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"Homicide Hunter" follows the homicide cases solved by Lt. Joe Kenda of the Homicide Squad of the Colorado Springs Police Department. Kenda uses many different investigative techniques to help him figure out what happened to a particular homicide victim, depending on the motive of the crime in each case. He also holds the record in law enforcement for solving over four hundred homicides in his career over the past two decades.

Each week he reflects on his past cases during his career as a police officer, to tell the viewing public that what you see isn't what it seems. Sometimes there are cases that are truly stranger than fiction with Lt. Kenda at the forefront of each investigation.

For people who know that Colorado Springs has bases for the American Military, military personal are often caught up in some kind of criminal trouble. Also, the people who have personal ties to military personal have sometimes become homicide victims. The motives for murder still remain the same to Lt. Kenda while he works on an investigation, whether it is a crime of passion or a serial killer on the loose. At all times Kenda acts as a victim's advocate, whenever a victim does not have next of kin, after solving a case when the victim is alone in the world.

Kenda has often solved the most baffling cases on record for the state of Colorado regarding homicides with motives that were difficult to prove at first. This tough as nails detective has had his share of difficult homicide cases to solve. One key point he speaks on is trying to tie in what went on in the life of a victim before the crime occurred. This is a brief description of the psychological profile of the victim and the offender long before they cross paths.

Tune in to "Homicide Hunter" on Investigation Discovery to see how this detective solves the most disturbing, yet baffling crimes. Who knows what the future has in store for Lt. Joe Kenda and his team as they go out on another call. Maybe the next case will have more twists and turns than a spooky mystery novel.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
8 Seasons, 106 Episodes
October 25, 2011
Reality, Crime, Drama, Mystery
Cast: Josh Casaubon, Joe Kenda, Carl Marino, Sandra Mann
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Homicide Hunter Full Episode Guide

  • A young army vet is found stabbed to death on his living room floor, and suspicions quickly fall to a neighbor who was arrested during a nearby altercation. But when Kenda takes a closer look at the victim's love life, he realizes someone's been lying.

  • The murder of a popular teen at a crowded house party sends Kenda down a winding road paved with lies, misdirection and innuendo. Then detectives use blood evidence to sort fact from fiction in the mysterious shooting death of a firearms enthusiast.

  • The discovery of a family home littered with corpses tasks Kenda with unspooling the paranoid obsessions of a diseased mind, and forces him to confront his greatest fear. Then a deadly beating a cheap motel illuminates the dark underbelly of love.

  • A woman's mangled body is found beside a lonely stretch of highway. When the coroner suspects foul play, Kenda is called in to solve the second homicide case of his career. But along the way, the rookie detective will learn a painful lesson.

  • A 4-week-old girl is kidnapped, leaving her mother in anguish and police scrambling to find her. As days go by with no sign of the baby or demands for ransom, sergeants Joe Kenda and Robert Sapp fear she's been sold on the black market or worse.

  • A card game is interrupted by gunfire, leaving a young man dead. Lt. Joe Kenda soon learns the seeds of his destruction were sewn earlier the same day. Also: When Kenda responds to a double shooting, he and his team are soon taken down memory lane.

  • When a soon-to-be grandmother doesn't come home from work, her daughter knows something terrible must have happened and reports her missing. As the investigation unfolds, Lt. Joe Kenda realizes they could be dealing with a fledgling serial killer.

  • When two escaped inmates surface in Colorado Springs, it's up to Lt. Joe Kenda and his Fugitive Unit to bring them to justice. Then, the police break up a domestic dispute and find a body in the bedroom.

  • A loving, churchgoing grandmother is found stabbed to death in her apartment, leaving Joe Kenda to wonder what sort of monster could do such a thing. Then Kenda investigates the mysterious death of a successful dentist; and the case gets personal.

  • A meeting between two businessmen leaves one shot in the face. Things seem cut and dry until Lt. Kenda realizes the "victim" could actually be the aggressor, shot struggling over his own gun. The key to the case lies in the deal they were discussing.

  • When a teen is killed at a party, police question the guests and wonder if they're all part of a cover-up. Also: A reported suicide leaves Kenda with doubts.

  • A man rushes his friend to the hospital with serious gunshot wounds, reporting they were robbed by strangers. When the facts don't add up, Kenda and his team go on the hunt for a secret eyewitness they've heard could crack the case wide open.

  • When a bomb explodes at the Pikes Peak National Bank, it's up to rookie detective Joe Kenda catch the culprits. He must determine whether it's an isolated robbery, or the opening move in a wave of terror and destruction.

  • When a crazed gunman terrorizes his neighborhood, officers put themselves in the line of fire to restore order. Then A man discovers his elderly father has been stabbed in the back. The knife itself turns out to be Lt. Joe Kenda's biggest clue.

  • A fifteen-year old girl is reported missing, and Lt. Joe Kenda must investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding her disappearance. Then When a family man is shot dead on his neighbor's doorstep, was it self-defense or coldblooded murder?

  • A cabin on the slopes of Pikes Peak catches fire, and a young sheriff's deputy is posted to guard the scene overnight. When he's found dead in his patrol car the next morning, his fellow lawmen must set aside their grief and hunt down his killer.

  • A confrontation between enemies turns deadly, and Lt. Joe Kenda's best hope for answers lies with a grainy, dubbed-over surveillance tape. Then An elderly man is fighting for his life. Was it a slip-and-fall, or something infinitely more disturbing?

  • Tragedy strikes when a beloved teacher is poisoned in her classroom. As doctors fight to save Barbara Lewis' life, Lt. Joe Kenda and his team delve into her personal affairs looking for clues

  • Lt. Joe Kenda looks for answers in the death of Calvin Blair, a young man stabbed and left for dead on the roadside. Then When Alexandra Drake is shot in the face, she manages to tell police it was accidental but Kenda isn't so sure he believes her.

  • When a retired military man runs over a pedestrian, it's up to Lt. Joe Kenda to determine if it was bad brakes or bad intent. Also: A shooting in a dive bar leads to a quick arrest, but Kenda can't quite shake the feeling that something is amiss.

  • A gathering of friends turns deadly when two gunmen shoot William Davis in the head. When the witnesses are unable to provide any solid leads, Kenda and his team dig into his past and start to suspect someone in William's circle is lying.

  • When 71-year-old Orville Head passes away, no one questions the death of an elderly man with health problems. But when a tip comes in suggesting foul play, Kenda is left with only one way to reveal the truth: exhume the body from its grave.

  • A community is shocked when Antoine McKenzie is brazenly shot outside an auto parts store in broad daylight. But when no witnesses can identify the killer, the only lead left for Lt. Joe Kenda is a final message written in the victim's own blood.

  • On the night before Halloween, a real-life nightmare unfolds when a young man is found clinging to life. The case takes a dark turn when Kenda learns there is a second victim somewhere in the woods. He sets out to find him before it's too late.

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