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In this competition series, entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of potential investors, hoping that the wealthy benefactors will agree to dole out some cash. If more than one of the investors is interested, a bidding war is likely to ensue for the rights to the idea. Some of the more exciting products to appear on the show include a sponge, boneless ribs, cupcakes and socks.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on ABC
11 Seasons, 246 Episodes
August 9, 2009
Cast: Kevin O'Leary, Phil Crowley, Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban
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Shark Tank Full Episode Guide

  • A personalized body care brand.

  • A California mom believes she has the solution to help your babies sleep through the night. Also, entrepreneurs introduce the Sharks to their ethical business model for their personalized body care brand; while a husband and wife pitch their healthier plant-based alternative of a favorite comfort food.

  • A Colorado entrepreneur has an ingenious line of office products that makes working functional. Virginia firefighters believe that they have a product to save lives.

  • An entrepreneur from Tennessee, uses her Southern charm and cooking skills to pitch the Sharks on expanding her fried food empire. A father and daughter duo from Alexandria, Virginia, wheel in their gardening product. An entertainer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, gets the Sharks moving as he showcases his unique approach to exercise classes. Finally, a creative businesswoman from Queens, New York, paints the Sharks a picture of how to grow her service that connects customers with local artists.

  • An entrepreneur from Tennessee, uses her Southern charm and cooking skills to pitch the Sharks on expanding her fried food empire. A father and daughter duo from Alexandria, Virginia, wheel in their gardening product. An entertainer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, gets the Sharks moving as he showcases his unique approach to exercise classes. Finally, a creative businesswoman from Queens, New York, paints the Sharks a picture of how to grow her service that connects customers with local artists.

  • A group of entrepreneurs introduces their footwear brand dedicated to reinventing the house slipper into a favorite sneaker. A former "Shark Tank" entrepreneur from returns to pitch his online mentoring program that helps high school students and their parents navigate the college admissions process. An entrepreneur presents a bedding product, while a golfer provides a new twist on sports fashion with his apparel line.

  • A New York City restaurateur tries make inroads in the crowded world of fast casual with his Italian cuisine business. Two moms from Portland, Oregon, introduce their functional and sustainable solution to a common problem for babies with their fashion line. A pest-control industry veteran from Shohola, Pennsylvania, pitches his humane solution to home defense from unwanted visitors.

  • Friends from Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona, introduce the Sharks to the future with their stylish and affordable mobile real estate concept. An immigrant from Dubai, UAE, now based in Boston, MA, showcases what she thinks is the ideal alternative snack to popcorn. An entrepreneur from New York City has a sustainable, portable solution to powering small tech devices. Finally, an entrepreneur from Virginia Beach, VA, pitches a new way to ensure safety while using tools.

  • A mother has spent a huge amount of money on her healthier beverage alternative for kids An entrepreneur from Lakewood, New Jersey, believes he has the next AirBnB, while mothers from San Antonio, Texas, believe they have found the way to maintain peace and calm on car rides with kids. Brothers from Woodbury, Minnesota, present their portable and multifueled outdoor design to help you achieve authentic flavor when cooking a traditional Italian dish.

  • Sustainable teeth-cleaning products.

  • A couple pitches their design that adds resistance to workout. Then, entrepreneurs attempt to get the Sharks to bite on their product.

  • Entrepreneurs present business ideas to five multimillionaires, who will either invest or pass.

  • A 13-year-old entrepreneur from Bentonville, Arkansas, introduces the Sharks to her stylish and innovative line of socks that help hold important items close all while giving back. A couple from Miami, Florida, present their all-natural and ethical beauty product line, while a husband and wife duo from Cleveland, Ohio, hope the Sharks will invest in their sexy technological device which will help couples turn missed opportunities into more romance.

  • A mother-daughter duo from Atlanta, Georgia introduces the Sharks to their baby product that makes baby-travel less stressful by helping with sleep. An entrepreneur from Mount Pleasant, Utah introduces his cold-weather clothing that keeps you warm, even when wet. Entrepreneurs from Happy Valley, Oregon present their portable transportation device. An entrepreneur from South Murrysville, Pennsylvania pitches his genius innovation in window screens.

