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The documentary-reality show, The First 48, is as real life as it gets on TV. The show televises the darker side of life in the US by taking viewers through the first 48 hours of an investigation after a murder has been discovered. As this is the most critical time to obtain leads to the suspect, The First 48 is perfectly named.

During the initial 48 hours of a homicide investigation, the evidence is fresh as well as the witness's memories. In addition, the suspect hasn't had enough time to run and hide. In the documentary, the cameras follow detectives from two different cities investigating two different homicides. It's the viewer's chance to see the reality of what happens during an investigation and the results of their hard work.

Detectives believe the chance of solving a case is cut in half if not solved in the first 48 hours. Although the show is named for that belief, not all investigations shown are solved within that time frame. During an episode, viewers begin at the crime scene, travel along as evidence is collected and are present during the questioning of witnesses. In addition, there are scenes of suspect interrogations and in some cases the criminal's arrest.

The program gives an insider's view at the real life workings of crime scene techniques, forensic evidence and advanced detective skills. As such, The First 48 is one of the highest-rated non-fiction justice programs on American television. To be part of the investigation as it develops, The First 48 airs on A&E Thursdays at 9pm.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on A&E
16 Seasons, 383 Episodes
June 3, 2004
Cast: Dion Graham
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The First 48 Full Episode Guide

  • New Orleans police detectives prepare to face a potentially armed suspect believed to be hiding in his apartment.

  • A police detective must determine if the person who gunned down a New Orleans teenager is a friend or a foe; the employees of an executed businessman may prove a motive for the crime.

  • Detectives uncover a vengeful motive while investigating a shootout in an Atlanta rap studio that left two men dead.

  • A Tulsa, Okla., man gunned down in broad daylight; a New Orleans man shot eight times in his own home after a text message lands in the hands of a killer.

  • When a stray bullet kills a retired preschool teacher, Atlanta detectives need a witness to break the code of silence surrounding the crime.

  • In Memphis, Tenn., a truck fire brings the homicide team to the scene of a double murder; detectives in Kansas City, Kan. investigate a woman left for dead in the street.

  • A New Orleans detective questions a witness' claim that a man found shot to death in his bedroom committed suicide.

  • When a new father is shot, a police detective's only lead in the case is something the killer left behind.

  • An innocent man is killed during a night out. When solid leads hit dead ends, detectives discover a surprising motive.

  • Atlanta detectives investigate when a young Atlanta man is shot and left to de in the bushes.

  • A Tulsa, Okla., woman sets out on the run following the homicide of her boyfriend; an Army veteran shot down after aiding a homeless guy in Atlanta.

  • In an enhanced episode, Dallas detectives investigate the murder of an unidentified woman who was shot to death, and they have only a few clues, including a cell phone found at the scene.

  • When a man is gunned down protecting his wife, police detectives hope his ex-wife can reveal who may have wanted him killed.

  • New Orleans detective Rayell Johnson investigates the shooting death of an elderly man found outside his home, while Atlanta Detective Kevin Leonpacher must find the young man and woman caught on a store camera committing a murder in broad daylight.

  • Police investigate the fatal shooting of a young social activist after an argument at a Tulsa, Okla., bar.

  • Atlanta detectives investigate the death of an elderly woman who got caught in the middle of a turf war.

  • Minneapolis police investigate the execution of a Somali girl and discover a secret relationship; a shooter kills a beloved son at a house party in Tulsa, Okla.

  • Detectives in New Orleans investigate the stabbing of a criminal. A Minnesota woman is murdered following an argument amongst friends.

  • Detectives investigate the shooting death of a young man from Tulsa., Okla.

  • Detectives investigate a brazen murder in front of an Atlanta elementary school.

  • After a young woman has a deadly premonition, the New Orleans homicide team learns her killer may have killed before.

  • A young guy is shot in his driveway and authorities think it is a revenge plot that targeted the wrong person.

  • After an Atlanta dad of two children is shot down with an AK-47, new detective Scott Berhalter must sort through lies and alibis to put his murderers behind bars.

  • Detective Summer Benton follows a trail of crimes as she investigates the drive-by shooting of an Atlanta dad.

  • Detectives investigate the death of a man who was killed in a motel in New Orleans and the stabbing of a man in Tulsa.

  • New Orleans detectives investigate when a man is executed in broad daylight. And in Minneapolis, a teenager is murdered at home.

  • A Tulsa mom is stabbed to death and an Atlanta man is shot down after a game of dominoes.

  • Detectives in Tulsa investigate when a young mom is shot to death and found on the side of a street; a photograph taken immediately prior to the murder gives the authorities their only clue.

  • When a young mom is found stripped and strangled in her car, Tulsa Detective John Brown uncovers a dark obsession that may have turned deadly.

  • In Tulsa, a detective pieces together fragmented accounts from five potential witnesses as he investigates a lethal combination of guns and drugs.

  • A double killing on New Orleans' Bourbon Street leaves the city on edge; Tulsa, Oklahoma, detectives believe that a shooting victim may have been lured into a trap.

  • New Orleans detectives investigate the shooting death of a transgender woman. Meanwhile, two Atlanta men draw weapons in an underground mall.

  • A Tulsa, Okla., a detective searches for a family of elusive criminals after a former Marine is fatally shot while trying to recover his stolen bicycle.

  • Detective investigate when the target of a drive-by shooting in Tulsa, Okla., walks away from the attack, but his girlfriend takes the hit; police uncover a long-simmering feud as they hunt for the killer.

  • Atlanta detectives investigate when a man is gunned down with an AK-47 in his home.

  • New Orleans detectives investigate when a father and his friends are ambushed while sitting in a parked car; a feud between households in an Atlanta apartment complex ends in death.

  • Detectives investigate the shooting of a young New Orleans mother who was ambushed at home. The only eyewitness is a 4-year-old girl.

  • Detectives investigate the death of a young New Orleans mother found shot and burned in the trunk of her car following a night out on the town.

  • A woman is gunned down on a Florida beach and her husband wounded with four gunshots. In a twist, the authorities arrest the most unlikely suspect - the surviving husband. During the trial, the defense argues they were simply the victims of a robbery gone wrong.

  • A Tennessee family is attacked by a vicious home intruder; a rookie detective and his veteran partner investigate when a detached head is found in the Florida Everglades.

  • A young father is killed while visiting his son in Tulsa and a home invasion kills one teenager and leaves two more wounded in Atlanta.

  • Detectives investigate the stabbing death of a New Orleans woman whose body was found stuffed in a trash bin the day before Thanksgiving; an Atlanta man's friend and girlfriend become suspects in the case of his fatal stabbing.

  • New Orleans police investigate the murder of a hip-hop promoter; a night of drinking turns deadly at a Tulsa, Okla., senior center apartment.

  • Detectives investigate the disappearance of a welder.

  • Detectives investigate a violent attack in a Tulsa, Okla., barbershop, which left one employee dead and numerous people injured.

  • A young father is shot and killed during a brutal robbing in Atlanta, but the investigation leads detectives in the opposite direction.

  • An investigation into a street-corner execution reveals that the female victim's close friends may have been involved in the crime.

  • Detective Quinn searches for a killer that prowls the streets for unsuspecting victims.

  • Detectives investigate a mass shooting on tourists and innocent bystanders in the French Quarters.

  • Detectives investigate when a woman is found naked and strangled to death in an abandoned home.

  • A preview of an upcoming episode of "The First 48."

  • A home invasion leaves a father shot dead and a detective hoping for answers; investigators in Atlanta hope that witnesses to a triple shooting can provide clues; a homeless man found dead.

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