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The Canadian dramatic series Flashpoint chronicles a specialized police team, called the Strategic Response Unit (SRU). The group deals with especially stressful circumstances, such as police standoffs, bomb scares or hostage situations. Based on the true events of the Toronto Police Emergency Task Force, the team deescalates these difficult situations by using mental tactics to talk the individuals out of their dangerous actions. They find additional information on the suspect through a variety of means, such as job history and talking to family members. The team uses the information to bring the person to their breaking point or flashpoint. The one-hour series tracks the team members through a variety of personal and professional situations.

The series originally aired on CBS on July 11, 2008. During the fourth season, it transitioned to ION Television. Seasons one and three each had thirteen episodes; seasons two and four each had 18 episodes. The fifth season is scheduled to begin in October 2012, but this season marks the conclusion of the drama. The producers have slated 13 episodes for the final season.

Sgt. Gregory Parker, played by Enrico Colantoni, acts as the team leader. One of the main story lines involves the emotionally charged, romantic relationship between Julianna Jules Callaghan, played by Amy Jo Johnson and Sam Braddock, played by David Paetkau. While company policy initially blocked their attempts to become closer, the couple eventually overcame those obstacles. Ed Lane, played by Hugh Dillon, Lou Lewis Young (Mark Taylor), Kevin Wordy Wordsworth (Michael Cram) and Mike Spike Scarlatti (Sergio DiZio) round out the team. The newest member of the group, Rafik 'Raf' Rousseau (Cle Bennett) was introduced in Season 4, episode 6. Another ongoing theme involves the decision of various members of the team to remain with the unit or transfer to other assignments.

Flashpoint is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (80 episodes). The series first aired on July 11, 2008.

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Tuesday 10:00 AM et/pt on CBS
5 Seasons, 80 Episodes
July 11, 2008
Cast: Sergio Di Zio, Jessica Steen, Hugh Dillon, Shawn Doyle, Clé Bennett
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Flashpoint Full Episode Guide

  • Team One continues the hunt for a bomber at large as the squad splits up to deal with multiple bomb threats in a city already plunged into chaos.

  • Team One faces the most challenging call of their careers when a series of bombs tears the city apart.

  • The members of Team One face the most challenging call of their careers when a series of bombs tears the city apart.

  • Team One is called in when an armed and emotionally disturbed man takes refuge on a ferry after kidnapping his neighbor's baby.

  • Team One confronts a man who's desperate to protect his deaf nephew and the only place the boy has ever felt safe.

  • Parker and Ed's sons accompany Team One on a routine call. A shootout changes the situation though, complicating everything.

  • Ex-soldiers take over an armored truck carrying more than two million dollars.

  • A young man with a unusually amazing memory is abducted and forced to remember the specifications for a new "smart gun" in a high tech research facility.

  • A war breaks out between biker gangs and a bomb explodes in a suburban neighborhood. Team One tries to defuse a second bomb, and help a wounded informant.

  • Team One's efforts to save the life of a kidnapped woman depend largely on the abductor's brother, who harbors a dark family secret.

  • Team One discovers that they need to institute new security measures after a hacker infiltrates their computer system.

  • Team One believes they're stopping a robbery in progress, unaware that part of the teenage thieves' plan is to escape their cruel leader.

  • As Team One tries to rescue a kidnapped doctor, Sam realizes that being taken hostage may be the only way to save a child who needs medical attention.

  • Team One searches for an armed and abusive man who has tracked down his ex-wife, demanding to know where their daughter is.

  • As Toth demands Parker's resignation, a serial arsonist wreaks havoc, sparking a career fireman's misguided campaign to mercy-kill his colleagues.

  • With his nurses help, a one-time star athlete escapes a mental institution, and sets out to see that others involved with him in an old caper, see justice. It seems he took the fall for the conspiracy of others, but didnt realize that his incarceration would endure so long, and felt used.

  • Caught on video kissing an out-of-the closet boy in the school auditorium, Ryan resorts to straight therapy from an angry coach. But when the video goes viral, his humiliation causes him to grab his grandpas antique gun to teach a lesson to the bully who spread the video.

  • When Sams sister Natalie is threatened by her drug-running ex-boyfriend, Natalie turns to Spike for help. Without telling Sam, Spike steps up to protect her and winds up in a trap that will force him to recover stolen heroin from a highly secure evidence depot.

  • A former recruit, twice passed over by Parker, enables a burglary at a hockey stadium where he runs security.

  • Fed up with extortion, a Chinatown merchant sets out to foil the gang to whom her father pays protection money. In turn, the street gang helps expose a horrible secret that her dad had kept from her about the death of her mother.

  • Team One responds to a bio-terror call at a highly classified laboratory where Jules and Sam are forced to make a harrowing Priority of Life decision: save a civilian, or Jules, from exposure to the bio-hazard virus.

  • When Sam's sister Natalie is threatened by her drug-running ex-boyfriend she turns to Spike for help.

  • As Ed walks her up the aisle, Donnas wedding is violently interrupted by a vengeful family seeking to do harm to everyone close to her. She is shocked to learn that her former mentor, in an alcoholic haze, revealed the identity of the cops who brought old man Logan to justice, and sent him to prison

  • Ed gets to take his friend Donna down the aisle at her wedding.

  • When a ransom goes wrong, Team One is drawn into the dangerous world of international "express kidnapping".

  • Hijackers commandeer a passenger jet to bargain for a prisoner release. The lives of forty passengers and crew hang in the balance of negotiations over the prisoner, a relative of the terrorists.

  • Spike joins Team One to face their largest bomb threat, but realizes to diffuse the bomb, he must get inside the dangerous mind of it's creator.

  • Team one is swamped with three separate calls forcing the newest recruit to realize the job comes with many challenges.

  • The team's mission to bring down a drug ring may be compromised when a department secret is exposed.

  • When a mother and daughter are abducted, the S.R.U. are called in, and the only clue they have could expose a dark family secret.

  • A young whistleblower, who has religious followers online, doesn't realize the danger he is putting himself into by exposing corruption.

  • Riots break out when a cop is found innocent of accidentally shooting and killing a young boy. Team One attempts to get things under control.

  • Ed sacrifices his recovery from gunshot wounds to be with his wife during a complicated labor. Meanwhile the rest of Team One hunts for Ed's shooter - with the added pressure of the watchful eye of psychologist Dr. Toth, who believes the team should be disbanded after too many high-stakes calls.