  • A patented system that easily helps decorate and set up a Christmas tree in a matter of minutes; a fun and easy-to-attach body decor; a web rental service that ships outdoor gear and apparel directly to the person, wherever and whenever adventure strikes; and an innovative tool to make holiday gift-wrapping easier.

  • An entrepreneur from Philadelphia is banking on his cutting-edge stem cell technology to save pets from diseases in the future; a native New Yorker introduces her healthier alternative to a traditional style deli meat; an entrepreneur from Santa Monica, California, hopes his innovative and multifunctional exercise device will become the next multimillion-dollar hit in fitness; and entrepreneurs from Santa Monica, California, introduce a genius innovation in outdoor furniture.

  • An immigrant who once lived in a refugee camp and her husband, who now live in Huntington Beach, California, present their kid's shoe company; entrepreneurs from Long Lake, Minnesota, introduce their fashion line for customers who want to be twins with their best friends; an entrepreneur from Burbank, California, pitches his kitchen tool which sparks a lively debate among the Sharks regarding peanut butter. Finally, a family of entrepreneurs introduces the Sharks to "freak shakes."

  • A 13-year-old from Gallatin, Tennessee, presents his ingenious improvement to a household gardening tool. An entrepreneur from Bend, Oregon, introduces the Sharks to the relatively unknown, lowest carb nut on the planet with his food product line. While a husband and wife duo from Fort Worth, Texas, pitch their safe design, engineered to provide a lifetime of perfect shaves. A surgeon from Los Angeles presents his formulated immune support pack designed to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use.

  • A family from Grand Junction, Colorado, introduce their portable product designed to bring all the conveniences of a kitchen to the great outdoors. Entrepreneurs from Wilmington, Delaware, present their mobile solution to help with gadget repair. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs from Denver, Colorado, pitch their stylish and affordable sports design that transforms sneakers into golf shoes. Finally, entrepreneurs from Provo, Utah.

  • Knife sharpening by mail; a device that offers relief from bug bites; a bathroom product to help block odors; a vegan alternative to pork rinds.

  • A solution to remembering passed loved ones by turning their ashes into diamonds; redesigned men's classic fashion staple; innovation to wireless charging.

  • A Malaysian immigrant living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, fulfills her American dream by starting her light therapy lamp business. Entrepreneurs from Millford, Connecticut, introduce their portable oxygen in a can. An entrepreneur from Japan, living in Spring Valley, California, pitches her unusual solution to maintaining a youthful appearance. Finally, entrepreneurs from San Jose, California, with a plant-based version of a guilty pleasure make a shocking decision.

  • An eco-friendly cleaning supply company.

  • The Season 10 finale. A fast-food franchise focused on guilty pleasures; high-design houses for special nocturnal guests; and a stylish product to keep pets safe from predators. Also: a jiu-jitsu instructor solves a previously unknown problem with his dual fashion design.

  • An efficient privacy solution to open-office plan distractions; an unconventional dessert concept that serves a childhood favorite snack; a device that helps one enjoy fast-food condiments on the go; and a portable office furniture design to help one escape from the traditional working desk and also improve one's health.

  • An entrepreneur from Redondo Beach, Cal., pitches her high-tech product to discover hidden secrets about one's cat. An entrepreneur from St. Louis presents his men's fashion accessory that will help every man look extra refined. A former "Shark Tank" entrepreneur from Pleasantville, Cal., returns with his line of all-electric water sports equipment. An entrepreneur from Miami Gardens, Fla., who introduces a multipurpose dip.

  • Sisters from San Jose, Cal., combine two desserts into one treat. An entrepreneur from West Hollywood, Cal., pitches his modern alternative to traditional ATM machines. An entrepreneur from NYC presents his clothing design for both men and women that combines two comfortable fashion trends into one. An entrepreneur from McLean, Va., introduces his hypoallergenic sleeping product that helps reduce snoring and dry mouth.

