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"Mountain Men" is a unique reality show televised in a documentary style. The premise of the show is to explore the life of people who sustain their lives by living off the land in the mountains across the United States. The mountain men featured make their living off the land by selling the furs and pelts from animals they've trapped. Without wasting any part of the animals, they also make clothing, jewelry and other accessories from the bones, hides and pelts. In addition, trees provide firewood as an income-producing commodity.

The most self-sufficient man featured is Eustice who lives in the mountains of North Carolina. His life is completely sustained by the land. His extremely rustic home and outbuildings are built from trees he's cut and split off his land. With no indoor plumbing, water is pumped from the nearby mountain stream to an outside water source. Most incredible is Eustice's ability to get by with no vehicle or farming equipment. Horses are used for transportation as well as to plow his crops.

Another featured character of "Mountain Men" is Tom and his wife. They live in the mountains of Montana. Although they have electricity, running water and a vehicle, their food supply comes from trapping and killing animals. Every part of the animal is used to make jewelry, clothing, accessories and household goods that are used by them and sold for income.

The third mountain man lives with his wife and daughter in the mountains of Alaska. With the harshest conditions of all, this man must fly his small airplane at different times of the year to other parts of Alaska to hunt. Besides his plane, a snowmobile is used to traverse the snowy mountains to trap wild game. The pelts are sold for income and the meat is harvested for his family's food source.

Due to the nature of this program, "Mountain Men" requires some viewer discretion. However, the reality of the show is informative, entertaining and gives an historic look into the days of yesteryear for the whole family.

Thursdays 10:00 PM ET on History Channel
5 Seasons, 73 Episodes
May 31, 2012
Reality, Travel
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Mountain Men Full Episode Guide

  • Tom pays the consequences for two consecutive failed winters; Morgan calls in reinforcements for his horses; Eustace and Preston harvest a hog and Rich makes a pick of the litter.

  • Tom scrambles a last minute bear hunt to save his season; Morgan fights for his future with fire; Eustace has an unexpected showdown.

  • Tom washes out in Idaho and finds refuge at the Yaak; Eustace races to stop a breakout and Morgan combats predators large and small.

  • The river impacts Tom's season; Marty battles ice on the way home; and Jason hustles to make a deadline to deliver for his family.

  • Tom hits the rocks with only weeks of winter left to go; Morgan seeks protection from the bears and Jason fires up the forge.

  • Marty begins an epic overland journey into the Alaskan bush; Morgan encounters a ravenous grizzly bear.

  • Eustace has a difficult time accepting the reality of his injuries; Marty struggles to recover from a costly blow and Tom finally makes a breakthrough.

  • Tom battles the Snake; Marty's new opportunity is destroyed and Eustace takes a hard fall that puts him out of commission.

  • Rich hunts a known dog-killer in unfamiliar territory; Morgan is determined to protect his food supply; Tom harnesses the power of a bird of prey.

  • Tom misses out on hitting the jackpot; Morgan's last ditch effort to find food takes him into dangerous territory; and Marty is driven off his line.

  • A hard truth forces Tom to do the unthinkable; Morgan goes on a do or die hunt in the high peaks; Marty discovers competition on the line.

  • Tom and Nancy divide and conquer to get ahead; Eustace makes a breakthrough with his lumber business, while Morgan finally gets lucky.

  • Tom calls in some help to bail him out; Morgan battles to survive in the deep freeze; and a father pulls out all stops to secure his family's future.

  • Morgan makes an exciting discovery; Tom puts in the work but gets no payoff; and Marty chases the winter into the Revelations.

  • Rich deals with consequences of his accident; Morgan's search for food escalates; and Eustace gets a golden opportunity, but it may be more trouble than it's worth.

  • Morgan's land fails to provide, leaving him locked in a life or death battle with hunger; Tom's bad luck continues; Rich gets injured.

  • With the warmer on the rise, things are melting, prompting a race against winter's end. Also: Marty gambles on thin ice, a predator awakens and Rich oversees a rescue mission.

  • A predator returns just when Tom can least afford it. Marty runs out of daylight, and Rich battles back the wolves.

  • Marty takes a risk that changes everything; a storm pounds on Eustace and Preston during their final push.

  • An early melt slows down Marty's record run; Tom receives a surprise boost; and Eustace works to complete a logging job before spring.

  • Marty gets stranded in the dark; Eustace gets creative when he comes up shorthanded.

  • In Alaska, Marty Meierotto completes his cabin build just in time for his family to touch down in the Revelation Mountains. While in Montana, Rich Lewis has a real-life cliffhanger as his dogs go one step too far in the pursuit of a bobcat.

  • Morgan's survival hangs on a critical airdrop; gale-force winds threaten to destroy Marty's cabin; Tom finally gets a breakthrough that could end his losing streak.

  • Tom's streak of bad luck continues, but he refuses to give up; Morgan closes in on his goal and Marty prepares for his family's arrival on the line.

  • Morgan plots a way to fight off starvation; Marty discovers an unexpected jackpot.

  • Marty makes an advantageous discovery while Rich mounts a search for a lost friend.

  • Morgan ends up in a death trap in the Alaska Range after a whiteout occurs in an avalanche zone.

  • Morgan climbs the dangerous Alaska Range. Rich battles the wolves.

  • Winter's uneven arrival causes mayhem in the mountains, putting Rich on the front lines of a new war against predators and pushing Tom to the brink.

  • Morgan becomes ensnared in an ice desert with no shelter in sight and Marty's return to Alaska's Revelation Mountains takes an unexpected turn.

  • Tom defends his home against a bear threat while Morgan makes a deadly miscalculation on thin ice.

  • After enduring last year's record breaking cold, the Mountain Men return ready to take on Mother Nature.

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