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House Hunters International is the door to ring show for any house or mansion lover and for every travel dreamer, from Brazil to France, Costa Rica to Belgrade, and all over the world where you can get your imagination fly. The show is carried among the wealthiest and the most sumptuous properties featuring incredible architecture and design, elegance and style, or the cozy warm cottages and apartments with the professionalism of true real estate agents in action.

House Hunters International is focused on showing the impossible to be possible throughout exotic locations, metropolis, fields and blue seas with the mission to envelop the viewer in the richness and flavor of other countries real estate.

Being one of the first of its kind, House Hunters International, not only aims to show that there are more properties out there achievable to all budgets, but the show also stimulates the desire, who knows, to relocate at anywhere in the world, with the incredible task very well presented by the real estate agents of vastly presenting the surrounding areas wherever they go.

The amazing episodes are full of education and training on the handling of an offer to buy any property, house lovers also enjoy the free ride, sharing with the real estate agents and buyers the different cultures and idiosyncrasies found in every international hunt.

Definitely this amazing show has been created not just for house lovers, but for travelers as well as interior designers. House Hunters International is a show for multiple interests full of amazing destines and real life situations.

Weekdays 10:30 PM et/pt on HGTV
53 Seasons, 1534 Episodes
April 10, 2006
Home & Garden, How To, Reality
Cast: Andromeda Dunker, Suzanne Whang
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House Hunters International Full Episode Guide

  • A man looks for a home in Helsinki after getting a new job there.

  • After working on a cruise ship for three years, Jacqueline wants to settle down in Melbourne, Australia, and brings her mom along for the house hunt.

  • Looking for new adventures and craving a European lifestyle, a young IT specialist leaves his family behind to start a new life in Wroclaw, Poland.

  • An adventurous couple from Cape Town, South Africa is moving to Hanoi, Vietnam, where they will live together for the first time. They want to teach English to fund their travels, but with only her job to support them, he is on edge about finances.

  • A couple faces some dilemmas about moving from Laos to Atalaia, Portugal.

  • A military couple with two boys packs their bags for the eighth time and move to Lincoln, England.

  • A couple is on the search for a home in Salamanca, Spain, as they want their daughters to be fluent in Spanish and to immerse in the history and culture.

  • A couple is moving to Cuenca, Ecuador, to experience a new culture as a family during their son's formative years. She wants a charming, old-style home in the heart of the city, but he prefers modern convenience with a mountain view.

  • When Francisco fell in love with his Czech teacher, Lenka, he didn't expect to live in the Czech Republic for good. Now, the family is looking for a new home where they can bring up their little daughter. With a tight budget and completely different boxes to tick on their wishlists, Lenka and Frank have to meet halfway to buy a dream home.

  • A couple that's been living long-distance wants to purchase a home in Villefranche-sur-Mer, France, where they can spend longer periods of time together. One wants something sensible and affordable that won't preoccupy him while he cares for his ailing mother, but the other sees the opportunity to realize a lifelong dream.

  • A woman closes her gluten-free baking business in Washington, DC, to take a translating job in Frankfurt, Germany. With her younger brother in tow, it becomes clear they have very different tastes. While she wants a place with quirky character, he tries to pull her back to a more modern and spacious apartment.

  • Andrew and Tracy are looking for a home in Pacentro, Italy, a small village where Tracy's family traces its roots, but they're concerned about unexpected details like tiny kitchens and living spaces too small for a large family.

  • A couple wants to escape their busy accounting firm for the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He doesn't mind breaking the bank for a place that has everything he wants, but she knows they have to keep their business afloat to afford a second home.

  • A Polish-Irish couple craving historic European culture decides to look for a new home in Konstancin, Poland. They want a character-filled home for their two daughters with a suburban feel, plenty of green space and easy access to Warsaw's city center.

  • After working in Germany for two decades, a man returned to America to reconnect with an old college friend. Now married, they want to continue their relationship back in Germany after accepting a job offer in Cologne. She wants a home close to town with plenty of room for her kids to visit, but he is open to more creative options.

  • New Englanders look to rekindle their romance and love of history in the medieval town of Sarlat, France. He likes the isolation of the country but she feels like it is her turn to experience something completely different. An agent comes along to help, but she knows someone must sacrifice their location needs to make the house hunt work.

