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Sanford and Son is a show about an African American father and son who own a junkyard. The main characters are Fred G. Sanford (Redd Foxx) and Lamont Sanford (Demond Wilson). The men live together in a beat up house full of junk. Fred and Lamont depend on each other a great deal. Fred is a widow and Lamont, though grown, has never been married.

Lamont wants a life of his own and continually tries to break-free from Fred. Fred always seems to win in the end though. Lamont has a great deal of love for his father, but does not understand his often bigoted ways. For instance, Fred is ever ready with a snide comment about the Puerto Rican that lives next door. Fred has an ongoing battle with his sister-in-law Esther (LaWanda Page), which makes for the shows funniest moments.

Lamont and Fred buy and sell junk in order to survive. They live in a rough neighborhood in South Central, Los Angeles, California. The show was filmed from 1972 to 1977. Television shows such as this were generally geared towards bringing about public awareness about bigotry and hatred. Sanford and Son is a comedy that covered very serious issues of the day.

Lamont is more enlightened than Fred about the world they live in. He pushes his father to open his mind and heart to other cultures, but generally fails miserably at actually changing Fred's opinion. Lamont is the one with the level-headedness to keep the business running smoothly. If he catches Fred attempting to get rich quick, he puts a stop to it as fast as possible. In reality, Lamont runs the business, including finding and buying junk to sell.

Fred is, for all intents and purposes, retired from the business. That does not stop him from constantly coming up with new ways to make fast cash. He would, if not for Lamont, con every person who walked through the door. He ultimately gets caught and reprimanded by his honest son. Fred often tries to make his son feel guilty by grabbing his heart and acting as though he is having a heart attack. As he grabs his heart, he yells out, Elizabeth, I coming. It is one of the most famous and beloved longstanding quotes throughout the show's history.

All in all, Sanford and Son is an excellent comedic show to watch. The content can be a little too involved for small children to watch though. It was a genius weekly sitcom that thrives as one of America's most beloved television shows.

Sanford and Son is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (245 episodes). The series first aired on January 14, 1972.

Where do I stream Sanford and Son online? Sanford and Son is available for streaming on NBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sanford and Son on demand at Amazon Prime, Philo, Starz, The Roku Channel online.

6 Seasons, 245 Episodes
January 14, 1972
Cast: Redd Foxx, Demond Wilson
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Sanford and Son Full Episode Guide

  • When Fred is caught spending a lot of time with Doris, a white school-teacher, everyone is sure he's only studying about the birds and bees.

  • Fred is so certain he is a descendant of a famous person that he pays a company $25 to trace his roots.

  • Fred embarks on a lucky gambling streak as he and Lamont need a quick $4,000 to buy the Sanford Arms.

  • An innocent shopping trip turns violent when a shady salesman refuses to grant a time payment plan to anyone over 65.

  • Fred is fearful that his days are numbered after Esther delivers a crashing blow to his head with her Bible-laden purse.

  • To avoid taxes, Fred becomes a clergyman of the Divine Profit Church and appoints Bubba and Woody as officers.

  • Lamont's future wife's ex-husband arrives with some earth-shattering news that could change the course of everyone's life.

  • After being cured from a sudden loss of hearing, Fred is reluctant to give up the loving sympathy he's been getting from his girlfriend and decides to stay "deaf."

  • Grady tries an ancient Oriental magic trick and shackles Fred to Esther without realizing the directions for releasing the locks are written in Chinese.

  • The tax season has come and Fred and Lamont have been going through their inventory to prepare their tax papers. However, Fred gets preoccupied when he discovers Redd Foxx is in town holding a look-alike contest and Fred is certain he will win the contest and the $100 that comes along with it.

  • Fred, Lamont and Bubba perform a song and dance routine on Fred's favorite television program, "The Gong Show, " with plans of winning the grand prize.

  • Fred and Lamont become peacemakers when Esther finds that her newly adopted son doesn't believe in God and kicks him out of the house.

