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The television series entitled La Femme Nikita is Canadian television series with an action/drama genre. The series is based on a film that was created by Luc Besson entitled Nikita. The television series was first released in North America under USA Network, a cable channel. The series ran for five seasons before it was axed. However, in Canada, the show was shown over the air under the CTV television Network.

During the first two seasons, the series ranked as one of the most watched drama series in the criteria of basic cable television shows. To this day, La Femme Nikita is still being distributed worldwide and has fairly strong and loyal cult following.

There are some notable differences between the film and the television series. In the film originally done by Luc Besson, Nikita was portrayed as a drug addict and a juvenile delinquent who was framed of killing a policeman in cold blood while attempting to rob a pharmacy. She was then apprehended and sentenced to die through the means of lethal injection. However, the government secretly drugged her instead of a lethal injection thus faking her death. Nikita was then became a recruit by a secret government organization to become a highly trained lethal assassin.

In the television series, Nikita was innocent. Not a drug addict or a juvenile delinquent. She was just a homeless woman who happens to be at the scene of the crime when a pharmacy robbery took place. She was sentenced to death. However, she supposedly committed suicide and was brought in by secret organization. She had to become a Recruit. Otherwise, they would have let her die in the table.

Nikita then escapes the secret organization with the ultimate intention of bringing it down to the ground one mission at a time. She also gets help from the inside and recruits other helpful characters as the series progresses. The secret organization is also trying to hunt her down. During the series, it is a blur who truly is the hunter and who is the hunted.

La Femme Nikita is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (96 episodes). The series first aired on January 13, 1997.

La Femme Nikita is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch La Femme Nikita on demand atAmazon, Vudu, The Roku Channel Free, Google Play, iTunes online.

5 Seasons, 96 Episodes
January 13, 1997
Drama, Action & Adventure, Crime
Cast: Peta Wilson, Roy Dupuis, Matthew Ferguson, Don Francks, Eugene Robert Glazer
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La Femme Nikita Full Episode Guide

  • The fate of Section is determined.

  • Michael finally returns to Section to help them defeat the Collective with the information he's gathered.

  • Operations' plane is shot down by the Collective, and Nikita is sent to rescue him. Meanwhile, both Section and the Collective try to figure out whose side Michael is on.

  • Nikita comes face to face with the true leader of the Centre - none other than her own father.

  • Nikita lures Mr. Jones into the field for a mission to wrest some answers from him about why she was brought into Section.

  • Operations discovers the Collective has infiltrated Section's mainframe in a bid to locate and kidnap Michael's son Adam. The agent asks Nikita for help returning to Section One - but Jones is suspicious of his intentions.

  • Nikita's relationship with Mr. Jones puts her in deadly danger as Operations takes drastic measures to secure his own position in the hierarchy. Having survived an attempt on her life, Nikita puts her job on the line to find her arch-enemy before the Collective get hold of him.

  • Nikita thinks her days in the field are over, but when her prior experience is determined to be invaluable to a new mission, Mr. Jones (Carlo Rota) sends her on the assignment.

  • Operations finally tracks down Michael and Nikita, and is about to have them canceled when Mr. Jones makes an unexpected visit to Section.

  • After her escape from Section, an incognito Nikita returns to try to persuade Michael to join her on the outside.

  • Nikita escapes from Section One, and Michael makes a shocking discovery about who helped her.

  • When Nikita (Peta Wilson) is injured during a mission, she is captured and held hostage by a twisted man who wants to add her to his living-artifacts collection.

  • When Red Cell and Section bases are destroyed, the enemies exchange operatives, Section volunteering Madeline (Alberta Watson), and work together to find the perpetrator.

  • Nikita and Michael (Peta Wilson, Roy Dupuis) are sent to a small town in New Hampshire to retrieve one of their own fallen satellites, and they find the town to be perfect---too perfect.

  • Birkoff's artificial-intelligence project threatens to destroy Section One when the computer creation begins thinking--and acting-autonomously.

  • When Birkoff claims to have discovered the location of the Red Cell leader, George and Operations clash over what course of action to take.

  • Madeline (Alberta Watson) interrogates a prisoner she believes is Leon, Red Cell's chief strategist, but her passionate admiration of her adversary clouds her judgment.

  • ichael and Nikita are assigned the mission of training a group of young recruits.

  • Section One recruit a boy with telekinetic powers to retrieve a stolen package, but have trouble ensuring his paranormal abilities are kept under their control.

  • George sends a biotech team to evaluate Section One's best operatives, but his directive turns out to be more ominous.

  • The government assassin is recruited to join a pilot programme which allows her to leave Section One - but fears it is because she knows so much she needs to be killed.

  • Michael and Nikita are assigned a personal mission to rescue war veteran Willie Kane, who has fallen on hard times since being hailed a hero for saving Operations from death in Vietnam.

  • Conclusion. Michael and Nikita must figure out how to deal with Madeline and Operations' order for Nikita to marry a wealthy jet-setter (Maxwell Caulfield) with ties to Red Cell.

  • Part 1 of two. Michael and Nikita pose as drug-dealers to get to a wealthy jet-setter (Maxwell Caulfield) with ties to Red Cell, and when the man proposes marriage to Nikita---Operations and Madeline make her accept.

  • Michael (Roy Dupuis) receives instructions from Adrian on how to restore Nikita, but he must find a way to carry them out as well as his missions, which were ordered by Operations.

  • Michael enlists the help of Section founder Adrian (Sian Phillips) to help capture and restore Nikita's memory. Meanwhile, Madeline and Operations plot how to get to Michael.

  • ichael has gone "rogue" after the decision was made to "cancel" him---and Nikita is given the "cancellation orders." Meanwhile, Adrian (Sian Phillips) reappears.

  • Michael searches for the source of Nikita's personality changes after her mission to rescue an operative from an Eastern European embassy results in several deaths.