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Blue Bloods is a television police drama with a family twist. The story lines center around the Reagans, a family with deep roots in the New York City Police Department. Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, is the current Police Commissioner. A widower, he lives with his father Henry, played by Len Cariou, who is a former Police Commissioner.

While these two generations already represent the present and the past of the Department, the Reagan legacy will clearly extend into the future. Though the Reagan family has lost one son to the job, the two remaining sons of Frank Reagan are also police officers. The older, Danny, played by Donnie Wahlberg, is a New York City detective and is happily married. The younger, Jamie, played by Will Estes, is a Harvard trained lawyer who has recently joined the force.

The Reagan daughter, Erin, played by Bridget Moynahan, is not a member of the force. She is an Assistant District Attorney who works with the police on a daily basis, often with her brothers. She is also a divorced single mother of a teenager.

Other family members include Linda, Danny's wife, played by Amy Carlson; Nicky, Erin's daughter, played by Sami Gayle; and Jack and Sean, Linda and Danny's young sons, played by Tony Terraciano and Andrew Terraciano.

Although there are other regular and recurring characters, the Reagan family is at the heart of this show. In nearly every episode, there is a dinner scene, presided over by Frank and Henry, that brings the family together to discuss the case at hand and how each member sees the issues, moral and otherwise, that it presents, or to just engage in mundane family banter. The affection and bonds the family shares shine through the occasional disagreements.

These family scenes balance this police drama whose other scenes can sometimes be violent. Danny Reagan, in particular, likes to push the envelope of accepted police procedure. The stories are drawn from recent headlines and have included terrorism in New York City, crime mobs and the human aftermath of September 11.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on CBS
7 Seasons, 156 Episodes
September 24, 2010
Cast: Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, Len Cariou
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  • When Danny intercepts a shipment of several million dollars that was heading to a drug cartel in Mexico, he becomes a target when they come back for revenge. Also, Jamie works independently to track down a serial killer who preys on the elderly, and Mayor Poole (David Ramsey) confides in Frank that he plans to retire.

  • Danny and Baez team up with two Russian operatives to search for a dangerous Russian man who entered the U.S. on a diplomatic visa. Also, Frank gets involved in a sensitive case involving Archbishop Kevin Kearns.

  • Erin is on a mission to help a witness from a former case shut down a drug operation in his apartment building.

  • Erin battles her ex-husband in court when he represents the person she is prosecuting. Frank is confronted by a mother who accuses the NYPD of being negligent in solving her son's murder. Jamie is accompanied by a new partner.

  • An ex-NYPD officer disappears the day after telling Danny her plans to reconcile with a woman she and her partner wrongfully convicted years ago; Frank faces a dilemma when one of his peers refuses to retire.

  • Jamie and Eddie are suspicious when they respond to a distress call from a woman suffering an allergic reaction to her lifesaving medication. Also, Erin discovers that a man she convicted years earlier may actually be innocent.

  • When Linda's brother, Jimmy, gets into trouble with the mob, he begs Danny to protect him until the situation calms down. Also, Frank encounters a public relations nightmare when the lawyer of a wrongfully arrested man demands that NYPD records be made public.

  • While investigating the murder of a man who killed a mother and son years earlier while driving drunk, Danny and Baez are torn between doing their job and finding justice after discovering the connection between the suspect and the victim.

  • While investigating the murder of a gang leader, Danny and Baez discover the accused shooter is an ex-con who has romantic connections to his parole officer. Frank intervenes but must deal with the rival gang leader who killed a police chief.

  • When Danny takes a side job as a bodyguard for a recently released ex-con who was a fall guy for someone else, he decides to go after the real criminal.

  • When Eddie and Jamie become immersed in a complicated adoption case between the birth and adoptive parents, they ask Erin to help them settle out of court. Also, Frank investigates reports of NYPD cadets cheating on tests.

  • When the son of Reverend Darnell Potter, who also happens to be Frank's most outspoken critic in the African-American community, is killed, Potter must look past his differences with the Reagan family in order to get justice for his son.

  • Frank has little to go on to locate a missing boy when a conflicted priest who could help refuses to break the seal of confession. Also, Danny and Baez investigate the death of a prominent New York City socialite with a secret life, and Jamie and Eddie attend a wedding together.

  • Emily Harrison expresses her concern to Danny and Baez that her abusive ex-boyfriend will repeat his behavior with his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Emily becomes the prime suspect whene he's murdered

  • Robert Lewis tries to persuade Frank to publicly support the Attorney General's investigation of the use of excessive force by police. Eddie and Jamie respond to an attempted suicide.

  • Frank investigates claims from an NYPD whistle-blower that there's been abuse of power within the organization. Meanwhile, Danny and Baez believe a car accident involving a pedestrian may have been intentional.

