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World War II is about the untold stories of the American's 8th Air Force battle. The battle was a bloody battle against German Luftwaffe. It takes places in the days leading up to D-Day. It is told in three first person accounts by three airmen. It has the Stars and Stripes reporter Andy Rooney in it as well. It shows original color footage of combat, that has never been seen before. It talks about missions the airmen went on.

They also show Luftwaffe's prospective. They fought a war unlike any other. This show follows America's 8th Air Force through out World War II. It shows real events that took place during World War II. It shows the Japanese's last stand. It shows America's final blow to Japan. It also shows the Marines assault on Iwo Jima.

1 Season, 15 Episodes
September 1, 1939
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones
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  • The Allies' Operation Overlord is about to launch the largest amphibious assault ever attempted, in a bid to establish the beachhead on the French coast. Through new-found color film from the front, the landings on the beaches of Normandy are revealed in all their chaos, sacrifice and heroism.

  • In the European arena, amazing color footage records the lightning advance of German troops pushing toward Moscow and the inhuman conditions of the Warsaw ghetto.

  • The year is 1937. In the German heartland, a massive Nazi rally reveals the full-blown theater of pre-war passions being nurtured under Hitler's single-minded leadership.

  • On May 23, 1939, the crew of a sunken submarine was rescued from certain death by the heroic actions of Swede Momsen - operating alone in enemy territory. At the age of 23, American spy Peter Tompkins already had a price on his head. Dropped deep behind Nazi lines to spark a partisan uprising in Rome, he would help secure the vital Anzio beachhead and save tens of thousands of Allied lives during their drive to liberate Italy.

  • The unknown combat journalists sent to communicate to Americans the vital importance of defeating the Japanese war machine. The unblinking reports they sent home still stand as some of the most extraordinary wartime accounts ever created. One of the most famous American flags ever flown was the one that six men lifted up on a mountain overlooking the blood-stained Pacific island of Iwo Jima.

  • Numbering a mere 600 or so men, these elite fighters accomplished deeds disproportionate to their numbers, penetrating deep into enemy territory on vital, top-secret missions of sabotage and spying. The Allies' hard-won success at the Bulge--and the ultimate outcome of the war in Europe--may have hinged on the heroism and skill of a little-known Colonel and the teenage combat engineers who halted Hitler's Panzer tank advance.

  • A Marine's Marine, Edson invented a new kind of high-mobility warfare that helped win some of America's earliest ground victories in the Pacific arena. Marine General Roy Geiger gained a reputation as an air combat leader when he rallied his outgunned, out-numbered Cactus Air Force against waves of Japanese Zeroes on Guadalcanal.

  • Pearl Harbor survivors recall their 36 hour ordeal trapped in the sunken battleship Oklahoma, where 404 men drowned or suffocated.

  • Trapped on the coast by the German Army, an overwhelmed British force manages to escape destruction by crossing the English Channel.

  • The story of the largest escape from a U.S. WWII P.O.W. camp--a 25-man breakout lead by a resourceful German U-boat commander.

  • This fascinating program tells the complete account of the legendary escape, from the designs of "tunnel king" Wally Floody to the actual flight of 76 men in 1944.

  • Examine the remarkable historical confluence that led to the German-Japanese alliance and discover how one German geography professor played a key role. Also, learn about Japan's intent to unleash biological warfare on the California coast!

  • The German army systematically looted every town it overcame in its sweep across Europe. By the end of the war, countless treasures had been hidden underground as a protection against air raids.

  • During WWII, the nation put pen to paper and billions of letters were shipped from home to the front line and back again. Letters full of the horror, longing, fear, and hope felt by sailors, airmen, marines, and soldiers. We open a few of the billions of envelopes, and share these letters, which are now precious historical documents.

  • An examination of the weapons that came through surf and snow, dense jungle and choking dust...the guns the American G.I. Though WWII introduced instruments that pierced the dark and weapons that released the power of the atom, the infantryman's guns were designed decades before; but in dependability they were unequaled.

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