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Snapped is a true crime show that appears on Oxygen. It has been on air since 2004. The show chronicles the crimes and often the lives of women who "snap" and commit heinous offenses, typically spousal murder. Snapped often contains news reports, interviews with people close to the crime, photos of the victim(s), photos of the killer and sometimes even interviews with the killer. The average episode is 30 minutes, though sometimes they run for a full hour. Some of the women featured have yet to be found guilty, so they are presumed innocent by the law until such a time as they are found guilty.

The first season of snapped features several women who did not physically commit crimes, but convinced others to do it for them. The first woman on the show convinced her girlfriend to kill her rich husband. The second woman got her own teenage son to kill her husband. Further investigation showed that the couple was involved with drug sales. Her son was acquitted, but she was placed on death row. As the series continued, poisonings, shootings and much more were featured. There was even one woman who was severely abused by her husband and finally went crazy trying to defend herself, stabbing him nearly 200 times.

The following seasons of Snapped continued in the same vein as the first. The women featured always seem to have a motive like greed or jealousy, according to their critics. Oftentimes, there may be another side that involves abuse and in at least one case, euthanasia spurred by a mother's love. One thing is always certain; the women are accused of the most horrible types of crimes a person can commit. In this way, Snapped is a very sensational show with a lot of drama.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Oxygen
21 Seasons, 351 Episodes
August 6, 2004
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Sharon Martin
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  • The death of a police officer leads to a search for her killer. Investigators wonder if her shooting is payback for an old arrest or if it is much closer to home.

  • Helen's boyfriend goes missing just as authorities find a dismembered torso, but is it case closed? Or 20 years later, is Helen's new story a game changer?

  • After a massive Halloween bash ends with a young woman's mysterious disappearance, a tiny farming town fears that evil stalks its fields.

  • Trick-or-treaters in a small Indiana town have no idea that the sweet grandmother passing out candy is also hiding a deadly secret in her garage.

  • Police discover a beloved mother of four murdered. The panic intensifies as the investigation turns into a case populated by demons, masks, and a potential psychopath on the loose.

  • Police must unravel a mystery involving an Arizona couple, cross-country romance, and a deadly plan.

  • An Air Force sergeant is gunned down in his garage revealing an elaborate conspiracy with an unlikely mastermind.

  • The murder of a well-liked widower leaves police wondering what secrets his marriage to his new, much younger wife might be hiding.

  • Tupac and Biggie once friends, became embroiled in a collision course that ended in tragedy. Loved ones and insiders give personal accounts of the pivotal six day period between Tupac's shooting and his tragic death.

  • A popular cab-driver is shot dead on the job, but the search for his killer reveals his wife's secret prison visits, a torrid affair and a possible conspiracy.

  • The life and crimes of master manipulator, and monster, Drew Peterson.

  • A violent home invasion leads to suspicion about the victim's stepdaughter and a mystery man, but a startling confession reveals a more intimate betrayal.

  • A churchgoing southern woman loses her husband to tragedy, but a cloud of suspicion haunts her new marriage and leads investigators to a new conclusion.

  • When a beloved Wisconsin father disappears, his wife blames drugs, but close friends suspect a violent confrontation that ended a marriage filled with secrets.

  • A concrete grave and a twisted plot of deception and murder revolve around a case.

  • A woman finds her husband dead and proclaims her innocence, but questions about his wealth, a suspicious fire and her scandalous past raise red flags.

  • A body is discovered on the side of a remote stretch of road, leading to an investigation.

  • After Diane's husband, son, and daughter all mysteriously get sick within a short period of time, it is questioned whether it was a medical mystery or strategically planned.

  • A 2012 homicide swirls around a young mom and her boyfriend.

  • The disappearance of a Chinese interpreter in 2011 is investigated.

  • A deadly shooting raises questions about an elderly man's business dealings and his friendship with a much younger woman.

  • When a body is discovered in the woods, authorities ask if he's the victim of revenge from an ex-girlfriend, her over-protective brother or her 14-year-old son.

  • A body encased in concrete leads to questions about a former sheriff's deputy and her boyfriend's ties to law enforcement.

  • The 1995 homicides of a woman's parents are examined.

  • An attractive woman witnesses her ex-boyfriend's shooting, but can't remember what happened, raising questions about suicide, stalking and split personalities.

  • The case of Scott Peterson is investigated in the Season 20 premier. Peterson was convicted of killing his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, in California in 2002.

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