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House Hunters International is the door to ring show for any house or mansion lover and for every travel dreamer, from Brazil to France, Costa Rica to Belgrade, and all over the world where you can get your imagination fly. The show is carried among the wealthiest and the most sumptuous properties featuring incredible architecture and design, elegance and style, or the cozy warm cottages and apartments with the professionalism of true real estate agents in action.

House Hunters International is focused on showing the impossible to be possible throughout exotic locations, metropolis, fields and blue seas with the mission to envelop the viewer in the richness and flavor of other countries real estate.

Being one of the first of its kind, House Hunters International, not only aims to show that there are more properties out there achievable to all budgets, but the show also stimulates the desire, who knows, to relocate at anywhere in the world, with the incredible task very well presented by the real estate agents of vastly presenting the surrounding areas wherever they go.

The amazing episodes are full of education and training on the handling of an offer to buy any property, house lovers also enjoy the free ride, sharing with the real estate agents and buyers the different cultures and idiosyncrasies found in every international hunt.

Definitely this amazing show has been created not just for house lovers, but for travelers as well as interior designers. House Hunters International is a show for multiple interests full of amazing destines and real life situations.

Weekdays 10:30 PM et/pt on HGTV
47 Seasons, 1400 Episodes
February 20, 2006
Home & Garden, How To, Reality
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House Hunters International Full Episode Guide

  • Kaitlin and Metha were rounding out their doctorate studies in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when Kaitlin received a job offer in Tromso, Norway. They're seizing the opportunity so Kaitlin can get international experience in hopes of gaining a faculty position at an American university in the future. Although Metha doesn't have her own job lined up, she is hoping to get international experience as well to help her career.

  • After living and working in Washington, DC, for 20 years, Michael and Luis are ready to trade their hectic lives for the calm pace of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where Luis grew up. Luis dreams of a property in his beloved neighborhoods of Ipanema and Copacabana, with a robust kitchen that'll allow him to become a private chef. After the 2016 Summer Olympics, however, Rio de Janeiro's real estate market is far different from what Luis remembers. It'll be up to a local real estate agent to reintroduce Luis to the city of his youth, while Michael and Luis must determine how much they're willing to spend to live the Carioca life on the beach in Rio de Janeiro.

  • A military man is being deployed to Venray, Netherlands, and he's bringing his wife oversees with him for the first time.

  • Iowa couple Amanda and Scott are moving the family to New Zealand after Amanda lands a job in Invercargill. The move will likely result in a smaller living space and a lower salary for the home's breadwinner but will also mean more quality time with the family. Amanda is adamant about staying on budget, but will that require material sacrifices for the family?

  • Paula and Jason have relocated to the city of Delft in the Netherlands where she will study for her master's degree in design and he will continue working remotely for an American company. Jason loves the history of Delft with its centuries-old buildings and canals, but living in the historic city center would mean a much longer commute for Paula. Will the couple be able to find a place near the school in the suburbs and stay close to Delft's beautiful canals and cathedrals?

  • Allen, his wife Adrienne and their three girls are heading to Australia for his new job opportunity. Melbourne's beaches are an integral part of its daily culture, so that's where Adrienne wants their girls to grow up, but practical Allen feels the pricey beach won't give them the space they need. They have moved a lot for Allen's job before, and Adrienne hopes Melbourne will be a long-term home, creating pressure to find the perfect place for their family of five.

  • A Massachusetts duo want their daughter to experience to other cultures, which is why they want to relocate to relaxing Montezuma, Costa Rica.

  • After visiting Ecuador on vacation, longtime sweethearts Keith and Tina are looking for a permanent home in Cuenca. Inspired by their globetrotting children and attracted to Cuenca's walkability and warm climate, these Californian expats are looking for a Colonial-style property with all the comforts of their American home. Keith's desire for Colonial charm would force them to compromise on space, while Tina's American wish list isn't quite reflected in Cuenca's housing inventory. They both want to stay within walking distance to Cuenca's city center, but living closer to the city's pricey center means that their limited income will be stretched to the max and the couple may have to give up the space and comforts they are used to in the states.

  • International pair Liz and Lina choose to take the plunge and purchase an apartment together in Uppsala, Sweden, after hoping back and forth between the U.S. and Europe over the years.

  • Randy is looking to live his dream by moving to Puntarenas, Costa Rica, with his high school sweetheart, Debbie. Randy wants to live on the beach, no matter the cost, but Debbie's priority is finding a house large enough for their kids while maintaining stability for their financial future. Their real estate agent is caught between the clients and their wishes...will he be able to talk Robert into a more affordable home further from the beach?

  • Scott loves living on a boat, and after a recent split with his husband, he's ready to move back on the water - this time in Amsterdam. Scott decides a houseboat will give his daughter Natalie the best experiences possible, and with the help of his budget conscious friend Alison, he navigates the high-priced seas of Amsterdam's diverse houseboat market.

  • After one year of a long distance relationship, Hayley is leaving home to be with her boyfriend in his resident city of Copenhagen, Denmark. He is searching for a place downtown close to his work with old Copenhagen charm, but Hayley is set on keeping the comforts of her family home and wants a big bathroom complete with a tub.

  • Minnesota couple Pamela and David are packing up the kids and moving to Helsinki, Finland, for David's job opportunity. His job is their only source of income and with prices and space in the city center at a premium, it will take some powerful persuasion from Pamela to get David to soften his budget stance in order to give their children a city experience that she didn't have growing up.

