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A modern take on an old classic, CBS' re-imagining of Hawaii Five-0 is more than just a remake. Instead of simply banking on the brand and churning out yet another prime time police procedural, they took the heart of a beloved '70s show and gave it a sleek, pulse-pounding makeover set in one of the most gorgeous locations in the world.

Like the original, Hawaii Five-0 ("H50" to fans) follows a small, specialized task force dedicated to protecting the picturesque beaches of Hawaii. However, it breaks from its predecessor when it comes time to battle the bad guys. H50 has to deal with modern crime and everything it represents, including bombs, terrorist plots, government interference and even the occasional tsunami. It's the tropics, after all!

H50 also faces another threat - one from within. As a team made up of strong, hot-headed personalities, they fight each other as often as they fight their enemies.

Team leader Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) is passionate but reckless, often utilizing his background as a Navy SEAL to justify his off-the-books police work. He's the type who prefers grenades to Miranda rights, much to the frustration of his partner, buttoned-up detective Danny Williams (Scott Caan). Cousins Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) and Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) round out the team, playing a wrongly-accused police veteran and an eager rookie, respectively.

If these names sound familiar, it's because you've seen them all before. Scott Caan was a regular in the Ocean's Elven series before he ever stepped foot in Hawaii, and Alex O'Loughlin has been in everything from the vampiric Moonlight to the short-lived hospital drama Three Rivers. Grace Park, of course, is well-known to sci-fi fans for her role in Battlestar Galactica, and anyone who ever shook their fists at Lost will recognize the ruggedly handsome features of Daniel Dae Kim. (Lost fans will also appreciate the casting of Terry O'Quinn in season two!)Hawaii Five-0 premiered in 2010 to modest success, and the numbers held up long enough to bring it back for a second season. A third has been commissioned and will premiere in fall 2012.

Now, just try to keep the theme song out of your head.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on CBS
7 Seasons, 168 Episodes
September 20, 2010
Cast: Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park
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Hawaii Five-0 Full Episode Guide

  • McGarrett risks his life when Five-0 attempts their most dangerous rescue yet of young girls trapped in the sex trafficking ring they have been tracking this year. Also, Kono, deeply affected by the case, makes a life-changing decision.

  • When McGarrett gets a tip that someone is plotting a terrorist attack on Oahu, Five-0 searches for those behind it before it's too late. Also, Chin and Abby have a very difficult decision to make.

  • Danny protects a coma patient showing signs of waking, who was the key witness from his last HPD case before he met Steve and joined Five-0.

  • While investigating the murder of the last survivors of the USS Arizona, McGarrett makes an important discovery about his own grandfather. Meanwhile, Adam uncovers bone fragments at his new construction job and asks Jerry to help him discreetly investigate.

  • The team is captured and face certain death after hunting a dangerous nemesis to the Island of Lanai. Also, Grover and his son travel to Chicago where he testifies against a dirty cop from his past.

  • Five-0 teams up with PI Harry Brown in an effort to find a kidnapped wealthy woman whose husband may be harboring a secret. Also, Rachel reveals to Danny that she is getting a divorce from Stan.

  • McGarrett and Kono have a hunch that an abused young girl may be the victim of a sex trafficking ring on the Island. Also, Chin and Grover investigate a murder at a sober living facility.

  • McGarrett and Danny finally locate the missing uranium, which has been used to build a bomb located in the middle of the jungle. Now, they must safely extract the unstable explosive through dangerous terrain before it detonates.

  • McGarrett and the team are thrust into the twisted mind games of serial killer Dr. Madison Gray when she stumbles into HPD covered in blood that matches Alicia Brown's, and claims amnesia.

  • (Crazy In Love) While McGarrett and Danno celebrate Valentine's Day with their girlfriends, the rest of Five-0 investigates the murder of a man taking a class on how to land women.

  • When working a murder case involving the illegal practice of shark finning, the team investigates the possibility that a former Nazi war criminal sought refuge in an old leper colony in Hawaii.

  • The team investigates when a man wanted for murder escapes capture and secures asylum in the sovereign land belonging to the Nation of Hawaii.

  • As Max prepares to say farewell to his Five-0 ohana, they must first get to the bottom of a murder case during a police convention on the Island.

  • The team races against the clock to save Chin after he is kidnapped by a cartel in Mexico. Meanwhile, Grover goes undercover as a car salesman to investigate a murder that turns out to be complicated.

  • The team races to Mexico where Chin sacrifices his life after his niece Sara is kidnapped.

  • Five-0 investigates a decade-old cold case of a missing teen when a boy suffering from PTSD undergoes hypnosis and has a shocking revelation.

  • The team investigates one of history's most fascinating unsolved mysteries when a conspiracy theorist with persuasive evidence that JFK's cabinet ordered his assassination is killed.

