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Bewitched is a television sitcom about Samantha Stephens, a young looking, though very old witch, married to Darrin, a regular guy without any special powers. When Samantha married Darrin, she promised to live as a typical housewife and not use any of her spell-casting ability. However, her mother Endora, who disapproves of her daughter's non-magical husband, often meddles in the lives of her daughter and son-in-law, casting spells on Darrin that cause confusion among his neighbors, like the nosy Gladys and her husband Abner; friends; and boss, Larry Tate. Although she tries to keep her promise to lead a life free of spell casting, Samantha usually has to step in and cast a spell with a twitch of her nose to protect her husband and hide from all of the non-magical people affected the fact that a spell was cast. Samantha and Darrin's children, Tabitha and Adam, seem to have inherited their mother's special powers.

Bewitched is a lighthearted show that tackled some serious subjects, such as racism, which was a hot-button issue when the series aired. In one episode, Samantha and Darrin's daughter Tabitha cast a spell on herself and a black friend to make both of them covered with polka dots so that no one would treat them differently. Once again, Samantha was forced to twitch her nose and undo the spell cast by her daughter to keep mortals unaware of their spell-casting powers.

Bewitched was an extremely popular television show among viewers when it aired from 1964 until 1972.

Bewitched is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (255 episodes). The series first aired on March 5, 1964.

Where do I stream Bewitched online? Bewitched is available for streaming on Sony, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bewitched on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel Free, Sling, Google Play, Apple TV, Crackle, IMDb TV online.

8 Seasons, 255 Episodes
March 5, 1964
Cast: Dick York, Dick Sargent, Agnes Moorehead, David White, Maurice Evans
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Bewitched Full Episode Guide

  • Darrin buys a present for Samantha -- a pin in the shape of a unicorn. Endora adds a little excitement by casting a "truth spell" on the pin, causing several embarrassing situations.

  • A new Chinese restaurant account calls McMann and Tate to dinner. But a new drink called "The Heavenly Himalayan" leaves Samantha feeling dizzy -- and with red stripes on her face.

  • A memorable visit from George and Martha Washington results from Esmeralda's messed up magic.

  • Esmeralda tries to zap George Washington's buckle and button out of a book, and instead zaps out George himself.

  • Tabitha starts her first day at school, but she then turns a bully into a frog and now Samantha must help Tabitha into changing him back.

  • Serena gives Larry a youth pill, which he then tells Samantha and Darrin they must take to market.

  • Tabitha is invited to a skating party but doesn't know how to skate. Samantha takes her to the skating rink for lessons and promises Darrin that Tabitha will learn the mortal way, but Endora intervenes.

  • Darin finds out that Serena is in trouble - with or without her power.

  • Dr. Bombay weighs Samantha and indicates she weighs 400 pounds. He tells her she has a condition peculiar to witches and warlocks called Gravititis Inflamitis -- an inflammation of the gravitational tendons. He gives her an antidote, which causes her to float.

  • Larry Tate enlists Esmerelda to baby-sit for a client's child, Ralph Norton. That evening Esmeralda performs several odd feats of magic, much to Ralph's pleasure. But Ralph's tales on the playground get him beat up, jeopardizing Darrin's job.

  • Adam Stephen has been chosen to be tested by Grimalda and Enchantra the witch council to see if his magic powers are limited. But thanks to Maurice for making him fly they demand to take Adam for 40 years in training warlock school. But Sam won't allow it.

  • Darrin's conservative nature leads Endora to cast a gambling spell on him. Endora indirectly gives Darrin a tip on the daily double and Darrin wins a bundle. By this time, Samantha has found out what her mother is up to and tries to get her to remove the spell.

  • Darrin's work has piled up and he is too busy to get away. Endora decides that since it is Darrin's job that is keeping Samantha from attending her cousin's wedding, then the job must be eliminated.

  • Tabitha brings Hansel and Gretel to life from a storybook to cheer them up because they are sad and hungry. Problems ensue as Tabitha transfers herself to the forest in the story.

  • Endora arrives at the Stephens' home to find Samantha has lost her powers. The cause, as diagnosed by Dr. Bombay, is her marriage to a mortal. Endora's outrage is barely controllable, but Maurice's is nuclear.

  • Tabitha's witchcraft threatens to make her a reluctant TV star.

  • Larry has arranged for the Tates and the Stephens to spend the weekend as guests of the Duke of Whitset at his castle. The castle is authentically English, complete with its own ghost. The ghost takes a liking to Samantha and when she rebuffs him, he takes over Darrin's body.

  • Samantha and Darrin are sightseeing in Paris when Maurice learns that his daughter is in Europe and didn't stop off in London to see him. Endora goes to Paris to warn Samantha when Maurice appears and blames Darrin for his anger.

