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Hawaii is a vacation spot for most. But for a few the dream of living in paradise is too strong to ignore. The television show Hawaii Life says you don't have to be rich to live in Hawaii; you just have to want it." The agents of Hawaii Life real estate take future residents around the islands to find the perfect home. Many of the real estate agents on the show moved from the Mainland and are happy to share their Hawaiian experiences with want-to-be homebuyers. The first episodes featured properties on the island of Kauai. Additional episodes show properties on the other three islands: Maui, Oahu and the Big Island.

Unlike other house hunting shows, the beaches, mountains, and volcanoes are just as important as the houses visited. Houses range from modest homes in family-friendly neighborhoods to swanky resort-like estates with sweeping views. Most of the families looking for homes were seduced by the island while on vacation and have decided to take the leap to move there permanently. During the show, house hunters are shown three properties by a Hawaii Life agent that fit their list of needs and wants. Then the homebuyers must debate the pros and cons of each property and finally choose just one perfect place to call home.

The show explores different neighborhoods on each island visited. Farm-like settings, suburban neighborhoods, resort living communities and condos on the beach are all available. Hawaii Life also dispels the myth that living in Hawaii is too expensive and unattainable for the average homebuyer. The show packs a lot of information into a half-hour program. This is a good watch for those who dream of living a Hawaiian paradise and for those who are just curious about how Hawaiians live. The scenery alone is worth turning on the television.

Thursday 8:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
9 Seasons, 121 Episodes
January 1, 2013
Family, Reality
Cast: Jayney Arden
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Hawaii Life Full Episode Guide

  • Kansas City friends Matt, Ryan and Lucas are looking to bring their business to Waikiki, and they need to find a condo in the heart of Oahu where they can live and work while getting set up.

  • Kurt and Rebecca love kayaking and the outdoors. With their children now grown, they're starting a new chapter in their life on Kauai. They want a home with easy access to warm waters and the rest of the island's natural beauty.

  • A couple is moving to Hawaii to escape the hustle and bustle of Washington, D.C. Their agent is tasked with finding a two-bedroom condo with amazing views for no more than $950,000 so the couple can make Hawaii their forever home.

  • A couple choose to flee the rainy northwest and head to the beaches of Kauai.

  • An active family who are sick of the harsh winters in Erie, Col., make their kid's wish to live close to the sea come true by looking for a home with a big yard near Waimea.

  • An Army family seek out a home with a large backyard and the pool their three children are wishing for after they are relocated from a Washington station to Oahu.

  • A chef and his wife flee chilly Colorado for life on the Big Island, where they confront some hard choices concerning their first home.

  • Newlyweds from North Carolina are driven to purchase a home steps away from the sand in Ewa Beach, Oahu.

  • A Baltimore pair go after exciting career possibilities in Hawaii's Big Island, and look for a home priced $375,000 with a two-car garage and plenty of room in the backyard for their two dogs.

  • A young military family from the Midwest is ready for an Oahu lifestyle.

  • A young couple who are sick of the rat race and chilly winters of Washington, D.C., embrace Oahu's island vibe as they look for the perfect Hawaiian beachfront home where they can manage their eco-cleaning business.

  • A fun-loving pair choose to leave their humdrum lives in Phoenix and begin an exciting new business venture in Kauai, where they search for a home with a garden view that is perfect for entertaining.

  • A mom flees the Arizona desert to follow her daughter to Oahu, land of waterfalls, lush green landscapes and beaches. After she gets a job, she sets her sights on locating a dog-friendly home on the west side of the island.

  • Chris and Andrea, newlyweds from San Diego, got sick of the hustle and bustle of city ways and were excited to start a family together. Both teachers, they always discussed living in Hawaii someday, and the possibility turned into a reality when Andrea found work on the Big Island of Hawaii.

  • When Seattle chef Andrew learned about a chance to work at a new restaurant on Maui, he and his wife, Felisha, jumped at the chance.

  • Brandon is a single man from South Carolina who has traveled the globe. A self-described daredevil, he fell in love with Oahu the first time he went to see his friends on the island and went skydiving with his pal, Matt. Due to a job transfer, Brandon is prepared to start looking for a house on Oahu.

  • Hollie and Johnathan always believed Hawaii was a vacation destination, but when Johnathan received a job offer on Oahu, he couldn't forgo making island life a reality for his family.

  • Lisa visited Hawaii as a kid to see her grandparents and immediately fell in love with the water. After years in a stressful Silicon Valley carrier, she found out she could live her ultimate dream life on the Big Island and work remotely. Now Lisa is looking for a move-in ready, single-family house in Kona with plenty of outdoor space to host and entertain her acquaintances.

  • A Canadian family exchange snowy winters for sun and outdoor fun when they look for a home on Maui.

  • Originally from France, Elodie has claimed New York City as home for the last decade. Hawaii has been her most loved destination since she visited eight years ago, and she finally made the choice to relocate to Oahu with her best friend Yaya.

  • An Oregon family relocate to the Big Island to follow their dream of living a more organic way of life.

  • Texas newlyweds relocate to Oahu to enjoy a more active lifestyle outdoors. The couple want to find a beautiful starter house close to wide roads and running trails as they prepare for marathons and triathlons.

  • An active military family desire the outdoor lifestyle that Oahu grants.

  • A tattoo artist searches for a plot of agricultural paradise on Maui.

  • A pair looks for a home in Oahu, Hawaii, to raise their kids.

  • A family locates a house on Hawaii and gets into the aloha mood.

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