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  • 2009
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Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is a Food Network show hosted by Guy Fieri since 2006. This show combines food, traveling, and fun. Guy travels all around the country in his red Camaro convertible, looking for the best diners, drive-ins, and dive bars where he can find the most delicious and unique dishes.

Guy is passionate about food and believes that true American cuisine can only be found in these roadside joints. He meets with the owners and chefs of these places and shares their stories with his viewers, describing the history of the business, the inspiration behind the dishes, and techniques used to create them. He also gets involved in the preparation of the meals, showing viewers the skills and processes of the chefs.

The show features a wide range of American cuisine. From hearty burgers and fries to spicy chili bowls and sweet milkshakes, the show has something for everyone. The featured restaurants range in size, style, and location, from tiny mom-and-pop shops to modern city restaurants. Guy presents the food in large portions and always insists on trying every dish in the menu, giving his honest and enthusiastic critique.

In addition to learning about the food, viewers also get a chance to see the different locations that Guy visits. He meets with the locals, explores the neighborhoods, and learns about the culture of each town he visits. As a result, the show is not only about food but also about travel and adventure.

Over the years, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives has become a popular show, winning awards and nominations in various categories. Moreover, Guy Fieri has become a beloved celebrity, thanks to his larger-than-life personality and his signature spiked hair and goatee. He has spawned a merchandise line, a restaurant franchise, and even his own line of wines.

Watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Online is an excellent option for viewers who want to catch up on the show's episodes or watch it after it ends. The show continues to air new episodes even after sixteen seasons, so there is always something new to discover. Whether you are a foodie, a traveler, or a fan of Guy Fieri, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is a must-see show that will entertain and inspire you.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is a series that is currently running and has 2023 seasons (1168 episodes). The series first aired on December 7, 2009.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
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Flavor Explosion
27. Flavor Explosion
December 8, 2023
Guy Fieri's diving into a flavor overload! In Mobile, Ala., a rockin' food truck is dishing out next-level tacos, while in Alberta, Canada, an Indian joint is serving up savory street food with flair. Then in Los Angeles, a vegan oasis brings their spin to bangin' Bolognese and an elevated lion's mane pizza.
Wrapped, Pied & Fried
26. Wrapped, Pied & Fried
November 17, 2023
This trip, Guy Fieri's having it wrapped, pied and fried. In Mobile, Ala., a funky Latin joint is serving craveable carnitas and a surf-and-turf burrito. In Cody, Wyo., a pizza cart is firing up elevated Margherita and Thai Chicken pies. Then in Omaha, Neb., it's the-bomb brisket sandwich and duck confit fries.
Meaty to Meatless
25. Meaty to Meatless
November 10, 2023
Guy Fieri's digging into dishes with and without meat. In Mobile, AL, there's righteous rabbit, while in Omaha, NE, a vegan joint brings a meatless spin to fried chicken. Then in Stamford, CT, Guy and sportscaster Dan Patrick chow down on gangster Greek.
24. Sandwich-Fest
October 27, 2023
This trip, Guy Fieri's checking out how stellar sandwiches stack up. In Omaha, Nebraska, there's elevated meatloaf and a creative chicken trifecta. Then, in Daphne, Alabama, Guy digs into a dynamite dip and delicious fall-off-the-bone pork, while in Stamford, Connecticut, a real deal deli is putting out the bomb belly bao and a righteous Reuben.
East, South, West
23. East, South, West
October 20, 2023
This trip, Guy Fieri's going all over the country for some prime-time pit stops. In Mobile, Ala., a farm-to-table joint is cooking up killer crawfish étouffée and chicken-fried quail. In Greenwich, Conn., a pizza joint is putting out real deal pie and off-the-hook Philly cheesesteaks. Then in Cody, Wyo., a Middle Eastern-Mediterranean spot is serving up stellar sandwiches and a lights-out lamb flatbread.
From Chicken to Noodles
22. From Chicken to Noodles
October 13, 2023
Guy Fieri road trips across America to check out classic greasy spoons. With a new generation of owners and delicious homemade food, these are the kind of places that make America special.
Champion Chefs
21. Champion Chefs
September 15, 2023
Guy Fieri's visiting restaurants owned by familiar Food Network faces. In Studio City, CA, Chef Antonia Lofaso is cooking up out-of-this-world global flavors, and in Rapid City, SD, Chef Justin Warner is serving up righteous ramen and dynamite dumplings.
Variety of Flavor
20. Variety of Flavor
September 8, 2023
Guy Fieri's hittin' up joints crushin' all kinds of flavor. There's a Malaysian oasis in Cincinnati and a Salvadorian spot in Port Chester, NY, each serving their real deal cultural specialties. Plus, a bus in Omaha goes Detroit-style with their pizza.
From Chicken to Caribbean
19. From Chicken to Caribbean
September 1, 2023
Guy Fieri's flyin' from the-bomb bird to island inspiration. A chicken-centric Omaha spot serves it fried with pancakes, a hidden gem in Cincinnati fires up real deal Caribbean and an eclectic spot in Redmond, OR, makes over-the-top chicken and dumplings.
Tasty Time Travel
18. Tasty Time Travel
August 25, 2023
Guy Fieri's headed on some tasty trips back in time, starting with an old schoolhouse in Ohio that has a comfort food curriculum. A former church in Redmond, OR, puts out heavenly pizza, and a retro joint in Stamford, CT, dishes out diner classics.
17. Dumpling-icious
August 18, 2023
Guy Fieri's diving into dumplings from around the world. A Japanese joint in Cincinnati fires up meaty gyozas, while a Nepalese spot in Oregon showcases their traditional fare. In Los Angeles, a Lebanese-Armenian oasis puts out a dumpling dish.
Stuffed, Sandwiched and Souped
16. Stuffed, Sandwiched and Souped
August 4, 2023
This trip, Guy Fieri's getting stuffed and sandwiched. In Los Angeles, a taco truck goes big with the birria, while in Bend, Oregon, it's Polish-palooza with lights-out pierogis. Then in Milford, Ohio, an elevated diner is spicing up their chicken sandwich.
Top-Notch Toppings
15. Top-Notch Toppings
July 28, 2023
Guy Fieri is getting into dishes with outrageous toppings. A smokin' place in Cincinnati is heaping up the city's iconic chili, a vegan joint in Bend, Oregon, is getting creative with tostadas, and a pizza stop in Venice, California, is frying up their pie.
