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Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, or Triple D, as host Guy Fieri sometimes calls the show, is a cooking show that is highly unique from the traditional "watch me cook" show. This 30-minute program takes the viewer across the country and into Canada to visit out of the ordinary restaurants serving delicious food from a non-traditional venue.

Each restaurant visited is one that viewers and patrons have recommended to the program's host. Many venues are unexpected food treasures that are easily overlooked. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives has taken viewers to the smallest of diners that seat 15 people and dives that are hole-in-the wall establishments serving elegant cuisine not found in the most expensive restaurants.

During an episode, the host, Guy Fieri, introduces viewers to the restaurant owners, families, history and chef. Then, viewers are taken on a culinary journey into the restaurants kitchen where the chef creates his most popular dishes for Guy to sample.

However, this cooking experience is not only relating a recipe where viewers are instructed to add a teaspoon of salt or a cup of flour. Each chef, with the help of the host, demonstrates their culinary talent through the showmanship of skills and the humor parlayed between host and chef. Amongst the cooking entertainment, a delicious creation erupts that makes viewer's mouths water.

Throughout the entire 30 minutes, the audience is held captive by the host, the food and the stories revealed in every establishment the program uncovers. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is a modern, trendy cooking show that engages everyone in the restaurant and at home from beginning to end. However, anyone searching for a matter of fact, boring and demonstrative cooking program will have to look elsewhere.

Triple D is a fun, lively, engaging, and informative experience that keeps viewers tuning in week after week. Not only can the program be watched on TV, the audience has the opportunity to bring the entire experience to a restaurant in their neighborhood.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on Food Network
29 Seasons, 396 Episodes
July 6, 2007
Cast: Guy Fieri
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Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Full Episode Guide

  • This trip, Guy Fieri is rolling into college towns in search of A+ cuisine. In Columbus, Ohio, there's a pierogi paradise dishing out their specialties where you'd least expect it and a barbecue truck smoking premiere pork. And in Boulder, Colorado, Guy visits a legit Thai joint serving knockout noodles and off-the-chain chicken.

  • On this trip, Guy Fieri is grabbing standout sandwiches and diving into some serious spice. In Longmont, Colorado, a he visits a spot putting out a primo pork burger and going crazy with cauliflower. In Columbus, Ohio, there's a Chicago-style joint killing it with Italian beef and real deal gyros. Then, Food Network's Aarti Sequeira and Jet Tila join Guy in Los Angeles, where a champion chef dishes out fiery Thai specialties that will get your taste buds hopping!

  • This trip, Guy Fieri is traveling the nation, digging into all kinds of killer grub. In St. Petersburg, Florida, he stops at a lights-out spot loading up the righteous ramen. In Lansing, Michigan, there's a funky joint frying up everything from wings to pig skins to chicken gizzards. Plus, a New Orleans smokehouse is putting out Big Easy favorites like sausage meat pies and spicy shrimp boudin.

  • This trip, Guy Fieri is going across the Pacific without ever leaving the states for a full hour of amazing Asian cuisine. From Korean to Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and killer Asian fusion, get ready to dig into a mouthwatering adventure.

  • This trip, Guy Fieri is cruising from Texas to Michigan to dive into some gangster grub. In San Antonio, Texas, he stops at a real-deal Mexican bakery going old school with their sandwich sourdough and tequila croissants. Then, he is doubling up in Lansing, Michigan, with two off-the-hook joints puttin' out dynamite dishes.

  • This trip, Guy Fieri is going from coast to coast and to the Great Lakes to dig up some dynamite dishes. In Los Angeles, California, there is a Mexican joint in Grand Central Market serving outrageous octopus tostadas and their lights-out spin on a burger. Then, in Norfolk, Virginia, Guy visits a bistro turning out grown-up, gourmet grilled cheese. Plus, don't miss a righteous stop in Lansing, Michigan, doing it up right.

  • From Florida to California, Southwest to Midwest, diving into everything from tacos, tamales and tortas to al pastor and pozole; fiery burritos, seafood sensations, tortillas, and regional specialties straight out of the Yucatan.

  • Ramen and beer can chicken in Maui; in Los Angeles, a food truck puts a twist on fish and chips; a downtown barbecue spot smokes up the belly and fries up the chicken.

  • Eclectic eats in Los Angeles; In Norfolk, a market and restaurant with Mexican specialties; a farm-to-table food truck in Maui, Hawaii serves up all kinds of global greats.

  • In Norfolk, a two-for-one spot where a butcher stacks sandwiches by day and a chef fire up ramen and sticky wings at night; a German-Swiss joint in the middle of Maui, Hawaii serves rouladen and old-fashioned apple strudel.

  • In Palm Desert, California, a cafe dishes out a rib melt and breakfast tarts; in Maui, Hawaii, a funky gluten-free spot makes full-flavored pizza and fish and chips; in Virginia Beach, a crazy Caribbean joint serves up jerk pork and mama's beef stew.

  • In Palm Springs, a barbecue joint piles up the meats; in Norfolk, a wing spot goes big with their buffalo and kills it with their Cajun; in Maui, a place dishes out lobster grilled cheese followed by a shaved ice specialty.

  • Mick Fleetwood's joint serves the rocker's mom's favorite chicken; a Hawaiian-Thai food truck stuffs their wings and fries their ribs; in Palm Springs, a hot-dog spot goes meatless with their chili dog; a twist on chicken and waffles.

  • Meeting with chefs taking center stage in the kitchen; from a D.C. deli, to breakfast in Baltimore, to Creole in Los Angeles, biscuits in Atlanta and a pork-lover's paradise in Portland, Ore.; pizza in Minneapolis and a crazy joint in Charlotte, N.C.

  • Guy bellies up for some big-time meaty masterpieces across the country. From the bomb beef and killer barbecue to stacked-up sandwiches and smokin' sausage, these hearty helpings are enough to satisfy any carnivore craving.

  • This trip, Guy Fieri's digging into a righteous mash-up of flavors. In Orlando, Joey Fatone is riding shotgun to a potato-centric palace, plus a trip to his very own hot dog hangout. And in Palm Springs, Cal., the destination is short ribs.

  • This trip, Guy Fieri's digging into traditions from many different cultures. In Houston, a Mexican joint cooking up authentic tortillas and tacos. In Orlando, Fla., a funky spot serving off-the-hook Puerto Rican specialties. Plus, a Jewish deli-on-wheels puttin' out peak pastrami and legit lox.

  • Guy has an all-female lineup on his agenda that's rockin' the house in Houston and Orlando.

  • This trip, Guy Fieri's parkin' at joints that are offering big flavor in little towns.

  • Guy Fieri's grabbin' gangster global grub in Houston and in Cancun, Mexico.

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