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My 600-lb Life is a reality show on cable. The show features a new person every week who is 600-lbs, and who has made the decision to change their lives. The decision usually involves losing weight, and in many cases involves some type of surgery. The issue that comes up on the show involves discipline, family concerns and problems, the struggles with adhering to the doctors' orders concerning nutrition and food.

The show also displays facts about obesity in American that can be frightening. The show does a good job of letting viewers get to know something about the person whose going through this, making them a three dimensional and not just a obese person. In one show, a woman realizes that her husband's attitude was negative, and was hurting her terribly.

My 600-lb Life is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (153 episodes). The series first aired on February 1, 2012.

Where do I stream My 600-lb Life online? My 600-lb Life is available for streaming on TLC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch My 600-lb Life on demand at Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, TLC online.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on TLC
9 Seasons, 153 Episodes
February 1, 2012
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Younan Nowzaradan
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My 600-lb Life Full Episode Guide

  • A lifetime of abuse and ridicule has left Michael anxious and afraid to leave the house. Now with the help of his devoted wife he must follow Dr. Now's programme to keep from eating himself to death.

  • Isaac helped raise his siblings after his mum suffered a debilitating stroke when he was 10. While learning to cook for his family, he began comfort-eating. Now to avoid eating himself to death, Isaac must learn to take care of himself for a change.

  • Krystal begins overeating to shield herself with a protective layer of obesity after suffering years of abuse; once a means of protection, her pathological eating now threatens to destroy her life if she doesn't get help.

  • Kenae' was already big before her weight gain took off after the death of her beloved mother. Refusing to deal with the pain, Kenae' turned to food to fill the void. But she'll be reunited with her mum soon if the denial continues.

  • Melissa has isolated herself at home and lost many friends to avoid feeling the shame of what her food addiction has done to her body; now, the only way to get her life back is to leave it behind to start a new one with Dr. Now's help in Houston.

  • 20 years after her dad died as a result of a botched weight loss surgery, Carrie is on the brink of eating herself to death. To live, she must face the fear and grief of losing her father and end a cycle of toxic behavior with her husband Chris.

  • Thederick is housebound and only goes outside to greet the ice cream man.

  • At nearly 1,000 pounds, Samantha is dangerously close to dying. To make matters worse, she's paid to eat by making videos online. If Samantha doesn't overcome her toxic relationship with food, she worries that she will leave her daughter motherless.

  • If Steve Sr. thought getting weight-loss surgery for his sons would help bring them together, the third year of their weight-loss journey will prove him wrong; Justin returns to Rhode Island with every intention of never speaking to Steven again.

  • Together weighing more than a ton, siblings Roshanda, Brandie and Clarence set out to lose weight as a family; the all-for-one approach may be hurting more than it helps when each of them shows signs of heading in the wrong direction after surgery.

  • In order to keep pace with her daughter Charly's weight loss, Charity must do something she's never done: find a way to go it alone; try as she might, Teretha finds one too many obstacles in the way of continuing with Dr Nowzaradan's program.

  • Dottie faces an unexpected challenge to her weight-loss when her husband's drinking problem becomes intolerable for her and her son; Cynthia starts to wonder if being there for her kids at her current weight is more important than losing more.

  • Alicia's relationship with her boyfriend comes under the microscope in the second year of her weight-loss journey; now in her fourth year, Pauline must beg her way back onto the program after quitting when her last weigh-in didn't go so well.

  • Erica is succeeding on her weight loss, when romantic misfortune sends her spiraling backwards. Benji Bolton must reach his goal weight without the support of his brother David, after a disagreement leaves the two brothers estranged.

  • For 23 years, Leneatha has worked as a pharmacy tech at a local hospital; now, she has a young daughter to support, but she's so big that it's hard to move; if Dr Now can't help her stop eating, losing her job could be the least of her worries.

  • At 24 years old and over 600 lbs, Megan lives at home with her mom, who cooks for her since Megan can't do much on her own. Now, Megan must travel to Houston to meet Dr. Now and change her eating habits or her life may end before it even begins.

  • At over 600 lbs, Dominic seeks Dr. Now's help to face life's challenges without using food to cope.

  • The 4 best reasons for Coliesa to live are her daughters. But after a heart attack and losing the love of her life in a car crash, Coliesa eats non-stop to escape from reality, and unless she can stop that, the next heart attack will be fatal.

  • Tommy wants to lose weight so he can marry his fiancee and have the life he always dreamed of, but to break the cycle of pathological eating, he'll have to face a piece of his past he has always kept secret.

  • Ashley lost over 200 lbs. in Houston, but has to try to regain independence and continue to lose back in California with her family of enablers.

  • Seana is 23 and nearly 700lbs, living at her mom's house, depressed and anxious, her weight gain threatening to take her last breath; Dr Now can give her the tools she needs to live, but until she chooses life, on one can save seana but herself.

  • Shantel's brother Carlton lives downstairs but she hardly sees him because at 600+ lbs. each, neither can do the stairs safely. They need Dr. Now's help to break free from a death spiral of codependent eating & reforge their sibling relationship.

  • Joyce needs home health care 24/7 and hasn't left the house in 3 years. But getting to Dr. Now in Houston is just the first step, and when he prescribes therapy where Joyce must revisit an unhappy past with her mom, it might be more than she can handle.

  • Travis promises his wife a proper wedding, but he only gained weight.

  • Gina and wife Beth live with Gina's mom, but don't have her support. She and Gina's sister blame Beth for Gina's spiraling weight problem. It will take all Gina's will to leave home for Houston to get Dr. Now's help to save her life and her marriage.

  • Weighing almost 900lbs, J.T's food addiction that will kill him if he doesn't change. His girlfriend takes him to Houston, but when his behavior drives her away, J.T. is left with only Dr. Now to help.

  • Bethany has two daughters who live in fear of losing their mom to her food addiction. Once an addiction counselor, Bethany has gotten so big that she can no longer work. Now she risks losing her life if Dr. Now can't help her curb her own addiction.

  • Lindsey Witte had it all: a white picket fence, a loving husband, a great job. But now her food addiction is threatening to ruin everything. As she embarks on a weight loss journey to save her life, it is questioned whether her husband is a support or an addict himself.

  • John & Lonnie are two brothers from opposite ends of the spectrum. For years estranged, the brothers are now brought together by a common need to lose weight while they still can.

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