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Chicago Fire is a dramatic television series that airs on the NBC network on Wednesday evenings. Developed and created by Michael Brandt, Ahmed Ashour and Derek Haas, the series is produced by Dick Wolf. The show follows the firefighters and paramedics who work at Engine 51, Squad 3, Truck 81, Battalion 25 and Medic 61 of the Chicago Fire Department. The firehouse actually depicted in the series is the official Engine 63 fire station.

Pilot and Premiere

The series pilot was co-written by the creators and filmed in the city of Chicago. The series will continue to be filmed there and the premiere episode featured the actual Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel. He made the appearance with the understanding that there would be an investment made to the Firefighters' Widows and Orphans Fund.


The cast features the following: Jesse Spencer as Lieutenant Matthew Casey, Taylor Kinney as Lieutenant Kelly Severide, Charlie Barnett as Firefighter Peter Mills, Monica Raymund as Paramedic Gabriela Dawson, Lauren German as Paramedic Leslie Shay, Eamonn Walker as the 25th Battalion Chief, Merle Dandridge as Chief Lynn Fitori, David Eigenberg as Firefighter Christopher Herrmann, and Teri Reeves as Doctor Hallie at Lakeshore Hospital.


Christopher Herrmann, as a veteran fireman of Truck 81 is held in high esteem by the other men. As an earthy family man, he has seen his share of misfortunes. He and his family reside with his in-laws due to financial hardship induced by a number of get-rich-quick schemes.

Matthew Casey is a strong lieutenant who relies upon intuition as he grapples with the loss of one fireman, as well as his relationship problems. Kelly Severide is a brash young lieutenant with a seemingly unflappable outward appearance. However, he faces many internal demons of his own. As a young graduate of the fireman's academy, Peter Mills follows a long history of multi-generational firefighters.

Gabriella Dawson and Leslie Shay are quick-thinking and fearless paramedics who face many harrowing situations. Battalion Chief Wallace Boden is a fireman's fireman who confronts many critical personal decisions. Hallie Thomas is a hospital resident in the midst of a marital separation from Lieutenant Matthew Casey.

All of the firemen and medical staff have their own personal crosses to bear, in addition to the life and death situations that they face daily against the backdrop of the fascinating city of Chicago.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on NBC
5 Seasons, 114 Episodes
October 10, 2012
Cast: Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Monica Raymund, Yuri Sardarov
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Chicago Fire Full Episode Guide

  • A dangerous warehouse fire puts truck and squad at risk. Tensions are high for Dawson and Casey when Dawson's father overstays his welcome at their home. Meanwhile, Casey continues to fight for his first responders bill, Mouch makes a serious decision regarding his future and Herrmann goes to tremendous lengths to make a young boy smile.

  • Cruz finds himself in a bad spot when an off-duty incident begins to unravel, prompting Mouch to step in and offer help in hopes of avoiding serious consequences from the CFD. Casey goes head to head with a big politician to get his measure for first responders passed. Lt. Severide makes life difficult for newest team member Jason Kannell and Dawson gets an unexpected visit from her father.

  • Casey goes to drastic measures to help his friend Kannell. Lt. Severide helps an old widow come to terms with letting go, but realizes he may be the one needing help. Otis and Cruz deal with surprises when they find a new roommate to move in. Dawson and Brett get crafty to save a young girl.

  • When the squad's rig has mechanical failure in the field, Casey reunites with his old friend and colleague Jason Kannell from Squad 6, whose crew gets assigned a temporary change of quarters until the truck is fixed.

  • When Casey discovers a new crack house on the block is harboring a female junkie, he is desperate to fix the situation. Dawson and Brett get assigned a new trainee for the shift and the newbie gets the pair in trouble when he surprises them during a harrowing call.

  • When similar car accidents reveal that someone is targeting innocent people, Dawson is determined to figure it out. Severide bends over backwards to make Anna feel welcome in her new Chicago surroundings.

  • The team is caught in the crossfire of a turf war and become hostages when a group of armed gang members take cover and assume control over Firehouse 51.

  • When an old, ill-equipped factory-turned live/work space catches fire, countless unsuspecting victims become trapped. The situation takes a turn for the worse when it is discovered that one of Chicago PD's own has a family member at the scene.

  • After overriding Chief Boden, Chief Anderson reassigns members of 51 to various houses around town, arguing the need for improvement.

  • The team responds to the scene of a dangerous accident. Chief Boden is forced to make an impulsive decision that overrides Chief Anderson, the incident commander whose house was the first to respond to the call.

  • The team is on high alert when a previous incident during a fire call leaves a dangerous man on the loose with a vendetta to target Lt. Casey and Firehouse 51, and prompts CPD to step in. Dennis Mack, a buddy firefighter of Severide's father, comes to town to shadow the squad but may have ulterior motives. Meanwhile, Brett and Antonio's relationship hits some bumps in the road when his ex-wife Laura surfaces and Casey has a present for Dawson.

  • Dawson struggles to manage her emotions during an ambo run involving a pregnant teen. Elsewhere, the firehouse is called to the site of a building fire and Casey is faced with a dilemma when two victims demand assistance.

  • Severide agrees to a bone marrow donation but a work accident puts the plans on hold. Casey and Dawson struggle to establish harmony at home. Meanwhile, Otis and Mouch decide to film a PSA encouraging people to join the Chicago Fire Department but hit a creative wall in the process.

  • Dawson and Casey must address legal matters in their efforts to remain Louie's legal guardians. Severide is determined to help Anna with her bone marrow procedure, but when things don't go as planned, he finds comfort in old habits. Meanwhile, Brett opens up to Dawson, and members of Firehouse 51 become competitive, much to the dismay of Chief Boden.