  • Unaware that Lamont and Esther are trying to surprise him by sending out the furniture to be re-upholstered, Fred comes home early and thinks it's all been stolen.

  • Esther has been trying to adopt a baby for quite some time and finally gets an appointment with the adoption agency.

  • When a curious visitor arrives at the Sanford home and claims to have known Fred forty years ago, Fred's memory suddenly falters.

  • In a desperate attempt to persuade Lamont to stay with him in the junk business, Fred secretly borrows money from the bank to show his son that business is booming.

  • Fred is ecstatic when the Mayor selects him to represent Watts businessmen on a community relatives committee.

  • Fred can't wait to try out the new promotion idea that he just bought from two "salesmen."

  • Fred is determined to impress Lamont's future mother-in-law by setting a new world's record and getting his name in the Guinness book.

  • Fred falls for one of his tenants and can't understand her aloofness'until he discovers the "lady" is really a man on the run from police.

  • When Fred and Lamont are told there might be oil in their own backyard, they trust an Arab oil company representative to confirm the findings.

  • Completely unaware that he is part of a robbery, Fred loses track of his friend's "package" and is chased by the crooks all over the island.

  • Coincidentally, the Junkmen of America are having their annual convention in Hawaii as three professional jewel thieves are faced with the problem of finding someone to smuggle the gems out of Hawaii into Los Angeles.

  • Coincidentally, the Junkmen of America are having their annual convention in Hawaii as three professional jewel thieves are faced with the problem of finding someone to smuggle the gems out of Hawaii into Los Angeles.

  • Fred's plan to help Lamont financially: offer his junk empire as collateral for a loan he will repay by moonlighting as a waiter.

  • Seeking fame, Fred challenges the world record for staying awake.

  • Fred concocts a phony sweepstakes to boost business at the junkyard.

  • Part 1 of three. Fred and Lamont accept an expense-paid trip to Hawaii and unwittingly become involved in a jewel-theft scheme.

  • Fred discovers that the "woman" he adores is a master of disguise wanted by the police.

  • The Sanfords strike oil while tilling their new garden.

  • A housing-project builder tries to buy the vote of Fred, a new appointee to the mayor's Community Relations Bureau.

  • Nervous about adopting a child, Woody has a few too many before a crucial interview with the agency.

  • Esther and Woody's newly adopted teenager quickly dashes their hopes for him.

  • Fred is unaware that his brother-in-law Rodney plans to upstage the junkman's act on "The Gong Show" and carry off the prize money. Chuck Barris: Himself.

  • Despite a pressing tax deadline, Fred competes in a Redd Foxx look-alike contest.

  • An unexpected visitor claiming to be an old friend has Fred drawing a blank until mention is made of their former alliance in crime.

  • Fred collects insurance on the furniture his friends and family secretly removed for reupholstering.

  • Hours before a heavy date, Fred is accidentally handcuffed to Esther (LaWanda Page).

  • Fred decides to keep the cure of his hearing problem a secret so he can get more attention from Donna (Lynn Hamilton).

  • Janet and Lamont are shaken when her ex-husband shows up to make amends.

  • Fred declares his junkyard a church in order to avoid ever-rising property taxes.

  • Fred, fearing he is about to die, reveals the contents of his will.

  • Fred leads a march protesting age discrimination.

  • Fred believes gambling is the way to raise money to forestall foreclosure on the Sanford Arms.

  • Fred claims to be descended from King Solomon.

  • Aspiring songwriter Fred plans to sell his material to B.B. King (who appears as himself).

  • Lamont and Donna are puzzled by Fred's nightly disappearing act, until they learn his purpose: night school.

  • Fred accepts an elephant as collateral for back rent.

  • Fred helps his sister-in-law prepare for a beauty contest.

  • The Sanfords, suspecting that a TV series is about them, consider suing. Fred's Counterpart: Max Steinberg.

