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  • TV-14
  • 2013
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.2  (635)

Cleaners is an action-packed original series on Crackle following two contract killers Julian and Frank, played by Clifton Collins Jr. and David Arquette. Julian and Frank are hired by a ruthless crime boss to clean up crime scenes and make sure there are no loose ends. But when one job goes awry, Julian and Frank find themselves on the run from the mob and the law.

The series is full of twists and turns as the two cleaners try to stay one step ahead of their pursuers. Along the way, they encounter a variety of colorful characters - some who can help them, others who want them dead. Emily Osment plays Roxie, a tech-savvy hacker who helps Julian and Frank with information and other resources. Emmanuelle Chriqui plays Veronica, the daughter of the crime boss who hires the cleaners. She is torn between her loyalty to her father and her growing feelings for Julian.

Gina Gershon plays Mother, the leader of a gang of female assassins who cross paths with Julian and Frank. Mother is a ruthless and dangerous woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Missi Pyle plays Eileen, the wife of one of the men Julian and Frank are hired to kill. She offers to pay them to spare her husband's life, which puts Julian and Frank in a difficult position.

Nathan Keyes plays Kyle, a young man who gets caught up in the cleaners' world when he witnesses one of their jobs. Kyle is a smart and resourceful kid who helps Julian and Frank out in a pinch. The chemistry between the cast members is excellent, and they all give great performances.

Cleaners is an exciting and fast-paced series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The action scenes are expertly choreographed, and the plot is full of surprises. At its core, the show is about loyalty, trust, and the lengths people will go to protect the ones they love. Julian and Frank may be cold-blooded killers, but they have their own moral code and a sense of honor that makes them likable despite their profession.

Overall, Cleaners is a must-watch series for fans of action and suspense. The show was created by Paul Leyden and produced by Sam Worthington, who also serves as an executive producer. Cleaners premiered on Crackle in 2013 and ran for two seasons.

Cleaners is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on October 3, 2013.

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Los Gallos Del Infierno
12. Los Gallos Del Infierno
August 19, 2014
Veronica and Barnes get a lead on where Roxie may be and try to get there before it's too late. Eileen has a twist of fate, while Mother finds a new calling.
Monkey See, Monkey Go
11. Monkey See, Monkey Go
August 19, 2014
Veronica and Barnes learn of Carlos's strange and dangerous past. Mother gets a lead on where Eileen might be. Roxie finds out she may need to fight her way out of her imprisonment as the clock continues to tick.
Trippin' Balls
10. Trippin' Balls
August 19, 2014
Veronica reluctantly needs Mother to find Roxie, but tracking down Carlos may be harder than she expected. Roxie realizes she may need to use her brain and not her brawn to survive her captivity. Eileen is tired of being trapped in the house and wants to blow off some steam.
Ying and Yang
9. Ying and Yang
August 19, 2014
Delusional Carlos thinks Roxie is, in fact, his dead wife Sally. Veronica has to find Mother in order to find who kidnapped Roxie. Phillips reveals his intentions to Mother.
Batten Down the Hatches
8. Batten Down the Hatches
August 19, 2014
Veronica comes to a crossroads and realizes she is not alone. Phillips finds a place to hole up while waiting on the storm to roll through. Roxie wakes up in a strange environment and realizes she is in trouble.
Welcome Home Sally
7. Welcome Home Sally
August 19, 2014
Veronica and Roxie complete a mission only to discover something horrible is waiting for them back at the Walker house. The impending storm has everyone temporarily trapped and looking for safe shelter.
The Caterpillars and The Butterflies
6. The Caterpillars and The Butterflies
August 19, 2014
Veronica and Roxie go to a masquerade party thrown by El Mariposa. Veronica has a shocking run-in with someone from her past. While Barnes realizes Phillips may have not told him everything, Mother's past catches up with her, leaving Eileen to fend for herself.
She's Alive
5. She's Alive
August 19, 2014
Veronica and Roxie infiltrate the drug cartel of El Mariposa. Carlos thinks his dead wife Sally is still alive, while Mother realizes a ghost from her past is out to get her.
The Not So Safe House
4. The Not So Safe House
August 19, 2014
Veronica and Roxie get a new lead on where El Mariposa can be found. Mother seeks refuge with Father Brooks, who tries to persuade her to let the girls go.
Hello, Father!
3. Hello, Father!
August 19, 2014
Veronica and Roxie track down a drug distribution site for the elusive drug lord, El Mariposa. Back in his survivalist bunker, Carlos starts to reminisce about his dead wife Sally. Mother and Eileen hole up in one of Mother's safe houses""a church.
Welcome to the Zoo
2. Welcome to the Zoo
August 19, 2014
The Walker house is a former training ground for contract killers from which the young Veronica escaped before they could sell her off. Marcus forces Veronica and Roxie into a deal in exchange for her debt. Mother arranges for the release of an assassin from an asylum for the criminally insane.
There's Been A Complication
1. There's Been A Complication
August 19, 2014
Veronica and Roxie get attacked as they wait on Eileen to collect their share of the $57 million. Veronica calls on the only other people she knows on the island""Marcus and Isabelle Walker, the couple who raised her
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Cleaners is available for streaming on the Crackle website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Cleaners on demand at FuboTV and Crackle.
  • Premiere Date
    October 3, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    6.2  (635)