  • A couple leaves the corporate world to open a chocolate shop in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He thinks they shouldn't blow the budget on an extravagant home, but she wants a place with plenty of room for her beloved dogs.

  • A globetrotting couple from Texas decides to buy a second home in Burgundy. The high school sweethearts want a home with French charm and plenty of room for family to visit, but they don't want to blow their budget in the pricey countryside.

  • A busy Los Angeles couple is looking for a change of scenery and has decided Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, is where they'll find it. The couple wants to start a retreat where they can showcase the area to everyone while enjoying the surfing scene. The cost of living on the beach in Santa Teresa is high, however, and the plans for the retreat are expansive, forcing the couple to work much harder to achieve their dreams.

  • After maintaining a long distance relationship for nine months, a woman moves to Berlin to be with her long-lost sweetheart; without a job, she'll need to rely on him financially, but she won't budge on her dream of living in a historic German home.

  • Empty nesters are ready to purchase a piece of paradise in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; he wants to live on the beach, but she wants an authentic Mexican experience in the jungle.

  • Former London residents Lara and Chad return with two kids in tow and focus on West London, which is close to Chad's work and more affordable.

  • After 40 years of the daily grind as a designer in New York, Fern is ready to fulfill her lifelong dream of living in Europe by moving to Lisbon, Portugal, and wants a home with charm near city center.

  • A new job in Melbourne, Australia is uprooting a Nashville family from the only life they've ever known, and because they're moving across the globe, mom wants the one thing they never had at home- the beach.

  • After having a new baby, a globetrotting government employee decides it's time to find a more permanent home, and because his heritage is Italian, he wants to move his family to the historic city of Lucca, Italy.

  • Rick and Ron fall in love with Verona, Italy, and get ready to buy a home and start a new business in the historic city; Rick sets his sights on having an apartment in the heart of the city, but Ron wants a more affordable modern apartment.

  • A Canadian couple is leaving everything behind in their hometown of Toronto for a new adventure in Prague.

  • After losing their jobs on Maui, a couple decides to move from the small, quiet island to an affluent suburb eight miles from bustling Sydney, Australia; he wants a place with a view of the city, and she'll have stand her ground to stay on budget.

  • Medieval re-enactors Liz and Gordon are off to Ireland to pursue their dream of owning a castle where they can host events and live out their alter egos among authentic backdrops.

  • Stuart and Rachel are ready to leave the cold, Canadian winters behind and move their family to his hometown of sunny Adelaide, Australia.

  • World traveler Chris loves stand-up paddleboarding and dogs, and prepares to settle down on the beaches of Seventeen Seventy, Australia, to live a beach lifestyle.

  • Fitness buffs Jeff and Carol prepare to leave freezing Pennsylvania winters behind for the tropical life in Playa Junquillal, Costa Rica.

  • A woman's lifelong wish to live in Spain comes true when her husband decides to expand his hot-tub business to coastal Denia.

  • An exhausted couple with two young kids decides to escape the Los Angeles rat race by taking a year-long sabbatical in Turin, Italy.

  • After deciding to work for herself, a woman chooses the remote Seychelles islands to start her new business.

  • An Indiana woman looks to start a new chapter in her life by following a job promotion to Athens, Greece; she wants separation between her professional and social life, and thinks the best way of achieving that is to live in the middle of the city.

  • A Spanish teacher and her family are moving from Michigan to Pamplona, Spain. After teaching Spanish for more than 20 years, Kristin has convinced her husband, Jim, and their daughter to sell their home and put their jobs on hold in order to pursue her dream of living in Spain. Kristin is eager to immerse her family in everything Pamplona's city center has to offer, but Jim feels that they will get more value away from town.

  • High school sweethearts Michael and Helene decide to move to historic Heidelberg, Germany, to facilitate their international travels, which they document in their successful lifestyle and travel blog.

  • Newlyweds Amber and Erek are pursuing his dream of being a musician by moving from upstate New York to Amber's hometown of Bendigo, Australia, but they'll have to compromise on how close they'll live to downtown.

  • A San Francisco couple gets thrilled when a job transfer takes them and their beloved poodles to Amsterdam, but they keep finding steep stairs and a lack of outdoor space.

  • Maja, Jack and their seven kids are a musical family who want to be in the creative European environment of Valencia, Spain; she wants to be surrounded by Spanish charm, but with so many mouths to feed, he is more concerned with the bottom line.