  • Lt. Casey and Dawson apply for permanent adoption of Louie, but must overcome a major obstacle. Firefighter-turned-medical student Jeff Clarke approaches Lt. Severide with an enticing proposition. With hopes of drumming up business at the bar, Otis convinces a skeptical Herrmann to throw a bash in celebration of the milestone 100th anniversary of Molly's.

  • It's a family reunion when Dawson and Antonio's mother and father come to Chicago for their big anniversary party, but things quickly turn south. When a deep secret comes to the surface involving his stepson James, Chief Boden decides to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Casey tries to save a young boy during a harrowing call to a warehouse and Otis and Kidd become competitive at the mud-hundred race.

  • While responding to a call, Dawson incidentally hits a pedestrian. Lt. Casey and Lt. Severide disagree and continue to investigate an arson case while Chief Boden is faced with a dilemma.

  • Lt. Casey fails to rescue a woman who becomes trapped inside her burning greystone, prompting him and Lt. Severide to clash over the husband's role in the tragedy. Herrmann is on a quest to find out the identity of a mystery tagger that keeps targeting their firehouse.

  • Lt. Casey must resort to extreme measures when a forklift incidentally pierces a tank storing acid. Dawson and Brett respond to an elderly woman who has a difficult senior advocate. Otis shares some exciting news as he prepares himself for an unusual expedition.

  • Casey seeks help from Susan Weller. A rich party guy asks Severide to accompany him on travel. Stella tries to help a sick street kid. Otis and Herrmann share their concerns about Molly's lack of customers.

  • Casey and Dawson become caught in the middle of a potential political disaster. Stella has to make a big decision about her ex. Brett and Mouch set aside their writing differences for the greater good.

  • A building crumbles and traps over a dozen people. Dawson's quest to foster Louie is aided by a familiar face. Otis, who's on medical leave, is introduced to his temporary replacement. Severide and Kidd continue to see each other. Casey clashes with Antonio.

  • Dawson makes a special connection to a young boy she rescues in an apartment blaze while Kidd's big idea for Molly's becomes disastrous. Lt. Severide makes a pitch for the house to upgrade some of their fire masks but his efforts are denied.

  • Detective Holloway drops off her son again at the firehouse for Lt. Severide to watch over as she testifies in court as part of an undercover operation. When the team responds to a blaze at an art gallery that has a victim trapped inside, Cruz makes a rash decision amidst the chaos.

  • Lt. Casey attempts to rectify the death of a high school student who is an innocent victim of a gang retribution incident. Severide helps Detective Holloway with a dangerous undercover investigation, and watches over her 9-year-old son at the firehouse. Brett and Jimmie are called to aid a woman who develops an interest in Jimmy.

  • Sylvie witnesses a murder and is cautioned by the shooter to keep her mouth shut. Firehouse 51 responds when a fire breaks out at a restaurant and traps several people inside a vault. Mouch starts to get cold feet.

  • Severide and Cruz make a shocking discovery while investigating a possible carbon monoxide leak inside a home.

  • Casey reconsiders his candidacy after a citywide propaganda attack against his campaign. The rescue squad responds to the scene of a man trapped inside of a burning car with suspicious evidence.

  • The house gets a peculiar call from a neighboring firehouse and the unusual circumstances prompt Severide and Cruz to find out for themselves the real story. Meanwhile, the truck welcomes new firefighter Stella Kidd.

  • Lt. Severide confronts Chili about her unpredictable behavior, but it doesn't go very well. Meanwhile, members of the firehouse rally around Casey to show their support for his candidacy for Alderman.

  • The firehouse is on high alert when mysterious threats surface throughout Chicago. News of a mass shooting takes members of the squad and truck into the middle of a dangerous and harrowing scene. Casey searches for the missing money from the fundraiser.

  • Herrmann goes to court to testify against Freddie, but when the perpetrator's father seeks forgiveness for his son's brutal attack, Hermann struggles with a moral dilemma.

  • A tornado threatens the city and Hermann realizes it's headed in his path. Chili and Brett clash when Chili makes a critical mistake that leaves a victim breathless.

  • A member of Firehouse 51 is the victim of a life-threatening stabbing. Cruz urgently works with members of Chicago P.D. to locate Freddie when he goes missing.

  • Members of Firehouse 51 are upset when Captain Patterson becomes interim chief for Chief Boden while he deals with clearing his good name.

  • Chief Boden questions Maddox, believing he is behind Serena's accusations. Severide tries to help by reaching out to Maddox's lawyer and Capt. Patterson doubts Boden's ability to remain Chief.

  • Chief Boden has trouble with a female neighbor he believes is setting him up. Meanwhile, Severide, who is still on probation from his altercation with Captain Patterson, makes an unexpected discovery that could be a game changer.

  • Chief Boden's new neighbor asks him for a favor that leads to serious consequences. Severide is offended by Captain Patterson's treatment.

  • When a fire ruins a neighborhood wedding, Boden saves the day by performing the ceremony at the firehouse, much to the chagrin of his boss, Chief Riddle.

  • A member of the team is desperate for the support of the entire house to recover from a near disaster. Meanwhile, Herrmann has to figure out a way to reopen Molly's after it gets shut down.

  • The crew becomes frustrated by their inability to help Chief Boden, whose job is on the line.

  • In the fourth season premiere, Lt. Casey is in danger while working undercover to bring down a trafficking ring run out of Nesbitt's strip club.

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