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The Television series Buying Alaska is a show that follows individuals and couples in the pursuit of buying property in the rugged state of Alaska. The show typically features people who are willing to forego the typical amenities that are normally involved in purchasing a vacation home. Most of the people on this show are seeking a secluded retreat in which to get away from the mainstream life and get a taste of the rugged wilderness that Alaska so readily provides.

Buying Alaska is broadcasted on the Discovery Channel, a network that seems to have a great interest in the secluded gems hidden in the Alaskan wild. The series typically features a couple that are interested in buying property, and are paired with a real estate agent that is based in various locations on the southern side of Alaska. The realtor provides the interested buyers with several homes with varying amenities. Often times the homes that are viewed by the potential buyers depict varying means of electricity, running water, and sewage. Because of the remoteness of the state of Alaska a lot of properties have older style ways of life, although this is also an attraction of a lot of people seeking real estate in the Alaskan Wild.

The show follows the potential buyers as they inspect and compare the various properties with the real estate agents. They then usually deliberate amongst themselves and typically select a property that they would like to purchase. Coming into the show, most of the couples have already decided that they will buy one of the properties they are shown, and a purchase is always selected at the end of the episode.

Despite the mixed reviews that Buying Alaska has received from critics, the show offers insight to the American public into a market that we most likely would not have information about. The show offers an alternative perspective to the typical vacation home and provides insightful information to the real estate market in the state of Alaska.

Buying Alaska is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (63 episodes). The series first aired on October 21, 2012.

Where do I stream Buying Alaska online? Buying Alaska is available for streaming on Destination America, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Buying Alaska on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Destination America, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Destination America
4 Seasons, 63 Episodes
October 21, 2012
Kids & Family
Cast: David Scott
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Buying Alaska Full Episode Guide

  • A couple look for a home in Juneau where their young child can have more space.

  • Harry and Genny are looking to move away from Harry's fish cannery business, and the smell!

  • John and Elise are newlyweds living in downtown Juneau, the busiest cruise ship port in Alaska. They're looking to escape the crowds and land a property where they can relax.

  • Mike and Lorraine are Alaskan entrepreneurs who have turned his construction skills and her dog mushing glacier tours into gold – they're millionaires! And they're looking for a million-dollar property in the Alaskan city.

  • A couple tries to find the perfect rustic home.

  • An ATV mechanic and his girlfriend want to find a home close to Alaska's backwoods trails.

  • Ron and Lacey have a big truck and a small budget for their new home. They're willing to sacrifice space for the truck to be right on a lake near Big Lake, Alaska, but can they find enough room for their whole family?

  • Wes and Angela own an air taxi company in Alaska. He flies the plane and she runs the office. They want to land a million dollar dream home and can fly anywhere in the state to find it. But if they can't agree on the location, their search may be grounded

  • Roland and Tiffany live in Alaska's biggest city, Anchorage. But the non-stop, fast-paced lifestyle is getting to be too much for their big family. They want a home within 30 minutes of downtown where they can still escape into the wilderness.

  • River guides, Brian and Alisa, want to put their adventurous lifestyle to the test by looking at some remote wilderness cabins in Haines, the adventure capital of Alaska.

  • A private plane owner and his wife want to find a home in Alaska with a runway.

  • Darien and Delana are looking to buy their first house near the Kenai River. But this musical couple can't afford to break the bank, so they'll have to look for a bargain away from the river's edge.

  • A couple living in a dry cabin are ready to upgrade to a home with running water.

  • Newly engaged couple Jeff and Heather love the water so much, they are looking to find a home right on the glacier-fed Kenai River. They will look in the riverside town of Soldotna for home that gives them the water and fishing access they crave.

  • Glennallen, Alaska is home to dozens of beautiful, remote lakes. After living in their crowded B&B, that's exactly where Eric and Cynthia want to look for their new Last Frontier escape.

  • A couple, who be up to the challenge of living in the middle of a river, search for their dream home.

  • There aren't any palm trees or tropical ocean breezes in the 49th state, but you can still live a beach life style on one of Alaska's 3 million lakes. Dave and Elena are ready to find their dream Alaskan beach home.

  • Thane and his wife Rose live completely off the land in Alaska: hunting, fishing, and gardening; they want a house where they can live Alaskan Lifestyle.

  • Arizona natives relocate from Phoenix to the tundra of Alaska.

  • A couple is determined to buy a home in Eagle River.

  • A newlywed couple intend to move into a log cabin.

  • A group of Alaskan natives have a massive budget of $3 million to their dream house in the Last Frontier state.

  • A couple tour tiny homes with big views of Mount McKinley; a couple doesn't need much of a place on the Kenai River.

  • Newlyweds Eric and Amanda are ready to buy their very first home in Talkeetna, Alaska, even if it is off the beaten path.

  • James and Erin have been living in Anchorage for the past decade, but now that their son, Owen, is older they're looking to make the remote outpost of Talkeetna their permanent residence.

  • Todd and Kristy have been living in a dry cabin in Talkeetna, Alaska for over a decade. Now that their two sons are getting older, they need to upgrade to a bigger home, one that has running water and electricity. Will a new location mean a new lifestyle?

  • A couple of outdoor enthusiasts search for a home in the secluded coves of Alaska's Kachemak Bay.

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