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A modern take on an old classic, CBS' re-imagining of Hawaii Five-0 is more than just a remake. Instead of simply banking on the brand and churning out yet another prime time police procedural, they took the heart of a beloved '70s show and gave it a sleek, pulse-pounding makeover set in one of the most gorgeous locations in the world.

Hawaii Five-0 is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (286 episodes). The series first aired on September 20, 2010.

Where do I stream Hawaii Five-0 online? Hawaii Five-0 is available for streaming on CBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hawaii Five-0 on demand at Apple TV+, CBS, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

12 Seasons, 286 Episodes
September 20, 2010
Cast: Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Taylor Wily, Daniel Dae Kim
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Hawaii Five-0 Full Episode Guide

  • In a desperate move to locate three world-famous scientists who have vanished, Steve McGarrett sets himself up to be kidnapped by assuming the identity of a fourth eminent scientist and is shocked to find himself once again locked in mortal combat with his eternal adversary, Wo Fat.

  • Paul Burke guest stars as attorney David Lawrence, a political candidate whose promising bid for the U.S. Senate is endangered by the murder of a man who tried to blackmail him.

  • Someone is waging a bloody vendetta against a band of innocuous birdwatchers. Although Steve McGarrett feels certain that slaughter will continue, he can't comprehend the "who" and "why" of the killer.

  • The murder of a Nazi-hunter and discovery of a World War II medal set McGarrett and the team on the trail of a Nazi war criminal living in Honolulu.

  • Three bright young graduate students use radio-controlled airplanes and some homemade scientific creations to pull off the " impossible": the theft of the priceless royal jewels of Liliuokalani, the last reigning queen of Hawaii.

  • Steve McGarrett senses evil in the air when Lon Tho, the Premire of Baradak arrives in Hawaii to retrieve $150-million in gold.

  • A aging crook decides to use dollar-bill printing plates he made to raise cash for a charity, but he fails to realize the trouble that this will cause.

  • McGarrett and Kimo must stop a gang of trained assassins from disrupting a meeting of energy ministers.

  • Steve McGarrett and his Five-O crew try to solve the kidnapping of a wealthy socialite, Mrs. Christine Ames, and at the same time, accommodate her husband, who declares that if the police are involved, the criminals will kill his wife.

  • Steve McGarrett finds himself dealing with apparent psychic phenomena as he tries to trace the whereabouts of a jewel cache worth $2-million.

  • Steve McGarrett confronts a pair of political terrorists who are threatening to kill their policewoman hostage unless their demands are met.

  • In a powerful episode playing upon the easy availability of handguns, McGarrett and his Five-O unit follow the trail of pain and death left by one of the weapons, hoping to recover it before it can wreak yet more havoc.

  • Someone apparently is trying to convince Joan Carter and everyone she knows that she is mentally ill and only imagining the frightening attacks on her life, but one of those people - Five-O boss Steve McGarrett - isn't buying it."

  • Is the Five-O crew as foolish and inept as they are beginning to appear to the public?

  • Jayne Meadows guest stars as an astrologer whose ominous warnings tempt the skeptical Steve McGarrett to follow her clues in his investigation of a murder.

  • McGarrett goes after a unique secret ring of high-society vigilantes who are determined to see that justice is done, even if they have to do it themselves.

  • McGarrett finds himself caught in the crossfire as a faction of embattled Hawaiian natives take on the Island's underworld. The prism - control of a labor union and the 50th state's rich tourist business.

  • When a woman dies due to heroin packets bursting inside her and the Governor is implicated, McGarrett and Danno head off to Singapore to discover a smuggling operation.

  • The hunt for a high-rise killer is made more difficult for Five-O when a journalist offers to share his profits in exchange for the killer's story.

  • When the son of one of Steve's friends dies of an overdose, he goes after a doctor that he suspects of over-prescribing drugs.

  • A private detective is rescuing girls from prostitution, and using the opportunity to kill the pimps as well.

  • A vacationing heiress seems unconcerned when McGarrett warns her that someone is after her ruby.

  • Millicent Shand returns and claims that her niece's husband has faked his own death in order to get his hands on $500,000.

  • When a robbed bank vault shows no signs of break-in, an inside job seems the likely solution.

  • The rival gangs are on the brink of all out war, and Five-O must struggle to stop them.

  • Two rival mobs attempt to take control of the disco scene in Honolulu.

  • When a preacher is attacked by a man convinced that he is responsible for his wife's death, Five-O investigate more closely and discover some less than godly motives.

  • The death of a prominent politician reveals a strange love triangle.

  • Danno is surprised when he bumps into a former flame and even more concerned when she seems to be involved in criminal activities.

  • McGarrett assists a convict in his escape so that he can return to his gang and provide Five-O with inside information.

  • When a street robber claims that he stole King Tutankhamen's mask for fun, McGarrett suspects there is more to the case than simple robbery.

  • Five-O must thwart the plans of a Neo-Nazi organization to kill Bobby Tamara, the "Hawaiian Kennedy."

  • Steve is framed on the orders of a gambling syndicate, and becomes involved with a woman who is part of the case.

  • McGarrett is the lone hold-out in a trial where the guilt of the accused seems certain.

  • While McGarrett follows a false lead, an undercover Danno is discovered and brainwashed to carry out the assassination of Steve.

  • When an astrologer visits McGarrett to inform him of a murderer with a terrible temper, his antagonism lessens when her assumptions seem to be partly true.

  • After a government agent is murdered, McGarrett must identify the traitor in a scientific facility.

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