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Set in the fictional town of Mayfield, "Leave It To Beaver" is a classic and timeless family-oriented situational comedy. The show revolves around a young suburban boy named Theodore Cleaver who is nicknamed 'Beaver' and his family. Being a curious and trusting boy 'Beaver' has a knack for getting himself into unusual situations that are actually humorous. With his friends Whitey Whitney, Larry Mondellow and Gilbert Bates, Beaver regularly finds himself getting into trouble with his parents, teachers and other authority figures.

Although Beaver's motives are good, things sometimes don't work out like he innocently thinks they will. His older brother Wally often tries to help Beaver get out of predicaments but things frequently become complicated.

No matter what type of trouble Beaver and Wally get into they always end up confessing to their parents what they have done and their parents always try to hand out appropriate punishment.

Among Wally's friends are Clarence 'Lumpy' Rutherford and Eddie Haskell. Both of these friends are practical jokers but especially Eddie. He is quite sarcastic and scheming but he always acts very polite to the Cleaver brother's parents.

School figures prominently in "Leave It To Beaver". Many of the episodes focus on either Beaver or Wally's school activities. Whether it's Beaver getting locked in the principal's office or taking an I.Q. test or Wally attending a high school dance there is always something going on at their schools.

Some of the plot lines on the show include the boys building a boat, spending stolen money, playing hooky from school, going on a blind date and sending away for items that cannot be paid for.

The cast members of "Leave It To Beaver" include Jerry Mathers as Theodore 'Beaver' Cleaver, Tony Dow as Wally Cleaver, Barbara Billingsley as their mother June Cleaver and Hugh Beaumont as their father Ward Cleaver.

"Leave It To Beaver" aired on prime time television for six seasons and it is still very popular today.

Leave It to Beaver is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (234 episodes). The series first aired on October 4, 1957.

Where do I stream Leave It to Beaver online? Leave It to Beaver is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Leave It to Beaver on demand at Amazon, iTunes, Peacock online.

6 Seasons, 234 Episodes
October 4, 1957
Cast: Barbara Billingsley, Hugh Beaumont, Tony Dow, Jerry Mathers
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Leave It to Beaver Full Episode Guide

  • While cleaning, June runs across an old family scrapbook and gathers the family together to reminisce about the past six years. The Cleavers remember scenes from previous episodes_4-18 including: Beaver Gets 'Spelled, New Neighbors, My Brother's Girl, The Shave, Beaver Runs Away, Larry Hides Out, Teacher Comes to Dinner, and Wally's Election.

  • Beaver's school is having a clothing drive and who ever brings in the most clothes is awarded 1000 school points. June, Ward and Wally round up all the old clothes they can find and put them in a box and right next to the box are three good suits of Ward's that are to be cleaned and of course Beaver mistakes them as items for the clothing drive. This leaves Ward with the task of asking for the suits back.

  • Beaver has the chance to travel around the country for six weeks during the summer and he's all excited about it. However, he quickly realizes when he's gone Gilbert will go after the girl Beaver has a crush on, Mary Margaret. But he quickly realizes, there's more to life than Mary Margaret.

  • After graduation, an all-night party is set to begin, which has June and Ward very wary. They aren't sure if they should allow Wally to attend. Meanwhile, Wally's date for the party has the same problem. This leads her to invite Wally to meet her folks and put their worries to rest.

  • Wally and Eddie fall prey to Lumpy's practical joking after he plants cherry bombs under the hoods of Eddie's car and Wally's car. Both Eddie and Wally want to get him back but their plan goes awry when they destroy Lumpy's car after chaining it to a tree. All fingers point to Wally after Fred finds that the chain has Ward's name printed on i

  • It's come down to the final week before junior high school graduation and Beaver is having a ball and even skips a class with Gilbert. However, Beaver becomes convinced he won't graduate after Gilbert and him take a peek at the diplomas on Mrs. Rayburn's desk and find Beaver's diploma to be missing.

  • Eddie is happy to break the news that he plans to spend his summer on a fishing boat in Alaska and this prompts Wally and Lumpy to think about signing up to do the same thing. However, they all get a dose of reality when they discover just what kind of conditions they would be living in.

  • A school dance has Beaver with a major dilemma. He has two girls who ask him to go with them. However, he has a little problem, he accepted the first invitation but now wants out of it when he's asked by the second girl. This leads him to take some of Eddie's poor advice.

