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Do you have a deep appreciation for original hardwood flooring and well thought out kitchens? Do you read real estate listings despite the fact you are neither buying, nor selling a home? If so, House Hunters is probably the television content of your dreams. House Hunters follows people from all walks of life on their journey to home ownership. Viewers at home get a first row look in to several of the properties they visit. The soon-to-be homeowners debate everything from paint choices (always an easy change to make) to kitchen cabinets (very expensive to replace). As you tag along on their home tours you also get a peek into the emotional side of the experience. Viewers get to see what happens when buyers fall into the usual home purchase pit falls such as buying homes above their budget because they have fallen in love with the property. Sometimes the home buyers aren't on the same page in regard to what property to buy and for what price. As the drama begins, your anxiety level rises right along with theirs.

Along the way, you also learn a thing or two about real estate. For instance, is buying the worst house on the nicest block really a sound financial strategy. Where should you put your remodeling dollars to get the most resell value? Are houses with pools really hard to resell or is that just a myth?

Once the couple has chosen a property, you follow them through the negotiation process. Watching someone negotiate the purchase price of a home is as fraught with emotion as you would imagine. In the end, the viewers do get a glimpse into how the purchase worked out when the cameras return several months later. As they give the camera crew a tour you get to see what changes the homeowner's have made and their choices in paint and decor. House Hunters is a real estate hobbyist's must see.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
137 Seasons, 2838 Episodes
September 30, 1999
Home & Garden, Reality
Cast: Andromeda Dunker
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House Hunters Full Episode Guide

  • First-time buyers can't decide between an old or new home in Buffalo, New York. He wants a house with lots of character, history and a basement for himself. However, she's hoping for a newer home with a gas range, and she doesn't love the idea of having a basement.

  • A young Illinois couple is seeking a new home with lots of land for them and their menagerie of pets. They want a large home for themselves, but more importantly, it must come with at least 10 acres so the pets have room to thrive.

  • A blended Arizona family looks for a large home in the East Phoenix Valley. She's looking for a French Provincial with an all-white kitchen, but since he's a former major league baseball player, he wants room for an RV garage so he can build a batting cage. Will they find a home with it all?

  • A mother and her daughter hunt for a home for the both of them in Danbury, Connecticut. The daughter wants an entertaining space in the backyard while the mother wants a home that doesn't feel old.

  • A young family is on the hunt for a mountain vacation home in Flagstaff, Arizona, as they both want a retreat from the city life in Phoenix.

  • A young college professor is on the hunt for a vintage bungalow with a pool in Tampa, Florida. He wants to find a place close to his job, so he can keep an eye on his dogs and storage his ski boat.

  • A young family from Denver is on the hunt for a new home in Atlanta. He wants a large yard for his horses, while she wants a bright white kitchen for entertaining.

  • A couple of buyers looks for a bigger home. They have a specific wish list, which includes an authentic mid-century place with views of the mountains, and a significant architectural name behind it.

  • A young couple hunts for a home for their family of seven in Utah County, Utah. He wants a modern-style home with a pool and a large theater room, while she'd like to have a more traditional style home.

  • A couple is eager to find their own home in St. Paul, Minnesota. He wants lots of space and a room for his musical instruments, but she wants a cozy house with lots of original features.

  • A job transfer to Cincinnati, Ohio has a young couple seeking a new home. While she dreams of a Tudor-style home with steeple roofs and tons of character, he's hoping for a Craftsman that doesn't need any renovation.

  • Flight attendants want to settle near their airline's hub in Fort Worth, Texas. He wants a low maintenance condo since they're always on the go, but she wants a single family house with a big yard.

  • A family is buying their first home in San Francisco, and while he's looking for a contemporary, she wants a Victorian like the one she grew up in. However, their biggest problem may be finding an affordable place in a city where houses go for hundreds of thousands over asking.

  • A young couple with a 3-year-old son is on the hunt for a new home in St. Louis. One is looking for on a two story home with a basement big enough for a pool table, but the other is looking for a one story house with charm.

  • Buyers want to find a home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but they can't agree on a style. She wants a one-story rancher with an updated kitchen, but he's looking for a two-story, Spanish-style house with a garage where he can put his pool table and figurine collection.

  • Married lawyers are on the hunt for a large family home in Houston, Texas, with room for their young son and her mother. He wants a pool and she wants a large kitchen where she can indulge in her love of cooking.

  • A relocated family is buying a home in Columbus, Ohio. While dad has his heart set on a midcentury modern, mom's main priorities are open spaces for big parties and huge closets for her massive wardrobe.

  • A Chicago couple searches for a home to bring home baby. But he prefers new construction and that 'never-been-used' feel. Unfortunately, that comes with a little sticker shock.

  • Newlyweds hunt for their first home in Richmond, Virginia. He's looking for a midcentury modern, and she wants a plantation-style row house.

  • A dietitian in Cincinnati is on the hunt for her first home. With her best friend along for help, she wants to find a Craftsman with a low-maintenance yard. But in the chic neighborhood of Hyde Park, it will be no easy feat to find what she wants in her budget range.

  • A couple looks for a slice of pastoral heaven in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. But it's a battle of nature versus nurture as he wants acres and acres of rolling hills and she wants the community of a tightknit suburban neighborhood.

  • A home in Cedar Rapids, IA, with a big basement "famcave" is wanted by a young couple.

  • A young couple hunts for their first home in Boston.

  • Empty nesters are on the hunt for a vintage home in downtown Richmond, Virginia. But being a beauty pageant coach, she wants a row house with room for her gowns, while he wants a Tudor with a designated beer brewing space.

  • A San Antonio buyer is ready to purchase the single-story ranch home of her dreams; her best friend advises her to buy big for her future husband and family, but she'd rather put her money into the perfect master suite for the here and now.

  • With a new stateside assignment and a baby on the way, a Navy serviceman and his wife are moving their growing family to Stafford, VA, and they're determined to be in their first home by the holidays.

  • After five years of health concerns that sapped their Christmas spirit, a family of four in Scottsdale, AZ, wants to celebrate Christmas in a new home. He wants a modern style while she prefers a Pueblo house to fit the landscape.

  • A single mom wants to give her kids the ultimate Christmas present - a home with bedrooms for everyone in Murfreesboro, TN. In addition to five bedrooms, she's hoping for a big yard, a kitchen for baking and a large living room.

  • A family of six is moving to Atlanta, GA, and hopes to find a home large enough to host relatives in time for Christmas and Kwanzaa. She wants a move-in ready with an open concept kitchen, but he's happy with a fixer-upper.

  • A single woman searches for her first home in Richmond, Va., with the help of her mother and grandmother; the pressure is on for her to find a home in time to host the annual family Christmas party.

  • A young Nashville couple with a baby on the way is hoping to celebrate their first Christmas as a family in a new home. But while he wants a ranch-style place similar to his childhood home, she thinks they should settle down in a cozy cottage. He's also insisting on a big picture window for their Christmas tree, since it'll be hiding a big surprise for her this holiday season.

  • A couple with twins wants a vacation home in Breckenridge, CO, to share with their family. They must decide whether to trade location for space, or squeeze their family into close quarters so they can be near downtown.

  • An Olympic gold medalist and his wife are ready to move closer to relatives so they can host family holidays in their own home. The couple hopes to find a place in Issaquah, WA, with enough room for their family of five.

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