  • An entrepreneur from Wilmette, Ill., introduces his socially interactive, hilarious party game that will reveal much more about friends than one may want to know. An entrepreneur from Washington, D.C., pitches his customized household product that ensures the safety of one's family. An entrepreneur from Tenafly, N.J., presents his reusable bottle-emptying device. An entrepreneur from Mountain View, Cal., introduces a healthy alternative to soda.

  • An entrepreneur from North Bergen, N.J., introduces a traditional hand-held food snack from his Argentinian culture. Entrepreneurs from Nashville pitch their smart security product to help keep intruders out of the home. A trio of entrepreneurs from Clemson, S.C., present their convenient beverage carrier product designed to help keep items cold. A husband and wife from Potomac, Md., introduce their online tool that helps offer a wide variety of family activities at an incredible discount.

  • First into the Tank are brothers from Richardson, Texas, who introduce their decadent breakfast treat, authentic to a European staple; and entrepreneurs from San Francisco, California, pitch their online fashion trading platform with the aim of helping women save money while also easing the environmental impact of clothing manufacturing. Then, an active duty soldier from Leavenworth, Kansas, presents his idea for everyone to conveniently and affordably have a swimming pool; and last into the Tank is a mom from Los Angeles, California, who pitches her clever twist on a traditional children’s product that is designed to help mom’s on the go.

  • A spa design for aches and pains.

  • A solution to combat telemarketers and scammers; an easy-to-use 3D printer for kids to design and make their own toys; a savings and gifting online platform for kids; ethical and customizable meat box subscription delivery service.

  • First into the Tank are entrepreneurs from Raleigh, North Carolina, who introduce their bake-at-home, all-natural treats. Entrepreneurs from Chicago, Illinois, pitch their clean beauty product made specifically for women with curly hair; while entrepreneurs from Austin, Texas, present their unique twist on yoga with the help from a surprising source. Last into the Tank is an entrepreneur from Woodstock, Georgia, who pitches her waterproof product that allows you to shower in public with privacy.

  • A space age solution for stinky feet.

  • Entrepreneurs from Austin, Texas, and Cour d'Alene, Idaho, who pitch their safety product that helps people travel with their pets; an entrepreneur from Venice Beach introduces his curated wines with straight-forward labels for a snob-free client; an entrepreneur from North Hollywood, Cal., presents his twist on an urban-centric hair product to help amplify natural curls; and an entrepreneur from Oakland provides a subscription service that delivers Montessori Method-approved toys to families.

  • An entrepreneur from Willis, Texas, introduces her lay-flat cosmetic bag design that allows for easy access to materials. Entrepreneurs from San Diego pitch their online boutique subscription shave club exclusively intended for women; while entrepreneurs from Basalt, Colo., and Newport Coast, Cal., present their functional cat furniture designs which are durable and easy to clean. A mom from Palo Alto, Cal., showcases comfortable and stylish play dresses for mothers with young children.

  • First into the tank are brothers from Provo, Utah, who introduce their fun and adventurous treasure hunt game experience for cities across the country; entrepreneurs from Cedarburg, Wisconsin, and New York City present their line of affordable and ethical streetwear that donates a school uniform to a child for every purchase; cousins from Dallas, Texas, present their eco-friendly product that helps wipe away your bum; entrepreneurs from San Jose, California, pitch their hands-free pet tool that makes bath time easier.

  • A husband and wife pitch their rooftop assistance design that helps access a vehicle's roof with one easy step; entrepreneurs present their fitness workout that offers a softer, lower impact alternative to the treadmill; a teen entrepreneur introduces his solution for making the perfect coffee at home with his cold brew kit; and a mom presents her simple baby seat that sits right on the hip.

