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This thriller series involves an Iraq-war vet who gets wrapped up in the underground world of smuggling and dealing in stolen antiquities. A good guy at heart, he nonetheless becomes a player in a high-stakes world of ill-gotten gains. The series stars Christian Cooke, Kate Bosworth, Cary Elwes and Dennis Quaid. It debuted in November 2015 on Crackle, and a second season became available on the service in mid-November 2016.

The Art of More is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (21 episodes). The series first aired on November 19, 2015.

Where do I stream The Art of More online? The Art of More is available for streaming on Crackle, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Art of More on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV, Crackle online.

Thursday 3:00 AM et/pt on Crackle
2 Seasons, 21 Episodes
November 19, 2015
Cast: Christian Cooke, Kate Bosworth, Cary Elwes, Dennis Quaid
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The Art of More Full Episode Guide

  • In the wake of the FBI sting, Graham struggles to start over. Roxanna gets a surprise offer from DeGraaf’s, yet she can’t outrun her misdeeds. Brukner’s museum deal threatens to implode. Davenport and Graham form a new partnership, but Graham’s inability to bury the past ends in a violent face off.

  • Roxanna fights for her position at DeGraaf’s following a takeover devised by Miles. As Davenport schemes against Brukner, an old swindle comes back to haunt him. The Paul Rice sting operation is complicated by the unexpected arrival of an enemy from Graham’s past.

  • Against the backdrop of a contentious auction, Miles and Roxanna step up their battle to control the company. A shocking accident reveals the truth about Brukner's daughter. Graham’s plan to rescue Hassan’s family turns deadly. Tensions come to a boil at Brukner's museum fundraiser.

  • As a macabre auction is underway at DeGraaf’s, Roxanna’s self-destructive behavior threatens her control of the company. Davenport lands a job working for Brukner’s new museum while things heat up between Brukner and Isabel. Graham takes drastic steps to avenge the death of a friend.

  • Haunted by his girlfriend's murder, Graham gets caught in a dangerous FBI manhunt. Brukner plots to turn the tables on his growing enemies. Roxanna makes a risky power play at DeGraaf’s while forging ahead with the fraudulent Swift auction. From a Croatian hideout, Davenport hatches a new art scam.

  • Graham’s abduction leads to a confrontation with the very man he’s been hunting. Brukner gets an unexpected visitor just as he and Isabel grow closer. Roxanna reveals a dark family secret. Davenport finds himself in a risky position with a collector. The smuggler Hassan meets a shocking fate.

  • Roxanna gets entangled in a government manhunt while her brother-in-law Miles plots against her. After a misstep, Graham ramps up efforts to track fugitive Paul Rice. While dodging a federal investigation, Brukner clashes with Isabel over the museum. Davenport tries to pull Graham into a new con.

  • Roxanna’s resolve is tested when her new plans for DeGraaf’s backfire. Graham hustles to meet the demands of working for both Roxanna and the FBI. An old investigation threatens Brukner’s plans for his new museum. Davenport’s financial state forces him back into partnership with Graham.

  • Roxanna clashes with her father as she rises at DeGraaf's. Graham's ambition to get back in the auction world lands him in the boxing ring. Using questionable methods, Brukner courts the talented curator Isabel Perry. When Davenport's latest art conquest goes up in flames, he reaches out to Graham.

  • Haunted by his girlfriend's murder, Graham gets caught in a dangerous FBI manhunt. Brukner plots to turn the tables on his growing enemies. Roxanna makes a risky power play at DeGraaf€™s while forging ahead with the fraudulent Swift auction. From a Croatian hideout, Davenport hatches a new art scam.

  • Brukner's political ambitions are threatened when past misdeeds surface on the eve of his auction. Roxanna finds damning evidence against Graham and must decide fast how to use it. Graham's troubles mount after Brukner learns Graham betrayed him, while Hassan's partners plot to eliminate Graham.

  • Graham tries to land the account of a controversial NFL player while Hassan risks capture in order to see his family. After Graham learns a secret about Roxanna and the Swift collection, their relationship takes a shocking turn. Prescott sets a trap for Graham that threatens his job at Parke-Mason.

  • The FBI questions Graham as Hassan applies pressure on him to sell more illegal antiquities. Davenport hosts a bigwig fundraiser, causing tensions to rise as enemies and rival auction houses are thrown together. Brukner's feelings for Roxanna grow, as do his ambitions to launch his political career.

  • The FBI closes in on Hassan, forcing Graham to risk his life to get Hassan and the antiquities over the border. In the process, he learns a terrible secret about the treasures. As Richard Swift continues to pressure Roxanna for control of the family's collection, she hires a P.I. to investigate him.

  • After the Russian mob disaster, Graham and the smuggling gang lie low. But when Graham brings his girlfriend Elizabeth home for a family gathering, his double life threatens to surface. Roxanna, in her efforts to secure the Swift collection's integrity, finds herself the target of blackmail.

  • To up the value of the newly signed Swift collection, Roxanna resorts to fraud, but Swift's nephew smells a rat. Graham employs underhanded methods in order to seal the deal with Brukner. Graham, Uzay and Demir meet the Russian mob boss to sell the mask, but the deal goes disastrously south.

  • A couple finds millions in coins buried in their yard, triggering fierce competition between Graham and Roxanna. But when Graham gets lured to a party by Brukner, he must choose between two prestigious accounts. Meanwhile, Uzay and Demir meet with the Russian mob, setting up Graham as the fall guy.

  • After the theft of a Pete Townshend artifact throws an auction into jeopardy, Graham must track down the stolen object while risking exposure of his own illicit past. Meanwhile, Graham�s rival Roxanna Whitman stoops to new lows in order to land a dying man's priceless art collection.

  • After auction house Parke-Mason sells a coveted art collection, rookie dealer Graham Connor finds himself the new golden boy. But a smuggler from Graham's past threatens his hard-won success. Tensions mount when mogul Sam Brukner's collection sparks fierce competition between rival auction houses.

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