  • Ward is given two tickets to a baseball game and is faced with an impossible decision. Should he take Wally or Beaver? Beaver lets him off the hook when he announces he has plans with Gilbert. However, when they fall through, Beaver changes his mind about the game and becomes convinced because he's the youngest he gets the short stick.

  • Beaver has been assigned to write a book report on The Three Muskateers. However he's waited right down to the wire to get reading and quickly realizes that he'll never get finished. So, he decides to watch the movie that's going to be on TV and write his book report based on the movie.

  • Eddie has been seeing one particular girl, Cindy Andrews and she wants to give Eddie a birthday gift, so she decides to knit a sweater. She uses Wally as a model and he begins spending so much time at Cindy's he arrouses the suspicions of Julie, Eddie, Lumpy, Beaver and his parents.

  • Wally has his mind pretty much made up about going to Ward's alma mater, State University and he's even considering joining Ward's old fraternity. However, both Eddie and Wally think twice when they hear from a college student that that's the worst fraternity on campus, but Ward has already sent out his letter of recommendation for both of them.

  • June and Ward are excited when they learn that Aunt Martha has made arrangements to send Beaver to a prep school in New England. However, Beaver quickly realizes he will miss his friends as they are all entering Mayfield High School next year. This puts Beaver in a delicate position, how to tell Aunt Martha he doesn't want to go without hurting her feelings.

  • June and Ward go away for a couple of days and leave Uncle Billy to stay with Wally and Beaver. Beaver quickly realizes Billy runs a much looser ship than Ward and June and feels as if he can get away with more things. However, he's soon in for a rude awakening when he helps Gilbert sneak into the movies.

  • Beaver is all set to go with Eddie and Wally to hook up a AM/FM car radio in Eddie's car but June stops him and insists he go to the grocery store to pick up the items he had promised. This leads Beaver to give June the cold shoulder treatment while playing up to Ward.

  • Beaver comes home with the news that he applied to appear on a local television show called Teen Forum and he has been accepted. Beaver gets out of classes for the taping and all his classmates are treated to being able to watch him on TV during class. However, what Beaver, his friends and family don't know is that the show tapes each episode a week in advance.

  • Eddie gets a store credit card and promptly buys more than he can pay for. He uses it to buy a part for Wally's car but after receiving the money he uses it to buy a vest. After Eddie's father fumes over the large bill he lies that Wally never paid him for the battery.

  • Beaver and Gilbert go to a carnival and Beaver surprisingly wins a fourteen caret gold locket in one of the carnival games. Beaver thinks about giving it to June but thanks to Gilbert, Beaver decides to give it to a girl whom he has a crush on. However, soon it becomes apparant that this was a mistake when the girl's parents discover Beaver's gift.

  • The social event of the season, according to Fred Rutherford, is big party that a wealthy family is throwing and he rubs it in due to the fact that June and Ward didn't get an invitation. However, Wally and Eddie will be there after they get jobs parking the guest's cars. However, trouble ensues when Eddie parks Fred's car in a no parking spot and the car gets towed away by the city.

  • A friend has a car for sale and Wally is interested, however, Ward and June are, as usual, hesitant about the whole thing. Ward decides to give in to Wally and allow him to buy the used car, with the condition that he inspect it first. Ward quickly finds problems with the car and he helps Wally look elsewhere giving Wally tips on the process of used car shopping.

  • Wally's girl dumps him for a more sophisticated transfer student with a mustache. Wally decides to grow one himself, but it looks awful and everyone laughs at him. Julie does return to Wally, but she asks that he never grow a mustache again.

  • Beaver has been given an assignment in which he must write a autobiography for class but isn't sure about his abilities at writing. So, he convinces a girl who likes him to write the paper for him. When she discovers that he is merely using her, she writes an outrageous life story and hands it in, causing embarrassment for Beaver when the teacher reads it in class.

  • Beaver becomes the most popular guy in town after he scores the winning touchdown at the big football game. The problem is that Beaver thinks he is so good that he stops attending practices before games. The coach teaches Beaver a lesson when he calls him to tell him that since he didn't go to the practices, he shouldn't bother coming to the games.

  • At school, Beaver gets into an argument with a girl who retaliates by making fun of Beaver's hair, calling him a sheepdog. Incredibly self-concious, Beaver goes out to the store and buys different hairsprays and gels to try to improve his hairdo. He doesn't get the reaction he was expecting when he tries his new hairdo out on his family.

  • Ward's new car is only a week old, but he still lets Wally drive it to the prom. One of the headlights accidentally smashes to pieces, but Wally and his friends are able to fix it before Ward and June find out about it. Wally decides to tell the truth to his parents at the end anyway.

