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  • 1964
  • 8 Seasons
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Bewitched is a beloved American television sitcom that aired from 1964 to 1972. The show followed the life of Samantha Stephens, played by Elizabeth Montgomery, a beautiful and charming witch who marries a mortal man named Darrin Stephens, played by Dick York in the first five seasons and then Dick Sargent. Samantha tries to keep her magical powers a secret while navigating her life as a housewife and mother.

The main antagonist of the show is Samantha's mother, Endora, played brilliantly by Agnes Moorehead. Endora is a mischievous and overbearing witch who disapproves of Samantha's decision to marry a mortal. Endora often tries to interfere in Samantha's life by casting spells and creating chaos for Darrin, the mortal husband.

Another prominent character on the show is Samantha's mischievous and meddlesome cousin, Serena, played by Elizabeth Montgomery's real-life sister, Diane Murphy. Serena often causes trouble for Samantha and Darrin, but also provides comic relief and serves as a foil to Samantha's more reserved and cautious personality.

Paul Lynde plays the role of Uncle Arthur, Samantha's eccentric and sarcastic uncle who is also a witch. Maurice Evans plays the role of Samantha's father, Maurice, who is the head of the witches' council and often tries to convince Samantha to rely more on her magical powers.

David White portrays Larry Tate, Darrin's boss and president of the advertising agency where Darrin works. Larry is a bit clueless about Samantha's true identity, but often finds himself caught up in the chaos caused by Samantha's magical powers.

Erin Murphy and later Sandra Gould play the role of Samantha and Darrin's daughter, Tabitha. Tabitha shows signs of having magical powers and often uses them in innocent ways, much to her parents' chagrin.

The show also features a rotating cast of supporting characters, including Alice Ghostley as Esmeralda, a bumbling and accident-prone witch who works for the Stephens family. Ivor Barry plays the role of Dr. Bombay, a warlock who specializes in healing magic. George Tobias plays the role of Abner Kravitz, the Stephens' nosy and suspicious neighbor who is always trying to catch Samantha using her magic. Kasey Rogers and later Irene Vernon portray Louise Tate, Larry's wife who is often caught up in her husband's schemes. Bernard Fox plays the role of Dr. Bombay's rival warlock, and Ronald Long plays the role of the Stephens' lawyer, who often finds himself representing them in court when their magical powers get out of hand.

Bewitched is known for its clever writing, charming characters, and delightful use of visual effects to showcase Samantha's magical powers. The show was groundbreaking for its time, as it presented a modern and liberated portrait of a housewife who also happens to be a witch. The show's themes of acceptance, love, and family continue to resonate with audiences today.

In conclusion, Bewitched is a classic sitcom that has stood the test of time. Elizabeth Montgomery's enchanting portrayal of Samantha, along with the show's diverse cast of quirky characters and magical storylines, continue to captivate audiences of all ages. Watch Bewitched online to experience this beloved show for yourself and discover why it remains a fan favorite to this day. Watch Bewitched Online today and get lost in the magical world of Samantha and her family!.

Bewitched is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (255 episodes). The series first aired on September 17, 1964.