  • Esmeralda decides to right a wrong she committed hundreds of years ago, and she straightens the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

  • Samantha and Darrin are at Loch Ness. Darrin's cousin Robbie tells them that the monster of Loch Ness has been very shy lately. Just then they see a creature with a long neck and the head of a dinosaur rise from the water. Robbie and Darrin faint. Samantha tells the monster (who is really a former warlock, Bruce), to get back in the water.

  • Darrin turns up at the Palace to rescue Samantha - but she must rescue him!

  • Samantha's head is in danger when she catches the eye of Henry VIII.

  • Tabitha uses her witchcraft to get a doll back from her brother and makes it float across the room--in plain view of Phyllis. Knowing Phyllis can't overlook what she's seen, Samantha asks Phyllis if she has "unusual powers" that might have been passed on to Tabitha.

  • Samantha feels guilty about using witchcraft to help her finish household chores. An attack of hiccups causes unexpected results and Dr. Bombay is called in, but the result is hardly a cure.

  • Endora has an argument with Darrin about taking Tabitha to the Unicorn Handicap. When Darrin refuses to let Tabitha go, Endora changes him into a 10-year old boy.

  • Claiming that Darrin is cheap, Endora zaps a huge pool in the backyard. Later that day, Darrin finds one hundred thousand dollars in cash and is sure that Endora is responsible.

  • Samantha's cousin, Serena, turns Darrin into an ape. Gladys and Abner see the ape and call the police.

  • Louise Tate gives Samantha a book entitled "Marital Unrest." Samantha is concerned that Louise is bored with her marriage and spends a restless night worrying about her friend. Mysteriously, they switch beds in the middle of the night, unbeknownst to their respective husbands.

  • Serena is sitting with the kids, changing some of Tabitha's toys into lifesize. When one hides in the closet, it comes out just in time to meet a client of Darrins.

  • Uncle Arthur must get rid of his practical jokes to win back the woman he loves, so he releases them into Darrin and Samantha's house.

  • Endora still wants to change Samantha's plight with Darrin. By having Serena travel back to the 14th century and use a potion on Darrin the Bold, present day Darrin becomes a warlock and strange things start happening.

  • Sam is stuck with Mary the Good Fairy's wings while Mary is out on a binge! When Samantha accidentally messes up her good fairy outfit, it causes Mary to want her wings back.

  • Tabitha loses a tooth, and Mary the Fairy comes by to give her a quarter. When Mary has brandy to warm herself up, she gets quite tipsy, and Samantha has to finish her evening rounds. When Mary sobers up, she refuses to take back her wings, and Sam is stuck with them.

  • Darrin has a client that makes candy, and he is trying to come up with a new campaign. Endora changes Darrin's campaign to "mother-in-law day", and the client loves it. When Endora refuses to appear in the commercial, Sam goes in her place.

  • When one of Darrin's colleagues' little girl comes to stay at Christmas time, Tabitha really wants them to be sisters, even though Lisa is black. When a client, Mr. Brockway, thinks that Darrin is married to a black woman, he wants Darrin off his account. This program was written by a Jefferson High School English Class, and was designed to address the issue of prejudice.

  • Certain that Endora has hexed his creativity, Darrin asks Samantha to give him a favorable twitch. Samantha gives him what she says is a magic potion to give her harried husband the confidence he needs. Darrin drinks the juice and is instantly a man of confidence.

  • Endora casts a spell on Samantha, linking Samantha's thoughts and words with Cousin Serena's. What Serena says, Samantha says and likewise for actions. Darrin is baffled by his wife's odd behavior during a surprise visit by a client.

  • Endora casts a spell that turns Darrin into a 73-year-old man. Samantha and "older" Darrin go to a movie so that no one will see old Darrin. However, Larry and Louise spot Samantha at the refreshment stand and follow her to the car. Samantha introduces her date as Grover Stephens, Darrin's grandfather.

  • Ashley Flynn, a warlock, tries to sweep Samantha off her feet but winds up helping Darrin get a new client.

  • Samantha and Darrin find out that 17th Century Salem is no place for a witch without witchcraft.

  • Samantha runs into an old flame whose affection for her gives Darrin something to "crow" about.

  • Esmeralda's wacky witchcraft causes Paul Revere to ride again.

  • A flirtation of Serena's turns Darrin to stone.

  • Darrin can't be held for theft when the evidence turns out to be an old flame of Serena's.

  • Darrin discovers that bedwarmers can be worse than mothers-in-law, es-pecially when they're "hot."

  • The Empress Hepzibah's decision that witches and mortals don't mix is delayed.

  • The High Priestess of Witchdom dethrones Darrin in his own "castle."

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CBS Planning Remake of Classic 'Bewitched' TV Series...Is 'Harry Potter' to Blame?

My first reaction upon learning that CBS was planning a reboot of the 1960's TV show "Bewitched" was something along the lines of "oh, that makes sense." Why wouldn't they? CBS already rebooted "Hawaii Five-O" and ABC rebooted "Charlie's Angels," and "Wonder Woman" would be gotten back on TV as well if the pilot hadn't been totally underwhelming.

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