  • An ad for a rock and roll record club offering a record a week for only eighty-seven cents is too good for Beaver to resist. Ward allows Beaver to join and says that now he is in charge of his funds. However, Beaver loses track of what he spends and winds up owing the company $17.60.

  • Eddie brags to all of his friends how amazing his brand new bachelor pad is. However, Wally learns the truth when Mrs. Evans tells him how lonely Eddie is and how awful the meals are that he eats. Eventually, Eddie misses home and decides to swallow his pride and go back.

  • Beaver wants to go to a jalopy race on a school night, and his parents won't let him. He decides to write a letter to "Tell It To Ella" which is an advice column in the school paper. He is shocked when Ella agrees with his parents decision and does everything to make sure that they don't read it.

  • Wally and Eddie get jobs at the Mayfield Dairy thanks to Ward pulling some strings. They soon unknowingly find themselves involved in a plot started by the foreman and his assistant who are secretly stealing the merchandise. When Ward learns of the plot, he warns Wally who in turn tries to warn Eddie, but Eddie doesn't buy it.

  • Wally has started to take driving lessons at the high school this year, and he makes a ton of mistakes. His partner is Shirley, who drives very smoothly. The day of the testing Shirley fails, and this makes Wally really nervous because she is better than he is. Wally ends up passing with flying colors and Ward gives him the keys to drive home.

  • Tonight is the night that Beaver will receive his football letter. However, the players don't want to get up in front of everyone wearing jackets and ties, they want to dress casually. It turns out that Beaver is the only one who shows up dressed casually, but luckily Ward has a change of clothes for Beaver in his car.

  • Wally has been constantly spending his time at Julie Foster's house and June suggests that he's old enough to take her out on a dinner date. Julie suggests a new expensive restaurant called The White Fox. However, during the meal Wally discovers that he forgot his wallet at home.

  • Ward has made reservations for the family vacation at their usual lakeside cabin. This year Wally doesn't want to go so he can stay with his girlfriend, Lori Anne. He arranges to stay with Eddie so he can be closer to Lori Anne, but at the last minute she tells him that she also has to go away with her family on vacation.

  • Beaver and his friends are home alone and bored. To amuse themselves they make crank phone calls to a few local merchants. One of his friends, Kenny, suggests they call baseball star Don Drysdale, unaware that the call would end up costing them $9.35.

  • When the father of one of Beaver's friends backs out of taking the boys camping, Beaver asks Wally if he could be their guide. Wally agrees and brings Eddie and Lumpy along, unaware that they have plans to scare the kids so they will want to go home early.

  • Beaver and his friends decide to each purchase a gruesome looking sweatshirt. They make a pact to wear the shirts to school, but only Beaver goes through with the plan.

  • Wally is used as a pawn by an older girl, Donna, who asks him to play tennis with her. But her plan is to make her boyfriend jealous, yet Wally believes he has found the girl of his dreams.

  • Beaver and Wally are told to clean up the garage and the yard before the trash hauler comes along. However, they miss their deadline because they are goofing around. So they decide to drop the garbage off in a nearby vacant lot, but get caught and June and Ward are told about the whole thing.

  • Ward comes down hard on Wally after he comes home two hours late, this fuels June and Ward's suspicions that Wally is contemplating joing the merchant Marines. June had discovered some pamphlets hidden in his dresser drawer. However, little does anyone know, Wally has been getting the information for Lumpy who's seriously thinking of joining

  • Beaver convinces his parents to buy him a typewriter because it will help him with his school work. After they do, Beaver has Eddie type his papers for a dollar and he gets good grades because of it. However, he knows this is dishonest and has to do something to fix it.

  • Beaver decides to go out for the basketball team this year, but all the kids tell him that the only reason he made it is because of Wally's superstar reputation. Beaver gets so nervous after hearing this that he plays very poorly, and he doesn't shape up until after Ward tells him it's okay if he isn't the athlete Wally is. He knows that Beaver outperforms Wally in other areas, so they all balance out.

  • Beaver decides to baby-sit ten-year-old Patricia for Wally. He pretends to play house, but finds that he actually enjoys the game. He realizes that his friends saw him playing house and that it will be all over school the next day.

  • Ward agrees to let Lumpy drive his car as long as the only people in it are Lumpy, Wally and Beaver. Lumpy decides Eddie has to come along too, but he takes a short cut that is a dirt road. Ward eventually finds out what happens and yells at Wally for disobeying him.

