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The Pioneer Woman is a newly created cooking show airing exclusively on The Food Network on Saturday mornings (local times vary). Ree Drummond is a long-time blogger and newly-turned TV star. Her blog features life on her family's cattle ranch in Oklahoma where she cooks "cowboy approved" meals and hones her photography skills.

The TV show is filmed at Ree's family home so viewers get to experience exactly where she lives and they get to meet her four children, her husband "Marlboro Man", and various friends, family, and ranch staff. Down to earth and always smiling, Ree loves to play practical jokes on her teenage children before she scoots back to the kitchen to make hearty lunches and smorgasbord dinners.

While Ree lives on a cattle ranch, her food isn't focused around beef. She produces a good balance of meals that are suitable for every palate so long as they all have on thing in common: viewers must like butter. She prepares meats in various ways, from grilling to frying to broiling. She whips up anything from delectable sauces, colorful salads, and adult drinks (with a version for kids on the side).

If she isn't preparing meals for her immediate family, Ree is spreading the love through her small ranching town with candy and baked goods. The show follows her out on her errands where she hands out baskets of cinnamon rolls at Christmastime and collections of homemade candy on Valentine's Day. The weekly church potluck brings out more of Ree's "feed the crowd" cooking, where she's always ready to serve a steaming casserole.

If viewers are craving the feel-good comfort food of their childhood, The Pioneer Woman is the show for them. Ree can put together a meal fit for a dusty field hand while maintaining her former city-girl roots by creating an elegant dinner party for a group of her best girlfriends.

Saturday 11:30 AM et/pt on Food Network
15 Seasons, 214 Episodes
August 27, 2011
Reality, How To, Family
Cast: Ree Drummond, Ladd Drummond, Bryce Drummond, Paige Drummond
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The Pioneer Woman Full Episode Guide

  • Ree Drummond shares four favorite 16-minute standby meals. First, Thai beef with peppers and a quick and easy roasted red pepper pasta, both starring pantry staples. Then she cooks fast and light with hummus wraps and apple peanut butter delights.

  • A collection of summertime recipes from over the years; a shortcut ice cream pie with easy caramel sauce; a panzanella makes a go-to summer salad; gazpacho with juicy shrimp; turning juicy berries into strawberry salsa for grilled chicken tacos.

  • Ree cooks up fabulous ranch-style Tex Mex, including Cheese Enchiladas.

  • Ladd and his dad feed cattle on the ranch, while telling tales about the old days and looking forward to a slap-up cowboy spread fixed by Ree Drummond, who mixes up a fabulous PW Steak Rub to sprinkle over tender Breakfast Steaks. Then, on the side, there's cheesy Breakfast Grits with bacon and spicy jalapenos. There's also a pan of sticky sweetness in the form of Ree's mom's classic Apple Dumplings.

  • It's Ree against her own restaurant, out to conquer Ladd's breakfast heart. She fixes his favorite slap-up platter, the Farmer's Breakfast, with over-easy fried eggs, a slab of honey-glazed ham, fried sausage and bacon, plus Crispy Bits Potatoes. The whole meal becomes more alluring with glorious Sticky Buns.

  • Ree Drummond is enhancing four mundane, store-bought ingredients. She's transforming a ready-made angel food cake into a stunning Baked Alaska, then she's taking a package of cookie dough and conjuring up Fruit Tarts. Ree's changing up a round white loaf into Roasted Garlic Four Cheese Pull-Apart Bread, and finally some humble can of tomato soup becomes beyond-good Tomato Soup 2.0.

  • Ree Drummond is cleaning out her refrigerator and using up food that's on its way out. She's making milk and cream into a wonderful Lemon Rice Pudding with leftover lemons, while the produce drawer is changed into a cool, delicious Fridge Gazpacho. Then, there's a red Tex Mex marinade and an herby green marinade to transform chicken breasts into grilled Tex Mex Chicken and Chicken Alfredo.

  • Ree Drummond is trying out scrumptious ideas for kitchen hacks to improve her breakfast game. There's a shortcut to heaven with Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Pancakes. She's trying new things with a crazy Omelet in a Bag and pulling out the waffle iron for cheesy hacked Wafflemaker Hash Browns.

  • Ree Drummond's stalking the fridge with her children's favorite foods while they're all lending a hand at the Merc. First, there's Paige's quiche with her favorite fillings. Then, a broccoli cheese mac and cheese mash-up as requested by Bryce.

  • It's time for dinners in Ree Drummond's 16-minute frontier fast lane. First up are quick shrimp tacos with slaw and fixings, followed by pork chops with wine and garlic and a side of zesty, lemony green beans. In addition: a recipe for pepperoni chicken.

  • Ree Drummond fixes up spicy food. Featuring: Kung Pao Chicken; Sriracha popcorn; a modernized queso dip her boys adore; spicy Cowgirl Coffee; and her father-in-law Chuck's most-loved shrimp recipe.

  • A welcoming lunch features chunky beef chili, a real cowboy favorite pumped up with two types of beef. Also: the cheesiest quesadilla; and individual caramel cakes.

  • Recipes featured are an easy chicken and dressing sheet pan dinner; lemon, basil and shrimp risotto in a skillet; the simplest ramen pho; and a layered portable Greek salad in a jar.

  • Spring has arrived and Ree Drummond's prepping seasonal Glazed Baked Ham for a Sunday brunch.

