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One of the first television comedy series about survival, Gilligan's Island follows the adventures of seven diverse personalities who have been shipwrecked while taking a three hour tour from Honolulu, Hawaii. The story begins when the Skipper and his first mate, Gilligan, beach their ship, the S. S. Minnow, on an uncharted island during a storm.

The Skipper and Gilligan do their best to make the castaways comfortable and help them get off of the island. Unfortunately, every time they have an opportunity for rescue or escape, it is usually Gilligan's bumbling that prevents them from leaving.

The Professor is the intelligent castaway and is able to create a battery charger, a pedal powered generator, soap, a telescope and a variety of other inventions out of plant life. Some of his inventions are designed to improve the lives of the castaways, and some are designed to help them get off of the island.

Thurston Howell III and Lovey Howell are the millionaire and his wife. They seem to have brought an endless supply of clothes for their short boating excursion, and they also brought a chest full of money. They are friendly, but like to flaunt their wealth.

The movie star, Ginger Grant, is a beautiful actress who likes to wander the island in slinky dresses. She is very flirtatious, but no romantic relationships ever really develop between the castaways. Ginger is often worried that being away from Hollywood will diminish her popularity as a star.

Mary Ann Summers is the cute Kansas farm girl who becomes adept at making cream pies out of bananas and coconuts. The debate still continues between fans about whether they would rather date cute Mary Ann or sexy Ginger.

The castaways aren't always alone on the island. A variety of guest stars drop in, including a jungle boy, foreign spies, a rock band and a movie producer. The island guests always leave without the castaways, and Gilligan is usually responsible for these failed rescue opportunities.

The series only lasted three seasons but has attained cult status and is enjoyed by generations of viewers from all over the world. Each generation wonders why the Skipper and other castaways tolerate Gilligan's bumbling ways, but fans still enjoy watching the many misadventures in each episode.

Gilligan's Island is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (99 episodes). The series first aired on October 16, 1992.

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3 Seasons, 99 Episodes
October 16, 1992
Cast: Bob Denver, Alan Hale, Jr., Jim Backus, Natalie Schafer
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Gilligan's Island Full Episode Guide

  • A native king arrives at the island looking for a white goddess--who must marry a volcano.

  • When a box of plastic explosives is washed up on the shore, the castaways makes plates,golf balls, nails, and so forth.Even Gilligan, who had two fillings filled with the plastic.Untill Gilligan's little monkey friend throws a plate, they realize that's it's explosives.

  • The Professor finds an ailing homing pigeon.

  • A jet pack cuases the castaways havoc.

  • Gilligan saves a native girl's life, but she is now bound to him as his slave out of gratitude.

  • Gilligan, and the others help in finding pieces, to a huge stone map, that'll can help them off the island.

  • Mary Ann hits her head and starts to believe she's Ginger.

  • Gilligan believes he is descended from headhunters when he finds a perfect likeness of his head atop a totem pole.

  • The castaways try to contact a spacecraft in orbit.

  • Gilligan survives a lightning strike, but he becomes a human magnet--and his iron-ore bowling ball is permanently stuck to his hand.

  • An ape man terrorizes the castaways until they discover he's just an actor practicing a role.

  • A famous hunter lands on the island to find something new to hunt. And after he sums up everybody, he goes after Gilligan.If Gilligan, can stay away from him for 24 hours, he will take them home.

  • On the radio, the castaways hear that the Maritime Board blamed the Skipper for the SS Minow's crash.

  • George Barkley enters a "Take a Dare" Contest and will win $10,000 if he fends for himself for a week on the island.

  • Gilligan takes his job too seriously when he becomes a deputy sherrif.

  • When a plain lady comes to island, the girls help her out. They find out that she looks like Ginger.

  • Ginger, Mrs. Howell, and Mary Ann were kidnapped, and the kidnapper wants ransom money. The kidnapper is a compulsive gambler who left civilization ro avoid temptation. The castaways try to rehabilitate him, though he eventually ends up leaving the island. He left with Mrs. Howell's pearl necklace, Mr. Howell's wallet, and Ginger's earrings.

  • Gilligan and the Skipper reel in a briefcase while fishing. The briefcase is stamped with the words: "Property of the US Government."

  • Gilligan sees everything upside down when he bumps his head.

  • A mad scientist comes to the island.

  • Gilligan wakes up one morning with white hair, and he thinks he over-hears the Proffesor saying he has a disease that makes him age quickly.

  • A famous butterfly-catcher by the name of Lord Beasley Waterford comes to the island in search of an extremely rare butterfly.

  • Mr. Howell makes his will, and leaves some of his estate for each castaway.

  • A witch doctor steals some of the castaways' personal possessions and makes voodoo dolls out of them.

  • During a world-wide talent search, a Hollywood Director comes to the island.

  • Gilligan finds some radioactive vegetable seeds.

  • Gilligan meets his double, who is a foreign spy.

  • Gilligan has been bitten by a bat. Soon, as Ginger and Maryann, tries to bandage Gilligan up, he looks into a mirror (one that the glass isn't in) and he starts to think he is a vampire.

  • A meteor lands on the island and emits cosmic rays that will age and kill the castaways in a week.

  • The castaways suffer a debilitating vitamin deficiency.

  • The castaways are taken to a nearby island by a mad scientist.

  • Everyone suddenly develops an allergy to Gilligan.

  • The castaways are haunted by a ghost. Richard Kiel guest star.

  • Mr. Howell is furious when he learns that an imposter is spending his money.

  • The Professor tries to find a way to keep a volcano from erupting and destroying the island.

  • Gilligan confronts an escaped lion.

  • Ginger tries to prevent the others from becoming crazy by predicting, in a seance, that a ship is coming.

  • The castaways are attacked on the island and must defend themselves.

  • A robot lands on the island, and after unsuccessfully trying to use it to escape, the castaways have it to do...

  • After Gilligan eats the seeds of an island bush, he discovers he can read people's minds.

  • When the single men of the island discover that Mary Ann's boyfriend has married someone else, they each...

  • When a telephone cable washes up during a storm, the castaways try to tap into it and call for help.

  • The castaways may have a murderer among them--according to a recent newspaper.

  • While fishing, Gilligan accidentally hooks and activates a WWII mine.

  • GIlligan has been fishing but he gets into trouble when he catches a WWII mine.

  • Gilligan's favorite rock band, The Mosquitoes, retreat to the island for a rest.

  • A rock combo lands on the island to get away from their fans, only to run into the castaways, who tries to get the group to help them get off the island.

  • Gilligan becomes a radio receiver when the Skipper accidentally hits him in the mouth.

  • Two Russian cosmonauts and their capsule land on the island by mistake.

  • Gilligan and the Skipper learn from the radio that the Howells are broke.

  • The castaways find silent-movie equipment and make a film about their shipwreck, hoping it will be found and...

  • The Professor realizes the island is sinking, and the castaways start building an ark.

  • Gilligan finds a million-dollar winning ticket for a South American sweepstakes.

  • A Mars-bound camera lands on the island, and the scientists tracking it think the castaways are Martians.

  • Gilligan has a chance to escape the island--but he must marry to do so.

  • A native family comes to the island. The daughter wants to marry Gilligan.Trouble occurs when her boyfriend comes and wants to fight Gilligan.

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