  • Richard is on laundromat duty for his family, and Beaver decides to go along and help. The trip becomes a nightmare when they drop the clothing bundle and have to rescue his father's shorts from a frisky dog. They also wind up losing all their money before they even get to the laundromat. They need to figure out how to fix this predicamen

  • Wally asks to sleep over Lumpy's the night of Lumpy's party, but Wally's parents insist that he come home at the party's end. However, Lumpy begs Wally to sleep over after he discovers a mysterious stain on the rug, because he knows his parents won't punish him if Wally is there. Wally agrees and decides to pay the consequences later.

  • Eddie drops out of school and decides to work at a garage for eighty dollars a week. At first Eddie loves his new lifestyle because he gets to show off all of his new clothes to Wally. However, Eddie feels left out when Wally is too caught up in his academia to pay any attention to Eddie. Eddie finally decides to return to school.

  • Beaver, Richard, and Gilbert put their funds together and buy a burro named Pepe. Ward agrees as long as the burro doesn't reside at the house. However, Pepe ends up at the Cleavers' and winds up wearing June's new trellis. Ward then insists that the burro must be packed up and shipped away.

  • Beaver is allowed to go an amusement park with Wally and his friends. However, once they arrive there Beaver becomes scared to death because of all the horror stories that he hears from Wally's friends about how dangerous the roller coasters are. It is because of Beaver's cautious attitude that all the boys are saved on the roller coaster.

  • Richard gets a really cool jacket with a leather trim, and Beaver wants the same jacket. At first June and Ward resist, but finally they consent to it. Richard loses his jacket just as Beaver gets his, so the boys decide to share until Richard's turns up. Richard spills food on Beaver's new jacket, however, and this causes June and Ward to find out about what they boys have been doing with the jacket.

  • Beaver is allowed to have a sleepover with Gilbert while June and Ward go out, leaving them without a babysitter. The boys get really scared by a gangster movie on television and wind up calling the police to arrest the people walking around the house outside. They accidentally have Lumpy and Bill arrested and have to apologize to their families the next day.

  • Beaver has to play a bunny for the school pageant, and Beaver is really embarrassed after he sees the costume. However, the climax comes when Beaver is chased by a pack of dogs because of his costume. He concludes that he might be better off being a real animal because no one would ever force him to portray a human being in a pageant.

  • Beaver and Penny always get into brutal fights with each other, and that's why both are in shock when Penny's mother invites Beaver to their farewell party. Surprisingly, they both have a good time at the party and even agree that they like each other. However, once Penny learns that she isn't really leaving school, the two go back to their old fighting ways.

  • Wally is invited to spend a weekend at a lake cottage with a bunch of guys, and his parents against their better judgement let him go. Wally then learns that Scott's parents won't be supervising the trip. Before Wally can tell his parents the truth, they find out and forbid him to go.

  • Beaver is finallly allowed to go the store and buy his own pair of ice skates. The store doesn't have his size, so he decides to buy a pair of skates that are three sizes too big. When he goes back with Wally to try and get a refund, the man refuses to give it to him. Finally, Ward finds out about it and is able to get Beaver a refund.

  • Mayfield High is having an exchange dance with a nearby high school. Wally's date is Majorie Muller, whom he has never met. Eddie convinces Wally to switch dates with him, and Wally is embarrassed when he finds out his new date is a few inches taller than Wally. It works out in the end because his new date wears flats and they are able to see eye to eye.

  • Jealous of Wally's new job at the soda fountain, Eddie decides to play a prank on his best friend by ordering a delivery of six quarts of ice cream to a birthday party that doesn't exist.

  • Beaver decides that he is too old for birthday parties, so his family gives him money instead. His parents suggest he saves the money he receives from relatives, but instead he spends Uncle Billy's gift of ten dollars on a toy model car. His parents find out and tell Beaver that if he had just asked their permission to get the car, they would have said yes.

  • Wally buys his first jalopy for twenty-five dollars. The car lasts long enough to get Wally back to his driveway, and then it dies blocking in Ward's car. Now he has to figure out how to get the car out of the way so his father can get out and go to work.

  • June and Ward have decided that Beaver is too old to have a baby-sitter, so Beaver brags about it to all his friends. However, one Friday night they decide that he does indeed need one, and so Judy comes over to watch him. He is embarrassed because he knows that his friends will come over to see if he is lying, and they will think he is. He needs to find a way to hide Judy from his friends when they stop by.