  • Different kinds of eggs for breakfast. Featuring: a spicy version of the classic steak and eggs Benedict with hot hollandaise; the greatest scrambled eggs ever; cornmeal pancakes with blueberry syrup; eggs in tomatoes and spicy eggs on toast; egg-in-a-hole.

  • Family favorite 16-minute meals; chicken mozzarella pasta; cowboy chopped salad; french bread pizzas with six different toppings; beef with snow peas stir-fry.

  • Ree Drummond's heading to town, but dinner's all ready to go when she arrives home! There's a fabulous Shepherd's Pie made from a hearty Beef Stew with Beer and Paprika, covered in a thick layer of Horseradish Mashed Potatoes. To serve on the side, there's a kit for Roasted Carrots with Vinaigrette, and for an after dinner treat, a stunning Raspberry Cream Pie.

  • Ree prepares three to-go lunches. Spotlighting: beef noodle salad bowls with peanut sauce; a cowboy bento box packed with chicken wings in homemade BBQ sauce, creamy lemon basil potato salad, and apple-and-celery slaw; and a portable kale pasta Mason jar salad.

  • Classic comfort food meals. Featuring: tuna-noodle casserole; meatballs in sweet and sour sauce; glazed apple dumplings; and cheesy Welsh rarebit.

  • A fresh cowboy on the ranch is welcomed with a frontier-style super kit of his most-loved food. Featuring: hearty short rib sandwiches; roasted butternut squash salad; salted caramel frosted brownies; and a vile of sweet tea lemonade.

  • Ree fixes recipes for the chocolate connoisseurs in her life. Featuring: triple chocolate tiramisu; chocolate-butterscotch-caramel bars; and crispy chocolate dippers for a crazy chocolate shake.

  • Three make-in-advance dinners are put together by Ree as she shares the tale of opening day at her store, the Mercantile. Featuring: butternut mac and cheese; Tuscan bean soup; and to-go chili packets for chili dogs, chili nachos and chili cheeseburgers.

  • Ree's menu for game night features some crazy, fun suggestions. She shows recipes for pull-apart pizza rolls; over-the-top Hawaiian burgers piled high with grilled pineapple; taco quesadillas; and husky bark, which is inspired by their team colors.

  • Less-known cuts of beef are used to make four scrumptious dishes. Featuring: stew served with buttery parsley-lemon noodles; Teriyaki beef stir fry; meat pies; and grilled beef salad.

  • Quality mother-son time incorporates fixing beef fajita nachos; slow cooker white chicken chili; orange-vanilla monkey bread; as well as a meat-and-potato scramble.

  • Four good-for-you 16-minute dishes are prepared. Recipes consist of chicken Parmesan; Asian noodle salad; taco skillet; fried pork chops with white beans and spinach.

  • Ree reveals her favorite five ways to use puffed pastry. Included: cheese straws; sausage Parmesan palmiers; beef potpies; a quartet of puff pastry pizza ideas; and marvelous mille-feuille.

  • Suggestions for Christmas cooking. Featuring: grilled chicken skewers; fig and goat cheese bruschetta; no-cook cheesy mini peppers; chocolate candy cane cookies; Yorkshire pudding; mulled apple cider.

  • Prepare-ahead portable canapes are on the menu when Ree Drummond hosts a cocktail party. Featuring: Asian beef skewers; retro ham salad in endive cups; simple salami roll-ups; a no-cook crudite platter; and tiny tomato tarts. In addition: decadent black and white brownies; chewy caramel-nut truffles; and a Pawhuska Prohibition punch.

  • A frontier-style Friendsgiving party with Ree Drummond's two best friends. Recipes feature turkey roulade rolled around sausage stuffing; a leek-and-potato casserole; roasted Brussels sprouts and kale; boozy gravy; festive goat cheese; and a pomegranate champagne cocktail.

  • Lunch is prepared for Ree's husband and his dad, who are taking apart a historic old cattle feed storehouse on the ranch. The menu features juicy steak and eggs Benedict piled high onto garlic-butter English muffins and smothered in a spicy Hollandaise sauce. There's also Chuck's cherry limeade and pineapple upside-down cake.

  • It's a sweet feast including a bunch of mind-blowing crazy treats for Ree Drummond's latest blog post. There's Super S'mores and stunning Marbled Dipped Apples that are a culinary work of art. Next, Ree's lifting the bar with Deep-Fried Cheesecake Bites with Strawberry Sauce, then toasting the scrumptious line-up in amazing Hard Candy Shot Glasses topped off with fizz.

  • Spotlighting freezer cooking FAQs. Included: one dough to use for both chocolate chip cookies and cherry-and-lime dessert. Also: recipes for butternut squash soup; spicy chicken spaghetti; and a roasted tomatillo sauce.

  • Ree Drummond yearns for cowboy approval for her meals on her deli menu. Test recipes include rival chicken-fried steaks topped with creamy gravy; classic biscuits vs. bacon-and-onion biscuits; and two versions of chocolate pie.

  • A mash-up theme includes chicken enchilasagna for supper; a mix of zucchini bread waffles with cream cheese syrup for breakfast; potato chip with chocolate chips cookies; and a cheeseburger salad.

  • Ree fixes dinner with her spouse. On the menu: jumbo fried shrimp with an easy cocktail sauce; golden, spicy curly fries; a quick grilled corn casserole; and Mexican chocolate sundaes topped with cinnamon hot fudge sauce.

  • Ree's family is throwing a joint birthday bash, so she's cooking up Spicy Pulled Pork Sliders, make-ahead Slow Cooker Baked Beans and a three-layer Confetti Cake for dessert.

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