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Paranormal Lockdown is a reality television series that focuses on paranormal investigators, Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman. Groff and Weidman travel to locations that are consider to be some of the most haunted and have never been filmed before. They lock themselves into those locations for 72 hours straight in order to communicate with the spirits of the deceased. This is because they believe that the spirits will not be comfortable communicating with them unless they stay for a fairly long period of time. Groff, especially has stated that he is on a personal mission to find something new and groundbreaking among the paranormal.

If you believe in deceased spirits that have not passed into the Light or have had your own close encounter with one, you will probably have no difficulty relating to Paranormal Lockdown. Most real-life hauntings usually resemble nothing even close to what is portrayed in the scary movies and most are not overly frightening.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on Destination America
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
March 4, 2016
Cast: Nick Groff, Katrina Weidman, Rob Saffi
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Paranormal Lockdown Full Episode Guide

  • After the owner's tragic death, a Victorian mansion reportedly curses all who dare to inhabit it. Nick and Katrina find the curse may be even more dangerous than they anticipated.

  • Nick and Katrina spend 72 hours in the home of New Orleans' most gruesome murder. On the 10th anniversary of the grisly death of Addie Hall by her boyfriend Zack Bowen, Nick and Katrina return to the scene of the crime to find what spirits still remain.

  • Drawn to small town Iowa by reports of aggressive shadow figures, Nick and Katrina venture to the harrowing halls of Malvern Manor.

  • Nick and Katrina spend 72 hours investigating White Hill Mansion.

  • In their largest investigation to date, Nick and Katrina will spend 72 hours exploring the Statler City Hotel in Buffalo, NY. They soon discover that the ghostly remains of the hotel's sordid underground history may have no intentions of staying buried.

  • The team is called to Ohio to help a bereft mother identify the dark energy forcing her family to flee their home, gaining chilling evidence about the spirit's evil intentions.

  • Nick and Katrina set out to document the elusive shadow figures lurking within the expansive corridors of Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. Considered to be one of the most haunted sites in the world.

  • St. Ignatius Hospital in Colfax, Washington has been abandoned since 2003, but Nick and Katrina soon realize it's full of paranormal activity.

  • Nick and Katrina explore the safety a historic manor in Middleboro, Massachusetts. But while Katrina investigates hauntings beyond the house, for Nick, the paranormal activity becomes personal.

  • Nick and Katrina unlock the foreboding secrets of HMS Shrewsbury Prison in England, facing down over 200 years of executions, anger and tragedy.

  • Unlocked Edition: Nick and Katrina travel to face the greatest challenge of their careers: The Black Monk House. After a past case turns personal, they must confront the unspeakable evil of history's most violent poltergeist, in a 100-hour investigation.

  • A 2 hour special exploration of the Black Monk House in Yorkshire, England - universally feared as the house of the most violent paranormal activity ever reported. Groff and Weidman will lock themselves to the infamous house for a record-breaking 100 hours, the most drawn out paranormal investigation ever on tv, in an attempt to record the most convincing paranormal evidence ever.

  • Nick and Katrina are in Staten Island, New York to seek answers on who is haunting the infamous Kreischer Mansion. Legend states that during the late 1800's several seances were conducted inside the mansion.

  • Hidden in the Adirondack Mountains is Hinsdale, a rural community in Northwestern New York. On the road out of town, one house stands apart in a clearing.

  • Nick and Katrina must endure frigid conditions and unknown forces during their 72-hour confinement at the Randolph County Infirmary, which was once a safe haven for those unable to care for themselves.

  • Nick and Katrina head to Cleveland, Ohio to investigate a Victorian mansion.

  • Katrina visits Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, the enormous, abandoned and historically haunted facility in Weston, West Virginia for the first time.

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