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In the web series Issues, a psychologist named Dr. Ted deals with the larger than life issues, including psychoses and neuroses, faced by animated superheroes. One of the superheroes he deals with include The Captain, a narcissist who believes the only thing more magnificent then his talents is himself, and Sidecar, the irate sidekick and adopted ward of The Dark Kodiak who wants nothing more than to step out from under The Dark Kodiak's shadow, receive a little appreciation for all of his work and know that he won't be abandoned.

Crackle Originals
1 Season, 6 Episodes
July 20, 2011
Cast: Josh Cooke

Issues Full Episode Guide

  • He's invisible all the time and this is useful when fighting crime but it can also make it hard to stay honest and responsible all the time.

  • Billionaire by day and vigilante by night but with no real powers just expensive gadgets makes this guy hate all the other super heros.

  • K-9 is Mega City's "Hero of the Year" but he feels he is getting special treatment bcause he is blind.

  • Sidecare is ready to stop being Dark Kodiaks sidekick but he has to get past some serious daddy issues first.

  • The Captain is planning on exposing his real self to the public.

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