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The Dead Files is a paranormal show created by the Travel Channel. It focuses on investigating haunted locations across the United States. There are several factors that make The Dead Files an interesting show to start watching. The investigators bring unique skills to the show. Steve DiSchiavi is a homicide detective who retired from the New York City Police Department after working with them for more than 21 years. Amy Allan is a physical medium who specializes in communicating with the dead. Steve uses the experiences he had and the skills he learned while he was on the NYPD so he can interview people, search each haunted property, and conduct other research. Amy uses her ability to communicate with the dead in order to find out similar information.

The Dead Files also has a unique kind of investigation. There isn't an entire group of people moving from room to room asking unseen entities questions, for example. They also don't arrive together, nor do they sit alone in different rooms. During an investigation on The Dead Files, the investigators don't work together; instead, they work separately. Their individual findings are also kept secret from each other. This is done to make sure one investigator's findings don't affect the other investigator's findings.

Each episode alternates between each investigator's separate search. An episode begins with Amy walking through the haunted location. She uses this time to contact any spirits haunting the location; however, before she does this, her husband and assistant, Matt, removes any items that could affect her communication. This includes personal items, such as photos. Her walkthrough is intercut with scenes of Steve's investigation. He's shown researching the location's history and interviewing anyone who has witnessed the paranormal phenomena. This includes the current owner or owners, any previous owners, and any other witnesses. Sometimes, Amy works with a sketch artist to find out what the spirits or other paranormal entities look like. At the end of each episode, they meet with the property owner or owners. During this meeting, they discuss what they learned during each investigation.

The Dead Files is an interesting show to start watching. The investigators, Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan, do a good job at combining their differing backgrounds and skills to find out what's really going on in each case. How the investigations are done and the structure of the episodes also make this show different.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
13 Seasons, 171 Episodes
September 23, 2011
Cast: Amy Allan, Steve DiSchiavi, Matthew Anderson
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The Dead Files Full Episode Guide

  • Steve and Amy investigate paranormal activity harassing a young couple and their children in El Cajon, California. While Steve discovers the unsettling details of an infamous serial killer in the area, Amy goes toe-to-toe with a vengeful spirit.

  • Steve and Amy travel to Waxahachie, Texas, to investigate a widow's claim that the paranormal killed her husband and is targeting her daughter. During her walk, Amy finds an evil mass and mirrors acting as a pathway for the dead.

  • Steve and Amy investigate paranormal activity harassing a young family in Flint, MI. During her late-night walk on the property, Amy encounters a sinister old man and confronts a tar-based entity that preys on the vulnerable.

  • Steve and Amy investigate paranormal activity harassing a young family in Flint, Michigan. While Steve's investigation of the property exposes a family man with a murderous past, Amy confronts a sinister entity that preys on the vulnerable.

  • Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan travel to Sinclairville, NY, where a mother of two believes paranormal activity is responsible for the disintegration of her marriage and physical attacks on her children. Their investigation uncovers a mysterious entity that is causing the dead to lash out at the living.

  • Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan investigate paranormal activity threatening the lives of a Ripley, WV, father and his family. Their investigation uncovers a powerful demon terrorizing the family, along with a psychic vampire who threatens to suck the life force from everyone who lives in the house.

  • Steve and Amy travel to Layton, UT, where a grandfather fears for the life and safety of his grandson, who he believes is possessed.

  • Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan travel to Victor, New York, to investigate the paranormal activity that causes two Army veterans to live in fear. Steve's investigation uncovers a double homicide with ties to the property. Amy encounters a serial-killing widow who has targeted the family as her next victims.

  • Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan travel to Louisville, Kentucky, to investigate paranormal violence threatening the lives of a grieving elderly woman and her daughter. Amy encounters the spirit of an angry man with a deadly mission.

  • Steve and Amy investigate paranormal activity threatening the lives of a cancer survivor, her two children and her older sister in Applegate, California.

  • A frightened mother calls on Steve and Amy to investigate claims of malicious paranormal activity directed at her children and elderly mother in Olympia, Washington.

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