  • After visiting Italy as a teenager and vowing to return, a man and his partner decide to move to the medieval village of Guardia Sanframondi, with its mountainous views and inexpensive properties dating back to the 1500s.

  • With rising real estate prices edging them out of a larger home in the Bay Area, Gary and Christine decide to quit their jobs, sell everything and move their family to Austria to run a bed-and-breakfast.

  • Fed up with their hectic lives in Chicago, a couple leave their jobs, sell their home and move to Samara, Costa Rica; she wants a home near town with plenty of room for the kids, but he focuses on spending as little of their savings as possible.

  • A couple blindside their 17-year-old daughter with a move to Budapest, Hungary, and to win her over, the parents promise her own en suite bathroom.

  • Newlyweds Kevin and Leigh are moving to Townsville, Australia so he can pursue a PhD in marine biology and fulfill his dream of studying near the Great Barrier Reef.

  • After 21 years of living in America, English native Jacky is ready to return to the Isle of Wight with her American husband Nick to help take care of her mother.

  • Scott, a New York pharmaceutical executive who rarely leaves the United States, has gotten a job promotion and a transfer to Berlin, Germany.

  • A Spanish teacher and her family are moving from Michigan to Pamplona, Spain after teaching the language for more than 20 years.

  • After an accident, Wendy and Simon are following their dream of opening a bed and breakfast in the Caribbean.

  • Newlyweds Meghan and Jason are moving from Nashville, Tenn. to Antwerp, Belgium to fulfill her lifelong dream of living and working in Europe.

  • After falling in love with the landscape and laid back lifestyle of New Zealand, two workaholics make the decision to move without jobs to rural Hawke's Bay.

  • Taru is ready to settle down after five years of sailing around the world.

  • A Texas couple decides it's time to make a permanent move to up-and-coming Progreso, Mexico; she's hoping the move will allow them to downsize, but he's bringing along a Texas-sized wish list.

  • When a job opens up in the Midlands area of England, a Texas couple decides to jump on the opportunity to share a new culture with their kids.

  • British native Keith and American Laura met while living in Bermuda and discovered their mutual dream of one day living in France, and have saved up enough money to move and open a bakery.

  • After leaving her successful career as a soap opera actress in South Africa, a San Diego stay-at-home mom receives an offer to come back on the show.

  • After years of dreaming, a family of five is leaving Upstate New York for Geelong, Victoria, Australia. The kids are starting school soon but the parents don't have jobs yet so the pressure is on to get settled as soon as possible. He hopes to stay on budget but she's considering going over to get something modern and comfortable. Will they find what they want at an affordable price?

  • After the loss of a job in Texas, a couple and their two daughters seize the opportunity to reinvent themselves in Castelli Romani, Italy.

  • Globetrotting Hoosiers Pat and Karen are ready to make the move from Indiana to Ecuador, but with no mortgages, they must pay in full with their life savings.

  • A couple has the opportunity to move to Okinawa, Japan, for work and they know it's too good to pass up, but their son is going into his senior year and he is reluctant to say goodbye to all of his friends.

  • A couple leaves the rolling hills of Tennessee for a bombshell job offer in Nuremberg, Germany; he wants a modern home with a short commute, but she prefers a home with character in the city center.

  • A family with a passion for travel follows a job opportunity to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, home to Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti and the Masai people, so they think the culture and warm tropical island vibe will be a perfect fit.

  • After four and half years in Abu Dhabi, a world-traveling couple is following a new job to Hanoi, Vietnam.

  • Tax attorney Sameera has a full but busy life in Los Angeles. Ready to take her professional life to the next level while finding more balance on a personal one, she's accepted a job offer on the island of Bermuda. She would like a second bedroom to house her guests, beach access and an easy commute into town, but there's a steep price to pay to bask on the island's pink sand and azure waters.

  • Tim and Eric are fans of all things England and are moving there for Tim's graduate studies; Tim is cautious and doesn't want to break the bank, but Eric wants to be free with finances to truly experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  • Ohio couple Diana and Tim are intent on buying a second home in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, so they downsize their possessions and assess their priorities.

  • Akee's world was turned upside down twelve years ago when Hurricane Katrina took his home and his family's livelihood away overnight, and now he's leaving New Orleans for college in Rome.

