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V.I.P. is an American action drama that uses elements of comedy to ridicule the public persona of main star, former Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson. The show was created by J.F. Lawton for his own Lawton Entertainment company; Lawton found fame in Hollywood as the writer of movies, including Pretty Woman and Under Siege. Four seasons of V.I.P. were produced from 1998 to 2002 consisting of 88 episodes all starring Pamela Anderson as Vallery Irons.

V.I.P. opens with Vallery Irons, played by Pamela Anderson living a normal life until she saves a celebrity from death and finds herself a minor celebrity in her own right. Because of her new found fame Vallery is offered a job as the face of a bodyguard agency, which also employs a number of guards whe have worked for various secret agencies around the world, including the CIA and KGB. Vallery heads the team, which also features a martial arts expert and computer hacker who use their skills to try and protect celebrities and the rich and powerful. Despite the many skills of the rest of her team Vallery is often the member of the agency who solves a case and brings criminals to justice through accidentaly solving each mystery.

V.I.P was initially famous at the time of its release for the large number of guest stars who appeared as those being guarded by Vallery and her team; which included wrestler Steve Austin, chat show host Jay Leno and Jerry Springer. An American German co-production V.I.P. was shown around the world and was nominated for a number of Emmy's in the U.S.

V.I.P. is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (41 episodes). The series first aired on September 26, 1998.

V.I.P. is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch V.I.P. on demand at, Crackle online.

4 Seasons, 41 Episodes
September 26, 1998
Action & Adventure Drama
Cast: Pamela Anderson, Molly Culver, Natalie Raitano, Shaun Baker, Dustin Nguyen
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V.I.P. Full Episode Guide

  • Val and Maxine agree to help test security at a new FBI facility, unaware they are being used as decoys to trap a dangerous terrorist gang.

  • Johnny's return to action films is marred by the unexpected appearance of an old Hong Kong nemesis.

  • An Inuit shaman cheats her people in a land deal, and Val's uncle uncovers the plot. Will VIP help?

  • On today's episode of VIP, Cathy MacDonald chats to Clarissa Dickson Wright of the Two ...

  • Val's Uncle Ned gets caught up in a scheme to sell valuable land that belongs to a Canadian Inuit tribe.

  • Wanna-be actor Johnny must rescue the hot daughter of a Tong leader, or wind up dead.

  • On today's episode of VIP, Cathy MacDonald chats to Tam the Gun who fires the one o'clo...

  • On today's episode of VIP, Cathy MacDonald chats to Christine Davis who is a member of ...

  • On today's episode of VIP, Cathy MacDonald chats to the Reverend Tilly Wilson about her...

  • On today's episode of VIP, Cathy MacDonald chats to top lawyer Len Murray, who has prov...

  • On today's episode of VIP, Cathy MacDonald chats to Right Reverend Sandy McDonald about...

  • On today's episode of VIP, Cathy MacDonald chats to Celtic football player Peter Grant ...

  • Val and company are hired to protect a heroic astronaut who harbors a secret that could cost him his life.

  • On today's episode of VIP, Cathy MacDonald chats to Father Colin McInnes about why he g...

  • A has-been TV star's effort to use V.I.P. to jump start her career backfires and places her and Val's lives in danger.

  • VIP protects an ex-astronaut with a jet pack. It opens with bikinis and ends with machine guns.

  • After escaping from his executioner, serial killer Thomas Binford Shaklee runs into Val on a train.

  • Today on VIP Cathy MacDonald chats to politician Sir Michael Hirst about politics and h...

  • Val discovers she's on board a train with a murderer who was recently executed.

  • As Val follows Tasha on a top secret spy mission, the rest of their V.I.P. team discovers that an accidental death is anything but

  • When she stumbles onto a bank robbery, Nikki discovers it is the work of an anarchist who killed her father ten years earlier.

  • Johnny falls under the spell of his beautiful mentor when she comes to retrieve a cursed Chinese artifact and make a human sacrifice out of Val.

  • Today on VIP, Cathy MacDonald chats to actor Ian Bannen about his childhood, how he bec...

V.I.P. News

Pam Anderson's Stalker Arrested in England

Pam Anderson still has some fans! Can you believe it? OK, that wasn’t nice. The aging bombshell has been quietly working over in England, trying to make a name for herself in the European circles.

It seems that she even had a few of her best US fans follow her over to England to watch.

Pam has been performing in Aladdin in Liverpool. A fan that turned stalker when she went to do the show caused some really big problems over the weekend for Pam.