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Todd Chrisley is best described as a self-made millionaire who appears to have an awesome life. Living with Julie, his wife, and five children in Atlanta, Chrisley runs life with a fist made out of iron and is patriarch of perfection. Whether it's family or his business, life is run by micromanagement. Every move made by staff and family members is known about.

From the outside, the Chrisleys live a fairy-tale life, yet they deal with the same old, everyday drama and issues that the average family in America deals with. Money does not buy happiness. Matriarch Julie, Miss Carolina and daughter of a Baptist minister is Todd's business partner. The children include Lindsie, who dramatically butts heads with the father on a regular basis the son Kyle, who, after choosing to be with a married woman, was sent out on his own to Samoa and Savannah the teenage pageant queen with bigger than life dreams and working towards the next Miss Georgia title.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on USA
5 Seasons, 94 Episodes
February 18, 2014
Comedy, Reality
Cast: Chase Chrisley, Julie Chrisley, Todd Chrisley, Savannah Chrisley
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Chrisley Knows Best Full Episode Guide

  • Overwhelmed with all the guests visiting for the weekend, Todd has difficulty getting into the Christmas spirit.

  • The Chrisley family welcomes viewers into their home while they reminisce about their favorite moments of the season.

  • The Chrisleys head to Florida for Savannah's fashion line launch at HSN; Todd and Julie help Savannah overcome her on-air jitters; Nanny gets Chase in trouble at a casino.

  • Chase and Savannah get more than they bargain for when they give Todd and Julie the weekend off parental duties. With their free time, Todd and Julie rekindle their romance.

  • Todd is determined to win when the Rawlings come to town to compete in local family fun day. And Chase and Savannah help Grayson prepare a pitch for his new YouTube channel.

  • Julie and Faye battle over who will host the Chrisley family Thanksgiving dinner. Meanwhile, Todd struggles to find a cure for his insomnia.

  • When Todd upsets Faye she threatens to move back to Atlanta. Meanwhile, Julie struggles to get Grayson ready to start his new school.

  • Julie bites off more than she can chew when she agrees to make desserts for a food truck event. Meanwhile, Grayson gets a lesson from Todd about what it means to be truly sorry.

  • Grayson's dream to visit Universal Orlando's Volcano Bay is in jeopardy when his parents work gets in the way.

  • Todd offers to watch a house full of children; Julie struggles to let loose during a girls' weekend.

  • Todd takes over Chase's 21st birthday plans in order to have some father and son bonding time; Julie tries to prepare Grayson for football tryouts.

  • Todd and Savannah butt heads while planning a fashion show for charity. Meanwhile, Chase helps Nanny Faye apply for a job as a Segway tour guide to win a bet with Todd.

  • The Chrisley's take it to the gutter with a family bowling tournament. And while Julie waits to hear if her cancer is in remission, the family plans a surprise for her.

  • When Savannah decides to drop out of college Todd hatches a plan to get her back in class. Meanwhile Nanny Faye works overtime to pull an epic prank on Todd.

  • When Todd offers to be a chauffeur for Faye and her sister Francis, he gets more than he bargained for. Meanwhile, Julie opens a boutique real-estate office, but things go awry when she offers to sell Savannah's house.

  • When Todd refuses to celebrate anyone but Faye on Mother's Day, Julie and Lindsie make their own plans. Meanwhile, Todd must babysit Jackson but struggles with Lindsie's parenting techniques.

  • Todd and Julie are at odds when Grayson is invited to his first tween dance. Meanwhile, Savannah's new car leads Todd to put her and Nanny Faye's driving skills to the test.

  • After a recent break-up, Savannah decides to re-enter the dating world again and Todd and Julie compete to find her perfect match. Grayson enters a creative cookie contest.

  • Todd and Julie's wish for a relaxing weekend together fails to come true. And when Chase has Grayson over for some brotherly bonding, they end up clashing.

  • Everyone pitches in when Savannah struggles with a project for her clothing line. After receiving an ultimatum from Todd, Chase must manage his dog Lilo's behavior.

