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In this real estate series, real estate agents take house hunters on a search for the ideal property. They'll have to make decision between the houses on offer. This series differs from the original in that these house hunters are looking for the perfect place in countries other than the United States.

Weekdays 10:30 PM et/pt on HGTV
100 Seasons, 2131 Episodes
April 10, 2006
Home & Garden, How To, Reality
Cast: Andromeda Dunker, Suzanne Whang
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House Hunters International Full Episode Guide

  • These young parents thought they were on the same page when they uprooted their family to New Zealand. Now they see their ideas differ greatly. He wants city life, but for her ocean access is the key to a happy family.

  • South African newlyweds discover a brand-new culture as they search for their first home together in Chengdu, China. She has great expectations for her first marital home, but her dreams don't align with his frugal ways.

  • An NYC couple is overwhelmed after moving to Jakarta, Indonesia. Jakarta offers space that New York living can't, but with the extra room comes extra problems. Now they question if moving was the right decision for their family.

  • A married couple looks for a vacation home where they fell in love years ago in Rosarito, Mexico. He wants a condo with no maintenance but she wants a house with a yard, and with differing views, a choice will be difficult.

  • A married couple looks for a more relaxed existence in Roatan, Honduras.

  • A newlywed couple moves to Sheffield, England, for the university. They're looking for a house with three bedrooms and a nice yard for their dogs, but finding a place that's near school and in their budget will be a challenge.

  • A couple has dramatically different ideas when it comes to what kind of lifestyle they want to have in Spain's Island of Mallorca.

  • A single man relocates to Auckland, New Zealand, for a job opportunity and asks his girlfriend to come along for the adventure. He wants a home near the city, but finding a place they can both afford will be a challenge.

  • A couple adjusts to their new living situation in Brussels, Belgium.

  • A job opportunity for Dad brings a young family to Sydney, Australia. But after uprooting her life in chilly Minnesota, Mom wants to go all in on beach life at any cost.

  • In 25 years of marriage this couple has been through it all together. Now they want a shot at their dream of oceanfront property, but getting all they want in the developing community of Rosarito, Mexico may be a challenge.

  • Two medical professionals want their children to experience the way they grew up in Africa. However, after spending 20 years in the US, the high prices and culture shock in Accra, Ghana, threaten to derail their expectations.

  • After living in close quarters for several years, an adventurous expat family hopes for more space in Scotland. Her job takes her into town, however, where the housing is cramped. He hopes to live farther out, closer to nature.

  • San Francisco newlyweds follow his promising tech career to Singapore with a puppy in tow. They need a place that's large enough for both his gadgets and her art, but it's a tall order for one of the world's most expensive cities.

  • A couple looks for a place where they can host their entire extended family in Rincon, Puerto Rico. They need three bedrooms and she wants a pool, but he's looking to spend at the top of their budget to get beachfront access.

  • After three years of dating long distance, a couple marries and searches for a vacation home in Guardia Sanframondi, Italy. One wants a large house for visting family while the other wants something small that's move-in ready.

  • A man and his wife head to the candy haven of Brussels, Belgium, after he lands a job in the chocolate industry there. She wants to get to know herself again as she adjusts to her new empty nest living situation.

  • An executive needing a break from rainy Switzerland wants to buy a getaway in Barcelona, Spain, to liven up his life with sun and dating opportunities. However, he soon realizes finding the perfect place is harder than expected.

  • A Minnesota couple that's tired of the cold wants to relocate to Brisbane, Australia. While he hopes to relive his college days in a traditional home, she wants something reminiscent of their Minneapolis apartment.

  • Newlyweds leave all that's familiar to follow a job transfer to Lubeck, Germany. She's eager to spend, but prefers to save while they transition from two incomes to one.

  • Months after their daughter is born, first-time parents get the chance to move to their dream city, Amsterdam. But as the realities of parenting in a foreign city set in, they wonder if they've taken on more than they can handle.

  • A family is tired of cold Toronto winters and long work hours and decides to move to Sosua, Dominican Republic. He wants a single-family house with a pool but she wants a beachfront condo with low maintenance.

  • A couple decides to take their long-distance relationship to the next level and find a home in Wellington, New Zealand. They're looking for a place near the city with two bedrooms, but staying in budget will be difficult.

  • A young teacher, tired from the stresses of American life, gets hooked on the Zen vibe in Thailand during a trip with his brother, and decides to move there.

  • An entrepreneur wants to reconnect with family while living as a digital nomad in Spain. Her husband envisions a carefree life with their son, but her desire for a home in the city butts heads with his beach-or-bust attitude.

  • An empty nester couple looks to take advantage of their freedom and move to Wellington, New Zealand. He wants a great view with New Zealand charm, but she wants something modern that's walking distance to her work.

  • An expecting couple leaves expensive, busy Los Angeles for the quiet affordability of Quito, Ecuador. A backyard for the kids is key, but finding space for work and a growing family may require more compromise than they thought.

  • A single woman falls in love with Fajardo, Puerto Rico, and looks for a vacation home. She's looking for a place with an ocean view and something she can rent while she's away, but her budget may limit her options.

  • An Australian woman convinced her husband to take a job in Singapore. He's hoping to get the resort-style apartment of his dreams. But in one of the world's most expensive cities, they may be getting in over their heads.

  • A couple is tired of the daily grind in Charlotte, NC, and wants to join the sustainable community in Vieques, Puerto Rico. He wants a move-in ready home so they can start their business, but she's hoping for a fixer-upper.

  • A travel-savvy couple moves to Hoi An, Vietnam, for opportunity and adventure. She hopes to start a new business and wants to be budget-conscious, but he wants to live in the luxury they can't afford elsewhere.

  • An American couple relocates to Trento, Italy. She favors city life, while he prefers the mountains so he can be closer to climbing. Their styles also differ -- he wants a modern look, while she wants a more traditional look.

  • A Brit that stayed stateside after college wants to Europe with her husband and kids. They settle on Gandia, Spain, but while he wants to downsize in the city center, she envisions a Spanish villa with an English garden.

  • These empty nesters made a lot improvements to their Colorado rental hoping to purchase, but when the housing market skyrocketed, they had to come up with plan B.

  • A young woman has always wanted to live in Europe, and an unexpected job opportunity for her boyfriend in Amsterdam is making her dream come true. She wants to downsize and use the money they save to travel.

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