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  • 1994
  • 4 Seasons
  • 4.1  (4,823)

V.I.P. was a popular television series that aired on TNN (The Nashville Network) from 1998 to 2002. The show focused on a group of three beautiful and talented female bodyguards who protected VIPs (Very Important Persons) from various threats. The lead character was played by the blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson, who portrayed Vallery Irons. Vallery was a former waitress who became a celebrity through her exposure in a high-profile lawsuit. Despite being a little bit ditzy and naive, she proved to be a quick learner and gained the respect of her colleagues through her bravery and determination.

The other two members of the team were Tasha Dexter (played by Molly Culver) and Nikki Franco (played by Natalie Raitano). Tasha was an ex-cop who had been falsely charged with corruption and had to leave the force. She was the tough one of the group, always ready to kick butt and take names. On the other hand, Nikki was a former cat burglar who had turned her talents to the good side after being caught by Vallery. Nikki had an eye for detail and was often the one who uncovered crucial information that helped the team solve cases.

The other supporting characters were Johnny Loh (played by Dustin Nguyen), who was the team's computer expert and surveillance specialist. He was always on hand to provide backup and intel, and he had a soft spot for Vallery. Another of the team's allies was Quick Williams (played by Shaun Baker), a professional driver who always took the girls where they needed to be with his souped-up vehicle. Last but not least, Maxine de la Cruz (played by Angelle Brooks) was the team's liaison with their clients. She was often the one who set up the cases and provided the girls with information about their clients.

The show had a mix of action, comedy, and drama. Each episode featured a new case that the team had to solve, ranging from protecting celebrities to uncovering corporate espionage. The cases were often dangerous and required a lot of teamwork, but the girls always managed to come out on top.

One of the main draws of the show was the chemistry between the cast members. Pamela Anderson, in particular, brought a lot of star power to the show with her stunning looks and playful personality. Molly Culver and Natalie Raitano also held their own, and their characters' differing personalities made for some entertaining exchanges. Dustin Nguyen's character Johnny provided some comic relief, while Shaun Baker's Quick was always cool under pressure.

Aside from the cast, the show also had some impressive set pieces and stunts. There were car chases, explosions, and fight scenes that showcased the girls' skills and made for some exciting viewing. The outfits worn by the cast were also a staple of the show, with many of the female characters sporting tight-fitting leather or revealing outfits.

Overall, V.I.P. was a fun and entertaining show that had a lot of heart. It was campy and over-the-top at times, but it never took itself too seriously. The cast was lovable, the cases were entertaining, and the action was thrilling. It was a show that captured the spirit of the late '90s and early 2000s and provided a great escape for viewers.

V.I.P. is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (48 episodes). The series first aired on October 11, 1994.

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Dude, Where's My Party?
16. Dude, Where's My Party?
February 23, 2002
Val and Maxine agree to help test security at a new FBI facility, unaware they are being used as decoys to trap a dangerous terrorist gang.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Val
10. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Val
November 24, 2001
Johnny's return to action films is marred by the unexpected appearance of an old Hong Kong nemesis.
The Uncle From V.A.L.
9. The Uncle From V.A.L.
An Inuit shaman cheats her people in a land deal, and Val's uncle uncovers the plot. Will VIP help?
Clarissa Dickson Wright
8. Clarissa Dickson Wright
August 29, 1997
On today's episode of VIP, Cathy MacDonald chats to Clarissa Dickson Wright of the Two ...
The Uncle From V.A.L.
7. The Uncle From V.A.L.
November 3, 2001
Val's Uncle Ned gets caught up in a scheme to sell valuable land that belongs to a Canadian Inuit tribe.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Val
6. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Val
Wanna-be actor Johnny must rescue the hot daughter of a Tong leader, or wind up dead.
Tam the Gun
5. Tam the Gun
August 22, 1997
On today's episode of VIP, Cathy MacDonald chats to Tam the Gun who fires the one o'clo...
Christine Davis
4. Christine Davis
August 21, 1997
On today's episode of VIP, Cathy MacDonald chats to Christine Davis who is a member of ...
Reverend Tilly Wilson
3. Reverend Tilly Wilson
August 20, 1997
On today's episode of VIP, Cathy MacDonald chats to the Reverend Tilly Wilson about her...
Len Murray
2. Len Murray
August 19, 1997
On today's episode of VIP, Cathy MacDonald chats to top lawyer Len Murray, who has prov...
Sandy McDonald
1. Sandy McDonald
August 18, 1997
On today's episode of VIP, Cathy MacDonald chats to Right Reverend Sandy McDonald about...
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V.I.P. is available for streaming on the TNN website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch V.I.P. on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Crackle and Tubi TV.
  • Premiere Date
    October 11, 1994
  • IMDB Rating
    4.1  (4,823)