  • A family of entrepreneurs from Chapin, S.C., and Fairhope, Ala., present a product that satisfies a unique obsession; a husband and wife from Englewood, N.J., introduce a subscription service that makes meal time for kids stress-free for parents; an entrepreneur from Yorba Linda, Cal., pitches a Bollywood-inspired dance fitness program; and a husband and wife from Dallas give the Sharks a taste of their better-tasting probiotic beverage.

  • There’s more holiday cheer than ever when an entrepreneurial elf from Southlake, Texas, presents his large database of Santa entertainers to help people hire Santa Claus during the holidays; entrepreneurs from Lafayette, Louisiana, solve the hassle of carrying skis on the slopes; entrepreneurs from Minneapolis, Minnesota, introduce their new twist on gift-giving designed to bring laughter to every occasion; last into the Tank is an entrepreneur from New York City who puts a modern twist on an old-fashioned favorite with her build-your-own oatmeal bar.

  • A husband-and-wife team from Williamston, Mich., pitch a dissolvable protein pack product; an entrepreneur from Temecula, Cal., presents his dual-purpose strap design to keep valuables safe and secure; cousins from El Segundo, Cal., believe they have the ultimate solution to keeping a beer bottle cold with their neoprene-lined, stainless steel design; entrepreneurs from Anaheim, Cal., present their healthy alternative treat to sweets that capitalizes on the ketogenic diet trend.

  • Sisters from Englewood Cliffs, N.J., introduce a way to protect women's handbags with their waterproof cover design; an entrepreneur from Raleigh, N.C., presents his automated travel service that will use reward points to help plan one's next vacation at a fraction of the cost; an entrepreneur from San Marcos, Cal., pitches a one-handed pull broom and dustpan; an entrepreneur from Madison, Wis., shows the Sharks an affordable way to make a healthy beverage.

  • A father-and-son pair from Carlsbad, California, introduce a line of manscaping products for today's refined man; a husband-and-wife duo from Los Angeles, California, present a new way to get refreshed; a duo from Los Angeles, California, enter the tank to pitch their sweet treat that complies with the keto diet craze; an immigrant from Vietnam pitches the Sharks his buttery-soft dress shirts in hopes of realizing his American dream and brings along an unlikely celebrity partner.

  • A mother-daughter duo from Washington D.C., is passionate about their healthy vegan soups; an entrepreneur from Addison, Texas, pitches his new tool to make it simpler to invest in crypto-currency; a chef from New York, New York, wants to expand his vegan sushi restaurants across the nation; and in an emotional pitch, siblings from Long Island, New York, present the product of their late father, an NYC firefighter whose dream was to pitch on "Shark Tank" but passed away before he could.

  • Brothers from Orange County, California, introduce a product that solves the issue of pet shedding; an entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona, believes he has invented a better way to carry a child's car seat; an entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California, presents her solution to a problem some well-endowed women face; an impressive entrepreneur from New York, New York, familiarizes the Sharks with her sophisticated version of a traditional snack.

  • The Season 10 premiere: An entrepreneur from Atlanta introduces a smart device designed specifically to protect packages from package thieves; an unexpected entrepreneur from Dalton, Ga., invented a nontoxic and nonpermanent adhesive created for kids, by a kid; entrepreneurs from Santa Fe and L.A. believe they have created the solution to plastic straws; and husband and wife entrepreneurs from Spokane, Wash., believe they have created the next evolution in camping cookware.

Shark Tank News

Spanx Founder Might Join 'Shark Tank' Panel

The underwear entrepreneur is in talks to join the hit show.

Yidio Exclusive: 'Shark Tank' Billionaire Mark Cuban Says He's 'Moving Forward' With College Football Playoffs

When billionaire investor Mark Cuban said a few months ago that he was going to try to personally fund a college football playoff system, it sounded like the off-handed whim of a dude with a lot of cash to burn.

Cuban - who has participated on reality shows “Dancing with the Stars” and “Shark Tank” - owns the Dallas Mavericks, HDNET and the Landmark Theatres chain, and has been lately pursuing ownership of another sports franchise (and not having much luck).

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