  • Robb and Robert are leaving Tokyo for Robb's job transfer where he'll be teaching art to the children of American military families stationed in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Robert wants a home that offers privacy, but Robb wants to be in the center of the city near the art and architecture of Europe. Robert is leaving his job for the move but isn't concerned about budgets, while Robb is uneasy about their finances, creating confusion for their real estate agent.

  • When Alex lands a job in the United Kingdom, he and his wife Christine are both skeptical about leaving family and friends in Columbus, Ohio, but they decide to take a leap of faith and move to Norwich, England. However, location turns out to be an issue when they start to look for a place to live. Will Alex get his way and have a convenient commute every single day or will Christine get her way and live in the city center?

  • A couple who love to vacation have mixed emotions about moving their family to San Jose, Costa Rica, since it means now surviving on only one salary. While budget is an issue, finding a home that's safe and suitable for their daughter is also critical.

  • Christi and Mike were anxious to leave South Africa and experience something different after recently starting a family. When a job opportunity came up for Christi in Rotterdam, Netherlands, it was a perfect match for them as the language and culture in the Netherlands was close to theirs at home.

  • When Christine decided to return to Italy to get her master's degree in interior design, she gave her boyfriend, Robbie, a choice: stay back in Iowa or come with her to Milan. So he chose to further his education too. Having never lived, much less traveled outside the US, Robbie is hoping to find some of the modern creature comforts he is used to from back home. But Christine isn't going to sit idly by and let Robbie miss out on living a traditional Italian lifestyle. With only $1,100 a month to spend on rent, they both may need to make more sacrifices in Milan than they anticipated.

  • Traveling the world has always been a major component of Oliver and Jaclyn's relationship, so when an opportunity to advance his engineering career came up in Groningen, they jumped at the chance to explore the Netherlands. They want their 2-year-old daughter Roma to have an adventure that feels different from suburban Ohio, but they have opposing views on what that looks like. Jaclyn feels the best way to immerse in Dutch culture is to take a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live on a houseboat. Oliver feels the family doesn't need to take as deep of a plunge to get an authentic experience in Groningen, but Jaclyn's dreams may be too big to refuse.

  • Ruth raised her children and developed her occupation in Canada, but she's always wanted to live abroad. Following her divorce, she saw an chance to shake things up and found a dream job in little town in Belgium where she can begin her new adventure.

  • A job opportunity has brought Patrick and his wife, Laura, to London.

  • After a vacation to Australia, a Polish couple are seeking to make the move; they love the beach life; however, the couple's budget is tight.

  • Overwhelmed with the stress of running their own business in Arkansas, new dads Randy and Randal are looking for a vacation home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Puerto Vallarta has been their favorite escape for years, but with their son Jaydin making the trip for the first time, these dads are looking for a permanent property for the whole family to enjoy. Randy wants to relax in a modern property, while Randal wants a home full of traditional Mexican charm. Regardless of style, their second home has to be on-budget and a perfect fit for Jaydin. Compromise is the name of the game as Randy, Randal and Jaydin take the plunge in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

  • Viktor and Karina are fleeing the hills and freeways of L.A. and going back to Amsterdam where they first met some time ago, except this time, they're a family of four with toddler twins.

  • Newlyweds Nimarta and Chris have always bonded over the love they have for travel. Now they must choose a first home together in Groningen, Netherlands. They can't agree on city center versus countryside, but on a one income budget, finding a compromise is necessary. Will they find a location that won't break the bank so they can continue their European adventure?

  • Career Navy officer Kevin, his wife, Erin, and their baby are being relocated to Devon, England. Erin wants to be close to a village to insure the conveniences of city life she left behind in San Diego, but Kevin wants to find a home that immerses him in the vast English countryside. With long-term rentals on the touristic English coastline at a premium, they must choose between a wide range of properties to find what is best for their small family.

  • A married pair from Grass Lake, Mich., leap at the chance to broaden their children's world views by relocating to the historic city of Augsburg, Germany, where they attempt to master the art of compromise when searching for a house.

  • A world traveler hopes to tour Europe from the home base of Prague.

  • A couple are moving to Colchester, England, from Texas; she is ready to move due to a health condition which is exacerbated by the Texan heat.

  • Janic, Chad and their family are moving to Brisbane, Australia, from Alberta, Canada; Janice wants a typical house in the area; Chad is looking for something more modern.

  • Jeff and Elizabeth and their growing family seek a home in Delft; Jeff is googly-eyed over the opportunity to live in Europe.

  • For Russ and Stacy, shuffling their hectic jobs and raising a blended family of five has been crazy. After an inspiring vacation to Costa Rica they determine to purchase a home there.

  • A lady who spent childhood summers in Italy hopes to share this part of her background with her family. However, her plan to find a place in the beautiful countryside is faced with resistance from her husband, who would prefer to live in the city of Lucca.

  • Ashley and Robin are ready to set down roots in the Provence region of southern France, where they've been enjoying vineyards, olive fields and the mild climate. But Provence is one of the most expensive regions in France, and the 'French way of life' may be way out of reach on their tight budget. And Ashley isn't too thrilled about Robin's plan to offset costs by renovating a property.

  • Ugnieszka, Guy and their rambunctious toddler look for a home which meets everything on their wish list in Tri-City, Poland.

  • Jodi and Steve want to move to Rotterdam, Netherlands, to continue with their European escapades; they're making the move with their feline and canine companions; she wants to be in the center of Rotterdam; he's looking to cut costs.

  • Will wants to move to the Philippines; however, his shenanigans with a friend impedes the move.

  • A couple must compromise in the ways to make the move successful.

  • Monisha is moving from Washington, DC, to Guanajuato, Mexico, to find her dream home; she seeks a home with accessibility and parking.

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