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  • TV-PG
  • 2000
  • 2 Seasons
  • 5.3  (1,026)

Sheena is an action-adventure television series that aired on Sony from 2000-2002. It starred Gena Lee Nolin as the titular character, Sheena, and John Allen Nelson as Matt Cutter, her ally and love interest. The show is set in the African jungle and follows Sheena, a woman who was orphaned as a child and raised by a tribe of local natives. She possesses the ability to communicate with all animals, which she uses to help protect the jungle and its inhabitants from various threats.

Throughout the series, Sheena becomes embroiled in a number of dangerous situations, ranging from stopping poachers to saving lost children. Along the way, she is aided by Matt Cutter, a journalist who becomes her ally and later, her love interest. The two develop a strong bond as they work together to keep the jungle safe.

One of the unique aspects of the show is the character of Sheena herself. She is portrayed as a strong, independent woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself and others. Her relationship with the animals is also a major theme of the show, with Sheena often relying on their help to navigate the jungle and protect its inhabitants.

The chemistry between Nolin and Nelson is another key element of the show. Their characters' relationship is complex and fraught with tension, as Matt struggles to reconcile his journalistic ambitions with his growing feelings for Sheena.

The jungle itself is also a major character in the show. The beautiful yet dangerous environment is depicted in stunning detail, with lush greenery, exotic wildlife, and treacherous terrain. The show's use of location shooting adds an extra layer of realism to the setting, making it feel like a character in its own right.

Overall, Sheena is an entertaining action-adventure series that combines elements of suspense, romance, and environmentalism. Its strong female protagonist and lush jungle setting make it a unique and memorable entry in the canon of action TV.

Sheena is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (35 episodes). The series first aired on October 7, 2000.

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The World According to Mendelsohn
13. The World According to Mendelsohn
February 23, 2002
Mendelsohn is asked to help a tribe that thinks he is a legendary wise man.
Coming to Africa
12. Coming to Africa
February 16, 2002
Sheena and Cutter protect a princess from a plot to disrupt her arranged marriage.
Stranded in the Jungle
11. Stranded in the Jungle
February 9, 2002
As the participants in a multi-million-dollar survival game are endangered by a coup, Sheena meets someone who might provide some important clues about her past.
The Maltaka Files
10. The Maltaka Files
February 2, 2002
Alleged UFO sightings expose an attempt to sell illicit uranium to the highest bidder.
Return of the Native
9. Return of the Native
January 26, 2002
Jealousy arises when Sheena's first love returns to Maltaka to open a long awaited school.
Still Hostage After All These Years
8. Still Hostage After All These Years
November 24, 2001
When a terrorist kidnapping threatens an important peace mission and stops the flow of a lifesaving vaccine to the village, Cutter's ex-wife is called in to negotiate.
The Darkness
7. The Darkness
November 17, 2001
A mythic rogue beast is enlisted in an effort to steal a large government payroll.
The Treasure of Sienna Mende
6. The Treasure of Sienna Mende
November 10, 2001
A female jewel thief helps Cutter and Sheena locate a hidden treasure that could help a drought-stricken tribe.
Meltdown in Maltaka
5. Meltdown in Maltaka
November 3, 2001
Cutter and Mendelsohn team up to help a female boxer to realize her dream of being a champion.
Collateral Damage
4. Collateral Damage
October 27, 2001
Sheena and Cutter befriend a CIA sniper who is the target of some rogue intelligence operatives.
Mind Games
3. Mind Games
October 20, 2001
Kali faces off against an old nemesis that tries to gain control over Sheena in order to exert domination over all the LaMistas.
The Feral King
2. The Feral King
October 13, 2001
Sheena and Cutter are enlisted to hunt for a jungle boy who is the heir to a fortune.
1. Rendezvous
October 6, 2001
Sheena's efforts to save an Interpol agent from a ruthless drug lord spark a romance.
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Sheena is available for streaming on the Sony website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sheena on demand at , Crackle and Tubi TV.
  • Premiere Date
    October 7, 2000
  • IMDB Rating
    5.3  (1,026)