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In this true crime series, homicide detectives work to solve crimes. The investigation happens under tight time constraints, as investigators try to make substantial progress toward finding a suspect in the crucial two days after the crime is committed. The First 48 is a Reality series that is currently running and has 19 seasons (478 episodes). The series first aired on June 3, 2004. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 8.2.

The First 48 is available for streaming on the A&E website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The First 48 on demand at Pluto TV, IMDb TV Philo, Amazon, Hulu, A&E, FuboTV, The Roku Channel Free, Google Play, iTunes, Pluto TV, IMDb TV online.

Thursday 8:00 PM et/pt on A&E
19 Seasons, 478 Episodes
June 3, 2004
Cast: Dion Graham
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The First 48 Full Episode Guide

  • In Atlanta, a 23-year-old man is shot dead in front of his friends after a bad deal. When a 15-year-old high school student is found on the stairs of an apartment filled with kids, witnesses need to tell the truth.

  • The first 48 hours after a crime is committed are key in closing the case.

  • In New Orleans, a car is set on fire in a desolate area. Inside, detectives make a gruesome discovery. Det. Ryan Vaught hopes the last person who spoke to the victim can lead him to the killer.

  • In Mobile, when two friends are found executed in a car on a dark dead-end street, the investigation leads detectives to an unlikely suspect.

  • In Mobile, the search for justice in the shooting death of a young man in a crowded parking lot has unfortunate consequences.

  • In Tulsa, detectives question whether a young woman's death was a tragic mistake or murder. In Mobile, the murder of a young father tests a bond between brothers.

  • A young man is shot dead in front of his mother's house. Mobile detectives look to his friends and family to find his killer.

  • A teenager is shot dead in Tulsa, OK and detectives must uncover the truth among his roommates' stories; In Mobile, AL, a young man's murder sets off a retaliatory shooting.

  • When a homeless man is killed after getting run over in a Tulsa, OK parking lot, detectives work to track down the elusive driver.

  • Tulsa Homicide responds when a father of three is gunned down at his job by suspects who end up in a standoff with police.

  • In Georgia's Gwinnett County, a man is gunned down in the early morning on his front lawn, the engine of his truck is still running behind him. Detective James Lawson unravels a tangled web of jealousy and betrayal in order to find his killer.

  • A young man is gunned down at a troubled apartment complex that comes under federal investigation after a rap video goes viral.

  • Mobile, Alabama detectives investigate the murder of a young mother of two and unravel the deadly plot that took her life.

  • In Atlanta, a young man comes home from lunch and winds up murdered when he catches a brazen thief in the act; An ongoing feud between two gang members in Tulsa leads to a fateful encounter.

  • In Tulsa, a father is gunned down in a parking lot by a killer lying in wait; In Mobile, an elderly man dies from a suspicious fire in his apartment.

  • In Mobile, AL, two young men are gunned down within the space of 12 hours, and clues point to a feud between rival cliques.

  • In Tulsa OK, two brothers are shot down after checking on their night cleaning crew. The detectives struggle to find a motive before the killer strikes again.

  • Detective Ronnie Leatherman returns to Tulsa homicide to investigate the death of a man who crashed his car into a shopping center.

  • In Mobile, a beloved mother of four is killed when she can't escape her past; An Atlanta detective on his first crime scene must find out why the two young friends were gunned down in broad daylight.

  • A young woman is found dead behind an abandoned building in Mobile, AL and detectives need her boyfriend to help solve the case; A young father's murder case sends Atlanta detectives to the Pocono Mountains in search of his killers.

  • Tulsa detectives have little to go on when they find the naked body of an unknown homeless woman who was raped, strangled to death and thrown in a dumpster.

  • In Tulsa, OK, a homeless man is beaten and stabbed to death, leading detectives to witnesses that live under a bridge where he was discovered.

  • In Tulsa, OK, a father of three is gunned down in front of his family during a deadly crime spree; detectives race to track down his killer before anyone else gets hurt.

  • In Mobile, AL, a 21-year-old woman is shot dead in her hotel room by a mysterious visitor; when a 42-year-ol music producer is found riddled with bullets in his Gwinnett County apartment, clues point toward a madman on a shooting spree.

  • In Tulsa Oklahoma, detectives struggle to find a lead when a beloved grandfather is gunned down in his home.

  • A young mother and her best friend gunned down in broad daylight sets off a chain of events that Tulsa Homicide never could have imagined.

  • In Tulsa, Okla., detectives suspect a random roadside encounter when they find an unidentified cyclist gunned down in the middle of an intersection outside the airport.

  • When a father of three is executed on his front porch, Gwinnett County Homicide discovers that those closest to him are hiding a dark secret.

  • When an innocent bystander protecting a young woman is gunned down, detectives scramble to learn who fired the fatal shots before anyone else gets hurt.

  • In Mobile, Ala., a young man is murdered at his girlfriend's house when drive-by shooters unload several dozen rounds at the home; in Tulsa, Okla., a Jeep is found crashed along the highway with a man sitting inside, shot dead.

  • A beautiful teenager found naked and shot to death in an Atlanta park. With no evidence to work with, rookie detective Andre Lowe struggles to unravel the mystery. But the viciousness of her mysterious death evokes the sympathy of the entire Homicide Unit who pitch in to identify her and recreate her last hours on earth from tiny clues. The case captures the hearts of the public and, with tips flooding in, the detectives work round the clock to try to find her killer/killers.

  • In Mobile, a street fight escalates to a shooting that leaves a man dead on his front yard. In Tulsa, a drive-by shooting stemming from a gang feud claims the life of a 16-year-old girl, while her boyfriend clings to life.

  • In Mobile, the murder of a 19-year old becomes personal when the team learns he is Det. Jermaine Rogers’ cousin. In Tulsa, a 31-year-old mother is gunned down in front of her home by an unlikely suspect.

  • In Atlanta, a stranger guns down a new father in a parking lot; in Georgia's Gwinnett County, a man is stabbed more than 20 times when someone he trusts turns against him.

  • When a young man goes missing in Tulsa, Okla., detectives must crack a family's code of silence in order to find him.

  • In Atlanta, a woman is found dead in a garbage can, and a young man is ambushed by neighborhood bullies.

  • In Atlanta, after his mother reports him missing, a man is found dead, naked and shot twice in his bedroom.

  • In Mobile, a 68-year-old woman goes missing after checking into a casino where she had lost millions.

  • In Georgia's Gwinnett County, a teenager is gunned down outside a nightclub when he winds up at the center of a gang feud

  • When a young man is found executed in the street and a second victim is shot nearby, detectives scramble to track down the dangerous gunman before he kills again.

  • In Tulsa, Okla., a barrage of gunfire kills a man while he's sitting in his car, with his 2-year-old daughter in the back seat; an elderly Atlanta man is burned alive in a building fire suspected to be arson.

  • In Mobile, Ala., a man who turned his life around is gunned down in cold blood; detectives need to know if his troubled past came back to haunt him.

  • When a potential spree killer targets the most vulnerable in Tulsa, Okla., Detective Max Ryden must stop the murderer before he kills again.

  • In New Orleans, when a new father is brutally gunned down, Detective Drew Deacon's only lead is pinned on something the killer left behind.

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