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Psych is an American television comedy-drama aired on the USA Network. It made its debut on Friday, July 7, 2006. Primary filming of the show takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Viewers with a keen eye may notice that in every episode a pineapple appears in frame.

The title of the show refers to the character Shawn Spencer. His is not psychic; he simply has an astonishing capability of noting very small details often missed by investigators at a crime scene. His talent is so impressive that the police, somewhat grudgingly, seek out his assistance with tough cases.

Along for the ride is Shawn's straight arrow best friend, Gus. Gus has a normal job as a pharmaceutical representative. While he often pretends to be disinterested in Shawn's endeavors, he finds himself deeply invested in them anyway. Best friends since childhood, Shawn and Gus share a camaraderie that makes them seem more like brothers instead of friends.

The quirky show found itself a success when it premiered with more than 6 million viewers, making it the highest rated scripted show ever to debut on a cable network. Numerous critics have also roundly hailed Psych as fun, charming and intelligent. The show was nominated for an Emmy in 2010 in the Outstanding Music Composition for a Series category. Also nominated in 2009 for an Emmy in the Best Actor in a Comedy category was the star of the show, James Roday. The show was recently renewed for another season consisting of 16 episodes.

8 Seasons, 122 Episodes
July 7, 2006
Comedy, Drama
Cast: James Roday, Dulé Hill, Timothy Omundson, Corbin Bernsen
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Psych Full Episode Guide

  • This hour-long special bids farewell to the favorite detective duo. Celebrate Psych's 8 seasons with the cast's favorite clips, audience Q&A and never before seen footage.

  • Shawn and Gus help Detective Lassiter enlist the help of Henry and Woody to solve the murder of a real estate executive. Meanwhile, Shawn struggles with a life decision.

  • In the series finale, Shawn, Gus and Juliet investigate the murder of a real estate executive.

  • Gus attends dream therapy to alleviate his nightmares. But Gus' nightmares begin to take shape when he and Shawn work on an unlikely case for the SBPD.

  • Shawn is thrilled to be invited to a prestigious paranormal convention for police consultants. During the commencement of the main event, the leader collapses and dies.

  • Shawn and Gus are determined to find the murderer of the owner of their favorite food truck. Disguised and undercover in a truck of their own, they find themselves in the middle of a fierce competition in a secretive industry.

  • Lassiter is determined to be appointed Chief of Police, so he attempts to solve the cold case of the murder of the Mayor's beloved uncle, Archie Baxter, who was killed back in the 60s. Meanwhile, Juliet receives some news that complicates her relationship with Shawn.

  • Gus falls for a sexy private eye while investigating the murder of a man whose life was eerily similar to his.

  • A man enters the morgue and reveals he was framed for the murder of the person lying dead on the slab. When Woody refuses to let him take the body, the man holds Woody hostage.

  • This remake of "Cloudy...With A Chance of Murder" from the series' first season follows the case of a woman wrongfully accused of murdering a weatherman.

  • Lassiter recruits Shawn and Gus to find a dangerous criminal who tried to kill the Santa Barbara PD's quirky Interim Chief Trout.

  • In the eighth season premiere, fashionable art thief Pierre Despereaux asks Shawn to come to London to assist on an undercover operation.

  • A musical extravaganza as Shawn and Gus investigate the case of an escaped playwright who was declared criminally insane following a suspicious fire. An enemy from Shawn's past could possess important evidence.

  • An eccentric police consultant questions Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and Juliet about what appears to be poor police work on a complicated case they're in the middle of trying to solve.

  • After a woman dies from a seemingly accidental plastic surgery procedure, Shawn and Gus believe the killer is her doctor, a woman named Joan Diamond who happens to be an old flame of Henry's.

  • When Shawn and Gus' favorite radio DJ is murdered, they plot to go undercover on air to find the person responsible.

  • After Gus unintentionally tampers with the crime scene where his boss was killed, Shawn helps him find the real murderer before Gus is held responsible.

  • Shawn investigates the accidental death of the mayor and ends up running for mayor in the process.

  • Shawn connects with Woody, and Juliet befriends a girl who Shawn is suspicious of.

  • Shawn solves a case involving a mysterious Swedish woman and imagines how the same case would have turned out if he had done one thing differently.

  • The gang are at a casino resort for a wedding, but get caught in the crossfire of a local crime boss whose presence jeopardizes the impending nuptials.

  • When Gus agrees to tend to his girlfriend's son Maximus for the day, an innocent trip to the circus turns deadly.

  • In the 100th episode, Shawn and Gus attend a secret party at a historical Santa Barbara mansion hosted by an aging rockstar named Billy Lipps, a man the SBPD arrested years ago for a murder he has no recollection of.

  • Shawn tries to connect with Juliet's stepfather Lloyd, a seemingly innocent accountant.

  • Shawn and Gus team up with a pair of college students in the woods who are filming a documentary on Bigfoot.

  • Gus is in a relationship; Juliet goes undercover on an online dating site to catch a killer while Shawn tries to keep his jealousy at bay.

  • In the exciting seventh season premiere, Shawn seeks vengeance for Henry's shooting.

Psych News

After Eight Seasons, 'Psych' Gets the Boot

After a long and successful run on USA Network, "Psych" has been cancelled! When will the final episode air? Find out here!

'Psych' Season Six, Episode Two 'Last Night Gus' Recap

One second he's making a toast to Jim Dubois and the next, Shawn is waking up in the Psych office with a shower cap on his head, a stranger's sandals on his feet, Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) with the mother of all black-eyes and crashed on the couch with Coroner Woody. Read last night's 'Psych' episode recap.

Tonight's Fall Premieres: 'Psych' Returns, Pineapples and All [10/12]

USA Networks has been working hard to promote the popular show "Psych," premiering tonight. Besides launching a social media game and sweepstakes at, they've been promoting a new phenomena called #pineappling, which is a little like planking, only with, you know, pineapples. Watch a preview clip from the season six premiere of "Psych" here.

'Psych' Builds To New Season With Social Media Challenge

Anybody up for a game of "catch a killer"? "Psych" stars James Rodday and Dule Hill have filmed a set of special videos based at unfolding the duo's hunt for the #HashTagKiller (HTK) over the seven weeks leading up to and past the season premiere on October 12th. Learn how to play along.

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