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  • TV-PG
  • 2020
  • 4 Seasons
  • 6.3  (4,032)

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is a reality television series that premiered on History on March 31, 2020. The show focuses on the mysterious Skinwalker Ranch located in Utah, where many unexplained phenomena have been reported, including UFO sightings, strange lights, and unusual animal behavior. The American scientist Travis Taylor, along with a team of researchers, investigates the paranormal events on the ranch, delving into its history and legends to try and uncover the truth behind the strange occurrences.

Taylor, a Georgia Tech graduate with a Ph.D. in Optical Science and Engineering, is passionate about exploring the unknown and uncovering scientific explanations for phenomena that many people believe are supernatural. He is joined by a team of experts, including Erik Bard, who possesses extensive knowledge of explosive ordinance and weapons, and Thomas Winterton, who has a background in archaeology and anthropology.

Throughout the series, the team utilizes cutting-edge technology, such as drones equipped with thermal cameras and ground-penetrating radar, to investigate the ranch and gather data. They also conduct interviews with witnesses and experts in various fields, ranging from cryptozoologists to meteorologists, in an attempt to piece together what is happening on the property.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the show is its focus on the Native American beliefs surrounding the area. The ranch has long been considered sacred ground by the Navajo and Ute tribes, and many of the reports of unexplained phenomena are tied to Native American legends. The team consults with tribal elders and experts on Native American culture to gain insight into the history of the ranch and the supernatural forces that are said to inhabit it.

As the team investigates, they encounter numerous challenges, including unexpected equipment failures and dangerous encounters. However, they persist in their quest for answers, believing that the secrets of the Skinwalker Ranch may hold the key to unlocking new understandings of the paranormal and the universe itself.

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is a gripping and thought-provoking series that explores the intersection of science, religion, and the unknown. Its focus on actual scientific investigation sets it apart from many other paranormal shows, and its commitment to exploring the beliefs and traditions of the area's Native American communities adds a level of cultural richness and depth to the storytelling. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, this show is sure to capture your attention and leave you pondering the mysteries of the universe.

In conclusion, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is a fascinating reality television series that explores the unexplained events that occur on a mysterious ranch in Utah. Led by scientist Travis Taylor, a team of experts investigates the paranormal phenomena on the property, utilizing cutting-edge technology and consulting with Native American elders and other experts to uncover the truth. With its focus on scientific investigation and cultural understanding, this show is a must-see for anyone interested in the mysteries of the universe.

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (44 episodes). The series first aired on March 31, 2020.

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch
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Looking Back And Far Beyond
15. Looking Back And Far Beyond
August 8, 2023
Dr. Travis Taylor relives the most shocking and compelling phenomena that have taken place in the past year on Skinwalker Ranch.
Living In A Metamaterial World
14. Living In A Metamaterial World
August 1, 2023
After conducting an experiment that reveals more evidence of incredible phenomena in the skies above Skinwalker Ranch, the team learns that the greatest mystery of the property may actually be located deep underground.
Everything In The Air All At Once
13. Everything In The Air All At Once
July 25, 2023
As the team conducts their most complex experiment ever at the Triangle, they are stunned as a number of bizarre events unfold before their eyes.
In And Out
12. In And Out
July 18, 2023
A risky rocket and helicopter experiment culminates in the team witnessing an event that may confirm an ancient Skinwalker Ranch legend.
In The Heat Of The Night
11. In The Heat Of The Night
July 11, 2023
When the team performs a hi-tech experiment at the Triangle, it leads to a stunning revelation that may explain the strange phenomena on Skinwalker Ranch.
A Frequency Occurrence
10. A Frequency Occurrence
June 27, 2023
The team witness the phenomena brought by a sound ritual on Skinwalker Ranch.
Something's Up
9. Something's Up
June 20, 2023
An advanced radar experiment conducted high above the Mesa and Triangle reveals evidence that an incredible theory about Skinwalker Ranch could actually be true.
Between the Lines
8. Between the Lines
June 13, 2023
A new, subsurface investigation on Skinwalker Ranch leads to a baffling discovery near Homestead Two.
The Return
7. The Return
June 6, 2023
When a former ranch investigator and government official returns to help the team with a new experiment, it leads to a shocking revelation.
What A Mesa
6. What A Mesa
May 23, 2023
While drilling into the Mesa on Skinwalker Ranch, the team makes a shocking discovery.
Here's The Drill
5. Here's The Drill
May 16, 2023
As the team begins drilling in search of a metal object buried in the Mesa, they also perform a new experiment at the Triangle that causes startling UFOs to appear on Skinwalker Ranch.
The Watchers
4. The Watchers
May 9, 2023
The team returns their focus to the mesa and gets more evidence of something buried within it. Then, Brandon returns to the ranch with Utah's Attorney General, eager to find out who is monitoring the place.
The Blob
3. The Blob
May 2, 2023
The team conducts an experiment at the Triangle that leads to one of the most shocking revelations ever seen on Skinwalker Ranch.
Who's Your Data
2. Who's Your Data
April 25, 2023
The team launches 200 night drones to the Triangle and East Field for light show experiment.
Over and Out of This World
1. Over and Out of This World
April 18, 2023
Ranch owner Brandon Fugal and his team, led by chief investigator Erik Bard and astrophysicist, aerospace engineer and optical scientist Dr. Travis Taylor, elevate their investigation of the mysterious 512-acre Utah property as they work to reveal the truth.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 31, 2020
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (4,032)