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The Truth, Nothing But the Truth, So Help Me, Sam
26. The Truth, Nothing But the Truth, So Help Me, Sam
March 25, 1972
Darrin buys a present for Samantha -- a pin in the shape of a unicorn. Endora adds a little excitement by casting a "truth spell" on the pin, causing several embarrassing situations.
Sam's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse
25. Sam's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse
March 18, 1972
A new Chinese restaurant account calls McMann and Tate to dinner. But a new drink called "The Heavenly Himalayan" leaves Samantha feeling dizzy -- and with red stripes on her face.
A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished
24. A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished
March 11, 1972
When Darrin has trouble with an advertising campaign for a client, Samantha offers some ideas. Darrin does not accept his wife's suggestions because he believes they were created by witchcraft.
School Days, School Daze
23. School Days, School Daze
March 4, 1972
Thanks to Endora for a smart worm curse, Tabitha passes the test to go into the second grade but Samantha is yet again not please and demands Endora to take the curse off her.
George Washington Zapped Here
22. George Washington Zapped Here
February 26, 1972
A memorable visit from George and Martha Washington results from Esmeralda's messed up magic.
George Washington Zapped Here
21. George Washington Zapped Here
February 19, 1972
Esmeralda tries to zap George Washington's buckle and button out of a book, and instead zaps out George himself.
Tabitha's First Day at School
20. Tabitha's First Day at School
February 12, 1972
Tabitha starts her first day at school, but she then turns a bully into a frog and now Samantha must help Tabitha into changing him back.
Serena's Youth Pill
19. Serena's Youth Pill
February 5, 1972
Serena gives Larry a youth pill, which he then tells Samantha and Darrin they must take to market.
Samantha on Thin Ice
18. Samantha on Thin Ice
January 29, 1972
Tabitha is invited to a skating party but doesn't know how to skate. Samantha takes her to the skating rink for lessons and promises Darrin that Tabitha will learn the mortal way, but Endora intervenes.
Serena's Richcraft
17. Serena's Richcraft
January 22, 1972
Darin finds out that Serena is in trouble - with or without her power.
Samantha Is Earthbound
16. Samantha Is Earthbound
January 15, 1972
Dr. Bombay weighs Samantha and indicates she weighs 400 pounds. He tells her she has a condition peculiar to witches and warlocks called Gravititis Inflamitis -- an inflammation of the gravitational tendons. He gives her an antidote, which causes her to float.
Samantha's Magic Sitter
15. Samantha's Magic Sitter
January 5, 1972
Larry Tate enlists Esmerelda to baby-sit for a client's child, Ralph Norton. That evening Esmeralda performs several odd feats of magic, much to Ralph's pleasure. But Ralph's tales on the playground get him beat up, jeopardizing Darrin's job.
Adam, Warlock or Washout
14. Adam, Warlock or Washout
December 29, 1971
Adam Stephen has been chosen to be tested by Grimalda and Enchantra the witch council to see if his magic powers are limited. But thanks to Maurice for making him fly they demand to take Adam for 40 years in training warlock school. But Sam won't allow it.
Three Men and a Witch on a Horse
13. Three Men and a Witch on a Horse
December 15, 1971
Darrin's conservative nature leads Endora to cast a gambling spell on him. Endora indirectly gives Darrin a tip on the daily double and Darrin wins a bundle. By this time, Samantha has found out what her mother is up to and tries to get her to remove the spell.
The Eight-Year Itch Witch
12. The Eight-Year Itch Witch
December 8, 1971
Endora decides to sick cat witch Ophelia to flirt around with Darrin to prove that he can have eye on another woman, but Samantha knows her mother is up to the scheme on breaking there marriage.
The Warlock in the Gray Flannel Suit
11. The Warlock in the Gray Flannel Suit
December 1, 1971
Darrin's work has piled up and he is too busy to get away. Endora decides that since it is Darrin's job that is keeping Samantha from attending her cousin's wedding, then the job must be eliminated.
Hansel and Gretel in Samanthaland
10. Hansel and Gretel in Samanthaland
November 17, 1971
Tabitha brings Hansel and Gretel to life from a storybook to cheer them up because they are sad and hungry. Problems ensue as Tabitha transfers herself to the forest in the story.
A Plague on Maurice and Samantha
9. A Plague on Maurice and Samantha
November 10, 1971
Endora arrives at the Stephens' home to find Samantha has lost her powers. The cause, as diagnosed by Dr. Bombay, is her marriage to a mortal. Endora's outrage is barely controllable, but Maurice's is nuclear.
TV or Not TV
8. TV or Not TV
November 3, 1971
Tabitha's witchcraft threatens to make her a reluctant TV star.
The Ghost Who Made a Spectre of Himself
7. The Ghost Who Made a Spectre of Himself
October 27, 1971
Larry has arranged for the Tates and the Stephens to spend the weekend as guests of the Duke of Whitset at his castle. The castle is authentically English, complete with its own ghost. The ghost takes a liking to Samantha and when she rebuffs him, he takes over Darrin's body.
Paris, Witches Style
6. Paris, Witches Style
October 20, 1971
Samantha and Darrin are sightseeing in Paris when Maurice learns that his daughter is in Europe and didn't stop off in London to see him. Endora goes to Paris to warn Samantha when Maurice appears and blames Darrin for his anger.
Bewitched, Bothered and Baldoni
5. Bewitched, Bothered and Baldoni
October 13, 1971
Venus, noted for her charm, and Endora, noted for her weird sense of humor, team up against Darrin, noted for being the butt of his mother-in-law's tricks.
Samantha's Not So Leaning Tower of Pisa
4. Samantha's Not So Leaning Tower of Pisa
October 6, 1971
Esmeralda decides to right a wrong she committed hundreds of years ago, and she straightens the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Samantha and the Loch Ness Monster
3. Samantha and the Loch Ness Monster
September 29, 1971
Samantha and Darrin are at Loch Ness. Darrin's cousin Robbie tells them that the monster of Loch Ness has been very shy lately. Just then they see a creature with a long neck and the head of a dinosaur rise from the water. Robbie and Darrin faint. Samantha tells the monster (who is really a former warlock, Bruce), to get back in the water.
How Not to Lose Your Head to Henry VIII
2. How Not to Lose Your Head to Henry VIII
September 22, 1971
Darrin turns up at the Palace to rescue Samantha - but she must rescue him!
How Not to Lose Your Head to Henry VIII
1. How Not to Lose Your Head to Henry VIII
September 15, 1971
Samantha's head is in danger when she catches the eye of Henry VIII.
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    September 17, 1964
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (24,058)