  • Erin and Anthony are determined to avoid the deportation of a prominent community activist who isn't a citizen. Frank faces a crucial decision.

  • Intent on bringing justice to Lieutenant Gormley after he is beaten by a mob outside his home, Danny and Frank enlist the aid of Detective Anthony Abetemarco, who has a personal connection to the neighborhood where the attack occurred. Also, Eddie and Jamie witness a dishonest arrest, and Danny searches for a witness to testify against a dangerous gang leader

  • Danny and Baez seek justice for a woman who was held hostage, but is refusing to press charges. Meanwhile, a high-profile NYPD fund-raiser uses a phony police vehicle to avoid traffic; and Jamie is given a promising new opportunity.

  • Danny and Baez investigate the death of an elderly woman who was killed in her home by a stray bullet. Also, Frank gets backlash from his department when he disciplines a disrespectful cop, and Erin steps in to help her detective, Anthony, find a legal solution to a case that’s personal.

  • In the seventh season premiere, evidence against Danny mounts when the attorney general's office reviews his shooting of a serial killer. Meanwhile, Jamie and Eddie deal with a high-profile drunken driver; and a slain cop's widow asks for help from Frank.

  • Frank, the Mayor, Erin and the DA's office deal with public outrage after a grand jury fails to indict an NYPD officer for the controversial shooting of a teenager that was caught on video.

  • When a key eyewitness in a murder trial becomes fearful and goes into hiding, Erin and Anthony take matters into their own hands to find him and convince him to testify.

  • When serial killer Thomas Wilder attaches a message for Danny to his latest victim, their deadly game of cat and mouse quickly becomes personal.

  • While searching for a robbery crew on a wild crime spree, Danny and Baez team up with Detective Jimmy Mosley, a detective who Baez has a history with. Also, when an officer who was acquitted on charges of killing a young boy is up for a promotion, Frank struggles with advancing him at the risk of public outrage.

  • Frank and Danny team up to help Nick Constantine, a rehabilitated ex-con who Frank put away years ago, when Constantine becomes a suspect in the murder of an old enemy.

  • Jamie and Danny have different ideas on how to handle a reckless NYPD rookie, who happens to be the son of Danny's friend. Also, when Erin's investigator gets involved in a bad bad investment, she offers to look into it.

  • Linda seeks help from Danny and Baez for her co-worker who is being tormented by her angry ex-husband. Also, Erin must figure out how to handle her former mentor, a judge who has been handing down unfair sentences since the recent death of his wife.

  • Erin is wracked with guilt after a man she set free is accused of killing a cop. Frank and Mayor Poole continue their game of political chicken over Frank's reappointment as commissioner, and Danny and Baez search for a cop who has gone AWOL.

  • Danny tries to solve a murder case where multiple women who worked for the victim all take credit for killing him. Also, Frank disagrees with his priest about how to handle a local boy who has been stealing money from the church.

  • Frank deals with the fallout when a newly retired NYPD lieutenant is accused of shooting a band of potential muggers on the subway and then disappears.

  • A local mobster is gunned down near his car. Hoping to get more information, Danny and Baez talk to the mob's errand boy who is found tied up in the trunk. An NYPD officer is hoping for a new shield number in honor of her late father. Frank has a hard time agreeing because the number is the same as his deceased son, Joe's.

  • When Frank's first partner decides to publish a book filled with stories of their early days on the force, Frank is concerned what will be made public.

  • The District Attorney's investigator grills Danny when his ex-partner is accused of planting evidence in order to solve a homicide case.

  • When a homicide case ends in a hung jury, Erin assumes control of the case and searches for a missing witness.

  • When Danny and his family are threatened by a serial killer Danny has failed to apprehend, Linda becomes overly concerned about her husband's job and if their marriage can survive.

  • Erin is in conflict with Frank when she is forced to side with her office after the acting District Attorney orders a slew of cops be arrested for fixing traffic tickets for their friends.

  • The situation is out of Frank's hands when Jamie is caught on camera possibly committing police brutality at an anti-policy demonstration.

  • Danny hopes to find two escaped convicts upon his discovery that one of them is someone he helped to wrongfully imprison. Also, Gormley criticizes a plan by an NYPD sergeant who Gormley believes is having an affair with his wife.

  • A mob boss faces charges for an old murder, but the case isn't as straightforward as investigators hoped due to an unexpected alibi who was once Erin's informant.

  • A reporter wearing NYPD gear is shot during a ride-along with Jamier. Meanwhile, Garrett considers changing jobs.

  • Danny and Baez investigate a probable serial-killer case. Meanwhile, Erin thinks about becoming a judge; a mayoral candidate claims that Frank has been secretly investigating her spouse

  • In the sixth season premiere, when terrorists descend on the Middle East, Frank fears that New York City is the next target.

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