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  • TV-14
  • 2009
  • 15 Seasons
  • 6.5  (3,560)

Hoarders is an American reality television show that premiered on A&E in 2009. The show focuses on people who struggle with compulsive hoarding disorder, which is a pattern of behavior where individuals collect and keep items that have little to no value and often result in cluttered living spaces, jeopardizing their health and safety.

The show typically follows a team of experts who visit the hoarder's home to assess the situation and offer their help in cleaning and organizing the space. These experts include therapist Dr. Robin Zasio, extreme cleaning specialist Matt Paxton, and organizational expert Dorothy Breininger.

During each episode, viewers get a glimpse into the lives of the hoarders, who often showcase their collections of items ranging from newspapers, food, clothing, and even pets. These collections have taken over their homes and have left them with little space to live. The experts provide counseling and guidance to help the hoarders understand the root causes of their compulsive behavior and how to overcome it.

The team then helps the hoarder declutter their home, which is a task that can be physically and emotionally challenging for both the hoarder and the team. The process often involves sorting through piles of items and deciding what to keep, donate or throw away. Not only does this process help the hoarder reclaim their living space but also helps them confront the reasons behind their compulsive behavior.

The show does not aim to exploit the hoarders but rather to educate and raise awareness about compulsive hoarding disorder, which affects many individuals worldwide. The team of experts strives to motivate and inspire the hoarders to make lasting changes in their lives and sustain their progress.

Hoarders provides a glimpse into the lives of individuals struggling with compulsive hoarding disorder and demonstrates how the condition can affect not only the individual but also their loved ones. The show provides hope for those who are struggling with the disorder and encourages them to seek help while also raising awareness about the disorder.

Overall, Hoarders is an eye-opening show that showcases the challenges of living with compulsive hoarding disorder and provides insight into how individuals can overcome their struggles with the help of professionals. The team of experts provides a compassionate and non-judgmental approach to help those in need and inspire viewers to be more mindful of the importance of decluttering and organizing their living spaces.

Hoarders is a series that is currently running and has 15 seasons (167 episodes). The series first aired on August 17, 2009.

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12. Coral
March 18, 2024
Coral, an educator, fiber artist, musician, and herbalist, plans to transform her farmhouse into a community resource center by uncluttering and managing her hoarding disorder with the help of the Hoarders team.
David & Odette
11. David & Odette
March 11, 2024
The only way David and Odette can enter or exit their 3,000 square foot home is by climbing a six-foot ladder into the kitchen. The couple is on the brink of disaster and Odette is threatening to leave him if he can't clean up their home.
10. Lori
March 4, 2024
After her hoarding ended her relationship with the father of her son Tajko, Lori comforted herself with online shopping but now Tajko's future is at risk.
David & Elizabeth
9. David & Elizabeth
February 26, 2024
David and Elizabeth have been co-dependent co-hoarders for as long as their adult children can remember. With help from the Hoarders team, will this couple be able to let go of their things and hold onto each other?
Where are they Now? Meryl / Janet
8. Where are they Now? Meryl / Janet
February 12, 2024
In this special episode, we revisit Meryl in Massachusetts and Janet in California. Features Hoarders' experts Corey Chalmers and Dorothy Breininger, who offer invaluable guidance and support on their journey toward recovery.
Where are they Now? John / Andy
7. Where are they Now? John / Andy
February 12, 2024
In this special episode, we revisit John and Andy, both in San Diego, California. Features Hoarders' experts Carolina Harvey and Dr. Robin Zasio, who offer invaluable guidance and support to these individuals on their journey toward recovery.
Where are they Now? Destiny / Terri
6. Where are they Now? Destiny / Terri
February 5, 2024
In this special episode we revisit Destiny in North Carolina and Terri in Missouri featuring Hoarders' experts Dr. Robin Zasio and Dorothy Breininger, who offer their invaluable guidance and support to these individuals on their journey towards recovery.
Where are they Now? Carl / Eric
5. Where are they Now? Carl / Eric
February 5, 2024
In this special, renowned experts, psychologists Dr. David Tolin and Dr. Robin Zasio, offer their expertise in assisting Carl and Eric on their journey towards recovery.
4. Destiny
January 29, 2024
With the help of the Hoarders team, Destiny must clean her home or the landlords will evict her.
3. John
January 22, 2024
Between John's dumpster diving, weekly swap meet purchases, and occasional yard sale finds, John has collected a massive amount of clutter over the years and has openly admitted that he feels trapped by his hoard. The local code enforcement has already warned John multiple times about the property violations so now with the help of the Hoarders team of experts, John will either clean up the property or code enforcement will be forced to take action and John could lose everything.
2. Bob
January 15, 2024
Bob spent a fabulous career as a successful artist painting and drawing for department stores advertising where his work caught the attention of many celebrities. After discovering that his partner was stealing from him, undergoing a necessary heart surgery and facing many other adversities, Bob began to recluse in his house, buying antiques to fill up his 7,000 square foot Victorian Mansion. Bob's dream of restoring his home is now the priority of getting his life back on track.
1. Terri
January 8, 2024
As a practiced midwife, Terri enjoys being part of what makes a community strong and healthy. Being on call 24 hours a day has enabled Terri to hide her personal life to the depths of her hoarded home. As Terri constantly blames the hoarding on her busy schedule, past trauma surfaces to reveal the real reason for her decision-making that has led to her hoarding disorder.
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  • Premiere Date
    August 17, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (3,560)