  • Jessica and Matt are moving to Thailand so that their two adopted Thai children can learn about their birthplace.

  • Nine years after vacationing on St. John, Julie and David have finally saved enough to make the move there from Colorado; he wants a home with an open-air design, while she prefers a modern, contemporary home.

  • After getting fed up with their hectic lifestyle in Houston, a family trades car horns for howler monkeys in sunny Grecia, Costa Rica.

  • After reflecting on her life and dream of living abroad, Texas native Cheryl sells her possessions and moves with her dog, Penelope, to Auckland, New Zealand.

  • A couple of teachers who grew up living abroad want to give the same experience to their daughters in Antibes, France, and look for a handicapped-accessible home with few stairs and a bathtub, as well as plenty of outdoor space.

  • A couple decides to become residents of Amsterdam after falling in love with the charm of the Netherlands; he hopes to find the perfect home on the canals, but she recently moved from Japan to the United States and doesn't want to move again.

  • Benn leaves his stable job in Singapore to pursue his lifelong dream of opening a sport fishing business in Costa Rica, making his supportive wife Cathy happy to have more family time with their young child.

  • Josh, his wife Whitney and their two boys move to Singapore for Josh's new job opportunity, and the couple swap roles for the first time in years, so their agent must find a place that suits both of their new needs.

  • After a lifelong obsession with Africa, a woman moves her family to Cape Town, South Africa, and looks for a place that will provide the smoothest transition to a new culture.

  • Synchronized swimmer Danielle experiences the perks of dual citizenship when she moves halfway around the world from Canada to train for the Australian Olympic team.

  • A California couple land teaching jobs in Morocco and pack up everything, but they find out their budget won't get them what they want in the city.

  • After 25 years apart, Brent and Jennifer rekindle their flame and agree to move to St. Thomas to start a new phase of life together.

  • A couple prepare to leave their stressful jobs in New Jersey to become first-time bed-and-breakfast owners in Merida, Mexico.

  • Two professors relocate from West Virginia to Stellenbosch, South Africa, for new jobs, with their first priority on their two daughters' comfortable adjustment to their new life.

  • It could be a midlife crisis or a healthy restart, but Kim and Mat decide to relocate from Texas to Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • After holding various jobs in America, Stephanie decides to take charge of her future and start her own tourism company in Italy along the Amalfi Coast, where opportunity abounds and life can be lived at a slower pace.

  • South Carolina restaurant owner Kerri Rae, consumed with her business life, needs a place to get away, so she heads to Nosara, Costa Rica, to hunt for a second tropical home.

  • After a few brutally cold winters in Chicago, Meeta seeks warmer climates and island living on the American territory of Guam.

  • A travel-loving couple gives in to the lure of Southeast Asia and begins searching in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for a Western-style home with a pool and plenty of space for creativity.

  • An Atlanta couple with hectic work schedules travels as a necessary escape from busy city life; after visiting Iceland, they fall in love with the area and decide to buy a vacation home there.

  • A couple follow a job opportunity to Mexico and search for the perfect new home with the modern conveniences to which they've become accustomed.

  • Arjun and Azee both grew up in Dubai but were born in India and Iran, and because the United Arab Emirates doesn't offer citizenship to foreigners, they decide to settle in Portugal due to its golden visa program.

  • After years of working in Dubai, Sandy and Alan are anxious to permanently return to their home country of South Africa. Sandy is looking forward to reconnecting with her South African roots, while Alan's utmost concern is making a smart investment in Cape Town's booming real estate market. When Alan is called back to Dubai before finding the perfect property, he must rely on the couple's son, Ryan, to reign in Sandy's dreamy desires for a home that suits them all.

  • Canadians Scott and Nancy long dream of making a permanent home in Costa Rica; when the right time comes, they purchase two restaurants and need to find their dream home.

  • A romantic relationship brought Swedish-born opera star Simon to the US, where he discovered love and marriage with artist Lana. However, a once in a lifetime opportunity with the Royal Swedish Opera now has the lovebirds returning to Sweden.

  • Kate's humanitarian work is sending her to Paris for a new job opportunity, and she's calling in her friend and fellow expat, Jilian, to help her find the perfect apartment. Kate wants a second bedroom so she can work from home and host visiting family and friends, but an extra room in bustling central Paris doesn't come cheap.

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