of Kodiak to reclaim his mountain goat kill; Jason hunts down a wild hog to feed his family of five; Kidd & Harry blow up a beaver dam to save their water supply; and Josh goes on the offensive against the rising wolf threat.

  • Back in the Ruby Valley, Jake tracks a dangerous mother lion and her young; Tom hand carves a traditional dugout canoe worth thousands; Kidd and Harry go on the offensive against a pack of coyotes that are targeting their cattle; and Eustace and Raleigh track a rogue black bear that's been raiding a neighbor's home.

  • Mike's bear scout turns into an alpine goat hunt; Jake brings in the big dogs to settle an old score with a problem lion; Tom and Sean check beaver sets to see if their new trapping grounds will pay off; Jason leans on the family to overcome a looming deadline and a broken hand; and Kidd and Harry run a backcountry gauntlet to deliver a young horse to a remote buyer.

  • Jason's bladesmithing business suffers a critical setback when his hand is badly cut on the job; Jake's latest lion hunt turns into a rescue mission when he discovers his dogs are on a collision course with a pack of wolves; Kidd and Harry break a colt for a backcountry client; and Josh salvages all he can from a bison that was killed by wolves.

  • Tom and Sean brave the bitter cold in search of better trapping grounds; Jake seeks revenge on the lion that injured his hound; Eustace and Raleigh struggle to fix a storm-damaged bridge that connects Turtle Island to the world outside; Mary forges her first Ozark blade; and Josh loses a bison to a pack of hungry wolves.

  • Eustace and Raleigh try to restore an antique buzz saw; Tom takes on a massive new dugout canoe project; Jake's quest for winter meat takes him on a dangerous high-altitude hunt; Kidd and Harry race against a winter storm to round up rogue cattle; and Mike competes with a giant Kodiak bear to score his salmon supply for winter.

  • As winter descends in the mountains, Jake's first lion hunt ends in a near-deadly dust up; Tom and Nancy face a surge in the local coyote population; Jason comes face to face with a marauding black bear; Mike fights predators on land and sea to secure some fish for the winter; and Josh Kirk hunts down a deer for the larder.

  • Tom creates a Native American bull boat. Jake goes on a hunt to find the bus stop bandit. Morgan grapples with hauling greenhouse supplies.

  • Tom turns coyotes into cash; Eustace and Raleigh take to the forge to raise money for roofing materials; Mike scouts bears for the spring hunting season; Morgan and Margaret go fishing; and Kidd and Harry's search for pastureland quickly turns into a pulse-pounding bear chase.

  • Tom and Sean face off against a coyote threat; Eustace and Raleigh enlist some much-needed help building their lookout cabin; Jason takes one final crack at creating Ozark steel; Morgan and Margaret push deep into the backcountry in search of a stream where the fish are jumping; and Kidd and Harry run rapids to secure grazing land for the summer.

  • Kidd and Harry set their sights on bagging a buffalo; Jason and his son forge a brand new knife together for the first time; Jake goes after a mountain lion caught too close to civilization; and Morgan fights the deadly skies of Alaska in a race to resupply his homestead.

  • Kidd and Harry battle time and rough terrain on a backcountry supply run; Jake and his dogs track down a repeat offender; Tom gets back to business in the Yaak; Morgan checks his remote trapline for high-dollar fur; plus Eustace and Raleigh decide to fight back against trespassers.

  • Eustace and Raleigh set out in search of a deer to replenish their food stores; Jason attempts to create his own steel; Jake hauls 400 pounds of fresh elk meat out of the mountains; Kidd and Harry pack supplies into Idaho's remote backcountry; and Morgan and Margaret hope that a new trapline will save the day.

  • Jake hunts for elk meat. Margaret and Morgan battle a water problem. Jason rolls the dice.

  • Jake rushes his injured dog to the vet; Morgan tries to bag a mountain sheep for the last time; Mike's supplies are pilfered by bears.

  • A beloved friend and co-worker goes missing on a desolate mountain, and detectives must sort through a list of tightknit colleagues with potential motives for murder. One of them has crucial information that will lead to a killer amongst them.

  • Raleigh and Eustace try to get their lumber business back; Mike tries to find fresh meat in a place inhabited by bears; Jason tries to find an iron ore; Morgan and Margaret tries to store enough food for winter.

  • As winter closes in, Morgan and Margaret fly North to track down the great caribou migration and secure meat; Marty preps his trapline for the arrival of his daughter, Noah; Jake starts his season tracking two lions. Eustace takes on an apprentice and uncovers some illicit activity on his new land; Kidd and Harry rescue horses from a pack of hungry wolves.

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