  • Chase accepts Todd's challenge to market the juice bar, but quickly realizes it's going to be harder than he thought. Meanwhile, Todd and Julie are concerned about Savannah, who's healing after a bad car wreck.

  • Todd thinks assuming Julie's housework while she recovers from surgery will be a cinch, but running the home isn't as easy as it looks. And Chase schemes with Nanny Faye to get Todd to accept his dog, Lilo.

  • Savannah decides to manage Todd's singing career for a school project and incidentally frees his inner diva. Chase struggles to throw a dinner for the family to prove he can out do Savannah.

  • Nanny Faye joins the world of online dating, but when Todd finds out he appoints himself her chaperone.

  • The Chrisleys enter a Halloween decorating contest, but when Todd goes too far, Julie loses her patience. Lindsie opens up to the family about her relationship with Will.

  • In an effort to teach his children an important lesson, Todd signs the family up with a local charity.

  • Todd offers to help Savannah buy a home, but realizes there may be too many strings attached; Grayson's monthly phone bill gets him into trouble.

  • When Todd moves his mother to Nashville, her stuff begins to clutter his pristine home; Chase insists that his dad take a lie detector test after he finds out his father's penchant for lying.

  • Todd and Savannah are both chosen to be part of a magazine's "25 Most Beautiful People of Nashville" issue; Julie assists Chase with his preparation for his real estate exam.

  • The family heads to Sin City to support Savannah in the Miss Teen USA Beauty Pageant; Chase is left to keep tabs on Nanny Faye.

  • Todd takes the family to a rustic resort for the Fourth of July, but becomes the brunt of the jokes because of his outdoor skills; Chase and Parker become the course of major fireworks.

  • Chase and Parker take on a house-flipping project, but their plan goes awry; Julie hangs out with Savannah when Todd's friend and prankster-in-crime, Bill, visits.

  • Things go south when Todd directs a commercial for the Juice Bar. Julie and BFF Lea explore vaginal rejuvenation procedures.

  • After two years of no communication, Julie and Lindsie decide it's time for Todd to make amends with Jackson's father, Will. Grayson seeks dating advice from Savannah when he has his first crush.

  • Todd forces his entire family to plan his funeral. Savannah fails to keep up with her pageant queen duties.

  • Lindsie challenges Todd and Julie to improve their health. When Chase gets his wisdom teeth removed, Todd takes advantage of his altered state of mind.

  • Todd ignores Julie's request and brings the family on their 20th anniversary trip to Hawaii anyway. Savannah and Lindsie are charged with watching Nanny Faye.

  • Todd focuses on a special song for Julies's birthday; Todd manipulates Julie into planning her own surprise party; Todd seeks Savannah's help.

  • As a consequence for taking their responsibilities too lightly, Todd sends Chase and Savannah to a goat farm to learn the value of hard work. But the siblings' inability to work together prompts the owners to take action.

  • Todd provides the juice bar employees with a team-building exercise; Savannah and Chase clash; Faye encounters a health scare.

  • When Todd and Julie head to Los Angeles for a liposuction procedure, they leave Chase in charge, but he goes too far with his newfound power.

  • It's time for the juice bar's grand opening; Chase has some fun; Faye tries to collect on a bet.

  • As the family settles into their new Nashville home, Todd incidentally violates Savannah's independence. With some help from Chase, Savannah hatches a plan to remind her father she's grown up.

  • Savannah plans a farewell weekend for Grayson and his friends to improve his spirits; Chase teams up with his best friend in a scheme.

  • Todd finds out Faye got injured during a gambling adventure, and insists she recover at his house; Julie encourages Grayson to take piano lessons.

  • Chase lands an internship at a local television station; Faye and Julie learn a new language.

  • When Savannah returns home for Jackson's third birthday, she has a puppy in tow, infuriating Todd. Chase attempts to bond with his dad for his own financial gain.

  • Chase gets a tattoo, but think's he should get it removed; Savannah is failing her college Bible class.

  • In the fourth season premiere, Todd feels guilty for missing Savannah's crowning moment as Miss Tennessee Teen USA.

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