Sloppy, Saucy and Stuffed
14. Sloppy, Saucy and Stuffed
July 7, 2023
Guy Fieri road trips across America to check out classic greasy spoons. With a new generation of owners and delicious homemade food, these are the kind of places that make America special.
Down South & South of the Border
13. Down South & South of the Border
May 19, 2023
Guy Fieri's grabbing Southern flavor and south-of-the-border style with a spin. There's standout seafood at an old ice cream shop in Tybee Island, Georgia, and culinary comfort food in Savannah. Then in Boise, Idaho, a taco spot gets creative with their carnitas.
Seafood, Spice & Soul
12. Seafood, Spice & Soul
April 28, 2023
This trip, Guy Fieri's grabbing seaside snacks, global spice and Southern soul. On Tybee Island, Ga., a beachy joint is going gourmet with their hot dogs and fresh seafood, while in Savannah, a real deal soul food spot is rolling out an oxtail twist and down-home peach cobbler. Then in Boise, Idaho, a café run by sisters is serving up a taste of Afghanistan with a heartwarming mission.
11. Pick-Me-Ups
April 14, 2023
This trip, Guy Fieri's picking up handfuls of flavor. In Boise, Idaho, an empanada emporium and a stick-to-your-ribs spot are both servin' up off-the-hook sandwiches. Then, a funky joint in Savannah is puttin' out real deal wood-fired pizza and bagels.
Triple D Nation: All Sorts of Sandwiches
10. Triple D Nation: All Sorts of Sandwiches
April 7, 2023
Guy Fieri's eating all sorts of sandwiches, starting in Boise, Idaho, where an old school drive-in is deep-dunking their Monte Cristos. In Atlantic City, patties are all wrapped up in pizza dough, and a Vegas joint is stuffing East Coast-inspired eats.
A World of Meat
9. A World of Meat
March 31, 2023
Guy Fieri's digging into meaty mashups, starting in Boise, Idaho, where a Russian joint is servin' lights-out lamb, and a Pakistani spot is cooking flavorful goat. In Ocala, FL, a barbecue pro is puttin' his spin on brisket mac and cheese-stuffed sausage.
Mexican, Mediterranean and Mofongo
8. Mexican, Mediterranean and Mofongo
March 24, 2023
This trip, Guy Fieri's grabbing an international playlist of flavor. In Coral Springs, Florida, a funky spot is putting their Mediterranean spin on lamb burgers and fried shrimp. In West Palm Beach, Florida, a local gem is dishing out prime Puerto Rican specialties. In Las Vegas, a real deal Mexican joint is serving up the-bomb birria tacos, magnificent mole and a wild take on the margarita.
Meat and Sweet
7. Meat and Sweet
March 17, 2023
This trip, Guy Fieri's pilin' up the meat along with a little sweet. In Santa Barbara, California, a hidden gem is puttin' out funky fusion like fried chicken bao buns and Korean paella. In Boynton Beach, Florida, a bomb butcher is creating elevated porchetta and scratch-made hot dogs. In Boca Raton, Florida, a food truck is stacking up a carnivore's dream and cooking brownie cheesecake right into a jar.
Meat and Heat
6. Meat and Heat
March 10, 2023
Guy Fieri hits the road to dig into the meat and catch some heat. There's a tucked-away panini paradise in Chehalis, Wash., and a funky Korean spot in Brentwood, Tenn., gettin' spicy with their chicken and bulgogi. Plus, in Houston, a barbecue joint throwin' some Tex-Mex into the mix with their brisket tacos and jalapeno sausage.
Chicken and Ribs
5. Chicken and Ribs
March 3, 2023
Guy Fieri's flying with chicken and so much more; in Santa Barbara, Calif., a butcher is saucing up chicken tacos; in Delray Beach, Fla., an homage to Mom includes a mouthwatering pasta; in Las Vegas, a chef is going over the top with Thai creations.
All-Over Flavor
4. All-Over Flavor
February 17, 2023
In California, Guy takes Marc Summers to check out fried rice in a bowl and burrito; then, he's off to Vegas with Hunter for real deal Jamaican and to Florida for lobster meatballs and pork cheek empanadas.
Interesting Italian
3. Interesting Italian
January 27, 2023
This trip, Guy Fieri's diggin' into all kinds of Italian. In Santa Barbara, Calif., Dennis Miller is riding shotgun for a taste of prime-time pizza and amazing arancini. In Las Vegas, a vegan joint is puttin' their spin on an Italian "meat" sandwich, plus a funky pizzeria is stuffing chicken parm into a spectacular stromboli.
Smoker, Stove & Stewer
2. Smoker, Stove & Stewer
January 13, 2023
This trip, Guy Fieri's checkin' out all kinds of culinary. In Las Vegas, a BBQ food truck is smokin' up monster sandwiches, and in Santa Barbara, Calif., a comfort spot is putting out primo pot pie and shrimp curry. Plus, a Mediterranean joint is knockin' it out of the park with beef skewers and tandoori chicken.
West Coast Wonders
1. West Coast Wonders
January 6, 2023
This trip, Guy Fieri's cruisin' California for some West Coast wonders. In Healdsburg, a rooftop oasis is firing up pork belly pizza and creating a charcuterie cornucopia. In San Diego, a funky joint is dishing out a real deal taste of New Orleans, and a scratch breakfast/lunch spot is going over-the-top with sweet and savory.
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