  • Fred helps his entertainer brother-in-law with his act.

  • Fred buckles under the pressure upon hearing that his house sits on a seismic fault. Cameos: Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, Joe Louis, Merv Griffin.

  • The Sanfords can't find a tenant for their rooming house.

  • Fred's TV set is smashed during a squabble with Lamont (Demond Wilson).

  • Fred and Lamont are hapless bystanders at a bank robbery.

  • Aunt Esther moves in with the Sanfords after a fight with her husband.

  • Fred's girlfriend issues an ultimatum.

  • Fred testifies against the hit man in a gangland murder.

  • Lamont believes his father has only six months to live.

  • Fred and Lamont go camping and find themselves stranded in the forest.

  • Fred rehearses the story he'll tell his future grandchildren about his being a World War II hero'complete with a George C. Scott/Patton impersonation.

  • Fred is worried that his back problem will take the glory away from his walk to the podium as he is to be honored with the Watts Businessman-of-the-year Award.

  • Everyone gets into the act when Fred and Lamont join the community activities and put on a play.

  • Fred is thrilled when Lamont announces his engagement until he learns that the couple doesn't want to live with him.

  • When Fred and his friends start their own escort service, they learn there's much more to the dating business than meets the eye.

  • Suspicious of Lamont's mysterious new girlfriend Janet, Fred feels an investigation is in order and transforms himself into the Watts version of Colombo.

  • While Lamont is away on a fishing trip, Fred rents out his room to a very pregnant lady.

  • When a Sanford Arm's tenant can't come up with the rent, he leaves Fred his pet elephant as collateral.

  • Fred takes the money Lamont has been saving for acting lessons and uses it for something more important'a supply of Whopper Choppers.

  • When Fred accidentally stumbles upon an attempted murder, the criminal tries to make it two victims for the price of one.

  • Despite attempts by his friends to spread Christmas cheer, Fred becomes a miserable scrooge.

  • Fred feels he has to compete for Donna's romantic attention when a Senior Olympics champ tries to move in on his territory.

  • After he discovers how well and how cheaply his Japanese friend can cook, Fred turns his living room into a Japanese Restaurant.

  • Fred attempts to transform the lowly Esther into an elegant lady in order to collect $500 from her husband.

  • Working on a campaign for a political candidate, singer/actress Della Reese convinces Fred to let her use the Sanford home as campaign headquarters.

  • The only way for Fred to get his white brother-in-law Rodney out of his house and his hair is to do something drastic'like go into show business.

  • Fred and Lamont are outraged when they see a new television series about a man, his son and their junk business.

  • As new landlords of an apartment house, Fred and Lamont have to be selective about their tenants.

  • Fred and Lamont learn that banking can be harmful to your health when their loan application is interrupted by a robbery.

  • After a battle with her husband, Esther takes refuge in the Sanford home.

  • After several small earthquakes rock the Sanford home, Russian seismologists tell Fred it's only a matter of time until the "big one" hits.

  • Della Reese wants to turn Fred's house into a campaign headquarters.

  • Fred steals money from Lamont for a get-rich-quick venture.

  • Fred is eager to help his friend start a Japanese restaurant.

  • Fred rents a room to a forlorn expectant mother (Bonnie Banfield).

  • Fred, the Christmas Scrooge, is reproached by ghosts of the past.

  • Aunt Esther and Fred scheme to uncover the history of Lamont's girlfriend (Marlene Clark).

  • Fred starts his own escort service to prove his "animal magnetism."

  • Fred has reservations about Lamont's wedding plans.

  • Ailing Fred insists on attending a banquet in his honor.

  • Stranded on a back road, Lamont and Fred reminisce about their past.

  • Fred gets the acting bug when he learns former boxing champ George Foreman will be in Lamont's play.

  • Fred inflates his role in World War II to impress his grandson-to-be (Ed Crawford).

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