  • While Danny chaperones Grace's high school dance, terrorists infiltrate the venue and hold everyone hostage as they attempt to kidnap a diplomat's son. Meanwhile, Danny and Grover are shocked to learn that Will is Grace's secret boyfriend.

  • Five-0 must free McGarrett’s mother, Doris (Christine Lahti), when Catherine (Michelle Borth) informs them that she was captured and is about to be executed after attempting to free Wo Fat’s imprisoned father. Also, Chin loses his appeal to have Sara’s adoption delayed, and she must move to Mexico.

  • As Frank contends with a whistleblower within the NYPD who claims to have evidence of abuse of power in the organization, Danny and Baez investigate the case of a woman who was struck by a car under suspicious circumstances.

  • When a stockpile of guns is stolen from a gun range, Five-0 discovers the culprit is determined to make a bold statement on gun violence. Also, Kono and Adam are finally reunited when he is released from prison.

  • Five-0 is desperate to find McGarrett and Alicia after they're kidnapped by the serial killer they’ve been hunting.

  • FBI profiler Alicia Brown teams up with McGarrett in the search for the chess-piece killer when she discovers a body in her bed. Meanwhile, Kono reconnects with a former surfing competitor who is now a disabled and homeless war veteran.

  • The team collaborates with rogue MI-6 agent Harry Langford in an effort to find a terrorist planning to cause nuclear reactors across Europe to meltdown.

  • In the seventh season premiere, fear becomes widespread among tourists when the bodies of two serial killers are found on Five-0 property with chess pieces in their mouths.

  • McGarrett and Danny go undercover to stop a meth epidemic on the Island, but when McGarrett is injured, Danny is forced to break their cover in order to save his partner's life.

  • The team is trapped inside a dilapidated building in Oahu's Chinatown and is desperate to protect an injured Gabriel as well as escape safely.

  • When a woman is killed in her home, the team discovers one of their own has a deep connection to the victim's young daughter.

  • The team tries to protect a kidnapped college student from a dangerous vigilante. Meanwhile, Max, Kamekona and Flippa are determined to survive after being shipwrecked.

  • A chemical spill is the gateway for six dangerous inmates to escape, including Kono's husband, Adam.

  • The team investigates the theft of a high tech, indestructible suit built for the U.S. military. Meanwhile, Jerry helps his sister in her efforts to release a captive elephant.

  • A case from over a decade earlier forces Grover to take his family on the run when a dangerous mob boss seeks vengeance.

  • When a man is found that was left for dead off the coast of Oahu, the team investigates and discovers a deadly slave trade operating aboard an illegal fishing vessel. Also, Danny's car is stolen while he's out with his kids.

  • The team must find a Russian spy who has stolen a flash drive containing classified NSA information and threatens the life of a member of their Ohana. Also, McGarrett finds out why Catherine left him.

  • When Five-0's questionable informant is accused of murder, McGarrett asks an old friend to defend him.

  • While Danny's mother is questioned by the FBI, McGarrett questions an autistic man who may have information that would help solve the murder of his only friend.

  • Five-0 investigates a double homicide involving betrayal and disloyalty. Meanwhile, McGarrett and the team recount their disastrous Valentine's Day experiences.

  • Grover is in Chicago to finally get a confession from Clay Maxwell about killing his wife. Meanwhile, Chin and Kono are in danger when they're held at gunpoint by two killers who have no idea they are cops.

  • McGarrett's Aunt Deb visits Oahu on a special personal mission. Five-0 works to find out who stole unstable Japanese WWII bombs left hidden on the island.

  • While McGarrett and Danny attend a couples retreat in Maui to improve their partnership, Kamekona's dangerous past catches up to him.

  • When the brother of an up and coming local boxer is murdered, evidence suggests the chief suspect is the outspoken reigning champion opponent from the mainland.

  • The team investigates the murder of a college professor and Danny goes undercover as his replacement.

  • Five-0 teams up with a charming con man to find the killer of his female partner. Meanwhile, San Francisco police inspector Abby Dunn works with Chin when five Chinese arm dealers are murdered.

  • McGarrett's first date with Lynn on a deserted island takes a turn for the worse when a mob boss taking refuge there hunts them down in order to keep his location a secret.

  • The team hunts a serial killer inspired by Frankenstein.

  • The team investigates the death of a wealthy hermit who is found in a field with nearly one million dollar counterfeit bills.

  • Following an attack on a bomb squad, the perpetrator demands that arsonist Jason Sinclair is released from prison, or pay the consequences. Meanwhile, Adam returns from the hospital and Kono realizes they are being watched.

  • In the sixth-season opener, the team investigates an ancient Oahu palace raid involving pirates, buried treasure and a killer who is using a stolen painting as a map.

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