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Happy Endings is an American comedy / drama sitcom about 6 totally different best friends: Brad, Penny, Jane, Alex, Dave and Zane. This show was created by David Caspe and stars: Eliza Coupe, Elisha Cuthbert, Zachary Knigton, Adam Pally, Damon Wayans JR., Casey Wilson and Ludwig Goransson.

The plot of Happy Endings is about the ups and downs of grownup life. Viewers are taken into the world of six crazy- close friends who must go through a rollercoaster of emotions and scenarios. This friendship is tested and viewers will be kept wondering if the relationships will last a lifetime and they will see if the characters can find a happy ending. The characters of the show include:

Jane Kerkovich- Jane is the controlling, OCD one of the bunch. She can be overbearing from time to time and things must be done her way in order for her to be happy. She is the older sister of her dorky and ditzy younger sister, Alex. Jane soon marries Brad and she treats him like her own puppet. She is a perfectionist, despite the fact of a lesbian phase in her youth.

Alex Kerkovich- A free spirited girl who isn't the smartest of the bunch, Alex has no idea what she wants in her life and as a result, she leaves her almost-husband at the alter on her wedding day.

Dave- Dave is sweet, but he is heartbroken about being left at the wedding alter by his ex fianc

Happy Endings is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (57 episodes). The series first aired on April 13, 2011.

Where do I stream Happy Endings online? Happy Endings is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Happy Endings on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

3 Seasons, 57 Episodes
April 13, 2011
Cast: Elisha Cuthbert, Eliza Coupe, Zachary Knighton, Adam Pally, Damon Wayans Jr.
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Happy Endings Full Episode Guide

  • Jane has the daunting task of planning the perfect wedding for her sister, Brooke, who is the alpha sister in the family.

  • Penny's mom, Dana, and Dave's dad, Big Dave, are in town visiting, and the couple has decided to adopt a baby together, prompting Penny and Dave to react the only way they know how - illogically.

  • Chase, the ex-roommate whose life Max ruined, wants to seek vengeance upon Max, but Max's life is so pathetic it's "un-sabotagable." Max sets out to prove him wrong.

  • Penny rebounds from her breakup with Pete by having an illicit affair with someone very unexpected -- the Car Czar. Meanwhile Max decides to enter the "Mr. Gay Gay Chicago" pageant, with Alex and Dave as his coaches.

  • The gang is suspicious of Penny's well-being after her breakup with Pete when she writes a play entitled "Black Plague: A Love Story."

  • During a couples game night, the competition gets out of hand prompting Penny to make an unexpected move.

  • Dave recruits Brad and Max in helping him sabotage his #1 nemesis, but Max accidentally falls for the enemy's son and is forced to choose between his best friend or his boyfriend. Penny reaches out to her estranged father.

  • When Max gets a haircut from Jane and Alex's long-time hairdresser, Krisjahn, he gets an ear full about the girls. But his loose lips may stir up trouble between the Kerkovitch sisters. Meanwhile, the Steak Me Home truck is stolen and Dave and Penny investigate.

  • When Max meets a cute girl who is a season tickets holder for the Bulls, he poses as a straight guy.

  • Brad uses his skills and the help of the gang when he discovers the gym may be closing.

  • When newly-engaged Penny learns that Pete wants to elope, the potential wedding planner decides to take the happy couple and their friends to a wedding expo with intentions of changing Pete's mind.

  • When the gang pranks Max into thinking he won a big lotto jackpot, he vows that karma can be a you know what.

  • When Ryan, Jane's ex, comes to town for a visit, Brad is shocked to discover Ryan's identity.

  • Alex signs up the gang to take part in the Northside Kickball Classic tournament.

  • When a hot young pop star comes into the store, Penny helps Alex give the event a little publicity. Meanwhile, Max struggles with his identity, so Jane and Derrick take him on a tour of Chicago's themed gay bars to find himself.

  • Penny and Brad try to cover up their parrot's death!

  • The gang is shocked when they find out Jane's real birthday is on Christmas day, so they decide to throw her a Christmas-free birthday celebration.

  • Jane and Alex's parents host a party. Max tries to make Penny jealous with a new best friend.

  • When Penny meets a terrific new guy, she is embarrassed by her prescription helmet. True to form, Jane tries too hard to break into the "boys' club" at the car dealership; and Max and Dave's fist bump issues bring back painful childhood memories.

  • Alex and Dave host Thanksgiving dinner at their new place, and Dave goes too far in providing an authentic Navajo Thanksgiving.

  • Max helps Brad re-create his Saturday ritual on a budget. Dave and Alex search for an apartment, but their fear of commitment tests the real estate agent's nerves. Meanwhile, Jane tries to help Penny shop for a car.

  • The third season opens with Dave and Alex casually dating again. When an unfortunate accident lands Penny in a full body cast, Max becomes her nurse. But a crush on her hot physical therapist, influences him to try to slow down her recovery.

  • The gang attends the nuptials of two of their gay friends. Meanwhile, Brad doesn't know how to tell Jane that he is jobless. Max balks at reuniting with his Madonna cover band and Penny flirts over Skype at the reception.

  • Penny tells a little white lie to avoid a childhood friend but it soon gets way out of hand.

  • When Dave is bullied at the gym by Corey, Alex coaches him on how to fight back. Meanwhile, the residents at Brad and Jane's condo are fed up with Jane's control as president of their home owners' association, and decide to challenge her.

  • With a long list of bad occurrences on Penny's birthday, the friends start wondering if her special day might be cursed. They set out to find a restaurant where they can celebrate, where one of them hasn't been banned or where someone won't run into an ex -- which has proven to be impossible.

  • Alex asks for Jane's assistance in making Dave think that something he thought happened, didn't actually happen. Penny and Max hope to beat a rival couple in the annual Rosalita's Run and Scavenger Hunt.

  • The gang avoids Dave's food truck when he gets a liquor license because his signature drink is giving everyone, but Alex, sex dreams.

  • Some people wait for the groundhog to indicate the end of winter. However, the friends wait for Brad and Jane's annual "spring smackdown" to signal the arrival of spring.

  • When everyone, but Dave, falls in love with Grant, Max questions if he really is good enough to date the "perfect" guy. Meanwhile, Dave sets out to prove he's way cooler than Max's new boyfriend.

  • Penny is ready to dump her new boyfriend, and Alex is worried his new girlfriend wants to dump him.

  • Dave reacts strangely when his shrink starts dating Penny. Brad and Alex bond over an unexpected commonality.

  • Max dresses up as Santa for Penny's charity event to earn some extra money.

  • Jane needs to find a dress to wear to her charity event, and is a little nervous when Alex offers to design one for her.

  • Max's ex-girlfriend Angie moves back to town.

  • Brad learns that Jane's old sorority sister is coming to town so he lies and tells them he has a work retreat out of town when he's really on a "staycation" in a fancy hotel in the city.

  • Jane and Brad's friends go to a warehouse party, and their costumes don't have the effect they were hoping for.

  • Jane has vision boards made so they can visualize their way to their dreams. Dave hesitates to introduce his new girlfriend to everyone.

  • Alex's store becomes the new hot spot for teen girls when her cute "Put Me to Bed" t-shirts, intended for babies, becomes the must-have item for teenagers. Meanwhile, Jane becomes interested in an 11-year-old girl she believes is the result of the egg she donated in college.

  • Penny purchases her first home, a beautiful condo that contains upgrades including a wine fridge and Italian marble. On the one-year anniversary of their almost-marriage, Jane encourages Alex and Dave to finally be honest with each other.

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