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Identical twin siblings Drew and Jonathan Scott team up to show couples that a fixer-upper can be transformed into a dream home on HGTV's Property Brothers. Once the brothers have convinced uncertain homebuyers that renovation is worth the risk, they help the families choose, purchase and transform a house while staying within a tight budget and time-line. Homebuyers are amazed to see the results at the end of the remodel.

At the beginning of each episode, the brothers take the homebuyers into a house on the market that already includes everything they want in a neighborhood they would love. When the price of the home is revealed, the homebuyers realize they will need to look at other options in order to stay in their budget. The property brothers are then able to show the couple how an outdated or neglected home can be made over into the house they want at a significantly lower cost.

Drew, a real estate agent, takes on the role of searching for neglected homes with potential and negotiating a good deal. Jonathan, a licensed contractor, heads up the renovation planning. The brothers then use CGI technology to visually show the couple how two houses on the market could be transformed. The couple weighs out the pros and cons of each house and decides which house one they would like to buy. Once the house has been purchased, renovations begin.

Most of the remodels are quite ambitious, and the family must count on the property brothers to deliver the transformation they promised in the budget the family has set. The remodeling is typically done in a short 4-to-6-week timeline, adding additional pressure to the property brothers. At the end of each episode, the final results are revealed and the homeowners decide if their renovating risk was worth taking.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
11 Seasons, 146 Episodes
April 20, 2011
Cast: Drew Scott, Jonathan Silver Scott
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Property Brothers Full Episode Guide

  • Jonathan's budget goes out the window after a homeowner goes rogue.

  • A couple tries to move closer to family and friends to cut back on their morning commute. While they agree a move is necessary, they're miles apart when it comes to design. The Property Brothers step in to find them the perfect suburban home but immediately run into potentially serious issues. Once they settle on a home and the walls come down, Jonathan finds himself fighting to keep the budget under control. After he gets the project back on track, a snag at city hall comes up that may bring all their hard work to a screeching halt.

  • A couple finds their dream home with the help of a surprise contribution.

  • Unexpected repairs slow the transformation of a woman's Nashville nest.

  • A couple stretches their budget while finding their Music City dream home.

  • Emily and Ken have a baby on the way and are searching for the perfect suburban home close to their family. Their condo sold more quickly than expected, so they're crashing in her sister's basement until they find their new home. With a target area of only a few blocks, the brothers find it tricky to hunt for a fixer-upper. Later, it's up to Jonathan to transform a dated canvas into a mid-century modern masterpiece, but the costly surprises start piling up even before the walls come down.

  • The brothers help engaged couple Andrew and Phil transform a dog-friendly fixer-upper with dream home potential.

  • Kyle and Jackie have a healthy budget, but they want to live in one of the city's priciest neighborhoods.

  • Jonathan uncovers setbacks while transforming a sagging century home.

  • Despite a maxed-out budget, a couple refuses Jonathan's money-saving ideas.

  • A couple faces massive repairs when demolition starts on their dream home.

  • Drew and Jonathan help an expecting couple get out of their rental.

  • This week Drew and Jonathan's clients are a design-savvy couple with high expectations.

  • The brothers help a couple that are on a time crunch to find their dream home.

  • The Property Brothers help a couple with ambitious renovation ideas.

  • Drew and Jonathan help a couple that's been searching for a home for half a decade.

  • Jonathan and Drew help young parents move into a home of their own.

  • Drew helps a young couple move out of their waterfront condo and into a spacious fixer-upper with tons of charm. However, the ambitious reno brings costly surprises that has Jonathan scrambling for ways to save money.

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